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Wagon-Lits Company. Lucas reported that the Wagon-Lits Company, who knew Countess Panetti well, hadn't seen her on their lines for several months. He'd checked with most of the big hotels at Cannes, Nice, Antibes, and Villefranche, but she hadn't been seen. [1949-MME]

Wagram, Avenue de. [Paris. 8e, Élycée - 17e, Batignolles-Monceau. from Place de l'Étoile to Place Wagram]

The man who bought the top-hat drove off towards the Rue Vieille-du-Temple, where he stopped at a second-hand shop. Then the Champs-Élysées, then Avenue de Wagram. [1931-GUI]

The man at the restaurant who'd recognized Félicie, No. 13, was M. Charles, Gellet et Mautoison, leather goods, 17B Avenue de Wagram. [1942-FEL]

Boxer Jo was usually found at apéritif time in one of the small bars in the Avenue Wagram. [1947-MOR]

Maxime Le Bret said Bob d'Anseval had turned out a very bad sort. Said he hung about various shady bars in the Avenue de Wagram and around the Place des Ternes. [1948-PRE]

The car belonged to a garage at the Porte Maillot. It had been rented to an American, Bill Larner, living at the Hôtel Wagram, Avenue de Wagram. [1951-LOG]

Françoise Boursicault had gone to dressmaking school in the Avenue de Wagram. [1951-MEU]

They came back on foot via the Boulevard Haussmann. Then, still on foot, as far as the Place des Ternes, where they had a drink outside a café, then the Avenue de Wagram and the Champs-Élysées. [1956-AMU]

At the age of 41 Grégoire Brau had suddenly set up with Germaine, 20 years his junior, who'd worked the Avenue de Wagram for a short time past. [1958-TEM]

Soon after leaving Aline M was drinking a beer in a brasserie on the Avenue de Wagram, as it had a phone booth, and Chez l'Auvergnat did not. [1965-PAT]

When Léon Florentin had lived in the Avenue de Wagram, 22 years before, as a fruit importer, with an office in the Champs-Élysées, he'd passed a bad check. [1968-ENF]

Blanche Bonnard lived at 31 Avenue de Wagram. [1972-CHA]

Wagram, Hôtel. see: Hôtel Wagram

Waifs and Strays. The doctor said Julien Sellier had came as an apprentice from Waifs and Strays. [1953-ECO]

waiting room. see From the glass cage to purgatory, or how to let suspects simmer well before cooking... (De la cage de verre au purgatoire, ou comment laisser mijoter les suspects avant de les cuisiner... ) by Murielle Wenger

The waiting room, at the end of the passage, with the Superintendent's offices on each side of it, had frosted glass panels, and a few green velvet chairs. On the only brick wall, a role of police officers killed on official duty. [1930-31-PHO]

Ten armchairs, upholstered in green velvet. A sort of billiard table. On the wall, the roll of honor, two hundred portraits of detectives killed in the line of duty. [1931-OMB]

Martin pushed open the glazed door of the waiting room of the Head Office; as sparsely lighted as the rest of the building at Police Headquarters. In the middle of it was a huge round sofa covered in red velvet. The old porter was in his glass cage, eating his dinner. [1936-bea]

At the end of the corridor was the waiting room, glassed in on one side. A table with green cloth, green velvet armchairs, a Louis-Philippe clock on the mantlepiece - the same as in M's office - and in no better working order. [1939-MAJ]

M caught sight of Cécile Pardon in one of the green velvet chairs in the waiting room.... M was thinking of Cécile sitting in the aquarium, as the waiting room at police headquarters was called, because one wall was completely glass. M wondered why that particular shade of green, which lent a deathly pallor to the human skin, had been chosen for the wallpaper, upholstery and table covering. [1940-CEC]

The baize door had closed behind him and he'd gone out through the waiting room. Nobody was sitting in the red armchairs.... M glanced into the glass-walled waiting room and saw Mme. Leroy sitting on a chair upholstered in green plush. [1945-pip]

At the Quai des Orfèvres also, there was a sort of witnesses' room - the glassed-in waiting room known as the glass cage, and M paused to glance at the six people sitting there under the photos of policemen who'd died in the performance of their duty. [1959-ASS]

Fernand Courcel, of the ball bearing firm of Courcel Frères, was waiting in the "fish bowl", the glass-walled waiting room. [1968-ENF]

Old Joseph said they'd put Jean-Luc Caucasson in the aquarium, one of the waiting rooms, walled with glass on three sides.... One morning, on his way to his office he'd noticed an elderly little man sitting patiently in the glass-walled waiting room generally referred to as the aquarium. [1969-VIN]

Waldorf. Michael O'Brien said he thought M had probably learned more than if he'd spent a month at the Saint-Régis or the Waldorf.... Jos MacGill said that John Maura was at an affair at the Waldorf and wouldn't be back until 2:00 am. [1946-NEW]

Wales, Prince of. Willy Marco said he was educated at Eton, like the Prince of Wales. If they'd been the same age they'd have been friends. [1930-PRO]

Wallach, Maggie. Ward said Bessie Mitchell's brother, Harold Mitchell, was also at the Penguin Bar, with Erna Bolton, Tony Lacour, the musician, and Maggie Wallach. [1949-CHE]

wall-borers. Pietr was probably connected with the Maronneti gang, which forged bank notes and identity papers, and the "wall-borers" gang in Cologne. [1929-30-LET]

For several months these three had been working in the neighborhood of the Rue La Fayette, and the newspapers had nicknamed them "the wallborers". Thanks to an anonymous phone call, they had at last been caught. [1954-JEU]

Wallonie Socialiste. Wallonie Socialiste, Liège newspaper, Headline: "Crime committed by two young bourgeois." [1931-GAI]

Walloon. The people had in their faces something of the hardness of the Walloon type. [1932-FLA]

Walter Carus. see: Carus, Walter

Walter Lampson. see: Lampson, Walter

Walter Scott. see: Scott, Walter

Wanda. One of the letters was from Wanda, who Jeanne Chabut thought must be a Russian or a Pole. [1969-VIN]

war. Auguste Point was one of those deputies elected after the war for their personal qualities and their conduct during the occupation.... Everyone was surprised when, a few weeks before the German retreat they arrested Auguste Point, and took him to Niort, then somewhere in Alsace. They caught three of four others at the same time, one a surgeon from Bressuire. throughout the war Point had hidden British agents and pilots escaped from German camps in the farm he owned near La Roche-sur-Yon. [1954-MIN]

War and Peace. The books on the shelves certainly belonged to Gaston Meurant: Tolstoy's War and Peace, 18 bound volumes of The History of the Consulate and the Empire, Madame Bovary, a work on wild animals, History of the Religions of the World... [1959-ASS]

Ward. Sergeant Ward said he'd gone to pick up Bessie Mitchell at her house around 7:30. [1949-CHE]

Ward, Bobby. David Ward's son Bobby Ward, 18, at Cambridge, by his second wife. [1957-VOY]

Ward, David. David Ward was 63, usually called "the English millionaire, David Ward".... John Arnold, in the Hôtel Scribe on the Grands Boulevards, called the Hôtel George-V for Colonel David Ward. [1957-VOY]

Ward, Ellen. David Ward's daughter, Ellen Ward, by his third wife. [1957-VOY]

Ward, Fred. The American criminogist told M that his friend, Fred Ward, had met M in New York and accompanied him to Washington, while he himself was in San Francisco, and hadn't been able to meet M when he was in the US. (M assured him that he had never had any methods.) [1957-SCR]

Ward, Muriel. Muriel Ward [Muriel Halligan] lived in a new apartment in Ouchy. [1957-VOY]

Ward Wire Mills. John Arnold said that David Ward's father had owned Ward Wire Mills, one of the biggest wire milles in Manchester, founded by his grandfather. [1957-VOY]

War Ministry. One of the customers at the Café des Ministères was M. Blanc, from the War Ministry, who was on a diet and always ordered Vichy water. [1946-obs]

War Office. M and Janvier were lunching in a restaurant in the Rue de Bourgogne. They'd picked it on account of its terrace, and soon noticed it was patronized by ministry officials, especially from the Premier's department, and a few officers in mufti from the War Office. [1960-VIE]

Warsaw. [(Warszawa) City, capital of Poland and Warszawa prov., EC Poland, on both banks of Vistula river. pop. 1970: 1,308,000.]

Pietr had doubtless met the Mortimer-Levingstons in Berlin, Warsaw, London, or New York.... Pietr was thought to be the head of an international gang, traced at various times to Paris, Amsterdam (the Van Heuvel case), Berne (the United Shipbuilders case), Warsaw (the Lipmann case), and others. [1929-30-LET]

Samuel Meyer had had a network of agents in Vienna, Bucharest , Warsaw, all over. [1932-FOU]

Things were always happening on the 106, a train which leaves Berlin at 11 a.m. with one or two coaches from Warsaw, passes through Liège at 23:44, and reaches Erquelines at 1:57 a.m. [1936-arr]

At 18 Stéphanie Polintskaïa was already known to the Warsaw police. She had been married to Michael Ozep, and cut the throat of their child. Known in her group as Stan. [1937-38-sta]

Through a concierge they'd finally identified their man, Stephan Strevzki, 34, born in Warsaw. [1939-hom]

Washington. (JJ) Jimmy MacDonald was one of J Edgard Hoover's chief aides in the FBI in Washington.... The photos arrived from Washington by airmail. M had them given to all the papers. [1951-LOG]

M asked what time it was in Washington, told Janvier to call the FBI and ask for Clark. [1954-JEU]

The American criminogist told M that his friend, Fred Ward, had met M in New York and accompanied him to Washington when M was in the US. [1957-SCR]

The newspaper account said Armand de Saint-Hilaire had served as French Ambassador in Rome, London, and Washington, among other capitals. [1960-VIE]

Washington, Rue. [Paris. 8e, Élycée. from Avenue Champs-Élysées to Boulevard Haussmann]

Pietr stopped across from Fouquet's, thinking of an aperitif, perhaps, but suddenly darted into the Rue Washington and went into a bistro of the type serving taxi drivers and servants. [1929-30-LET]

After Jeanine Armenieu had met Marco Santoni, she moved to the Hôtel Washington, in the Rue Washington. [1954-JEU]

For more than a year Jacques Fleury had been seen with Jacqueline Page, 23, sometimes worked as a movie extra. They lived together in an apartment on Rue Washington above an Italian grocers. [1954-MIN]

Josépha Chauvet's daughter lived in the district, in the Rue Washington, and she usually spent the night there. [1956-AMU]

The bartender said the two girls were there all night too, unless they took someone home to the Rue Washington or the Rue de Berry. [1957-VOY]

Adrien Josset left his wife in Montmartre with some friends, the Joublins. Gaston Joublin was a lawyer, lived on Rue Washington. [1959-CON]

watchman. At the far end of the corridor, the old night watchman, Jérôme, who'd been there 30 years and had snow-white hair, was reading, through steel spectacles, the medical book he'd been reading for years. [1946-mal]

Waterloo. M thought there must have been an earlier Lachaume couple. "established 1817" Not long after Waterloo. [1958-TEM]

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weather. see Maigret and the Elements (Maigret Météo) by Murielle Wenger

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whale. M was in the throes of a harassing dream... he was something between a seal and a whale... stranded on the beach, and he had to reach the sea... [1932-FOU]

White House. Lassagne reported that Janvier's press conference was like one at the White House, though on a smaller scale. [1956-AMU]

white phosphide. Xavier Marton brought M a sample of some powder, white phosphide, which he had analyzed by a friend, a salesman at the Louvre keen on chemistry; extremely poisonous. He'd found a bottle of it in a cupboard at his house. M later referred to it as zinc phosphide. [1957-SCR]

White Sands. From his house out near White Sands beach, the mayor telephoned. [1931-JAU]

[Concarneau] The ancestral home of Yves Le Guérec faced the sea on the Boulevard Bougainville. After their father's death, he had built a villa at the end of White Sands Beach. [1956-AMU]

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Wiemers, Évelina. The picture was of Félix Nahour's wife, Évelina Nahour, née Wiemers, born in Amsterdam. ... A Dutch girl of 19 had won the Miss Europe contest, Lina Weimers. [1966-NAH]

Wienand, Carl. Carl W. Weinand lived next door neighbor to Conrad Popinga. Taught mathematics on the training ship. Wife and two children. No French. [1931-HOL]

Wiesbaden. [city, pop. 1970: 150,122. Capital of Hesse, Germany, on the Rhine 20 m. w. of Frankfurt am Main. metal goods, concrete products, plastics, chemicals, textiles, wine, printing, iron founding.]

Pietr had been arrested twice, once at Wiesbaden, for fraud of half a million marks from a Munich wholesaler, once at Madrid, similarly, with a prominent member of Spanish court society. [1929-30-LET]

Wilcox, Mrs. Ellen. Redhead, rather stout, linen dress, three strings of pearls, large diamond; a grandmother since a week earlier. She used to know the Major in England. Had a villa in Italy, Fiesole, on a hill, overlooking Florence. (M. had never been to Florence.) She also shopped in Istanbul. Met Jef de Greef in Porquerolles. Met Philippe de Moricourt in Cannes, 2 years earlier. Owned a Renoir, Degas, and recently Van Gogh. Her daughter and son-in-law didn't allow her to set foot in England. Her two sailors came from Nice, probably Italian. [1949-AMI]

Wilfur, Laurence. An Englishwoman, Laurence Wilfur, 38, lived with her mother near Dr. Armand Barion, the wife and daughter of the late Colonel Wilfur, a Colonial army officer. Tall and solidly built, totally lacking in grace, with large feet and a masculine gait. [1936-lun]

Willems, Louis. Jef van Houtte said the boat had belonged to his wife's father, Old Louis Willems, before it was his. Took him on at Audenarde when his wife died. [1962-CLO]

William Brown. see: Brown, William

William Crosby. see: Kirby, William

William Kirby. see: Kirby, William

William Tell. Else Andersen said that as children Carl Andersen had played at William Tell with a rifle, and hit her in the chest. [1931-NUI]

Wills and Probate Office. M. Edgar Martin was an official in the Wills and Probate office. Lived with his wife in the Place des Vosges. [1931-OMB]

Willy Marco. see: Marco, Willy

Willy Mortier. see: Mortier, Willy

Wilton. Stuart Wilton's son did a lot of skiing in Austria and Switzerland, motor and yacht racing on the Riviera, England, Italy, played polo... Lived in the residential part of the Hôtel George-V; rented a flat there by the year. [1961-PAR]

Wilton, Florence. Opposite the hotel Honoré Cuendet had stayed in was an 18th century house with a courtyard belonging to a Mrs. Florence Wilton, née Florence Lenoir. Her mother did ironing at a laundry in the Rue de Rennes, her father was in the police. She was in a troupe of dancing girls at the Casino de Paris. [1961-PAR]

Wilton, Lida. Stuart Wilton's son married Lida, a Hungarian model. They divorced when he discovered she was his father's mistress. Living in Rome with an Italian prince. [1961-PAR]

Wilton, Stuart. Mrs. Florence Wilton, née Florence Lenoir, was divorced from Stuart Wilton, who was English. He owned another house at Auteuil, and the Château de Besse, near Maisons-Lafitte. [1961-PAR]

Windsor, Duke of.
M suddenly realized that it was the Duke of Windsor Théo Besson was struggling to imitate. [1949-DAM]

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Wo Lee. see: Lee, Wo

Wolf. Maurice de Saint-Fiacre said he'd phoned M. Wolf, a money-lender, probably known at the Quai des Orfèvres. [1932-FIA]

women. see How Maigret Regards Women (Le regard de Maigret sur les femmes) by Robert Jouanny

Workum. The man who owned the sailor's cap was Oostinhg, called the Baes, the boss, who lived on Workum island. [1931-HOL]

Worms. Anna Peeters answered the phone and spoke with M. Worms. [1932-FLA]

Worms & Co. Delcourt said he'd worked for Worms & Co., of Bordeaux, Always Bordeaux to Nantes and back again. [1932-POR]

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Wrangel. Vladimir had been a cadet in the Russian navy. Served in Wrangel's fleet. [1930-PRO]

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Wurmster, Georges. Paulette Lachaume's notary, who'd wound up her father's estate, was Léon Wurmster, Rue de Rivoli, not to be confused with Georges Wurmster, a notary at Passy. [1958-TEM]

Wurmster, Léon. Paulette Lachaume's notary, who'd wound up her father's estate, was Léon Wurmster, Rue de Rivoli, not to be confused with Georges Wurmster, a notary at Passy. [1958-TEM]

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