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Métro Timeline

Changes which may appear on maps,
based on Paris Métro articles in Wikipedia, Nov. 2009

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Jul 19, 19001Inauguration of line 1 between Porte de Vincennes and Porte Maillot. Only 8 of the 18 planned stations were opened.
Aug 6, 19001The other 10 stations of the line opened. (& Sep 1)
Sep 1, 19001The other 10 stations of the line opened. (& Aug 6)
Oct 2, 19006The section between Étoile and Trocadéro opened as an extension of line 1.
Dec 13, 19002The first portion of line "2 Nord" was opened between Porte Dauphine and Étoile.
Oct 7, 19022Line 2 extended from Étoile to Anvers.
Jan 31, 19032Line 2 extended from Anvers to Bagnolet.
April 2, 19032Line 2 extended from Bagnolet to Nation.
Nov 6, 19036Line 6 extended from Trocadéro to Passy and became known as line 2 Sud (2 South).
Oct 10, 19043The first portion of line 3 was opened between Père Lachaise cemetery and Villiers.
Jan 25, 19053Line 3 extended in the east from Père Lachaise to Gambetta.
Apr 24, 19066Line 2 Sud was extended from Passy to Place d'Italie.
Jun 6, 19065Line 5 was inaugurated with a section from Place d'Italie to the Gare d'Orléans (now known as Gare d'Austerlitz).
Jul 14, 19065The line was temporarily extended to Gare de Lyon.
Dec 17, 19065Line 5 extended to Lancry (now known as Jacques Bonsergent).
Oct 14, 19072Line "2 Nord" was renamed line 2.
Oct 14, 19075Line 2 Sud from Etoile to Place d'Italie was incorporated to the line 5.
Oct 14, 19076Line 2 Sud from Étoile to Place d'Italie was incorporated into line 5.
Oct 15, 19072Boulevard Barbès renamed Barbès - Rochechouart
Oct 15, 19073Rue St-Denis renamed Réaumur-Sébastopol
Oct 15, 19075Avenue de Suffren renamed Rue de Sèvres
Oct 15, 19075Place Mazas renamed Pont d'Austerlitz
Oct 15, 19076Avenue de Suffren renamed Rue de Sèvres
Nov 15, 19075Line 5 extended from Lancry to Gare du Nord.
Apr 21, 19084A first section of the line was inaugurated to the north of the Seine between Porte de Clignancourt and Châtelet.
Mar 1, 19096Line 6 was opened between Place d'Italie and Nation.
Oct 30, 19094A second section of the line was inaugurated south of the Seine between Porte d'Orléans and Raspail.
Jan 9, 19104Both sections were linked by a new tunnel between Châtelet and Raspail. Line 4 was the first line crossing the Seine river underground.
Mar 11, 19105Bienvenüe renamed Avenue du Maine
Mar 11, 19106Montparnasse renamed Avenue du Maine
May 23, 19103Line 3 extended westbound from Villiers to Pereire.
Nov 5, 191012Line A of the Nord-Sud company was opened from Porte de Versailles to Notre-Dame de Lorette.
Nov 5, 19107Line 7 was opened linking Opéra to Porte de la Villette.
Jan 18, 19117A new branch was opened from Louis Blanc to Pré-Saint-Gervais.
Jan 18, 19117bisThe section between Louis Blanc and Pré-Saint-Gervais was opened as a branch of Line 7.
Feb 15, 19113Line 3 extended from Pereire to Porte de Champerret.
Feb 26, 191113Line B of the Nord-Sud company was opened from Saint-Lazare to Porte de Saint-Ouen.
Apr 8, 191112Line 12 extended northbound from Notre-Dame de Lorette to Pigalle.
Jan 20, 191213A second branch of Line B was opened between La Fourche and Porte de Clichy.
Jan 20, 191213Marcadet renamed Marcadet - Balagny
Oct 31, 191212Line 12 extended from Pigalle to Jules Joffrin.
Jul 13, 19138line 8 was opened between Beaugrenelle and Opéra.
Sep 30, 19138Line 8 extended from Beaugrenelle to Porte d'Auteuil.
Nov 191310La Motte-Picquet renamed La Motte-Picquet - Grenelle
Nov 1, 19135Rue de Sèvres renamed Sèvres - Lecourbe
Nov 1, 19136Rue de Sèvres renamed Sèvres - Lecourbe
Nov 15, 19134Vaugirard renamed Saint-Placide
Aug 1, 191413Berlin renamed Liège
Aug 1, 19142Rue d'Allemagne renamed Jaurès
Jun 1, 19165Pont d'Austerlitz renamed Quai de la Rapée
Jul 1, 19167Line 7 extended in the south from Opéra to Palais Royal.
Aug 23, 191612Line 12 extended from Jules Joffrin to Porte de la Chapelle.
May 27, 19201Alma renamed George V
May 15, 192110Wilhem renamed Église d'Auteuil
May 15, 19218Wilelm renamed Eglise d'Auteuil
Nov 21, 19213bisGambetta - Porte des Lilas section was opened as a branch of Line 3.
Nov 27, 19213Line 3 extended eastbound from Gambetta to Porte des Lilas.
Nov 8, 19229The first section of line 9 was opened between Exelmans and Trocadéro in the 16th arrondissement.
192312Sèvres - Croix Rouge renamed Sèvres - Babylone
May 27, 19239Line 9 extended from Trocadéro to Saint Augustin.
Jun 3, 19239Line 9 extended from Saint Augustin to Chaussée d'Antin.
Sep 29, 19239Line 9 extended southbound from Exelmans to Porte de St-Cloud.
Dec 30, 192310The first section of Line 10 was opened between Invalides and Croix Rouge (today, most of this section is served by line 13 ).
Mar 10, 192510Line 10 extended eastbound from Croix Rouge to Mabillon.
19263Caumartin renamed Havre-Caumartin
Feb 14, 192610Line 10 extended from Mabillon to Odéon.
Apr 16, 19267Line 7 extended from Palais Royal to Pont Marie.
Nov 1, 19267Pont Notre-Dame renamed Pont Notre-Dame - Pont au Change
Jun 30, 19288Line 8 extended northbound from Opéra to Richelieu-Drouot.
Jun 30, 19289Line 9 extended from Chaussée d'Antin to Richelieu-Drouot.
193012The Nord-Sud company was bought by the CMP company. Line A became line 12.
193013The Nord-Sud company was bought by the CMP company. Line B became Line 13, and the Nord-Sud's planned future Line C was assigned the number 14.
Feb 15, 193010The line was temporarily extended from Odéon to Place d'Italie.
Feb 15, 19307While a tunnel was being built on line 7 to cross the River Seine, a new section between Place Monge and Place d'Italie was opened and temporarily operated as part of Line 10.
Mar 7, 193010Line 10 extended from Place d'Italie to Porte de Choisy.
Mar 7, 19307That section temporarily operating as part of Line 10 was extended from Place d'Italie to Porte de Choisy.
Jun 3, 19307Line 7 extended from Pont Marie to Pont de Sully.
Oct 15, 19305Gare d'Orléans renamed Gare d'Orléans-Austerlitz
Apr 26, 193110The section from Place Monge to Porte de Choisy was transferred to line 7 (as a result of the opening of Line 7's tunnel under the Seine). line 10 was also extended from Maubert-Mutualité to Jussieu.
Apr 26, 19317The section between Pont de Sully and Place Monge was opened. The section between Place Monge and Porte de Choisy was transferred to Line 7 and it was extended to Porte d'Ivry simultaneously.
May 5, 19311Reuilly renamed Reuilly-Diderot
May 5, 19314Boulevard Saint-Denis renamed Strasbourg - Saint-Denis
May 5, 19318Line 8 extended from Richelieu-Drouot to Porte de Charenton.
May 20, 19311Champs-Élysées renamed Champs-Élysées - Clemenceau
Aug 25, 193112Marcadet renamed Marcadet - Poissoniers
Aug 25, 19314Marcadet, Poissonniers renamed Marcadet - Poissonniers
Jan 12, 19328Saint-Sébastien renamed Saint-Sébastien - Froissart
Jun 30, 19335Avenue du Maine renamed Bienvenüe
Jun 30, 19336Avenue du Maine renamed Bienvenüe
Dec 10, 19339Line 9 extended from Richelieu-Drouot to Porte de Montreuil.
Feb 3, 19349Line 9 extended from Porte de St-Cloud to Pont de Sèvres.
Mar 24, 19341Line 1 extended to the east from Porte de Vincennes to the castle of Vincennes.
Mar 24, 193412Line 12 extended from Porte de Versailles to Mairie d'Issy.
Apr 15, 19347Pont Notre-Dame - Pont au Change renamed Châtelet
Apr 28, 193511Line 11 was inaugurated from Châtelet to Porte des Lilas.
Nov 15, 19361Porte Maillot station was rebuilt in order to allow a further extension of the line to the west.
Nov 15, 19365Gare du Nord station was rebuilt so that the line could be extended later.
Jan 21, 193713The original Line 14 was opened between Bienvenüe and Porte de Vanves.
Jan 21, 193714The line 14 was inaugurated between Bienvenüe and Porte de Vanves.
Feb 17, 193711Line 11 extended from Porte des Lilas to Mairie des Lilas.
Mar 1, 19376Saint-Mandé renamed Picpus
Mar 1, 19378Commerce renamed Avenue Émile Zola
Apr 26, 19371Tourelle renamed Tourelle - Saint-Mandé
Apr 29, 19371Line 1 extended to the west from Porte Maillot to Pont de Neuilly.
Jul 27, 193710The section from Duroc to Invalides was transferred to the former line 14 (now part of line 13, not today's line 14).
July 27, 193713Line 14 was extended north from Bienvenüe to Duroc and took over the section between Duroc and Invalides from Line 10.
Jul 27, 193714Line 14 extended northbound from Bienvenüe to Duroc. The section between Invalides and Duroc which used to be served by line 10 was transferred to line 14.
Jul 27, 19378The section between La Motte-Picquet and Porte d'Auteuil was transferred to line 10. Line 8 was extended from La Motte-Picquet to Balard.
Jul 29, 193710Line 10 was extended westbound from Duroc to La Motte-Picquet. The section between La Motte-Picquet and Porte d'Auteuil was transferred from line 8 to line 10.
Sep 24, 19373Line 3 extended from Porte de Champerret to Pont de Levallois.
Oct 14, 19379Line 9 extended from Porte de Montreuil to Mairie de Montreuil.
Jul 12, 193910Line 10 extended eastbound from Jussieu to Gare d'Orléans-Austerlitz.
Jul 12, 19396Charenton renamed Dugommier
Sep 2, 193910As with many other stations, service to Croix-Rouge and Cluny-la Sorbonne stations ceased at the start of World War II. Both stations are eventually closed permanently.
Sep 2, 19395Services to Arsenal station ceased at the start of World War II and was eventually closed permanently.
Sep 2, 19398In common with many other stations, trains stopped serving Croix Saint-Martin and Champ de Mars because of the war. However, both stations were eventually permanently closed.
Sep 2, 19399At the outbreak of World War II, service to Saint-Martin ceased. Unlike most other stations, however, Saint-Martin never re-opened.
Oct 5, 19428Line 8 extended eastbound from Porte de Charenton to Charenton - Écoles.
Oct 6, 19421Marbeuf renamed Marbeuf - Rond-Point des Champs-Élysées
Oct 6, 194212Montparnasse renamed Montparnasse - Bienvenüe
Oct 6, 194214Bienvenüe renamed Montparnasse - Bienvenüe
Oct 6, 19422Aubervilliers renamed Aubervilliers - Boulevard de la Villette
Oct 6, 19424Montparnasse, Bienvenüe renamed Montparnasse - Bienvenüe.
Oct 6, 19425Bienvenüe renamed Montparnasse - Bienvenüe
Oct 6, 19426Bienvenüe renamed Montparnasse - Bienvenüe
Oct 6, 19427Boulevard de la Villette renamed Aubervilliers - Boulevard de la Villette
Oct 6, 19429Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées renamed Marbeuf - Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées
Oct 12, 19425The Etoile - Place d'Italie portion of the line was transferred to line 6 (Place d'Italie - Nation).
Oct 12, 19425Line 5 was extended from Gare du Nord to Eglise de Pantin.
Oct 12, 19426The Étoile - Place d'Italie section was transferred from line 5 to the line 6 (Place d'Italie - Nation) in order to separate the underground and elevated sections of the metro (because the latter were more vulnerable to air attack).
Jul 14, 194510Beaugrenelle renamed Charles Michels
Aug 19, 19452Combat renamed Colonel Fabien
Oct 15, 194512Petits Ménages renamed Corentin Celton
Jan 27, 194613Marcadet - Balagny renamed Guy Môquet
Feb 10, 19462Aubervilliers - Boulevard de la Villette renamed Stalingrad
Feb 10, 19465Lancry renamed Jacques Bonsergent
Feb 10, 19467Pont de Flandre renamed Corentin Cariou
Feb 10, 19467Aubervilliers - Boulevard de la Villette renamed Stalingrad
May 1, 19463Vallier renamed Louise Michel
May 1, 19467Line 7 extended from Porte d'Ivry to Mairie d'Ivry.
May 11, 194612Torcy renamed Marx-Dormoy
Oct 30, 19461Marbeuf - Rond-Point des Champs-Élysée renamed Franklin D. Roosevelt
Oct 30, 19469Marbeuf - Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées renamed Franklin D. Roosevelt
May 25, 19481Obligado renamed Argentine
Jun 18, 19496Grenelle renamed Bir-Hakeim
Jun 30, 195213Line 13 was extended north from Porte de Saint-Ouen to Carrefour Pleyel.
19677Because of a lack of traffic, the northern branch of the line 7 between Louis Blanc and Pré-Saint-Gervais became a new independent line known as Line 7bis.
19677bisBecause of a lack of traffic, the branch (1/18/1911) became a separate line known as line 7bis.
Aug 23, 19693Gambetta station is remodelled, absorbing nearby Martin Nadaud station.
19701Étoile renamed Charles-de-Gaulle - Étoile
19706Étoile renamed Charles de Gaulle - Étoile
Sep 13, 19702Bagnolet renamed Alexandre Dumas
Sep 19, 19708Line 8 extended from Charenton - Écoles to Maisons-Alfort - Stade.
Nov 13, 19702Étoile renamed Charles de Gaulle - Étoile
Mar 23, 19713The branch between Gambetta and Porte des Lilas was separated from the line to become the independent Line 3bis.
Mar 27, 19713bisThe branch became independent as line 3bis after Line 3 was extended on another route.
Apr 2, 19713Line 3 extended from Gambetta to Gallieni.
Apr 27, 19728Line 8 extended from Maisons-Alfort - Stade to Maisons-Alfort - Les Juillottes.
Jun 27, 197313Line 13 extended south from Saint-Lazare to Miromesnil.
Sep 24, 19738Line 8 extended from Maisons-Alfort - Les Julliottes to Créteil - l'Echat.
Sep 9, 19748Line 8 extended from Créteil - l'Echat to Créteil - Préfecture.
Feb 18, 197513Line 13 extended south from Miromesnil to Champs-Elysées - Clémenceau.
May 26, 197613Line 13 extended north from Carrefour Pleyel to Saint-Denis - Basilique.
Nov 9, 197613Line 13 extended from Champs-Elysées to Invalides. Line 14 was eliminated as a separate line (leaving its number available to be reused in 1998) and incorporated into Line 13. The line was extended south from Porte de Vanves to Châtillon - Montrouge.
Nov 9, 197614Line 14 was incorporated into line 13, which became a complete north-south line.
Oct 3, 19774The station Les Halles was rebuilt to interchange with the new RER network.
197910Gare d'Orléans - Austerlitz renamed Gare d'Austerlitz
19795Gare d'Orléans-Austerlitz renamed Gare d'Austerlitz
Oct 4, 19797Line 7 extended to the north from Porte de la Villette to Fort d'Aubervilliers.
May 9, 198013The northwestern branch of the line was extended from Porte de Clichy to Asnières - Gennevilliers.
Oct 3, 198010Line 10 was extended westbound from Porte d'Auteuil to Boulogne-Jean Jaurès.
Oct 2, 198110Line 10 extended from Boulogne-Jean Jaurès to Pont de Saint-Cloud.
Dec 10, 19827A new branch was opened to the south from Maison Blanche to Le Kremlin-Bicêtre.
Feb 28, 19857Line 7 extended from Le Kremlin-Bicêtre to Villejuif Louis Aragon.
Apr 25, 19855Line 5 extended from Eglise de Pantin to Bobigny Pablo Picasso.
Jun 30, 198612Chambre des Députés renamed Assemblée Nationale
May 6, 19877Line 7 extended from Fort d'Aubervilliers to La Courneuve - 8 mai 1945.
Feb 17, 198810With to the opening of St-Michel station on the line B of the RER, Cluny-la Sorbonne Station was re-opened to allow a connection between the lines.
Feb 17, 198810Cluny renamed Cluny - La Sorbonne
19891Palais Royal renamed Palais Royal - Musée du Louvre
19891Louvre renamed Louvre - Rivoli
19897Chaussée d'Antin renamed Chaussée d'Antin - La Fayette
19899Chaussée d'Antin renamed Chaussée d'Antin - La Fayette
Apr 1, 19921Line 1 extended again to the west from Pont de Neuilly to La Défense business district.
19968Maisons-Alfort - Ecole Vétérinaire renamed Ecole Vétérinaire de Maisons-Alfort
May 25, 199813The northern branch was extended from Basilique de Saint-Denis to Saint-Denis - Université.
May 25, 199813Saint-Denis - Basilique renamed Basilique de Saint-Denis
Sep 19983Saint-Maur renamed Rue Saint-Maur
Sep 19988Rue Montmartre renamed Grands Boulevards
Sep 19989Rue Montmartre renamed Grands Boulevards
Sep 19989Rue des Boulets - Rue de Montreuil renamed Rue des Boulets
Oct 15, 199814The new line 14 was inaugurated between Madeleine and Bibliothèque F. Mitterrand.
Jul 26, 20021Saint-Mandé - Tourelle renamed Saint-Mandé
Dec 16, 200314Line 14 was extended north from Madeleine to Saint-Lazare.
Mar 8, 20077Pierre Curie renamed Pierre et Marie Curie
Jun 26, 200714Line 14 was extended south from Bibliothèque François Mitterrand to Olympiades. [1]
Jun 14, 200813The northwestern branch was extended from Gabriel Péri to Les Courtilles.
Jun 14, 200813Gabriel Péri - Asnières - Gennevilliers renamed Gabriel Péri