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Maigret et le tueur

April, 1969. Épilanges (Switzerland)

Presses de la Cité, 1969
Tout Simenon (PDLC '91-'92): Tome 14, pp. 657-765 (109pp).

Maigret and the Killer (1971) tr. Lyn Moir

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Maigret of the Month: November, 2009

While M is dining at Pardon's a neighbor, Gino Pagliati comes in to report that a young man has been stabbed in the Rue Popincourt. He was Antoine Batille, son of the owner of Mylène perfume and beauty aids. He'd been wearing a tape recorder, as his hobby was recording and collecting sounds and conversations. He died upon arrival at the hospital. There seemed to be no motive for the crime, but one of his last recordings included a conversation at the Café des Amis, which sounded like a robbery was being planned. Some of the men on the tape are identified, and watched, and with the assistance of Superintendent Grosjean of CID, are caught in the act of burglarizing a villa outside of Paris. But the men do not seem likely to be involved in Batille's stabbing, and furthermore, hadn't taken the recorder, which would have been their only motive.
M has photos taken of everyone who attended Antoine Batille's funeral, and finds a man wearing the same outfit as the killer's, who appears frequently. A photo of one of the men in the robbery with the caption "Is this the killer" brings an anonymous response of "No", and further responses are followed by phone calls to M from the killer, who finally appears in person at M's home to surrender. He was Robert Bureau, who had killed a boy when he was 14, and been haunted by the urge to kill ever since. He'd kept himself in control until the evening of Antoine Batille. Though M hoped he'd receive treatment, he was sentenced to 15 years.

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Maigret of the Month: November, 2009


Baboeuf Bambois Batille, Antoine
Batille, Gérard Batille, Martine Batille, Minou
Batille, Monique Blondinet Blond, Julien
Branchu, Émile Bureau, Robert Demarie
Demarle, Yvon Desalle Esparbès
Eugénie Frémiet Gallois, Mauricette
Gouvion Grosjean Harteau
Huet Janvier Jérôme
Joseph, Old Jules Lapointe
Lebon, François Legendre Lherbier, Philippe
Lourtie Louvelle Lucas
Lucien Mangeot Marette
Mila, Julien Mimile Mme M
Moers Neveu Pagliati, Gino
Pagliati, Lucia Pardon, Dr Paul, Dr
Poiret Pomel, Raymond Renée
Rolland, Jean Van Hamme

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