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Maigret en meublé

February, 1951. Shadow Rock Farm, Lakeville (Connecticut)

Presses de la Cité, 1951
Tout Simenon (PDLC '91-'92): Tome 5, pp. 337-432 (96pp).

Maigret Rents a Room (1961) tr. Robert Brain
Maigret Takes a Room (1960) tr. Robert Brain
Maigret takes a room (2016) tr. Shaun Whiteside

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Maigret of the Month: February, 2007

Janvier is shot in the chest while keeping watch outside Mlle. Clément's boarding house waiting for the return of Emile Paulus, a young man who lived there, suspected of having robbed a bar. M, his wife in Alsace caring for her sister, moves in the the house. He discovers Paulus hiding under Mlle. Clement's bed, but he appears to be unconnected to the shooting. A boarder, Mlle Blanche Dubut, mentions to M the occasional strange condition of the blinds in the house opposite, where Mme Francoise Boursicault, the invalid wife of a ship's purser lives, and M goes to interview her. He realizes that the person who shot Janvier was apparently someone who came to visit her from time to time, and forces the issue, eventually discovering that Julien Foucrier, her lover from long ago, who had fled France twenty years earlier to escape apprehension for a robbery-murder he had committed, had returned to France, and was her visitor. He had shot Janvier to flee the apartment before the return of her husband, wrongly assuming that the watch in the street was for him. He turns himself in after M agrees to keep the woman's connection to the affair a secret.

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Maigret of the Month: February, 2007


Angelo Binet, Françoise Boulard
Boursicault, Désiré Boursicault, Françoise Clément
Colin Commissioner Dambois
Dédé Dubut, Blanche Fachin, Oscar
Foucrier, Julien Gastinne-Renette Grollin
Hortense Isabelle Janvier
Janvier, Mme Joseph, Old Justin
Keller Kridelka Lapointe
Lechat Lotard, Eugène Lucas
Lucette Lulu Mabille
Méchin, Rosalie Mège Meyer
Mme M Paulus, Émile Piedboeuf
Piercot Saft Thérèse
Torrence Vacher Valentin
Van Damme, Jef Van Damme, Juliette Vauquelin

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