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Maigret Films
9/4/97 - Looking for a list of films of the series with Bruno Cremer and of the series with Rupert Davies. Are there video tape versions available?
9/6/97 - Peter Haining's "The Complete Maigret" lists "all" the Maigret films. He only shows the series for Bruno Cremer, "Maigret" (Dune, 1991-), but 52 with Rupert Davies. As soon as I get a chance, I'll put a film list up on the site. As far as video tape versions, maybe someone else knows the answer...
9/6/97 - Thanks. In France the definitely last movie of the Bruno Cremer series has just been filmed and it must be something like no. 25 or 26...

Maigret TV series?
3/11/98 - I'm a student at Louvain and I'm trying to find any copies of the Maigret TV series. Can anyone help me? I'm afraid I need it very, very soon. Thanks.
Caroline Brouillard

6/2/98 - I am looking for videos available for purchase of the Rupert Davies and Michael Gambon "Maigret". This page does not reflect much interest in the Maigret depicted by Gambon, am I to assume that he is not as popular as the others?
Samantha Scott

Still Looking for Michael Gambon Videos
7/12/98 - Does anyone know how to obtain videos of the Michael Gambon series? Or how many were filmed?
Samantha Scott

Looking for Gino Cervi Videos
7/15/98 - I'd like very much to find any copy of the Italian Maigret series with Gino Cervi. Thanks.
Ings. Monnanni Moutalabian

Maigret films & omnibus volumes
9/22/98 - This site lists twelve titles of films for TV made with Michael Gambon. The last six, made in 1993, have never, to my recollection, been transmitted in the U.K. Have they ever been shown elsewhere? The novels on which the first six of the Gambon series, made in 1992, were based were each separately published in the UK in 1992 by Penguin books and all six were included in a hardback omnibus published in 1992 by Book Club Associates ( by arrangement with Hamish Hamilton who may have produced an edition for normal retail sale - I can't be sure because I have only seen the BCA edition of which I have a copy)
David McBrien

Maigret films
10/3/98 - The last six Michael Gambon titles were shown in the UK during March and April 1993, as listed in Peter Haining's The Complete Maigret. With a new producer and new directors, they were more pacy and dramatic than the first series shown the previous year, perhaps in response to reviews in the UK press. In a preview of the second series, The Times of 10 March 1993 stated: 'It is easy to see why neither critics nor audiences approved of the first series. Perhaps some remembered Rupert Davies's BBC Maigret in the 1960s, while others missed the excitement of a puzzle, the grittiness of "Prime Suspect", or the Britishness of "Miss Marple"'. Not all the critics had disapproved of the first series, however. On 10 February 1992 The Daily Telegraph hailed the opening 90-minute episode, 'The Patience of Maigret', as "a masterpiece of understated atmosphere" with "beautifully tailored dialogue"'.
Richard Thomas

Maigret film in Prague?
10/17/98 - A couple of months ago, a film shooting of Maigret took place in Prague Vinohrady, in the street next to where I used to live. The street had been given the look of a Paris street. There was a "commissariat de police" at one end, and a "Pension Notre-Dame" at the other end. Can anyone tell me more about this film? Thanks.
Bernard D.

Michael Gambon Maigret on Video?
10/27/98 - Michael Gambon is the "Maigret" I see when reading any of the books. He certainly fits the physcial description and is just plain enjoyable to watch in the role.
Does anyone know where I can purchase the videos from the TV series?
Gemma L.

Maigret on Video / PBC?
10/29/98 - About a year ago I watched a few Maigret episodes on the PBC (Public Broadcasting Co.) 'Mystery' series. Those films were produced, as I remember, by BBC. After that introduction to Maigret, I read several dozen Maigrets and other Simenons. I'd hoped that PBC would bring the Maigret series back soon, but it does not appear on the new schedule.
Can anyone suggest where Maigret videos can be rented or purchased ??? I am planning to send regular requests to the PBC programming department requesting a new showing of the Maigret series. I invite other Maigret fans visiting this site to send similar requests to PBC -- and I hope the more requests PBC receives the sooner we will see Maigret on TV again.
Vladimir, Vancouver Canada

Richard Harris as Maigret?
11/5/98 - Has anyone seen and have an opinion on the 1988 British movie 'Maigret' with Richard Harris? (I find that casting really odd). I would like to see it for it's curiosity value if nothing else.
Dave, Toronto Canada

Peter Haining has a section on the film in his "The Complete Maigret," in which he says, "The reception for the production, though, was universally bad. Peter Waymark in The Times speaking for the newspapers in general said: 'For those of us who admired Rupert Davies as Simenon's ruminative, pipe-smoking detective in the BBC Maigret series in the sixties, anyone else attempting the role must seem like an impostor. Even so, Richard Harris seems to have gone out of his way to make his portrayal as least like Davies' as possible. The trouble is that he is not much like Simenon's Maigret either. As played by Harris, he is a big, shambling figure, with a battered hat, glasses, scruffy blonde hair and a croaky Irish accent. Harris even gives him an Irish name, McGrey. He also calls his Peugeot a Pewjo." To read the entire section, click here.

Maigret on Video: The Answer
11/15/98 - In my bulletin posting of 10/29/98 I asked about Maigret on video. Now, after checking with almost every major video store, both in North America and Britain, and receiving a negative response each time, it can be safely concluded that Maigret on video is not currently available.
It leaves Maigret fans in US and Canada with the following option: request the Public TV (PBS) to repeat the Maigret series; and keep requesting until such request is granted. Similar requests can be also directed to other TV companies that show detective or mystery shows, like A&E. Contact information (names of executives, phone, fax, e-mail, etc.) for these requests can be found on the company's web sites.
Regards, Vladimir
Vancouver Canada

Michael Gambon Videos
1/16/99 - I have recentlly discovered your site and am pleased to discover that I am not the only Maigret fan in the universe. I have been reading Maigrets for nearly forty years, but have only recently started trying to gather a complete set. I have not read through all the bulletin board messages yet but I see that a few people are looking for videos of the Michael Gambon, Granada Television series. A few years ago I enquired at a video store - possibly "Our Price" or "HMV" - I can't remember now, and was told that a set of three videos (two episodes on each cassette) was available from a distibution company called "Total Home Video" I was told that no copies were then in stock but that I could order them if I wanted to. Stupidly I declined this offer, thinking that I could probably pick them up at anytime. What a mistake, I am still looking! However, none of your correspondants has mentioned "Total Home Video" so maybe this is a lead worth pursuing.
Willie McRobert

Maigret Videos?
1/31/99 - Do you know if any of the BBC TV series of Maigret was ever released on video? If so, any idea where I might be able to find copies? Hoping you can help.
John Gibbs
2/6/99 - Do you know where I can purchase any of the Maigret videos?
John Sacco

Gambon videos again!
2/18/99 - Samantha Scott's eMail of the Feb. 6 seems to suggest that my hint regarding "Total Home Video" distribution, for the Gambon Series, struck gold. Do you think she could be cajoled into telling us what she has found? Although I was given this name at one time as a source of the much sought after "Gambon Videos" nobody in the home movie business now seems to know anything about them. Please Sam, tell us more!
Willie McRobert

Gambon Videos
3/18/99 - Doesn't Granada Television keep copies of the 2 series that Michael Gambon portrayed Maigret in? Am I right in thinking that they have never had a second airing? Is there no way they can be purchased at all?
David Mason

Pierre Renoir
4/7/99 - Simenon tells us in his book "Les memoires de Maigret" (1966) that the actor Pierre Renoir was to him the most perfect person for the figure of Maigret he had in mind. I've searched everywhere on Internet, but I cannot find a photo of him playing Maigret. Can somebody help me please? Does anybody know if a museum and/or an exhibition exists about Maigret and/or the works of Simenon? I would like to visit it if I go to Paris in July this year. Thanks!
Johan A. Jong

Pierre Renoir
5/20/99 - Johan A Jong asks (4.7.99) about obtaining a photo of "the most perfect Maigret", Pierre Renoir. If he is visiting Paris in July he can go one better and seek out the video of "La Nuit du Carrefour", Jean Renoir's classic 1931 film, issued in the René Chateau series "la Mémoire du Cinéma Français", in which Pierre Renoir made his one and only appearance as Maigret. Pierre Assouline's biography of Simenon contains interesting background to the making of the film, accurately described in the UK "Time Out Film Guide" as "weird, hallucinating and oddly poetic".
Richard Thomas

Maigret series with Michael Gambon
5/30/99 - Interesting bulletin board. I have been interested in Maigret and Simenon books in general, since watching most of the original Rupert Davies series as a youngster. When the Gambon series appeared in 1992, I recorded them from the TV for my own use. The first series consisted of the following six stories (not necessarily in order of transmission) The Patience of Maigret; Maigret and the Burglar's Wife; Maigret Goes to School; Maigret and the Madwoman; Maigret on Home Ground; Maigret Sets a Trap. The second series (1993) consisted of: Maigret and the Hotel Majestic; Maigret and the Maid; Maigret on the Defensive; Maigret's Boyhood Friend; Maigret and the Minister; Maigret and the Nightclub Dancer. Also I have just managed to acquire an original video of the first two stories in the first series. This video was produced by Granada Television in association with WGBH Boston and marketed by Televideo, 22 Little Portland Street, London W1N 5AF. The video is numbered Telvid 26 and the blurb inside mentions three videos in the series, presumably each having two of the original stories. Don't know whether a video collection of the second series was released. However I am fortunate in having personal copies of both series even though they also have the adverts etc. Hope this info is of some help.
Brian T.
Lanark Scotland

Gambon Series (Another fan of Inspector Maigret)
6/23/99 - As a footnote to the Gambon series, this was filmed in Hungary, especially Budapest, because the locations matched Paris of the 40s and 50s.
David Cronan

Maigret tend un piège - film
7/14/99 - Does anyone know if the film "Maigret tend un piège" is for sale somewhere?
8/9/99 - I bought the movie "Maigret tend un piège" last year at la FNAC. It is edited by René Chateau vidéo, produced in the "Michel Audiard Collection" in 1995. It is a set of 2 tapes: "Maigret tend un piège" and "Maigret et l'affaire St-Fiacre," both of them featuring Jean Gabin as Maigret. "Maigret tend un piège" lasts 115 min. If you go to, select "video", and search for "Maigret", you'll find 2 references: one is the tape alone (169 French francs) and the second one is the set of 2 tapes (349 French francs). I hope this will help you to buy the movie. Best Regards,

Bruno Cremer videos?
8/7/99 - Does anyone have any idea where I could purchase videos of the Maigret series with Bruno Cremer? I live in Italy and have been searching everywhere. Thanks!
8/10/99 - [software-assisted translation from Italian] I can tell you that about two years ago (if I remember correctly) RAI broadcast some Maigret films with Bruno Cremer. Even though I've recorded many of them, I always hope that they'll re-broadcast them, since they're so difficult to find for sale. Personally I think that among the many actors who have interpreted Maigret, Cremer is one of the best. Regards,

Rupert Davies Maigret videos?
9/19/99 - Do you have any of the 1960s Rupert Davies Maigret series on video, or can you tell me where I can obtain them?
Alice Fleck

PBS Mystery Maigret?
9/21/99 - Greetings from Scottsdale, AZ! I see from your bulletin board that someone else from Scottsdale has checked in. As a fan of Michael Gambon in the role of Maigret, I would like to know if the PBS Mystery series is planning on broadcasting any of the Maigret shows in the near future? With all the video catalogs I receive, I have yet to find a video of Maigret available. Your assistance in this would be greatly appreciated. P.S — was thrilled to find this web site!

Seeking Michael Gambon videos
10/6/99 - Hello, I am looking for good clear copies of any and all episodes of "Maigret", starring Michael Gambon, that played on "Mystery!" on PBS. Hoping to find actual videos of it for sale, but homemade copies are acceptable. I am a big fan of Michael Gambon playing Maigret.

La Nuit du Carrefour
10/22/99 - Hello! I am desperately looking for a copy of Jean Renoir's film La Nuit du Carrefour. Do you know where I can find one?
Thanx, Kevin
10/22/99 - At, if you perform a search for Jean Renoir, you will find a video of "La nuit du carrefour". It was edited in 1998 by RC (reference 3712). It is on a VHS tape with SECAM format for the video signal and costs 143 French Francs. You can order it on the web site.
Jérôme Devémy

Michael Gambon videos?
12/6/99 - Hello! I was wondering, do you know if its possible to purchase Maigret with Michael Gambon on video? If so, how?
Thanks, Erica

Help! Maigret in Cape Town?
12/17/99 - I am desperately looking to find the video version of Maigret when they did their international filming. I am South African and appeared in the Cape Town series. I would really like to purchase a copy and have hunted high and low, but not been able to find anything. Do you have any idea where I could get hold of a copy?

Maigret and the Vanished 52 Rupert Davies BBC Episodes
1/6/00 - People often ask about the existence of the Rupert Davies series. I remember watching them with barely suppressed excitement many years ago. That distinctive music and the scratch of Maigret's match on the wall before he lit his pipe prior to stepping forth to solve another mystery. I often wondered if copies existed; I suspect they do not. In Peter Haining's "The Complete Maigret" there is an awful quote from Simenon's Memoirs: "There was, however, one clause in the contract that I did not read carefully, and which I was to become aware of only a dozen years later. It provided that, at the expiration of the contract, all prints and negatives were to be destroyed in the presence of a bailiff, so that today there is no trace left of those fifty-two Maigrets." Quelle Horreur!
No trace? The question is, are there any recordings left in the English-speaking world?

Don Greenfield
Wellington, New Zealand

A Maigret thread in the rec.arts.mystery newsgroup, 1/30 - 2/3/00:

A: Has anyone seen the 1988 movie MAIGRET with Richard Harris as Maigret? I find that casting really odd. I know it got poor reviews but I wouldn't mind seeing it just for the novelty value.

B: It was the worst! Spare yourself the pain.

A: Thanks! That's more or less what I figured.

C: Worse than Charles Laughton as Maigret?

A: While admitting that Charles Laughton's Maigret was far removed from Simenon's character I thought it was kind of fun.

D: In spite of being a huge Maigret/Simenon fan, I had no idea that any movies were made. Have there been any others that were not yet mentioned? Thanks!

C: Allen J. Hubin's "Crime Fiction III" has a long list of movies made from Simenon's novels.

A: There's a very good web site which lists all the Maigret films (there's a lot of them). Jean Gabin made a whole series in French of which I've only managed to see one MAIGRET SETS A TRAP (excellent). Charles Laughton portrayed him in THE MAN ON THE EIFFEL TOWER but being Laughton he gave the character some eccentric twists. Strangely enough Simenon himself said the perfect Maigret was Welshman Rupert Davies who portrayed him in an early BBC series.

E: I thought that Michael Gambon was a pretty decent Maigret. Haven't seen any of the other performances, though.

F: Oh THAT brings back memories.... I can still hum the very atmospheric, and very French theme tune. The actual programmes are lost in the mists of time but the opening sequence showed a hand striking a match on a brick wall, then the camera followed the match as it lit up a pipe and then drew back to reveal Ripert Davies puffing away contentedly. The funny this is it's apprently ILLEGAL to strike matches on walls in Paris...
I didn't see the Richards Harris version, but it was universally panned in the UK press and I vividly remember Harris appearing on a radio programme a week or so later where he read through all the reviews and tore into the critics, more or less calling them useless tossers, and refused to accept that his performance just might have been bad.

G: I liked Michael Gambon in the few BBC episodes I saw. But Gambon does not try to imitate a French accent - he has beautiful English diction which he seldom alters (like James Mason).

G: I guess it wasn't BBC but apparently Granada Television (1992-93, 12 episodes).
Some say the BBC production of Dennis Potter's The Singing Detective, starring Michael Gambon, is the best made-for-television screenplay ever written - I wouldn't be surprized if they said the best made-for-*anything* screenplay ever written, and one of the best produced, casted & directed. Gambon was perfect in the role. It was the first time I was aware of JoAnne Whalley(-Kilmer) and Patrick Malahide. The old schoolmarm was absolutely perfect (can't remember her name) - and the school children were actually the residents of the mining village in the Forest of Dean (what does that say about the directing?!). Young Philip Marlow was also terrific.

H: They were made by Granada in Budapest. Cadfael is/was made in Hungary.

I: "Panic", a French film (50's?) was based on a Simenon. Great film!

J: Considering that Harris might have decided to sing his complaints this all sounds pretty mild.

K: I can see Ed Asner, Bob Hoskins, Walter Matthau, John Rhys-Davies, Ossie Davis (for the PC crowd), as Maigret. But not Richard Harris. Guiness always. Jackie Gleason would have been interesting casting. Charles Laughton, Orson Welles, were around during the time Simenon was writing.

Maigret on French TV

3/2/00 - Jérôme Devémy reports that a Bruno Cremer Maigret, based on the short story "Death of a Nobody" (On ne tue pas les pauvres types) will appear tomorrow on France Channel 2. The notice, which I've translated below, appeared on the France2 website,
Maigret Sees Double
Produced by François Luciani. Adapted by Pierre Granier. Deferre: Dominique Roulet, after Georges Simenon
With: Bruno Cremer (Jules Maigret), Alexandre Brasseur (Paul), Laure Duthilleul (Evelyne Tremblet), Aladin Reibel (Magine), Julien Cafaro (inspecteur Olmetta), Eléonore Gosset (Francine), Consuelo de Haviland (Josette).
Summary: Maurice Tremblet, an accountant, father of four children, is found dead in his home, a bullet in his heart. According to his wife, Evelyne, he had led a calm, simple life, rather gloomy, his only passion a canary that she hated. Maigret discovers that Tremblet had rented a room in the hotel across from his home the night before, and that four years ago he had left the business in which he had worked, the plumbers Couvreur et Bouchard, where he was a model employee. Since his resignation no one, not even his oldest friend, Magine, had seen him. Evelyne Tremblet, to whom her husband gave his salary every month, is surprised by the news, but her daughter, Francine, a bank employee, confesses that her father had won 4 million in the lottery and that she knew that he no longer worked...
IN STEREO. Subtitling Teletext France 2. Time: 1h 28' 09"

Maigret en vacances
3/27/00 - A scene of Bruno Cremer in the television movie "Maigret en vacances." In the book, it took place in Les Sables d'Ologne, but here, as it was partly paid for by Belgian television, the action takes place in Belgium. There is also Maigret et l'Inspecteur Cadavre (1997).


Maigret is back on British television
5/1/00 - First the good news:- The Michael Gambon Maigret series is back on British television.
The bad news is that it is only on digital satellite ("Hallmark" on Sky package channel 190) and it is being shown at 12 noon on weekdays. But at least it is back on air.

David Cronan

Gambon videos
5/2/00 - Good news for Maigret enthusiasts seeking Michael Gambon videos! The web site of UK video and audio book specialist Choices Direct ( is offering Maigret- Complete First Series, a twinpack priced at 14.99 pounds sterling containing the six episodes from the 1992 series. Release date was 1 May 2000. Let's hope the second series will soon follow. Also available are two BBC Radio Collection double audio cassette packs, including a new one containing adaptations of Maigret Hesitates, Maigret Goes to School, Maigret and the Old Lady, and The Patience of Maigret. First broadcast on BBC Radio some 20 years ago, these are highly recommended.
Thanks for the all the good work on the excellent web site,

Richard Thomas

Thanks, Richard!

More Michael Gambon videos
5/3/00 - Lance Entertainment has acquired the rights to 6 episodes of "Maigret" starring Michael Gambon and will be releasing them on home video in July of this year. This 6 video collector's set will feature the 90 minute pilot episode, "The Patience of Maigret," as well as the additional 5 episodes from Series 1. The set will retail for $89.99 and be available through a select number of catalogs and directly through us at Lance Entertainment. I'll send more information as it becomes available.

Jenifer Hillis
Director of Operations
Lance Entertainment

Maigret on French TV
5/22/00 - Next Friday, on France 2 (second France Channel), there will be a Maigret with Bruno Cremer:

Titre : Maigret chez les riches
D'après la nouvelle de Georges Simenon "Maigret hésite". Réalisé par Denys Granier-Deferre. Adaptation et dialogues de Pierre Granier Deferre et Dominique Roulet. Musique de Laurent Petitgirard. Une coproduction FRANCE 2. DUNE. T.S.R. .R.T.B.F. .CESKA TELEVIZE avec la participation du CNC.
Avec : Bruno Cremer (Jules Maigret), Alexandre Brasseur (Paul Lachenal), Caroline Sihol (Mme Parendon), Michel Duchaussoy (Maître Parendon), Cécile Bois (Mademoiselle Vague), Célia Granier-Deferre (Bambi), Jocelyn Quirvin (Gus), Wilfred Benaïche (Ferdinand), Pascal Decolland (Tortu), Stéphane Cottin (Baud), Blandine Lenoir (Lise), Colette Maire (Cuisinière), Roland Farrugia (Directeur de la P.J.), Jacques Brunet (Procureur Raynouard).
Résumé: Les noms y sont prestigieux : Faubourg Saint Honoré, Champs Elysées, Castiglione, rue de la Paix. Les fortunes et la naissance aussi. Quand le Commissaire Maigret pénètre dans l'hôtel Particulier des Parendon, il sait que sa mission doit être aussi discrète que les pas des propriétaires foulant leurs profonds tapis. Maître Parendon, richissime avocat d'affaires, a reçu une lettre anonyme annonçant un drame prochain, sanglant qui frappera la famille. En somme, pour Maigret, une enquête un peu mondaine à l'envers, sans suspect car sans mobile, sans coupable puisque sans meurtre...
EN STEREO, Sous-titrage Télétexte France 2, Minutage: 1h32'21"


Michael Gambon videos available
5/23/00 - The series will be available beginning August 1st through an exclusive agreement with Rivertown Trading Company in catalogs such as Signals, Britannia and The Video Catalog. As a special offer to fans of "Maigret" and Michael Gambon, we are taking pre-orders for this collector's set which includes the titles: "Patience of Maigret" (90-minute feature film), "Maigret and the Burglar's Wife," "Maigret Goes to School," "Maigret and the Mad Woman," "Maigret on Home Ground," and "Maigret Sets a Trap." The price is $89.99 plus tax and as a pre-order incentive, we will cover the cost of shipping and handling for those who order and mail payment prior to July 1st, 2000. (Please note that these videos are in NTSC (VHS) format, and available for purchase in the USA only.)
Orders can be placed by mail, phone, fax or e-mail and payment may be made by check or money order and mailed to:

Lance Entertainment
Radio City Station
PO Box 931
New York, NY 10101-0931
phone: (800) 690-8161
fax: (212) 247-2679
Jenifer Hillis
Lance Entertainment

Maigret Television
6/13/00 - Further to earlier bulletin items British TV viewers may like to know that the Sky/Hallmark Entertainment Channel (Channel 190), which has already screened ten of the Michael Gambon Maigret 60 min episodes, will be screening the only other 60 min episode, Maigret and the Hotel Majestic on 19th June (repeated 20th June). The original Episode 1, which was a 90 min pilot 'The Patience of Maigret', cannot be screened at present because it has adult content (violence) which breaches the British TV guidelines for transmission at times when children might be watching. However, Hallmark have the transmission rights and may broadcast it at a later date. Hallmark can be phoned on 0207-368-9100 from the UK if you want to enquire.

David McBrien

Help with a Maigret video?
7/10/00 - Could someone please help me to find a copy of the 1988 Maigret movie with Barbara Shelley? I can handle any format of videotape, or of film. If a commercially-available video can't be found, a dub will be fine. If you can point me to a store that has a used commercially-available VHS (I think it's out of print now) I'd be grateful. A 16mm or 35mm print is fine, too. Please e-mail me with price, condition, particulars. Thanks in advance for all of your help!

Vids and info about my grandfather!!??
8/1/00 - I'm currently on a big search for any existing videos or films of the BBC version of Maigret from the series that my grandfather (Rupert Davies) was in during the sixties. If you can help me in any way at all I would be very grateful.

Rupert Davies (yes, I got the name too!)

Rupert Davies BBC episodes
8/4/00 - Just about when Rupert Davies's mail came in with his quest for info on his illustrious namesake grandfather, I received from Ian Slater (UK) the scans of Ron Grainer's 1963 Decca recording of some of his theme music which accompanied the series, (on the gallery page).
Grainer's notes reminded me that the film versions are often greatly modified, and I also found that I could hardly identify a single case from the film titles. I looked up the series at the film page and identified them, but I'd sure rather see them! Here's what was on the album notes, with the episodes identified:

Arlette was the theme for La Pointe's girl friend, who was so brutally slaughtered in "Murder in Montmartre".

This was the first Rupert Davies episode, and the title and girl's name make it easy to identify this as "Maigret and the Strangled Stripper" / "Maigret in Montmartre" [Maigret au Picratt's]. A bit of an exaggeration to call her Lapointe's girlfriend...

Getaway is taken from the episode "The Dirty House" and was the music accompanying a young girl's run along the river before committing suicide in a weir.

I would never have guessed from the title that this was "Maigret in Retirement" [Maigret se fâche], and since the details of the girl's suicide don't appear in the original story, the description was mysterious.

Petit Louis was the theme accompanying one of the principal characters in "Murder on Monday". Louis was a very bright little character and led a double life which eventually led to his losing his own life.

This is "Maigret and the Man on the Bench [/Boulevard]", [Maigret et l'homme du banc]. The dead man's name was Louis Thouret, so it's interesting to realize that in the film version he apparently appeared in flashbacks.

Golden Fleece was the theme from the episode of the same name.

The Golden Fleece was the name of Gassin's barge in "The Lock at Charenton" [L'écluse no. 1]

A Lost Memory was the main theme from "The Lost Sailor".

A pretty good fit for "Death of a Harbormaster" [Port des brumes]

Ginette was the theme for the happy, smiling Madame who so nearly came to grief in "My Friend the Inspector".

Marcellin's old girlfriend in "My Friend Maigret" [Mon ami Maigret], who remembered Maigret so fondly. I don't recall her "nearly coming to grief" in the story.

Thieve's Den was the theme used in the bistro which was the meeting place for the gang of thieves Maigret brought to book in "The Crooked Castle".

"Maigret at the Crossroads" [La nuit du carrefour] - the thieves in the bistro wasn't a major scene in the book. I guess the "crooked castle" was a reference to Else's tale of having been raised in a castle.
I haven't got the original titles for two of the 51 episodes: 2. "Unscheduled Departure" and 7. "A Man of Quality." Anyone know? Got a good guess?

Bruno Cremer Maigret series
8/10/00 - WNVC World View TV [Channel 56] in Falls Church, VA [Washington, DC area] is pleased to announce that, starting this Sunday, August 13, we will be broadcasting the most recent Maigret series from French TV [the one starring Bruno Cremer, mentioned often on this page by Jérôme Devémy]. The series begins with Maigret in Montmartre [Maigret et les plaisirs de la nuit, based on Maigret au Picratt's], and will continue on the second Sunday of each month — presumably indefinitely, since this series recently broadcast its 34th episode and is continuing.

The episodes scheduled through the end of this year are:

  • September 10 — Maigret and the Burglar's Wife [Maigret et la Grande Perche]
  • October 8 — Maigret and the Flemish Shop [Maigret chez les Flamands]
  • November 12 — Maigret and the Judge [Maigret et la maison du juge]
  • December 10 — Maigret and the Headless Corpse [Maigret et le corps sans tête]
This series is only one part of our International Mystery series, which also includes:
  • From Sweden, Martin Beck, starring Gösta Ekman.
  • From Germany, Tatort [Scene of the Crime].
  • From Italy, La Piovra [The Octopus].
For more information, WNVC's web site is: WNVC broadcasts locally in the Washington, DC area, and is seen via local cable as far afield as Frederick, MD, and Fredericksburg, VA.

>>> If you can interest your local station in these series, please direct them to Bill Elmquist, program director of WNVC []. We will be happy to put them in touch with the producers.

Michael Jeck
Host/Film Acquisitions

Olivier Assayas Maigret?
9/6/00 - I am trying to find out some information on the series "Maigret". Was it was ever produced in French? I am in search of a few episodes that were written by the French director, Olivier Assayas, but I am unsure if this is the same series. Anyone familiar with him or his writing for "Maigret"?

Lisa Fleming

Video of the Michael Gambon series - Belgian Detective?
9/6/00 - Having just received my copy of the two-video set of the first Michael Gambon series from 'ChoicesDirect', I see that the the rear cover explains that Michael Gambon plays the 'extraordinary Belgian detective'. Have I missed something — was Maigret really Belgian? I am confused.
I also see that the series was filmed 'on location in France'. Was it not filmed in one of the former Soviet satellites, Hungary or the Czech Republic?

Steve Beamon

Errors on Maigret Video Cover?
9/20/00 - Yes I have also seen this mistake about the nationality of Maigret on several web sites selling this video (they must of just copied it of the cover blurb).Of course Maigret was born in France, Simenon was born in Belgium.
The Michael Gambon series was filmed in Hungary. Budapest doubled for Paris and the country-side scenes were filmed out-of-town in various parts of that country.

David Cronan

New Maigret VHS
9/22/00 - I noticed for the first time that the Maigret Series is being released on VHS with Michael Gambon. I found it in a catalogue of Signals - or 1-800-669-9696. Six tapes with 6½ hours of six shows. This is Series 1 and I suppose there will be Series 2? They are asking $89.99 plus shipping. Does anyone know where I can find this at a discount? I suppose all the PBS stores of knowledge will be selling it. It was a Mystery Series.

Bradley Hodge

Michael Gambon videos

10/29/00 - I've just gotten notice that the Lance Entertainment Inc. Michael Gambon / Maigret videos (VHS), announced here in May, are now available from their website: Lance Entertainment.

Maigret on TV
11/23/00 - Just a note that Maigret movies (with Michael Gambon) are being presently (Nov. 2000) televised in Vancouver BC Canada on Knowledge network on Fridays at 10 PM.

Vladimir Krasnogor

Video Catalog Company?
11/29/00 - I need some help. I purchased the Maigret films from a company with the name Britannia, or something close to that. It is a catalog company, and I carelessly neglected to keep any information. I need to return the films but can't find the company. These are the films that aired on PBS and are produced by Granada (from England). Do you know the name and location of the catalog company? Any help you can provide is appreciated.

Jason Shapiro

Britannia Address for Jason
11/30/00 - Britannia Music, 60-70 Roden Street, Ilford, Essex, IG1 2XX UK
or: Brittania Music, Romford, Essex, RM50 1JP UK

David Cronan

Maigret in the Channel Islands?
12/1/00 - Does anyone recall a Maigret film - maybe made for television - set or filmed in the Channel Islands - Guernsey or Jersey??

Caspar Tuerler

Maigret on TV in Britain
12/26/00 - Readers in the UK might be interested to know that the digital channel BBC Knowledge will be showing a couple of Maigret/Simenon related programmes as part of the TV detectives season this week (Thursday 28th and Sunday 31st December).

Mike Williams

Maigret on TV: France Channel 2, Tonight at 20h50
12/29/00 - « MAIGRET ET L'IMPROBABLE Mr OWEN » - Série policière de Pierre Koralnik (1997/1h35). avec Bruno Cremer, Arielle Dombasle, Bernard Haller, Camille Japy. Maigret en vacances dans le midi enquête sur le meurtre d'un jeune homme ... Un Maigret assez inhabituel tant par l'extravagance que par l'atmosphère ensoleillée.. (showview: 870233)

Heinz Rühmann / German Maigret Series?
1/5/01 - I found something strange in the Maigret film section. The entry regarding German actor Heinz Rühmann reads like this:

Ruhmann, Heinz
1. Maigret Und Sein Gosster (La Danseuse du Gai-Moulin).
ARD (German). 1964.
Produced and directed by Gunther Albrecht.
Script editor: Michael Stohl.
Maigret: Heinz Ruhmann
With: Manfred Niehaus, Walter Keil.
(series "Maigret" ran for three seasons, 1964-68).
2. Maigret Fait Mouche (La Danseuse du Gai-Moulin).
German/French consortium (German). 1968.
Directed by Alfred Weidmann.
Maigret: Heinz Ruhmann
(full-length screen version, finale of Ruhman's "Maigret" series).

Heinz Rühmann
Where is this information from? I only know of one single Maigret movie with Rühmann, and no TV series whatsoever.
German television showed a foreign (British I guess) Maigret series in the 60s, but I've never heard of Rühmann having done such a series (I can look it up, but I am sure I would have remembered it).
The only Rühmann Maigret I know of is Maigret und sein größter Fall (1966) (French title: Maigret Fait Mouche) You may find it for instance in the IMDb:
Could it be that the two films in your bibliography are actually this one?
Hans Kiesl

The (mis?)information is from Peter Haining's "The Complete Maigret" (Boxtree Ltd., 1994), pp 80-82:

German television followed the lead of the British and Italians with a series starring Heinz Ruhmann which began in 1964 with Maigret Und Sein Gosster, based on one of the earliest Simenon novels, La Dansuese du Gai-Moulin (At the Gai-Moulin, 1931) . This is a notable case in which Maigret returns to his creator's birthplace, Liège, to try and solve the murder of a Greek millionaire whose death has implicated a vamp named Adele and her corrupt friend, Rene.
The story also shows Maigret in a rather unusual light as a kind of private detective who runs foul of the Belgian police and at one stage gets himself arrested by them. The inspector even has to resort to a fist fight before he finally solves the murder with 'the deduction of Sherlock Holmes', according to one review of the opening episode.
Ruhmann was at first glance an improbable choice as Maigret. Small of stature, with a rather inconspicuous appearance, he had nonetheless built a career on the deliberate use of these characteristics — in particular playing comedy roles which earned him comparison with Charlie Chaplin. Yet he took readily to the part of the inspector, investing the character with his own blend of quiet but pugnacious determination.
Born in Essen in 1902, Ruhmann was the son and grandson of hotel owners and was supposed to have followed in this profession. Instead, he quit high school and became a pupil of the producer Fritz Basil in Munich. It was here that he got his first roles playing everything from Shakespeare and Molière to comic parts. In 1930 he made his film debut with the UFA company and became a star in Die Dret von der Tankstelle. Another pre-war film also gave him his first taste of the detective story genre when he starred in Der Mann der Sherlock Holmes War in 1937.
According to German film historian Friedrich Luft, the Second World War almost destroyed Ruhmann's career. 'He got involved in the dubious business of film production,' Luft wrote, 'and he then had to spend seven years of his life clearing up and paying off his own firm's bankruptcy.'
But from the mid-fifties onwards he revived his career in the cinema with leading roles in the old comedy classic, Charley's Aunt (1956), The Captain from Koepnick (1956) and The Good Soldier Schweik (1960) . Luft says that it was 'only late in the day and with justifiable caution' that Ruhmann started to appear on television.
However, his role as Maigret wearing a wry smile beneath a tall felt hat to accentuate his height, proved what a lifetime of hardwon acting experience can enable a good actor to bring to such a clearly defined role. The German TV critics were particularly impressed by his performances. A columnist in Stern wrote: 'Ruhmann knows his métier and calculates his impact. He is small but makes sovereign use of his David-like position and Goliaths inevitably succumb to him. He makes deliberate use of his inconspicuous appearance in order to attract attention on that very account. He also always invites us, very politely, to identify with him.'
The German viewing public certainly identified with Ruhmann and the Maigret stories ran for three seasons, climaxing in 1968 when the star, then nearing seventy but still amazingly spry, appeared in a feature-length screen version of Maigret Fait Mouche. Jointly financed by a German and French consortium, the picture was based on the novel La Danseuse du Gai-Moulin (1931) and was directed by Alfred Weidmann. It proved an outstanding finale to Ruhmann's term as the Commissaire.
The IMDb listing makes it clear that Haining's listing of the movie was incorrect. It seems that there's only one film, with the title as Hans Kiesl suggests, so I've corrected the filmography.
How about the series? Anyone know any more about this?


Michael Gambon, The Second Series 1992/1993
1/16/01 - I am obliged to you for all of your thoughtful work. As I have learned from your delightful web site, 2 videos can be purchased at, while Michael Gambon, the First Series 1992, can be purchased in the US in NTSC, at I would add that both Michael Gambon, the First Series and the Second Series 1992/1993, which includes:

  • Maigret and the Nightclub Dancer
  • Maigret and the Hotel Majestic
  • Maigret on the Defensive
  • Maigret's Boyhood Friend
  • Maigret and the Minister
  • Maigret and the Maid
can be purchased in PAL format at reasonable cost from, which of course ships world wide. I particularly enjoyed the Second Series, but perhaps that is because I found it while doing my own research. It is perhaps what we mystery aficionados all look for - the thrill of solving the mystery.
Best regards,
Alan Grosbard
Malibu, California

Maigret tonight on France Channel 2
1/19/01 - 20h55 - MAIGRET - Série policière de Michel Favart (1998/1h30) avec Bruno Cremer, Pascale Roberts, Françoise Christophe. Un industriel australien est retrouvé mort et enterré dans son jardin ... Une personnalité extravagante que le commissaire va cerner avec brio, une fois de plus! (showview: 6719258)

More on German Maigret...
1/18/01 - On January 5 I wrote that I was surprised to hear about a "German Maigret TV series." Last weekend I went to the library and consulted several books and biographies about Heinz Rühmann (he was a very popular actor in Germany, thus there is a lot of information available). They all agree on the following:

  1. Rühmann played Maigret only once, in the movie "Maigret und sein groeßter Fall"; this is the one that is listed in the IMDb.
  2. Rühmann was never involved in any TV series. In fact it was not until 1968 that he did his first TV film. (In the end he even played the leading part in a non-Maigret Simenon TV film that can be found in the IMDb as well.)
  3. There was no German Maigret series starring Heinz Rühmann.

As for the source of the errors in Haining's book, quoted in this Forum, it's hard to imagine, but in one book I found the following information:

German television broadcast a Maigret series starring Rupert Davies in the 60s. It was a big success, and so they planned to do an original German film with Rupert Davies as Maigret. Davies first agreed, but then left the project since he didn't like the script (and due to an argument with the director). The producers then had to find another actor for the leading role and chose Rühmann (probably because of his popularity at the time).
I don't know if one can take that for sure, since I have only one source for it.
Best regards,

Thanks, Hans! I'm convinced. I've removed all reference to the series from the database listing.
It seems that Haining's "Complete Maigret" has to be taken with a large grain of salt. I've found errors in some of the other film listings as well. One web reviewer ("HOW I WROTE THE SAME BOOK FIVE TIMES!" ...and lived to tell the tale) has this to say: "Peter Haining is an expert-for-hire. Whether the subject be unexplained occurrences, ghosts, film stars, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, or, it seems, anything else, Mr. Haining will write you the 'definitive' book on it..."


Missing Maigret
2/8/01 - In reading the Maigret bulletin board over the past year or two it would be hard not to notice the on-going criticism that the unfortunate Peter Haining has received from knowledgeable contributors regarding his less than academic thoroughness, and ending recently with the link to the somewhat blunt remarks of Gareth Preston.
I am afraid that I am going to add to Mr. Haining's burden. His filmography of Rupert Davies is incomplete.
In his book, The Complete Maigret, Haining fails to mention an appearance of Rupert Davies as Maigret which ocurred in 1969, five years after the original BBC Maigret series had ended.
It was called 'Maigret at Bay', about a chain of daring jewel robberies at a time when Maigret is only five years off retirement and is worried about his weight, his insomnia and his suspected claustrophobia. (Maigret on the Defensive? Or, Maigret Bides His Time in which Palmari and Aline also appear? But was Maigret concerned about his health in this book?)
It was a Play of the Month production, a BBC series of plays which was shown on Sunday evenings. As such it was a 'one-off' production and was unfortunately not part of a new Maigret series. The air date was Sunday, February 9, 1969.
The Radio Times cover for that week shows a thoughtful Davies puffing away at the inevitable pipe.

Roger Richardson

Simenon et Maigret à l'écran [Simenon and Maigret on screen]
2/10/01 - Pour tous ceux qui veulent en savoir un peu plus sur les adaptations de Simenon ( et de Maigret en particulier ) au cinéma et à la télévision, je vous fais part de la parution récente ( février 2001 ) de l'ouvrage de Claude GAUTEUR : D'après Simenon — Editions OMNIBUS, Paris. Claude Gauteur qui a déjà écrit un ouvrage sur Simenon et le cinéma est aussi l'auteur de plusieurs livres sur Renoir, Michel Simon et Jean Gabin. Ces 250 pages, bien documentées, sont passionnantes à lire.

[For all those who want to know a little more about adaptations of Simenon (and of Maigret in particular) to movies and television, I'd like to inform you of the recent release (February 2001) of Claude Gauteur's D'après Simenon [According to Simenon] — Editions Omnibus [Presses de la Cité], Paris. Claude Gauteur, who has written an earlier work on Simenon and the cinema, is also the author of several books on Renoir, Michel Simon and Jean Gabin. These 250 pages, well documented, are fascinating to read.]

Bernard Alavoine is the author of at least three books on Simenon, Les enquêtes de Maigret de Georges Simenon; Lecture des textes. (Encrage, 1999, 120 pp.) [noted in this forum last January], Georges Simenon, parcours d'un œuvre (Encrage, 1998, 184pp), and Simenon: l'homme, l'univers, la création (multiple authors, 1993).
Les enquêtes de Maigret includes a listing of Maigret on French television, the Jean Richard and Bruno Cremer series. He cites the following sources for more extensive information: Jean-Jacques Schleret's Enigmatika n° 32 (Special Simenon II), Nov. 1986; Georges Simenon et la télévision européenne (Rencontre européenne de Télévision de Reims, 1990); Meurtres en série (avec Jacques Baudou, Huitième Art, 1990).

Claude Gauteur's filmography of Simenon is on-line at Le Centre d'études Georges Simenon et le Fonds Simenon de l'Université de Liège.

An on-line search of bookstores shows FNAC offering Gauteur's 1991 Simenon au cinema (Hatier, ISBN: 2218030764) for 152,00 FF / €23,17 (appx. US $21.50), and D'après Simenon listed as "not yet available." also lists D'après Simenon as not yet available, with a price of 80,75 FF / €12,31 (appx. US $11.50). also shows it as "not yet available," for the same price (though with the wrong title: Simenon au cinema).

Alapage lists another Simenon/cinema-related title by Gauteur [Jacqueline Risset, Georges Simenon, Claude Gauteur]: Carissimo Simenon — Mon cher Fellini, (twenty years of correspondence, reciprocal admiration and friendship between two major faces of literature and film), published by Cahiers du Cinema in 1998, 96pp, 84.55 FRF / €12.89 (appx. US $12).


Maigret tonight on France Channel 2
16/02/2001 - 20h55 - MAIGRET ET LA CROQUEUSE DE DIAMANTS - Téléfilm français de André Chandelle (2000/1h30). avec Bruno Cremer, Alexandre Brasseur, Michael Lonsdale. Maigret recherche Mary la croqueuse de diamants... il ne trouve que son cadavre! Pour les amateurs, un Maigret sur mesure avec des comédiens sympas!. (showview: 8902516)

Maigret DVDs in Japan
3/26/01 - Maigret fans in Japan can now enjoy a lot of Maigret stories starring Bruno Cremer as our commissioner at home. Six France 2 programs have already been published in DVD since December 2000 (by a Japanese company called IVC - International Visual Corporation). They are:

  • Maigret et les témoins récalcitrants
  • Maigret et les plaisirs de la nuit (Maigret au "Picratt's")
  • Maigret et la tête d'un homme (La tête d'un homme)
  • Maigret et le corps sans tête
  • Maigret tend un piège
  • Maigret et l'affaire Saint-Fiacre (L'affaire Saint-Fiacre)
It looks like another two titles have just been or will be released soon, including Maigret et l'homme du banc and Les caves du Majestic. Subtitles which can be hidden are in Japanese and the region code is 2. No English subtitles available. (IVC has announced on their website - Japanese only - that they plan to publish 42 Maigret titles on DVD). I was able to buy these DVDs via the Internet, at Tower Records, Seven-Eleven (Japan only), and Inter-Record. The price was ¥3,800 each, plus 5% consumption tax (about US $32.50 total today).
Katsunori Matsuura

Maigret on French TV: April 6
4/1/01 - Next Friday, there is a Maigret on the Second French channel:
title : L'inspecteur cadavre.
chaîne: France 2
Date : 6/4/2001
Horaire : 20h50 - 22h20
Durée : 90mn
Réalisation: Pierre Joassin. Distribution: Bruno Crémer (Jules Maigret), Jacques Boudet (inspecteur Cavre), Nade Dieu (Geneviève Naud), Philippe Bas (Louis).
Origine: France. (1997) Stéréo.
Musique: Laurent Petitgirard.
Notre commissaire met le nez dans une sale affaire, mais devra se contenter de constater. Un excellent scénario et un Jacques Boudet sinistre à souhait. Le chef de cabinet du ministre français de la Justice est bien embarrassé. Sa soeur, qui vit en Belgique, est mariée à un riche éleveur de chevaux, Etienne Naud, que des rumeurs locales accusent d'avoir assassiné un jeune homme. Maigret est prié d'enquêter sur cette affaire, pour mettre fin à ces racontars. Dans le train qui l'emmène en Belgique, le commissaire voit un ancien de la PJ, M. Cavre, dit « l'inspecteur Cadavre », reconverti dans les investigations privées. Maigret n'est pas au bout de ses surprises. Partout où son enquête le conduit, Cavre est passé avant lui. Il découvre que la fille d'Etienne Naud a un amant et qu'elle était la maîtresse de la victime.

Regards... Jérôme

Maigret TV (with M. Gambon) movies - original length?
4/17/01 - How long are the Maigret movies (with Michael Gambon) supposed to be? One hour? Two hours?
I have seen several 50 min. long episodes, and was somewhat disappointed because several parts of the movie didn't fit together. I was even ready to dismiss the whole series as poorly done.
Than I saw another episode in same series 1 h 15 minutes long, and liked it quite better.
I would guess that originally Maigret series with Michael Gambon had been made as 2h movies, and they were much more pleasure to watch than the super cut 50 min. versions, which are now shown here in Vancouver (see my note last November).

Vladimir Krasnogor

Maigret Timings
4/20/01 - All the Michael Gambon episodes (apart from one) were nominaly of 60 minutes, but if you take away the time allowed for commercal breaks they come down to 50 minutes. The only exception was the first episode of the first series which was 90 minutes (down to 75 minutes for the same reason). So you have been seeing the full length programmes and they should have not been disjointed unless the sections were screened in the wrong order.

David Cronan

1963 BBC "Peter the Lett"
5/12/01 - Does anyone know how to get hold of a copy of the 1963 BBC production Peter The Lett?

With Thanks,
Paul Wood

Mon ami Maigret with B. Cremer on the 2nd French Channel next Friday
5/21/01 - Titre : Mon ami Maigret.
Date : 25/5/2001
Horaire : 20h45 - 22h15
Durée : 90mn
Réalisation: Bruno Gantillon.
Distribution: Bruno Crémer (Jules Maigret), Alexandre Brasseur
(Paul Lachenal), Michael Morris (inspecteur Pyke), Jean-Michel Portal (Yann Deferre).
Origine: France. 2000. Stéréo.
Scénario: Stéphane Palay. Musique: Laurent Petitgirard. L'inspecteur Jules Maigret reçoit un jour la visite de Mr. Pyke, un agent de Scotland Yard, désireux de connaître ses fameuses méthodes « à la française ». Cependant, aucun cas intéressant ne se présente à Paris. C'est alors qu'un coup de téléphone, en provenance de Porquerolles, informe Maigret du meurtre d'un certain Marcellin qui, peu de temps avant sa mort, a prétendu être un « ami » du commissaire en personne. Grâce au témoignage de plusieurs habitants de l'île, dont il fait successivement la connaissance comme à son habitude, Maigret rassemble les éléments qui lui permettront de faire la lumière sur le crime. Il avance dans son enquête, lentement mais sûrement, sous le regard attentif de son confrère.

Regards, Jerome

Missing Programmes
5/23/01 - The BBC is starting an "Archive Treasure Hunt" campaign to try to find missing programmes which might be in the hands of private collectors. Mayby, just mayby, this hunt could turn up some missing Rupert Davies Maigret episodes. Fingers crossed. Details on

David Cronan

1963 BBC Maigret
5/25/01 - The 1963 BBC Maigret production 'Peter the Lett' was screened at London's National Film Theatre in June 1995, along with 'The Winning Ticket' (Maigret et Son Mort) from 1961. It was part of an annual series by the NFT entitled 'British Television of the '50s and '60s'. Unfortunately no Maigrets are scheduled for this year's series. Ten years ago they showed 'The Golden Fleece' (L'écluse no.1). The NFT is part of the British Film Institute, telephone: 0870 240 40 50); web site: Incidentally, in the not too distant past the BBC itself has repeated 'Death in Mind' (La tête d'un homme), 'Maigret's Little Joke' (Maigret s'amuse), 'The Fontenay Murders' (Maigret a peur) and 'Seven Little Crosses' (Sept petites croix dans un carnet), so presumably these episodes haven't been wiped like so many others.

Richard Thomas

Jean Gabin - Maigret DVDs

5/26/01 - Two Jean Gabin - Maigret DVDs are available on Maigret tend un piège and Maigret et l'affaire Saint-Fiacre. Both are zone 2 DVD for Europe, Middle-East and Japan. I don't know if there are any subtitles or languages other than French.
Regards, Jerome

The Green Hills of Paris?
5/29/01 - I was watching the Michael Gambon version of The Patience of Maigret on Hallmark last night. In the final scene Maigret and his wife are strolling along the banks of the Seine. In the background, on the opposite bank, you could clearly see some tree-covered hills which told you this was the Danube and not the Seine. In spite of its beauty this is one feature that Paris does not have in its central area. A pity really as the rest of the film, with its Budapest locations, did give the impression of 50's Paris. I have a feeling that actual Paris locations were used in some scenes. The external shots of the Palais de Justice did look authentic, unless they had found a very good Hungarian look-alike.

David Cronan

Abel Tarride
6/14/01 - There's been some talk about Peter Haining's book on Maigret on the bulletin board (1/5/01, 1/18/01), and I'm afraid that I have noted another (embarrassing) mistake in it. The picture [left (p. 30)] purporting to be that of Abel Tarride in fact shows Lawrence Grant as the evil Dr. Lakington gloating over the unconscious Phyllis (Joan Bennett) in the 1929 version of Bulldog Drummond. By the way, the film "Le Chien Jaune" as well as "La Nuit du Carrefour" can be obtained at either or
I have also identified one of the early Rupert Davies episodes [7. "A Man of Quality"] as a version of "M. Gallet, décédé". A German website about television in Germany listed the German titles of all the episodes where I found the name of the late monsieur. The net is a valuable source of information on the various dramatisations of the Maigret stories, especially the Internet Movie Database which recently added information on a Yugoslav version of "L'Affaire Saint-Fiacre" and complete lists of the casts of the Cremer-films. A complete listing of the episodes and the cast of the Jean Richard-films can be found in the book "Meurtre en séries" which I believe has been mentioned on the bulletin board.

Mattias Siwemyr

Maigret on France Channel 2 Friday night
6/15/01 - 20:50 - »MAIGRET - Série française de Philippe Bérenger (1998/1h40). avec Bruno Crémer, Marianne Basler, Christian Morin. Maigret se met en Quatre ce soir pour une belle femme étrange qui voit des cadavres partout et s'enfuit avec ses enfants ... Un thriller rondement mené!!.

French TV channels
6/18/01 - I'm about to have Sky satellite TV installed. Can any British reader tell me if you can access French TV channels through this? Then I could watch Maigret on Channel Deux on Friday night!

Roddy Campbell

Maigret - Friday 22nd June on France 2
Title : La fenêtre ouverte. Horaire : 20h55 - 22h25. Durée : 90mn. Réalisation: Pierre Granier-Deferre.
Distribution: Bruno Crémer (Jules Maigret), Alexandre Brasseur (Paul Lachenal), Florence Darel (Sylvie Laget), Jacques Boudet (Descharneaux). Origine: France. 2000. Musique: Laurent Petitgirard. L'intrigue est lente à s'amorcer, mais les inconditionnels de Maigret ne s'en plaindront pas, d'autant plus que Florence Darel est un régal pour les yeux.
Maigret s'apprête à arrêter un financier véreux nommé Oscar Laget. Paul Lachenal, son jeune inspecteur, se rend à son bureau pour lui apporter, en mains propres, une convocation de la police judiciaire. Le vieux Léon Descharneaux, homme à tout faire de Laget, nullement impressionné, lui fait part de l'absence de son patron: «Pas avant trois heures. Jamais avant trois heures.» En franchissant à nouveau le seuil de la salle d'attente en début d'après-midi, six personnes attendent comme lui de pouvoir enfin rencontrer le fameux Oscar Laget: cela fait des semaines que le financier se dérobe... A 15 heures, un coup de feu retentit. Laget vient de se «suicider». Maigret se rend sur les lieux et affirme qu'il ne s'agit pas d'une mort volontaire...

No Go for French Channels
6/19/01 - There are no French channels that can be accessed via the SKY digibox. Your only hope is to purchase what is called a "Free to Air" box (around £200) and point the dish at another satellite, probably one the the Hotbird group. For more information get hold of a copy of 'What Satellite' magazine. In there will be dealers that sell these boxes and also lists of what channels are available on different satellites.

David Cronan

Richard Harris, Maigret's pipe tobacco
6/19/01 - I came across an item in the 'films' section that was of some interest to me. It was regarding the portrayal of Maigret by actor Richard Harris. Truly, this seems an unlikely bit of casting to say the least. Nevertheless, who am I to judge without any prior viewing of the piece in question? Are there any sources through which I would be able to acquire the film; if not, what were your impressions of it?
Further, a key feature of the Maigret stories that adds great enjoyment for me is the active role played by Maigret as a pipe smoker. A long time and incessant pipe smoker myself, I wondered if any information was provided in the course of the stories as to the tobacco favored by the good superintendent. The chance to light up a pipe of the good detective's favorite blend would surely be a great opportunity to come a little closer to that character that has given so much enjoyment.

T.M. Jaques

Davies' Maigret
6/19/01 - I noticed reference to some of the Davies' episodes having been re-broadcast by the BBC. I managed to pick up Maigret's Little Joke onto video. Does anyone out there have the others they could copy for me?
I also recently saw a copy of some of the Gambon episodes on a Granada video, so presumably it is still available, try yr. local Virgin store I guess.
A couple of years ago I was holidaying in North Wales. My daughter and I went to Pistyll where Rupert Davies is buried (and where his widow still lives) we took a photo of the grave. We then went on to a car boot sale and I picked up two Maigret books in mint condition - BookClubs only sadly but spooky or what?


6/20/01 - Thanks to David Cronan for the advice. I think I'd rather spend £200 on Simneon books!

Roddy Campbell

Where was the BBC Maigret filmed?
6/20/01 - I've been trying to remember the name of the French town which was used for location shots in the BBC Rupert Davies series.
Was it Hesdin? We had a couple of holidays near there when our children were young, but never visited the town.
I imagine it's changed since the 1960s.

Roddy Campbell

Maigret on the Hallmark Channel
7/12/01 - Just found out that the Hallmark Channel (on BSkyB in Britain, don't know about elsewhere) is showing Maigret episodes from 001hrs-002hrs tonight and tomorrow, and presumably next week too.

Roddy Campbell

Second Series on VHS
7/17/01 - A catalogue from a firm called "Signals", which arrived yesterday, has the Second Season of the Michael Gambon/BBC Maigret for sale on VHS -- all six shows for $89.95. You can buy it online here. They claim it to be an "Exclusive" with them -- but I suspect you will be able to find it all over the place in the next few weeks.


Bruno Cremer as Maigret
7/18/01 - The cable TV channel WNVC in Washington DC has been broadcasting some of the Maigret episodes with Bruno Cremer in the lead. There's one I missed recently ("The Reluctant Witnesses"), and I wondered if it is possible to obtrain a copy of this show, either by purchase or exchange. Is anyone — other than the Japanese company IVC, which apparently only has DVDs with (I assume) Japanese subtitles — distributing the Cremer Maigret series?

Eliot Marshall

Gambon series on video
7/18/01 - Further to the earlier posting re above, I obtained the complete second series of the Gambon Maigret at an HMV store around Christmas time at a price of £16.49. It consists of two videos carrying the 2nd set of 6 episodes shown on the ITV channels (not BBC as stated above) and is issued by Granada Media (VHS GV0229).

Brian T.
Lanark, Scotland

Simenon in Films in Review - 1965
7/28/01 -


Has Not Been So Successful As
He Has Been In Print


Films in Review
August-September 1965
pp 419-437

Rupert Davies episodes
8/26/01 - I would give my right ear for a video of even one of the Rupert Davies series. There seem to be references to recent screenings of one or more episodes - even if the BBC's Treasurehunt doesn't turn any more up, surely they would make the few they have avaiable? Or will I just have to keep listening to my original LP of the fantastic Ron Grainger score?


BBC series with Davies
8/31/01 - Does anybody know from whom the music is in the French edition?

Johann Peter Eickhorst

Maigret's Memoirs film version?
9/5/01 - Has a film version of "Maigret's Memoirs" ever been made? Early in the book, Simenon mentions the Austrian criminologist Hans Gross. I'm preparing an exhibition in Graz about Gross and others, and would be very interested in locating the film.

Ralf Rother

Jean Richard [1921- ] - still alive?
10/5/01 - Jean Richard (Maigret) est-il toujours vivant ? Is Jean Richard (Maigret of French television from 1965-1980s) still alive?
Merci et salutations,
Stéphane Le Blond du Plouy

Gambon Maigret on DVD?
11/21/01 - I am searching for the complete Michael Gambon Maigret on DVD format. Does anyone know where I can purchase these?

Bradley Hodge

BBC To Show Jean Gabin Maigret
11/23/01 - Next week British viewers will have the chance of watching the 1957 French film "Maigret Sets a Trap" [Maigret tend un piège], starring Jean Gabin as the inspector and directed by Jean Delannoy. It is being shown on BBC Knowledge on Saturday 1st. of December at 22:10. It is being shown in the original French with English subtitles. My film guide rates this with 3 stars (out of 5).
David Cronan

Rupert Davies' Maigret Episodes

11/25/01 - I recently contacted the BBC Treasure Hunt website about the Davies' Maigret series. They informed me that they do have ALL the episodes on video and are 'considering releasing them'. I emailed back asking them to accept it as a request to release the Davies' episodes. Perhaps if others here emailed the BBC they might do something about it.

Paul Fowler

Bruno Cremer videotapes - Maigret in Liège

11/28/01 - Six videotapes, each containing two episodes of the Bruno Cremer films, have been released in France (of course in SECAM format).

Also, the book "Le pendu du Saint Pholien" is called "The Hanged Man in Liège" [Den hängde i Liège] in Swedish.

Mattias Siwemyr

Maigret Tend Un Piège
12/3/01 - Thanks to David Cronan for alerting me to the showing of this film on BBC Knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed it — it had pace and humour, and I thought Jean Gabin conveyed Maigret's massive solidity and humanity very well. Mme Maigret was very feisty -- not at all the passive housewife of the books. Let's hope they show some of the other films listed in this site's filmography.

Roddy Campbell

Times Have Changed
12/6/01 - I also enjoyed the showing of Maigret Tend Un Piège on BBC Knowledge and, like Roddy, was struck by the difference in character of Mme Maigret [Jeanne Boitel] to that portrayed in the books. Another thing that I noticed was the way the area where the murders were committed (the Marais) has changed in forty odd years. When the film was made this area of Paris was run-down full of the lower strata of society. Now it is up-market, full of trendy boutiques and very expensive housing. There are no butcher's shops now in the arcades round the Place des Vosges. Instead they are populated by art galleries, expensive restaurants and high class shops.

David Cronan

Maigret Tend Un Piège
12/7/01 - There are some quite notable differences between the film and the book.
I wonder why the film makers changed the location, from Montmarte in the book to the Marais in the film? My impression was that most of the film was shot in a studio, but at least one street scene was naturally lit and looked like a location shot.
Inspector Lognon in the novel became Lagrume in the film.
A more important difference is that the motivation for the murders in the film was essentially and overtly Freudian. In the novel, Simenon nods in that direction but is disinclined to impute motivation completely in that direction.
It may be heresy to say so, but I feel the film made the character's motivation more believable than the novel. However, I believe it's also true to say that Simenon rarely analyses motivation and that Maigret solves his crimes more by gaining insight into the lives and minds of the murderer and his or her victims than by psychological detective work

Roddy Campbell

Jean Richard Maigret filmed in the Netherlands?
12/8/01 - Hello, I am Paul Oostenveld from the Netherlands. When I was about 9 years old, it was arround 1975 I think, a movie of Maigret was made in Makkum, the Netherlands. I was in that movie on my bike. I am searching for that movie, but I can't remember the name of it. Can anyone help me?
The only thing I know is, that Jean Richard was playing Maigret in the movie. The place where the movie was made, (Makkum), is in the north of the Netherlands in the province Friesland.
I am looking for that movie for several years now, so if anyone can help me, it would make me very happy.

Thanks for reading this, and best regards,
Paul Oostenveld

This looks like a good possibility:
Un Crime en Hollande. 1976.
Directed by René Lucot. Maigret: Jean Richard.
Cast: René Roussel, André Van Der Heuvel, Marike Van De Pooll, Fernke Boersma.

Simenon movie posters

12/9/01 - Collectionneur d'affiches de cinéma, je suis à la recherche des affiches suivantes afin de compléter le thème des films adaptés au cinéma d'après des romans ou nouvelles de G. Simenon. S'il vous ai possible de m'aider, n'hésitez pas à me contacter.

I'm a collector of movie posters looking for the following to complete my collection on films based on Simenon's stories and novels. Please let me know if you can help.

La nuit du carrefour1932 Jean RENOIR
Le chien jaune1932 Jean TARRIDE
La tête d'un homme1932Julien DUVIVIER
Annette et la dame blonde1941Jean DREVILLE
La maison des sept jeunes filles1941Albert VALENTIN
Monsieur la souris1942Georges LACOMBE
Le voyageur de la Toussaint1942Louis DAQUIN
Picpus1942Richard POTTIER
Les caves du Majestic1944Richard POTTIER
Le port de la tentation1946Lance CONFORT
Panique1946Julien DUVIVIER
La Marie du port1949 Marcel CARNE
La vérité sur Bébé Donge1951Henri DECOIN
L'Homme qui regardait passer les trains1953Harold FRENCH
Maigret fait mouche1968Alfred WEIDENMANN
L'ours en peluche1994Jacques DERAY

Voici les affiches que je possède en double pour faire des échanges.
I have doubles of the following which I would be willing to trade...

Have for trade
Maigret à Pigalle
Maigret dirige l'enquête
Trois chambres à Manhattan
Le fond de la bouteille
Le Président
L'Ainé des Ferchaux
Le Chat
Les fantômes du chapelier
Les frères Rico
Les Inconnus dans la maison (de: Pierre Rouve)

New Maigret films with Bruno Cremer
12/11/01 - There are four new Maigret films with Bruno Cremer:
Maigret et le fou de Sainte-Marguerite - 2001 (October) by Claudio Poletti
Maigret à l'école - 2002 (January) by Yves de Challonges
La Maison de Félicie - 2002 (February) By Christian de Challonges
L'ami d'enfance de Maigret - 2002 (April) by Laurent Heyman
I found this information at:

Mattias Siwemyr

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