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Maigret a peur

March, 1953. Lakeville (Connecticut) "Shadow Rock Farm"

Presses de la Cité, 1953
Tout Simenon (PDLC '91-'92): Tome 6, pp. 541-641 (101pp).

Maigret Afraid (1961) tr. Margaret Duff
Maigret is Afraid (2017) tr. Ros Schwartz

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Maigret of the Month: July, 2007

On his way back from a meeting of the International Police Congress in Bordeaux, M stops to visit his old school friend, Julien Chabot, in Fontenay-le-Comte. A man in the same train car, Hubert Vernoux, introduces himself and asks if M has come to help solve the murder case. In fact, Vernoux's brother-in-law, Robert de Courçon had been murdered four days earlier, followed by the murder of the Widow Gibon in the same way, a blow to the head with a pipe. While M is at Chabot's, a call comes in reporting a third murder, the drunkard Gobillard, in the same manner. Chabot is the Examining Magistrate for Fontenay-le-Comte. M discovers that there are two cliques in the town, a clear class separation, and that the general feeling is suspicion of Alain Vernoux, Hubert's son, a non-practicing doctor. When it is discovered that Alain has a mistress, Louise Sabati, she is arrested and questioned, and soon after he commits suicide. By this time M has realized that Hubert Vernoux was the likely murderer, and that the murders of Gibon and Gobillard were merely red-herring crimes to avoid suspicion. M returns to Paris, and learns by letter from Chabot that Vernoux was in custody, had gone into a crazy fit, seemingly suicidal, and was being considered as likely insane...

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Maigret of the Month: July, 2007


Arsène Aumale Caudeuils, Jeanne de
Chabiron Chabot Chabot, Julien
Chalus, Émile Courçon, Lucile de Courçon, Robert de
Desprez Féron Gibon
Gobillard Jussieux Levras
Lomel Lucas Mme M
Page, Léontine Paillet, Adeline Pyke
Remouchamps, Anselme Rose Sabati, Louise
Vassal, Georges Vergennes, Henri de Vernoux, Alain
Vernoux, Basile Vernoux, Hubert Vernoux, Isabelle
Vernoux, Jeanne

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