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La Colère de Maigret

June, 1962. Noland (Switzerland)

Presses de la Cité, 1963
Tout Simenon (PDLC '91-'92): Tome 12, pp. 9-99 (91pp).

Maigret Loses His Temper (1965) tr. Robert Eglesfield
Maigret's Anger (2018) tr. William Hobson

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Maigret of the Month: February, 2009

During a quiet spell in June, M meets Lucas in the Brasserie Dauphine. He is with Antonio Farano, whose brother-in-law Émile Boulay, who owns night-clubs in Montmartre and on the Champs-Élysées, has disappeared. Two days later his body is found near Père Lachaise cemetery. He'd been strangled and kept somewhere for the two days. Boulay was a conscientious businessman, and there's no trace of enemies of the amateur type, who'd strangle and hold onto a body. M visits the family and talks to a doorman, Mickey Boubée, but there are no clues. He interviews the accountant, Jules Raison, but there seems to be nothing in that direction either. But when he learns that Jean-Charles Gaillard, Boulay's lawyer, lives in the direction he'd headed that night, M's curiosity is aroused. He starts to investigate, and learns that his car had been in for repairs between the time of the murder and the dumping of the body, and he is convinced. He calls for records of Gaillard's cases, and learns that he "picked his clients well". M calls one, Gaston Mauran, in to his office, and soon learns that Gaillard had extorted an extra 1,000 francs from him, "to pay off Maigret". Meanwhile Torrence has reported that Gaillard had brought his car to a car-wash. He has the car and Gaillard brought in. M is furious. He confronts Gaillard, not letting him utter a word, and has him sent off to the Depôt. The next morning he learns he'd hung himself in his cell. Boulay, upset because he'd paid 5,000 to Gaillard but still been called in to Police Headquarters for questioning, and nervous about bad publicity, had no doubt threatened to reveal the facts. Gaillard had had a gambling habit...

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Maigret of the Month: February, 2009


Bornique Boubée, Louis Boubée, Mickey
Bougrat Boulay, Émile Boulay, Lucien
Boulay, Marina Chavanon Dupeu
Dupin, Jeanine Eugène, One-eyed Farano, Ada
Farano, Antonio Fernand, Handsome Gaillard, Jean-Charles
Gaillard, Jeanine Germain Germaine
Grocer Janin Jo
Jo-the-Wrestler Jouane Jubelin
Justin, Mad Lapointe Lara, Jeanine de
La Tétoune Léa Lecoin
Lecot Louis, Fat Lucas
Lucette Lucien, Big Mattei
Mauran, Gaston Mazotti Mme M
Morel Mornique Pardon, Dr
Pirouet, Marie Potier, Urban Raison, Jules
Ramuel Tessier, Hippolyte Torrence
Vacher Vendre, Julien Yolande

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