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Coming exhibit on Loustal-Simenon
1/16/19 – An exhibition will take place at the Bilipo ( Bibliothèque des littératures policières ) starting next March 6th through June 30th. More news to come. Loustal has illlustrated many Simenon books and Maigret novels


(click to enlarge)

previous Loustal exhibit - 2014

1930 Paris Métro Map
1/21/19 –

(click to enlarge)

Here's an image of a 1930 Paris Métro map I've found... Interesting... you can see, for example, the now-closed St-Martin station, between République and St-Denis, which is mentionned in one of the Maigrets...


More old Paris Métro and street guides here

Speaking of Maigret... in other books
1/23/19 – I've found a reference to Maigret in Colin Cotterill's first (2004) Dr. Siri book... The Coroner's Lunch:
During his stay in Paris decades before, he’d taken delight in the weekly serializations of one Monsieur Sim in the L’Oeuvre newspaper. They followed the investigations of an inspector of the Paris police force who was able to solve the most complicated of mysteries with the aid of nothing more lethal than a pipe of tobacco.

By the time he got to Vietnam, Siri was more than pleased to learn that Monsieur Sim had restored his name to its full Simenon, and that Inspector Maigret mysteries were now appearing as books. The French in Saigon had shelves of them, and a number found their way north to be read by those communist cadres who’d spent their formative years in France.

Siri had been able to solve most of the mysteries long before the detective had a handle on them — and he didn’t even smoke...


Speaking of Maigret

New Maigret Film - Maigret et la jeune morte - 2020

3/7/19 –

It was announced on March 6 that director Patrice Leconte is preparing a version of Maigret et la jeune morte which will preliminarily be released next year. Popular actor Daniel Auteuil (Jean de Florette 1986, Mon meilleur ami 2006 et al) will play Maigret.

More here

Mattias Siwemyr

News from Les Amis de Georges Simenon

3/24/19 –
A new novel by Pierre Simenon, Georges Simenon's son, announced to appear April 4,"L’enfant de Garland Road". His two previous books were "De père à père" and "Au Nom du Sang Versé".

Le Figaro Scope, Jan 30-Feb 5, the 30th anniversary of the year of the author's death, "Le Paris du commissaire Maigret", including contributions by John Simenon and Loustal...

Speaking of Maigret... in other books
7/20/19 – I've found a reference to Maigret in Dov Alton's (2019) A Long Night in Paris:
... The wine was good. He hesitated whether to initiate a conversation by complimenting him on the wine, but decided it would seem insincere, even ingratiating.

"Dîtes moi, patron, vous avez l'international au téléphone ici?” The bartender blinked and poured himself a glass from the bottle. A good sign. “I haven't been asked that question in a long time," he said. “You're trying to play Commissaire Maigret? You’re too young and too skinny.”

“No, just forgot my mobile,” Abadi said, trying to bring the conversation back on track.

“Maigret used to sit right there, on the same stool you’re sitting on,” the bartender said. “The actor who played him, that is. Jean Gabin. Every now and then Marlene Dietrich would join him. They knew they could keep to themselves here and no-one would talk.”

“I always say that discretion is the better part of valour,” Abadi said. He even meant it, which was quite dishonest for a spy.


Speaking of Maigret

New Penguins

8/3/19 – It will not be long now before the new Penguin publications of the entire series of Maigret novels will be completed.

They published a couple of short stories a year or two ago but I have been unable to discover whether the have plans to publish the rest of the short stories. Does anyone else have any information?

Also, has any more been heard of the original BBC television series of the 1960s starring Rupert Davies, which have been issued on dvd dubbed in German, but not issued in their original English?

Alan Cheshire

Murielle's new Maigret book!

8/30/19 –


Le commissaire Maigret est l'un des personnages les plus attachants et les plus complets de la littérature. « Fin limier », « commissaire-nez », Maigret enquête en reniflant les âmes...

Il naît sous la plume de Georges Simenon en 1929 et s'étoffe d'une multitude de petits détails au gré de 75 romans et 28 nouvelles jusqu'à sa mise à la retraite littéraire en 1972.

Il a fallu plus de douze ans d'une recherche minutieuse pour rassembler, en treize chapitres, (presque) tout l'univers du commissaire bourru et pudique : son pardessus, ses pipes, ses péchés mignons, son domicile, boulevard Richard-Lenoir et son bureau au quai des Orfèvres, Mme Maigret, ses souvenirs d'enfance, ses collègues, ses méthodes pour enquêter, Paris, l'Amérique ou l'espace nord, et bien d'autres choses encore. Jules Maigret n'aura plus de mystère pour vous.

Installez-vous confortablement au coin du feu, préparez-vous un verre de prunelle à siroter, attendez que les réverbères étoile la nuit... et plongez dans l'univers de Jules Maigret...

Maigret in Polish
9/4/2019 –

No report for a long time about progress in the publication of the complete Maigrets in Polish. Here's what the past 2 years produced:

Maigret się bawi
Maigret s'amuse

Maigret podróżuje
Maigret voyage

Maigret na wakacjach
Les Vacances de Maigret
(June 2019)

Maigret ma skrupuły
Les Scrupules de Maigret

Maigret i wyższe sfery
Maigret et les vieillards

Maigret i hurtownik win
Maigret et le marchand du vin

all the best from Toruń

Maigret and the St. Fiacre Case screening
9/4/2019 – I’ve lurked on site in and out a long time. Impressed by the breadth and depth.

I wanted to note the upcoming screenings this weekend in Santa Monica, California at Aero Theatre, an installment of the French film noir series, including a screening of the Jean Gabin “Maigret and the St. Fiacre Case”, and other French films of a similar aesthetic and mood, which might interest the forum.


Gérard Depardieu as Maigret in Maigret et la jeune morte

10/27/2019 –

Auteuil is out… and Depardieu is in!

Gérard Depardieu has replaced Daniel Auteuil as Maigret in the new film version of Maigret et la jeune morte to be directed by Patrice Leconte (Cine-@ and F Comme Film) slated for release next year.
La Voix du Nord

Mattias Siwemyr

re: Gérard Depardieu as Maigret

12/06/2019 – Finalement, ce ne sera pas Daniel Auteuil qui incarnera le commissaire Maigret dans le prochain film de Patrice Leconte. L’acteur se serait désisté. Il sera remplacé par Gérard Depardieu...

Gérard Depardieu va endosser le pardessus du commissaire Maigret

David Derrick

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