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La Péniche aux deux pendus (ss)

October, 1936. Neuilly-sur-Seine / Boulevard Richard-Wallace

Paris-Soir-Dimanche, Nov. 1, 1936
Paris-Soir-Dimanche, Nov. 1, 1944
Tout Simenon (PDLC '91-'92): Tome 24, pp. 897-906 (10pp).

Paris-Soir-Dimanche, Nov. 1, 1944
Paris-Soir-Dimanche, Nov. 1, 1944
Dead Man's Barge (1961) tr. J.E. Malcolm
Inspector Maigret Thinks (1967) tr. [J.E. Malcolm]
The Barge with Two Hanging Bodies (1959) tr. F.K. Holdsworth & A.E. Marrow
Two Bodies on a Barge (1977) tr. Jean Stewart

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Maigret of the Month: May, 2010

M is called to the lock at Le Coudray, where a barge, the Astrolabe, cut loose, has drifted. On board were found the old carter, Claessens, an Alsatian dog, and the bodies of the skipper, Arthur Aerts, hanged with the dog's chain, and his wife, Emma Aerts hanged with a bedsheet. Everyone believes it was a murder by Émile Gradut, the stoker of the Aiglon VII, who'd been known to be Emma's boyfriend, and who had disappeared. He was captured in the forest of Rougeau, but protested his innocence.
M visits the bistro upstream at La Citanguette, where the incident had taken place, then spends the night on board the Astrolabe, after requesting the loan of a pickaxe. In the morning M explains the crime. Emma, who'd married Aerts for his reputed hoard of 100,000 francs, seeing Aerts drunk, strangled him with the dog's chain. She'd summoned Gradut, and they'd searched for the money, but couldn't find it.Gradut fled, after knocking out Emma, and cut loose the barge. Emma awoke to find herself stranded, drank for courage and then hung herself with a bedsheet. M has dug through the concrete floor and found the stash, truly 100,000 francs in gold coins.

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Maigret of the Month: May, 2010


Aerts, Arthur Aerts, Emma Aerts, Joseph
Aerts, Théodore Claessens Courturier
Gradut, Émile Paul, Dr

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