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Maigret se trompe

August, 1953. Lakeville (Connecticut) "Shadow Rock Farm"

Presses de la Cité, 1953
Tout Simenon (PDLC '91-'92): Tome 7, pp. 9-110 (102pp).

Maigret's Mistake (1954) tr. Alan Hodge
Maigret's Mistake (2017) tr. Howard Curtis

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Maigret of the Month: August, 2007

Louise Filon is found shot in her apartment. She'd been known as Lulu when she'd been on the streets, but was now apparently being kept by someone. The cleaning woman, Désirée Brault, whom M recognized from her many brushes with the law, said as little as possible. So did the concierge. Eventually M learns of Lulu's boyfriend, Pierrot, a musician, Pierre Eyraud. He's gone into hiding, apparently on reading the news. Lulu had had a serious brain illness, but had gotten surgery and recovered, after which she'd moved to the Rue La Fayette, and then to her present apartment on the Avenue Carnot. The tenant above her, Étienne Gouin, is a famous brain surgeon, 62.
M learns that Lulu had been pregnant, and through one of Pierrot's friends, convinces Pierrot to come in to talk. He lets him go, apparently innocent. M interviews Gouin's wife, Germaine Gouin and sister-in-law, Antoinette Ollivier, and finally his assistant, Lucile Decaux. After that Gouin calls M and asks why he doesn't interview him directly, so M goes to his house with Lucas. Gouin says he's received a call from Désirée Brault, who claims to have found the gun and hidden it from the police. M sends Lucas for it, while he remains with Gouin, whose testimony eventually makes it clear that it was his wife who killed Louise, apparently out of jealousy. Her sister, Antoinette, who was with her at the time and hated Gouin, waited outside the door.

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Maigret of the Month: August, 2007


Brault, Désirée Brault, Jules Cornet
Crémieux Decaux, Lucile Duclos
Dupeu Ernest Ernestine
Eyraud, Pierre Filon, Ernest Filon, Louis
Filon, Louise François Gastinne-Renette
Gouin, Étienne Gouin, Germaine Janin
Janvier Lanvin Lapointe
Le Flem, Philippine Lober Louis
Lucas Lucien Lulu
Mansuy, Raoul Mattetal Mélanie
Mettetal Mme M Moers
Ollivier, Antoinette Ottrebon Pardon, Dr
Paul, Dr Pierrot Tavera, de

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