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Tempête sur la manche (ss)

Winter, 1937-38. Neuilly-sur-Seine / Boulevard Richard-Wallace

Police-Film, May 20, 1938
Police-Film, May 20, 1944
Tout Simenon (PDLC '91-'92): Tome 25, pp. 133-159 (27pp).

Police-Film, May 20, 1944
Storm in the Channel (1965) tr. Jean Stewart
Storm over the Channel (1983) tr. T.J. Hale

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Maigret of the Month: July, 2011

M, three months into his retirement, is temporarily stranded in Dieppe at the Pension Otard with his wife, due to a storm in the Channel. One of the guests leaves to catch the boat, accompanied by the maid, Jeanne Fénard. While M is passing his time reading, the police arrive. Jeanne Fénard has been found shot dead. They question the tenants, all of whom seem to have gone out at some time or other. The other maid, Irma, says Jeanne had a boyfriend, a sailor, Gustave, so M goes along with the inspector to Victor's café to see him. He's shocked at the news. The man who Jeanne had accompanied, John Miller, didn't arrive at Newhaven. M goes to a dance hall, and spends most of the night drinking toddies with two girls. The next day the inspector says he found a menu from the Pension near the body, and it had some writing on it, which Mme M recognizes as dress measurements. It soon becomes clear that almost everyone in the house was from Villecomtois, in Cher. M explains that Jules Mosselet, staying there with his wife Émilie Mosselet, was the murderer. He'd known Jeanne in Villecomtois, where she'd been a maid in the hotel-restaurant his wife's father had bought. He'd fathered her son, and when she surprised him in Dieppe, she blackmailed him, so he killed her.

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Maigret of the Month: July, 2011


Berthe Big Joe Broken-Tooth, Gustave
Fénard, Jeanne Gustave Irma
Marie Miller, John Mme M
Mosselet, Émilie Mosselet, Jules Moulineau, Germaine

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