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A Combined

Kiribati-English Dictionary

based on the works of

Hiram Bingham, D.D.
Father Ernest Sabatier, M.S.C.
(translated by Sr. M. Oliva)

with additional scientific material from Luomala, Goo & Banner.

B -Bingham, Hiram. 1908, 1953. A Gilbertese-English Dictionary. vii, 179 pp (8vo). American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Boston.
O -Sabatier, Ernest. 1954. Dictionnaire Gilbertin-Français. xii, 984pp, duplicated. Mission Catholique, GI, Abaiang, Tabwiroa. 1971. Gilbertese-English Dictionary. translated by Sr. M. Oliva. x, 426pp, Sacred Heart Mission, Tarawa. South Pacific Commission Publications Bureau, Sydney.
G -Goo, Fannie C.C. & Albert H. Banner. 1963. A Preliminary Compilation of Gilbertese Animal and Plant Names. 2, 2, 55, 10, 26cm. prepared under contract SA-43-ph-3741, National Institute of Neurological Diseas. UH - Haw. Marine Lab., Honolulu.
L -Luomala, Katharine. 1953. Ethnobotany of the Gilbert Islands. Bishop Museum Bulletin 213, v, 129pp, map, bibl 122-4, index, 26cm. Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu.

compiled by
Stephen Trussel and Gordon W. Groves,
University of Hawaii, 1978

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B a 
  suf him, her, it, a suffix pronoun following an active transitive verb, usually united to the root by i
  pron they, when in the nominative case. in this case it is always followed by the predicate
  aux a sign of the perfect tense, or of action just completed, often used to express a future immediate action
  aux affirmative particle much like am, are, is, etc
  n under side
  n core base of the pan bunch
  n stick used in netweaving for measuring the meshes
  n marine animal with thorns
  n dandruff
  vi gape
  a four, always followed by a numeral suffix, ai, ua, ung, man, na, kai, kora, or by a certain noun as bong, ririki, ritoro, inaki, atao, ba, or by certain adjectives as bwi, bubua, etc,
O a 
  suf it (p.p. object suffix of the 3rd pers. joined to v.t.). It is joined to the root word either directly or by the intermediary of an i or an e or by redoubling of the preceding consonant or redoubling itself
  ex katekea: pierce it
  ex ko noria: you see it
  ex I kamamaea: I made him ashamed
  ex a tiringnga: they killed it
  ex e kabaka: he let it fall
  ex a kanna: they ate it, etc.
O a1 
  suf part. sign of v.t. when these have an object in the sing.
  ex I nora te kaibuke: I see the ship
  ex e urakina te kai: he carries the stick
O a2 
  aux preceding verbs to show an immediate past or future and sometimes to express the result of an action or a state attained
  ex e a nako: he has gone
  ex I a kabaia: I am happy
  ex e a mananga te aba: we are about to go
O a3 
  pron they
O a4 
  adj root of the num. adj. meaning four (4), the suff. being either a kind as for example, a-ua, a-kai; or a simple noun
  ex a-bong, a-ririki, a-ba
  note or again the num. adj. indicating tens, hundreds, thousands, millions:
  ex a-bwi (40), a-ngaun, a-bubua,a-nga, a-mirion.
O aa5 
  n a sea urchin with poisonous spikes.
O aa6 
  n the heart or core of certain fruit
  ex aan te mai: core of breadfruit
  ex aan te tou: core of pandanus
O aa7 
  n a kind of flour, kabubu, made from the pandanus fruit and mixed with the core of the fruit as well as the pulp
  see kabubu
O aa8 
  n a food prepared from a mixture of the core of pandanus fruit and syrup of toddy. (the core is cooked, minced, dried in the sun and ground beforehand.)
O aa9 
  n a small wooden tool used to shape the mesh in making fishing nets.
O aa10 
  n dandruff, desquamation. a peeling, scaling off.
O aa11 
  n yawn.
  v to yawn
  ex te aa ni kanimatu, te aa ni matu: a sleepy yawn
  ex e ka-aa-nako: he is yawning, beginning to yawn, he is not interested.
O aa12 
  n aan te: the underneath, the bottom, the base, the groundwork , the foundation
  ex an te Ekaretia Petero: Peter is the foundation of the church
  ex te aa ni kabakoa,... ni kabara: sea bottom favourable for shark fishing
  ex te aa ro: dark sea bottom
  ex te aa ota: clear sea bottom
  vt ana: to put a prop against, to support
  n aanan, aanakin: the act of supporting, being supported
  nv fig. antaeka (aan taeka), anibana (aa ni bana): to be subject, yield, submit
  ex e riai n antaeka te aine iroun te mane: woman must be subject to man
  n fig. an te taeka: hidden meaning of a word
  n fig. te antari: distant relatives, distant relative.
  ex antaru, antarim, antarina, etc.
  ex bu: near relatives or relative
  ex au bu, am bu, ana bu, etc..
  pref dim. joined to certain words
  ex a-karewe: slightly sweet
  ex a-bue: slightly warm
  adv i an: beneath , under
  ex e amarake te katama i an te taibora: the cat eats under the table


B áai 
  a four, in counting hardware, furniture, chests, barrels, timbers, fingers, teeth, cocoanut-leaf stems, large fish, as sharks and ikari


B aába 
  a four, in counting leafves
B ába 
  n land
  n people, generally, the world
  n abba [religious title] (ENG)
O aba 
  n country, land, earth, world, property.
  fig people, the crowd, they
  ex e mananga te aba: they are going
  ex te aba n taningo: a distant country
  ex te aba n uea: a kingdom
  ex te aba n utu: land inherited or land of a family
  ex te aba n tangira: land given or received as a gift
  ex te aba n nebonebo: land given or received in compensation for a murder
  ex te aba n toka: land captured in war
  ex te aba te bora: land given or received on account of a certain ancient custom (a woman putting a wreath of flowers around the neck of an uncle (distant) of her husband during a public assembly)
  ex te aba ni kakua: land given or received in gratitude for assistance
  ex te aba ni batike: land or place where a person found sanctuary or refuge from an enemy
  see ababa, abana, etc.
  ex abarerei: flourishing land
  ex te aba ni mumuta: reward for nursing
  ex te aba n tibu: for adoption
O aba1 
  a four (for counting leaves)


B abába 
  vi inherit as land
  a having much land
O abaaba 
  n heritage or possession of land
  ex te tia-ababa: the heir or land owner
  v to inherit or receive a piece of land
  vc kaababea: to give or bequeath land to


B abábaki 
  a great, large, tall, famous
  n greatness, largeness, great height of a man
O abaabaki 
  a big, vast, expansive, high.
  n extent, size, height, etc.
  vc ka-ababaka: to enlarge, make bigger, etc.
  see abaki


O Abaiang 
  n an island of the group situated in the north, discovered by Gilbert and Marshall, 20th June, 1788


B ábakáei 
  a great, large, much
  note used without the pronoun prefix in a statement in which abakaei is the predicate
O abakaei 
  a big, very big, immense
  see kaei


O abakati 
  n halfcaste, European or Chinese (mixed race) (ENG)
  ex te abakati n I Matang: half European
  ex te abakati n Tiaina: half Chinese


B abáki 
  n size, dimension
O abaki 
  n size, dimension, area, extent
  ex te toa abakina: it is a great size
  ex abaki ra?: what size?
  see ababaki


B ába-mákoro 
  n island
O abamakoro 
  n islet, island (land cut by passages)


B ábana 
  vt hold or possess as land
O abana 
  vt to inherit, to take possession of land or country
  ex kam na abana te abanuea: you shall possess the kingdom


B abáoti 
  n abode of spirits


B abári 
  n slimy, soft marine animal, clinging to the rocks on the flat
O abari 
  n land extending under the water
  ex te akawa i abari: good fishing ground
O abari1 
  n idem. mythical submerged shoal, path of departed soul to land of the dead, after leaving refuge of Abatiku


O Abariringa 
  n Canton Is. an island of the Phoenix Group, formerly used as an air base on Trans-Pacific route. discovered by Barney in 1823-24


O abarunga 
  n assembly, crowd
  ex e runga te aba: the crowd gathers


B abatáningo 
  a far away, distant in space
O abataningo 
  n very distant country


O abatao 
  n low lying land, often submerged


O abatati 
  n steep cliff, sloping country, far to the south, land of Ka:ma and Nei Teba, ancient ancestors. (Kama: Southern Cross; Teba: a star.)


O abatera 
  n aba tera? what country? unknown country
  ex te I-abatera, kain abatera, manin abatera: a stranger whose country is unknown, who excites curiosity


O abatiku 
  n place of sojourn, refuge
O Abatiku 
  n name of small island in Abemama. myth. place where body stays when soul leaves for land of the dead


O abatoa 
  n large country, the first to be created by Na Areau (myth.)


B abéa 
  n fish bait
O abea 
  n bait, charm
  ex katekea te abea: bait the hook


O abeana 
  vt to use as bait, to choose a certain bait


O abebete 
  a very light


B abéin 
  n covered basket
  n stomach
O abein 
  n small basket with lid, small handbag, crop, maw, stomach


O Abemama 
  n Hopper Island, situated in the centre of the Gilbert Group. Discovered in 1788 by Gilbert and Marshall


B ábe-tára 
  n half-dollarr, 50 cents (ENG)
O abetara 
  n half dollar (ENG)


O aabete 
  n very light, used only in the negative and in fig. sense
  ex te aomata ae akea abetena: a man of low birth or low class
  ex te aomata ae akea warena (akea warena): a nobody


B 'ábi 
  n harp (ENG)
O aabi 
  n harp (ENG)


O aabina 
  vt to prepare either in thought, word, or action, to make a choice, to make a plan to ..., to finalize a project
  ex e abina ana reirei te tia reirei: the teacher prepares his lessons
  ex e abina manangana: he prepares for a trip


O Abinoa 
  n Nei Abinoa: a female spirit


B aábiti 
  n hops (ENG)
  bk Geog p 38


B æ/bo 
  n fish-line attached to a rod
O abo 
  n cord used formerly by dance composers, tied to end of stick and turned in the air to get inspirations, imitating fishing with a rod. magic rite performed at dawn on the east side of the island; te kai ni kario maneve, ni kabuti
O abo1 
  n fish line
  ex te kai n abo, te kai n roa: fishing rod


B áboábo 
  n sort, kind, style, character
  a having the character of
O aboabo 
  and abo
  n a beginning, a kind, a species; type of, esp. of persons.
  a being of a certain kind, inaugurating a certain type
  ex te abo n rang: a worthless character
  ex te aboabo n aomata: a kind, well mannered person
  ex te ang aboabo: gusty wind
  ex te ang tan aboabo: wind broken by obstacles


B aboabóka 
  vt frequentative of aboka


B áboábónáomata 
  a of a humane character


B áboábonran/ 
  a inhospitablee, not humane


B abóka 
  vt begin, commence
O aboka 
  n type, kind, species
  see aboabo, aeka
  ex te aboka teuana, te aeka n aomata teuana, te waki teuana, te kabo: queer type,... character, strange system
O aboka 
  n beginning, starting.
  v to set going, to begin, to take up.
  vt aboka, aboaboka: begin by, commence (speech)
  ex e aboka ana taeka: he began by saying


B ábora 
  n apple (ENG)
O abora 
  n apple (ENG)


O Abotoro 
  n Apostle (ENG)
  syn te tia-tuatua (Protestant)


O aabu 
  orig a:-bua
  n reduction, loss.
  v to waste away
  ex e abua rabatan te aomata anne: that man is getting thin
  ex e abua au takataka: my copra seems to be diminishing in weight by drying


B aábua 
  n strong probability or likelyihood
O abua 
  n te abua, abua n . . . probability, likelihood, from certain signs
  ex e abua te mate: probability of death
  ex te abua ni buaka: presentiment of war
  ex ngke e abua n roko: if there was a probability of his coming
  vt (apua) to have a presentiment, foresee a probability
  see ananga
  ex e abuaki te buaka: there is a fear, a likelihood of war


B ábuabu 
  vi scooping up
  n a game
O abuabu 
  n a catch with both hands.
  v to seize, to lay hold of (as in ball games), to massage, ... to knead with hands


B abuabúta 
  vt frequentative of abuta


B abúbua 
  a four hundred
O abubua 
  a four hundred


O abue 
  na moderately warm, more than lukewarm


B ábuta 
  vt take up a handful
O abuta 
  v to take by handfuls.
  n te abutana, uabutana: a handful, two handfuls, etc.


B ábwi 
  a forty
  see angaun
O abwi 
  a forty
  syn a-ngaun


B áe 
  pron who, which
  n general term for driftwood,etc.
  vi crawl
  int (apologetic), used at the end of a response
  adv here, used thus,"here,take it"
O ae 
  rel who, which, whom, that
  ex te tei ae biri: the child who runs te aomata ae I noria: the man whom I see
  rel pl. aika. particle ligative aux. joining either a noun to a noun, or a noun to an adj. or an adverb, or a noun to a prepositional or adverbial phrase
  ex te tikuru ae te burati: a brass screw
  ex te tei ae uarereke: a small child
  ex te kiri ae ikai: the dog which is here
  see ane, are, aika, akanne
O ae1 
  intj eng ae! e koaua ae! ngkoa ae!
O ae2 
  syn aei!
  adv here, behold! look here!
  intj (ae') termination of songs of ruoia. Probably same meaning as preceding ae
O ae3 
  n driftwood, anything thrown up on the beach by the sea, such as shells, coconuts, wood, etc.
O ae4 
  n te aeae: timber, fruit or other things tied together and towed in the sea
  ex te ae ni ben: raft of coconuts
  ex te ae ni kai: raft of timber


B áea 
  a four million
  vt slit
B aeá 
  intj satisfaction, applause, or triumph
O aea 
  vt to tow or drag a raft of timber, fruit or other things.
  red aeaea (used more frequently than aea).
  vc kaaea, kaaeaea
O aea1 
  vt to saw, split or divide lengthwise.
  red aeaea.
  v aean, aeakin, aeaean, aeaeakin


B áeae 
  vi crawl
  vi slitting
  n collection or float of nuts on sticks for transportation by water
O aeae 
  v to drag or tow.
  n a raft
O aeae1 
  vt to approach a person, or penetrate into a place stealthily with bad intentions.
  n the action itself.
  ex forms: aeae, aena, aeaena
O aeae2 
  n crawling.
  v to crawl (pers. snake, eel)


B aeáea 
  vt tow, drag
  n towing


B aeáeka 
  vt frequentative of aeka


B aeáena 
  vt frequentative of aena crawl to


B aeáerake 
  vi frequentative of aerake


B áebai 
  vi lay or place the hand upon a person
  ex tai aebai i aon raom.
B áeb'ai 
  vi dress up
O aebai 
  v to dress, put on one's clothes, togs, to show off
O aebai1 
  v to touch with hands.
  n touch.
  vt aebaia


B áei 
  pron this
  adv here
O aei 
  pron dem. this, this one
  ex te bai aei: this thing
  ex neiei (contr. of nei aei): this woman or female
  ex teuaei (contr. of ten aei): this man or this male.
  pl aikai: those
  note aei is used for what is near in time or space
  see anne, arei
  adv here
  ex ao aei, ai aei, kai aei: here, here it is


B áeka 
  vt take as food from the fire
  vt take a passenger ashore in a canoe
  n sort, kind, variety
O aeka 
  vt to transport or convey by craft or vehicle.
  red aeaeka.
  n te aeaeki: transportation
  ex te wa n aeaeki: embarkation
O aeka1 
  and aekarake
  vt to bring ashore.
  vc kaaerakia
O aeka2 
  vt to draw away, withdraw from . . .
  n aekan, aekakin
  ex aekia man te ai: take it off the fire
O aeka3 
  n kind, species, sort, variety
  ex te aekana, uaaeka, ten aeka, etc.: one kind, two kinds, three kinds, etc.


O aekaki 
  syn aeka
  n kind, species, etc.
  ex bon te aekaki teuana teuaei: this is a queer fellow, special variety , curious kind


B áena 
  vt crawl to
O aena 
  from aeae
  vt to approach stealthily, to crawl,... tend towards
  ex te aine ae aenaki: a woman assaulted, violated, surprised


O aeng! 
  orig a eng (probably)
  intj affirmation, mitigated, with mental reservation); sign of consent, ironical or uninterested


B áera 
  vi what ... doing?
O aera 
  int interrogative v.
  ex ko aera?: what are you doing?
  ex ba I aera?: what about what I am doing?
  ex e aera Ioane ngkai e anene?: why is John singing?


B áerake 
  vi go ashore
O aerake 
  v to go towards the land or beach, go ashore, to land.
  n te aerake, aeraken: disembarkment
  ex te kaaerake, kaaeraken: the landing of


O aerakea 
  vt form of aerake: to go towards the shore or land. . .
  vc kaaerakea: to carry or bring or pull towards the shore
  ex a aerakea te maunga: they climbed the mountain


B áero 
  n comb of a fowl
O aero 
  n comb of a cock or bird, or of certain shell fish.
  v kakaero: to make the comb vibrate, sing.
  n te kakaero: cock crow.
  vc kakaaeroa: make cock crow


B áerona 
  vt prepare for a fire in an oven
O aerona 
  vt to fill a native baking oven with wood for cooking


B áeto 
  vi rise up straight as smoke
  n very straight sapling
O aeto 
  n a shoot or sprout of a shrub or young tree growing up straight , slender and pointed, a switch, rod.
  a straight, pointed, slender
  ex te kaeto: a long, thin, straight object
  ex te aeto ni mamira: rod used by composers of rouia in a kind of sorcery called mamira
  ex bon te aeto ni mamira: it is a nice rod like one for....
  vc ka-aetoa: to make straight


O aetorake 
  v to go up straight, grow straight, vertically (smoke in fine weather).
  a vertical.
  vc ka-aetorakea.


B ái 
  n flint lock musket
  n fire
  vi come to a head as a boil
  vi rise as the moon
  a numeral suffix
  see a
  see aai
  adv particle of affirmation
B aái 
  a four
  see aai
  vi swing as an axe
  n large land crab
  n large axe
  vt tow
O ai 
  adj for counting certain categories; ex. matches, bottles, pieces of wood, big fish, tools, long objects; teaina, uai, tenai, ai, nimai, oneai, itiai, wanai, ruai, tengaun: one, two, three, etc. <(N.) -- tg>
O ai1 
  intj word accentuating the exclamation tone of a phrase
  ex ai ko keve!: nonsense!, you are telling a lie!
  ex ai ngai!: it is I!
  note sometimes it gives the exclamatory tone to the phrase
  ex ai tenua te namakaina n nako: it is now three months ago
O ai2 
  pref as, the same as, in like manner
  ex n ai arou: as I
  ex e taetae n ai aron te mane: he speaks like a man
  ex ai tamaroa ra!: how beautiful!
  ex ai bon ngkoe!: well!, it's you!
O ai3 
  adv word preceding names of relatives to modify the meaning
  ex ai tamau: my uncle (the same as my father)
  ex ai tinau: my aunt
  ex ai taru, ai maneu: my cousins
O ai4 
  pref to some words having the meaning of reciprocity
  ex aioro, aitara, airua, etc. hit one another, look at each
O ai5 
  suf to certain words to signify suddenness, rapidity
  ex enatinai, enarinai, nibaeai, waeai, maeai, menai, etc.
O ai6 
  suf joined to tr. verbs to show the 1st pers. of the pers. pron. objective case sing.
  ex e karineai: he respects me
  ex ko na buokai: help me
O ai7 
  n the ace (in cards)
O ai8 
  n the fire.
  fig fervour, passion, ardour
  ex kamaka am ai: stir up your fire
  ex ain te nano: ardour, fervour, zeal
  ex kakana te ai: add firewood to fire
O ai9 
  v to give its fire, get red, glow
  ex e ai, e ai ota, e a ai namakaina
O ai10 
  v to heap up, accumulate, build
  ex ai-ma: to make a fish trap of stones like a wall; ai-ngao: make a nest
  vt aia, aiarakea.
  red aiaia.
  vc kaaiarakea.
O ai11 
  root of aita
  v to drag, pull, withdraw
  ex ai-ben: drag coconuts
  ex ai-rin: drag coconut leaves
  ex airo: pull the anchor
  ex ai-baba: pull at the sail rope
  ex ai-okaoka: fish for the okaoka
  red aiai
  see aita
O ai12 
  root of aira
  n ocean current (used only in compound words)
  ex e ai-rake, e airio, e ai-nakoiang, e ai-nakoaiaki: the current is going east, west, north, south
  ex te ainako: the current flows from the land
  ex te ai-raoi: favourable current
  ex te ai-buaka: unfavourable current.
  vc kaairakea, kaairioa: wait for the current to turn east, west
  ex kaairaoia: wait for a favourable current
O ai13 
  a four
  from root a + suffix. ai a-ai
O ai14 
  n coconut crabb (edible),
  sn Birgus latro
O ai15 
  n a big axe.
O ai16 
  n part of the line used in the game kabane which is held in the hand to make it turn
  ex ni aia: turn a string around this part
O ai17 
  n glimmer, light, spark, radiance, illumination.
  v to glimmer, to illuminate, to sparkle, to shine
  ex e ai mainiku: the east is aglow
  ex e ai namakaina: the moon is shining
G ai: 
  sn Birgus latro
  n coconut crabb (i)

ai baba

O ai baba 
  n idiot.
  a silly looking
O ai baba1 
  v to pull,...tighten clew line.
  vt aibabaea


L ai(i) 
  sn Birgus latro
  n coconut crab


B áia 
  n firewoodd
  n enemy, antagonist
  pron their
  vt swing round and round
B aáia 
  vt pile or lay as a stone wall
O aia 
  a their
  ex aia taeka: their words
  ex taekaia: their reputation, what is said about them
  ex kawaia: their manner of acting.
  note the i is lengthened when this adj. is used as suff.
O aia1 
  n enemy, opponent, rival; aiau, aiam, aiana, etc.: my enemy, your..., his..., etc.
O aia2 
  n firewood, fuel
  ex au aia, am aia, ana aia, etc.: my fuel, your ..., his...
  ex te uman aia: woodhouse
  ex te koro aia: chopping of firewood
O aia3 
  adv all right, certainly, OK., word giving consent.
O aia4 
  vt to swing and turn or whirl (as axe).


O Aiabu 
  n Nei Aiabu, Naiabu: the Milky Way
O aiabu 
  n cross beam in house construction


B áiai 
  n timbers or ribs of a craft
  vi haul in as a line<fishing>
O aiai 
  n ribs or framework of canoe or boat
  ex te Boto n Aiai: group of stars (they form a v like the pair of canoe ribs), Aldebaran, principal star of head of Taurus.


B aiáia 
  vt frequentative of aia


B aiáita 
  vt frequentative of aita haul in as a line


B áiaki 
  n south
O aiaki 
  n South
  ex nako aiaki: go south
  ex nako maiaki: come from the south i maiaki: in the south


B áibaba 
  vi hauling in as a mainsheet
B áibabaa 
  vt haul in as a mainsheet
  a foolish, idiotic
  n foolish person, fool


O aibai 
  v aibaia. to pull, pull away.
  vt to take away the contents of....
O aibai1 
  n catching with arms (wrestling).
  v to pull by hand


B 'áiben 
  n hyphen (ENG)
O aiben 
  n hyphen (ENG)


O aibike 
  n changing of sandbanks by waves or current


B áibiko 
  va excited and moving about
  va choppy from tide rip
  n movement of a restless crowd
  n tide rip
O aibiko 
  n confusion of noises, like rippling or splashing of waves, scramble of quarrelling people, commotion of a flock of birds over their prey.
  red aibikobiko.
  vc kaaibikoa


B aibíkobíko 
  va frequentative of aibiko
  n frequentative of aibiko


O Aibong 
  n Nei Aibong: a female spirit or ogress of the northern horizon, hostile for pregnant women and their babies. She can be pacified by three days of feasting at birth


B áibuaka 
  vi run unfavorabley as a current
  n unfavorable current
O aibuaka 
  n contrary or unfavourable current.
  vc kaaibuaka: to cause a....


O aibwea 
  n glow of the sky at dawn or sunset (is also said of the moon).
  red aibweabwea


B áiei 
  adv here


O aieta 
  a coconut at a certain stage of ripeness (the kernel is hard but the water is still good to drink)
  ex e tai aieta: the coconut is aieta.
  vc ka-aieta: wait till it is aieta


B áiewe 
  va exchanged by mistake as two umbrellas
O aiewe 
  v to misplace (either by mistake or injustice or in view of a new arrangement)
  ex e aiewe au bentira: my pencil is no longer where I put it.
  vt aiewea.
  vc ka-aiewea


B 'aiína 
  n hyena (ENG)


B áika 
  pron who, which
O aika 
  pron (pl. of ae) who, whom, of whom, that, which
  ex baika, (bai aika): the things which
  note aika is used when speaking of objects near in time or spac
  see akana


B áikai 
  pron these
  n fish
B aáikai 
  vi towing logs
O aikai 
  from contr. of aika and aei
  pron there
  ex baikai (bai aikai): these things
O aikai1 
  n a species of fish (small tauman).
  syn te matakai: rabbit fish
O aikai2 
  v to draw or drag logs
G aikai 
  sn Siganua sp. (ll)
  n rabbitfish (sm)
L aikai 
  sn Siganus (siganidae)
  n rabbitfish


B aikaan/ 
  adv near
O aikan 
  adv very near
  see kan, uakan


O aikoa 
  neg expr. (gives negative sense to verbs)
  ex a aikoa roko: they will certainly not come
  ex e aikoa mananga: it won't start off


O Aikoriri 
  n Te Aikoriri: a star
O aikoriri 
  n ai-koriri, te aikoriri: companion -- used for stars rising at the same time
  ex aikoririn Nei Auti: companion of Pleiades
  ex aikoririn Rimwimata: companion of Antares


O aima 
  v to make a fish trap of stones


B aim'áka 
  n fire for baking or broiling, well kindled and burning brightly
O aimaka 
  a glowing, burning brightly


O ai-mama 
  n rising of full moon


O aimauna 
  a distant object, visible only at times as an island appearing and disappearing as the waves rise and fall


B áine 
  n female, woman
O aine 
  n female, woman, feminine
  ex te tei n aine, te ataei n aine: girl (little, young)
  ex te tei aine: young woman or grown up girl
  ex te toki n aine: middle aged woman te unaine: old woman.
  fig respectable, important matron
  ex te aine n uma: married woman, housewife
  ex te nati te aine: daughter
  ex te aro n aine: female sex, feminine gender
  ex te itera n aine: relations on the woman's side
  ex ae bina n aine: womanly deportment (of a man)
  ex ae ina n aine: gentle, like a woman
  ex n aine: feminine
  ex te ara n aine: feminine name
  note (for feminine of animals add aine to the name.
  ex te moa aine: a hen.
  vc ka-ainea, kaka-ainea: to let grow up (a girl)
  vc ka-ainen-uma: treat as a married woman.
  v to bakaine, babakaine.
  vt bakainea, babakainea: to neglect, to illtreat


O ainen 
  n ainen te.... reproductive organs of female


B áinenúma 
  n marryy>ied woman


B áinga 
  vi give heed or attention
O ainga 
  from ing
  n sensibility, emotion.
  a sensitive, emotional; aki inga: hard hearted, impassive
O ainga1 
  v to be lit up, to be illuminated.
  a clear
  ex e ainga te ora: the beach is (lit up) laid bare, uncovered
  ex e ainga karawa: the sky is beautiful and clear
  n te ainga: a glimmer, glitter, illumination.
  vt ainga:: to illuminate, to light up
  ex e ainga nanou am taeka: your words enlighten me.
  red aingainga


B áingnga 
  vt shine brightly upon so as to wilt


B áinikai 
  n squeaking of the branches of a tree in the wind, caused by too close proximity to one another
  see anikai
O ainikai 
  n swinging and turning of a tool (as axe, sword, hammer, etc.)
  see aia
  n creaking of branches


B áiniku 
  n ocean side of a coral island
O ainiku 
  n ocean side of coral islands (opposite side to lagoon, generally the east side).
  adv i ainiku: on the east side
  see mainiku


O ainoko 
  n flowing slowly (as oil, molasses) in thin streams or threads.
  vc ka-ainokoa: to make flow slowly


B áintoa 
  a powerful, of great muscular strength
O aintoa 
  n physical strength, a strong man, giant.
  a strong, tough.
  vt ka-aintoa, kakaaintoa: to be taken for or take for a Herculean, to boast about the strength of, or to make strong
  ex te urianibati: sorcery to make strong


B áio 
  adv here
O aio 
  adv here is, behold! (contr. of aei o).
  intj aio! see here! behold!


O aionauti 
  v to fish for flying fish with rod and line


O aioro 
  or aiororo:
  v to clash, bump one another, exchange blows, collide.
  vt kaaioroa.
  fig to follow, be nearly same age or size, to be rivals
O aioro1 
  n a kind of bivalve shell fish found in the reefs on the east or west side
  syn binaoro


B aaioóta 
  n early morning twilight
O aiota 
  n daybreak, dawn.
  ex te aiota: breaking of day.
  vc kaaiota, kakaaiota: to wait till day breaks, to wait till is clear in the mind.


B áira 
  n ocean current
  va running as a current
O aira 
  n ocean current.
  ex e aira: there is a current.
  vc kaaira, kakaaira: to cause or make a current.


O airake 
  n current flowing eastward.


B áiraoi 
  n favorable current
  vi run favorably as a current
O airaoi 
  n favourable current.
  vt kaairaoia: to cause a good current.


O airerua 
  orig airi rua: to go with or by error
  a mixed up, changed by error, mistaken, exchanged by mistake, jumbled, disordered, muddled, etc.
  vc kaairerua.


B aáiri 
  vi go together or in company
O airi 
  from iri
  v to go together, in pairs, accompany, be inseparable, have common destiny, fate.


B áirio 
  n current to the westward
  vi run toward the west as a current
O airio 
  n ai-rio current flowing westward.


B aáiríri 
  vi frequentative of airi
O airiri 
  syn tikotiko


B áiro 
  n evening twilight
  a being evening twilight
B aáiro 
  vi hauling in an anchor
O aairo 
  orig ai-ro:
  nv to weigh anchor.
  syn buro (buuroo)
  ex aita te ro, buta te ro.
O airo1 
  n dawn or twilight.
  vt kaairoa, kakairoa: to wait for the dawn.
  vc kaairo, kaairoro.


B áiroro 
  n pandanus fruit
O airoro 
  n a variety of pandanus fruit.


B áirua 
  va exchanged by mistake
O airua 
  v to mistake, take or mix my mistake.
  ex e a airua I matau: I made a mistake, I mistook
  ex te airua: confusion, mistake, error, blunder, illusion; kaairua: to confound
  vc kaairua, kaairuaea
  ex I karua te bata: I went to the wrong house.


B áita 
  vt draw or haul in
O aita 
  from ai.
  vt to pull, to withdraw, to draw up.
  n aitan, aitakin: drawing, pulling
  ex aitarakea: pull up
  ex aitarioa: to pull eastwards or towards the land, or down or towards the sea


O aitai 
  n magnifying glass (lit. attract the sun).


O aitao 
  orig ai-tao or ai-toa
  a submerged, covered, overflowing
  ex e aitao te rua, e aitao te maniba, e aitao te raiti n te bata: the rice is slightly covered with water
  ex te bike n aitao: a sandbank nearly covered by sea
  ex e aitaorake tai: the sun is going up towards the zenith
  ex e aitaorio tai: the sun has passed the zenith


O aitara 
  a to face, vis a vis, to be opposite
  ex a aitara ni bo: they face each other for the combat
  ex aitara raoi: accord, to suit, to match, to fit, proportioned
  ex aitara buaka: unsuitable, not matching, disproportioned, n suitable, to come unseasonably, ill luck
  ex kaaitara: to put faced towards. . . face to face with ... be opposed to... to suit each other
  see aurama, ka...
O aitara1 
  n te aitara. season march-september.


O aitariman 
  n delightful friendship, fraternity.
  a united by bonds of true friendship.
  v to fraternise.


O aitatarika 
  from tari: brother
  n thanks, thanks for a courtesy (an antique word, little used).


O aitau 
  v timely, expedient, nearly time, etc.
  ex e aitau te mananga: it is nearly time to start, it is the proper time to start
O aitau1 
  v to give thanks (S.)
  ex ko aitau, ko airaba: thanks to you!
  ex ka-aitaua: to thank
  n kaitauan, kaitauakin: thanking.
  syn ko raba, kam raba (N.)


B áiti 
  n ice (ENG)
O aiti 
  n ice. (ENG)
O aiti1 
  v aita (when followed by an object in the pl.)
  ex aititi: to pull.


O aitin 
  n iodine. (ENG)


O aitoa 
  a aitoa ma... to be, as it were, the partner of...
  vc ka-aitoa.
O aitoa1 
  n a species of tree growing in marshy land (hard, red wood)
  sn Lumnitzera littorea


B áiuæu 
  a delerious
  n delerium


B áiwa 
  vi move about restlessly
  n moving about restlessly
O aiwa 
  n agitation, vagrancy.
  v to be agitated.
  vc ka-aiwaea: disturb, make move about.
  vt aiwaeakina: to agitate.
  ex e aiwa te aba iroum, e aki rau te aba iroum, ko kaaiwaea te aba: you are disturbing or upsetting the company (people), you are making trouble.


O aiwae 
  n construction of scaffold.
  v to erect scaffolding.
  vt aiwaea: to make scaffold


B aiwáea 
  vt prepare and erect the frame of a house


B áiwau 
  vi be in a dying condition, <die>, dying, expireing
  n simpleton, dunce, fool
O aiwau 
  n delirium.
  v to rave.
  a delirious.


B áiwere 
  n ivory (ENG)


O aka 
  pref before names of special canoes, maneaba, etc. Akamatang, Aka-Tamoa, Aka-Tarawa.
O aka1 
  suf to certain words to show precipitation
  see taka
O aka2 
  intj showing surprise
O aka3 
  see n.a. akaka, aka ni man
O aaka4 
  n te aka.
  a e aka: oily
  ex ranin aka: oily or soapy water
  ex boi aaka: smelling oil
  ex Nei Aka: oily pool
  ex manenaaka: oily, soapy
  ex maninaaka: oily skin


B ákai 
  a four, in counting trees, fishhooks, and sections of land
  see a
O akai 
  n e bo akaiu, akaiam, etc.: sensitive of, or impressed by an act of kindness.
  note used only after e teke, e bo
O akai1 
  a four (for counting trees, pieces of land, fish hooks, etc.).


B akáka 
  a particular, precise
O akaka 
  n care, choice, art of doing well, well done, carefully done, needing care and attention
  ex e akaka?: is it very important?
  ex (used mostly in negative -- aki akaka)
  ex te aki akaka, e aki akaka: reckless, devil-may-care way of doing things, without taste or art, carelessness, negligence
  ex ko aki akaka: you are negligent
  ex ti aki akaka: we have no preference, we don't mind
  ex akaka: to prefer, to choose
  ex aki akaka: to treat..., do carelessly, anyhow
  ex aki akakaki: not done carefully, tastefully.


O akakana 
  vt to treat with care, do with taste, care, art, interest
  ex aki akakana: without taste, etc.


B akánaa 
  pron who, which
  pl of ane
O akana 
  pron those who, of whom, who, whom.
  pl of ane.
  and akane


O Akanera 
  n Archangel.


O akaniman 
  n a professional, qualified worker.
  ex akaniman nakon: good for, apt, capable, qualified competent.


B akan/ne 
  pron those near by
O akanne 
  pron dem. pl. of anne. those
  ex a nako n akawa aomata akanne: those people are going fishing
  ex a raoiroi aikai, a buakaka akanne: these are good, those are bad
  syn baikanne


B akan/ta 
  n acantha [thorny shrub] (ENG)
O akanta 
  n Acanthus, thorn, Bougainvillea. (ENG)


B akáre 
  vi have regard or interest, care
O akare 
  v to be interested in. . .(Banaban word).


O akarewe 
  a slightly sweet
  see a


O akato 
  n large extent of beach.
  syn tokato (But.)


B ákawa 
  vi to fish
  n fishing
O akawa 
  n fishing (general term)
  ex te tia-akawa: the fisherman
  ex tan-akawa: fishermen
  ex te bai n akawa: fishing tackle
  ex te wa n akawa: canoe used in fishing, fishing canoe
  v to fish, to angle, fish for
  v r
  vc ka-akawa: send to fish, to make...


B áke 
  pron plural of are, who, which yonder
  note it is followed by a
  n the ark (ENG)
B ake 
  vi cleanse as a skull
O ake 
  and akeke.
  pron who, whom, that, which.
  pl of are
  note followed by a
O ake1 
  v to card, to comb, to cut to pieces, to hackle, to strip.
  red akeake
  ex akea, akeakea: to take off thorns or fish bones, to strip off, to disentangle, to separate, to tease or comb
  ex akea te benu: tease the benu (fibre)
  ex akea te ika: to rid the fish of bones
  ex akea te iranatu: comb the hair.
O ake2 
  n ark (ENG)
  ex Ana Ake Noa: Noah's Ark
  ex te ake ni kamaiu: the ark of salvation.


B akéa 
  vt remove bones from a fish or fowl
B akéa 
  intj exclamation of surprise or emotion
  n nothing, not anything, space, void
O akea 
  n nothingness, absence, inexistence, emptiness, nothing, naught
  ex tai taekina akean te Atua: don't speak of the inexistence of God
  ex ae akea: nothingness, want of, absence of. a. not being, not having, empty, etc.
  ex iai? akea: is there any? there is none
  ex akea n ana auti: he is absent from home
  ex akea kanoana: it is empty, there is nothing in it
  ex n akea: without, in the absence of...not
  vc ka-akea (kakea): to deny the existence of..., to disown, to count as naught, to renounce, to deprecate, etc
  n te ka-akea: renouncement, abjuration.
O akea1 
  intj exclamation to show surprise
  ex akea! akea ngai! akea ngaira!: oh! dear me! what an affair!
O akea2 
  idiom adv. nothing so...,
  ex akea n te kamimi: nothing so astonishing
  ex akea ae akea: nothing at all
  ex akea ba: lo! and behold!
  ex akea ba e a roko: here he comes
  ex akea te amarake: nothing to eat.


O akeang 
  intj syn. of akea.


O akeia 
  intj to call attention and give the signal to start the ruoia.
  red akekeia!
  note the vowel e is more or less lengthened at the will of the speaker and the syllable ia is brief and on a higher tone.


O akeke 
  see ake


B ákekei 
  pron those yonder
O akekei 
  pron those.
  pl of arei
  ex aine akakei: those women there
  ex ao akekei!: there they are over there!
  see nakekei, uakekei


B ækete 
  n agate (ENG)


B akétia 
  n acacia [shrub] (ENG)


B áki 
  adv not
O aki 
  adv not.
  ex I aki kona: I cannot. (in Butaritari they say I aki ni kona.)
  note sometimes aki follows a verb to lessen its meaning (nearly, a little, slightly, superficially).
  ex e bo n aki, e bo maki (ma aki): it was only slightly touched
  ex e ongo maki: he is a little deaf.
  note in an answer the verb is not always repeated.
  ex ko aoraki? I aki: are you sick?
  ex I am not (sick).
  adv without
  ex e makuri n aki kua: he works without being tired
  see tiaki
  ex ka-aki (kaki): to throw away, to take away, to put aside, to remove, etc.
  see kaki
  part placed before a verb or a noun aki helps to form the opposite of that verb or noun
  ex te kona: power; te aki kona: powerlessness
  ex te amarake: eating; te aki amarake: fasting, not eating.
  suf to v.t. it forms the passive voice.
  ex kamatea, kamateaki: to be killed.


G akiaki 
  sn Sterna sumatrana sumatrana
  n black naped tern (aa)


B ákikæn/teaba 
  a much, many, great, numerous


O akinna 
  from kawakinna
  vt to take care of, to look after.
  vt kawakinna: to look after, to preserve, to keep, to watch over.


B æ/kiti 
  n axis (ENG)
  bk Geog p 12


B áko 
  vi behave well
  note preceded by aki not
O ako 
  a careful, sparing, attentive, delicate, tender.
  red akoako.
  note this word is very much used in the negative.
  ex aki ako: heedless, careless, naughty, ill natured, mischievous, wicked, brutal, coarse, rude, uncouth, etc.
  n te ako, te akoako: care, attention, delicacy, discretion, etc.
  ex te aki ako: negligence, carelessness, wickedness.


B ákoa 
  vt treat kindly
  n kind treatment
O akoa 
  vt to treat with care, look after, to be careful of, to welcome or receive well.
  red akoakoa.
  ex ti akoaki irouna: we were hospitably received by him.


B ákoáko 
  vi work neatly and tidily


B ákoi 
  n grace, favor, kind treatment
B akoi 
  va treating kindly, kindly disposed, hospitable
O akoi 
  n goodness, kindness.
  a amiable, obliging, friendly, affable, polite, hospitable, etc.
  ex te taetae n akoi: a kind word, friendly word
  ex te baka n akoi: hypocritical welcome
  ex ka-akoa: to boast of the kindness received.


O akona 
  from ako
  red v.t. akoakona to take care of, to treat well.
  ex aki akona: to treat without care, brutally.


O aakonga 
  from ko
  a no longer tight, loose, worn, not strong.
  ex ka-akonga: to let loose, to become undone, to deteriorate
  ex ka-akonga: let go!, let alone!, let decay!


B ákora 
  a four baskets
  see a
O akora 
  adj four (used for counting baskets, songs).


B ákota 
  n nut (HEB)


B áku 
  n the back, the back portion
  n roof of a house
O aku: 
  n back, wrong side.
  adv i akun, mai akun, ri akun, te...: behind, from behind, pass behind the...


O aku:a 
  vt to turn the back on, to turn away from, to ignore or pretend not to see, to despise.


O aku:na 
  vt to have behind one, behind one's back leaning against.
  ex ti akuna te taibora: the table is at our back.


B aákuri 
  a four hundred thousand


B am 
  pron thy, your in the singular
  n red leaf, red through age
  a red as a leaf through age
O am 
  adj thy, thine.
  ex am bai: thine (thy thing); baim: thy hand, thy arm. <your>
O am1 
  n palm leaves turning yellow, yellowish colour, colour of withering leaves.


B 'áma 
  n hammer (ENG)
O ama 
  n hammer. (ENG)
  vt amana: to take possession of a hammer, to hammer something with
  vt amaea: to hit with a hammer.


B 'amáea 
  vt hammer (ENG)
  n hammering


B ámakai 
  n coconut in its sixth stage of growth
  va having reached the sixth stage of development, as a coconut
O amakai 
  from am and kai
  n coconut nearly ripe (kernel nearly hard, water is acid).
  vc ka-amakaia: to let become, to wait till it becomes amakai.


B áman 
  a four, in counting persons and animals
  see a
O aman 
  adj four (for counting living things).


B ám'arake 
  n food
  vi eat
O amarake 
  n food, eatables, meals, victuals.
  ex amaraken te ingabong: breakfast
  ex amaraken te tawanou: mid-day meal, lunch
  ex amaraken te tairiki: evening meal, dinner
  ex matuao: supper
  ex te amarake n uea: royal feast or food for royalty.
  v to eat, take food, take meals.
  ex amarake raoi: to eat well, eat enough
  ex amarake buaka: not enough to eat
  vc ka-amarakea: to feed, make absorb, manure a plant, put a wedge in an axe, hammer, etc.


O amariri 
  a slightly cold, beginning to cool.
  syn maitoro


B amæ/ta 
  a not sufficiently cooked, rare
  n partially cooked food
O amata 
  a not cooked enough, half raw.
  n half cooked food.
  vc ka-amata: to only half cook.


B amatæ/roro 
  a very slightly cooked


O amauna 
  n vanishing, indistinct, nearly disappeared.
  syn abua


B am/bo 
  n leaf red through age
  a red as a leaf through age
O ambo 
  n yellow or withering palm leaves.
  a yellow or getting yellow like a withering leaf.
  syn ba-bobo


B améne 
  n amen (HEB)


B ametúteto 
  n amethyst (GR)


B æ/mi 
  pron your, in the plural
O ami 
  a your
  pl of am
  note when used as a suff. to nouns the root a is omitted.
  ex ngare, ngaremi: your laugh.


B ámo 
  n stick for carrying a burden on the shoulder, a yoke
  vi carrying on a stick on the shoulder
O amo 
  n stick used for carrying load on shoulder, yoke.
  n this way of transporting.


B amóa 
  vt carry on a stick on the shoulder
O amoa 
  red v.t. amoamoa: to carry... on stick over shoulder, to carry on stick, the load being on middle of stick.
  vt amoua: to carry two loads, one in front, one behind.
O aamoa1 
  n preliminary signs of...first manifestations, preludes.
  v to commence underneath, secretly.
  ex te amoa n taeka, te amoa n rongorongo: first reports, news beginning to spread.


B ámoamo 
  vi frequentative of amo


B amóamoa 
  vt frequentative of amoa


O aamoimoto 
  n coconut a little riper than moimoto, nearly aieta.


B amómum 
  n amomum [aromatic plant] (ENG)


B ámon 
  n almond (ENG)


B ámori 
  n fish
O amori 
  n a fish . When fully grown this fish is called amori.
  ex species, te unimai, te ubo, te ninimai, te bukinimaka, te amori (Gerres argyrus)
  sn Gerres specialis
G amori 
  sn Gerres arbyrus
  pr amori (k)
  n large one (ll)
G amori1 
  pr amori (k)
  sn Gerres oblongus
  n big one (ll)
L amori 
  sn Gerres (gerreidae)
  n large mojarras


O amoro 
  n a plant.


B amótu 
  vi carrying on an amo a heavy load


B amotúa 
  vt carry on an amo a heavy load
O amotu:a 
  from tua or else from amo-moa-atu
  vt to carry a heavy burden with the amo (stick).
  see amo


B amóua 
  vt carry a burden on the shoulder on a stick
O amoua 
  vt to carry a double load balanced on the shoulder with the amo.
  ex e amoua namakaina: a narrow cloud across the moon (sign of plentiful fishing).


B am/wi 
  n full bunch or cluster
  va abounding in fruit, as a full cluster
O amwi 
  n bunch, cluster
  ex te amwina: one bunch; ua-amwi: two bunches
  vc ka-amwia: to let develop...


O an 
  and an, ana, ane, ani
  pref to names of species of pandanus
B æn 
  v sign of the imperative ( intensive or polite)
O aan1 
  adv under, beneath, bottom, foundation.
  adv i an te...: under the..., underneath.
  ex te I ani bata: a stay at home, domestic, misanthrope
  ex te i-an te na: kind of bait made of pearl shell
  syn te itikurere
  ex te i-aan riringa: oil made from coconut scraped and dried in the sun.
O an2 
  vt aana. to support, to sustain, to uphold.
  fig to give one's support to..., for...
O an3, ani 
  intj go on! word used before verbs in the imperative, 2nd pers. to mark insistence, encouragement, excitement.
  ex an nako: get away! begone!
  ex an tuangai: do tell me.

an te mai

O an te mai 
  n core of bread fruit (non edible).


B æna 
  pron his, her, its
B æ/na 
  n the part of an unfinished mat that has been braided
B ánaa 
  n fish
  vt take, get
O ana 
  a his, her (na when employed as a suff.). <its>
O ana1 
  n term used in mat weaving to designate a certain width
  ex te anana, ua-ana, etc.: one, two, etc.
O ana2 
  n a fish, (small, slender species) needle fish, garfish, half beak; species -- te ana ororo, te ana tababa, te ana bungibung.
O anaa3 
  vt to take, to subtract, to take away, to remove, to take off
  ex ana te nano: persuade, convince te anai nano: the act of persuading
  ex ana taekam: ask permission
  idiom anaia!: continue! (conversation)
  n te ana, anan, anakin: te action of taking, of taking up... of being taken up
  ex e buakaka te ana: (in dance singing) the singing is not good, or badly commenced.
G anaa 
  sn Hemirhamphus marginatus (ll)
  n half beak (sm)
G ánaa1 
  sn Hyporhamphus dussumieri (ll)
  n needlefish; halfbeak (sm)
G ánaa2 
  sn Hyporhamphus laticeps (ll)
  n half beak (sm)
L ana 
  sn Hemiramphidae
  n halfbeak


B anab'ai 
  n pandanus fruit


B anabanaba 
  n pandanus fruit


B anabanabanuotaea 
  n pandanus fruit


B ánai 
  n subtraction
O anai 
  n subtraction.
  ex te anai ni bubuti: subtraction where the method of borrowing 10 is used
  ex te tia anai: the subtrahend
  ex e anaia te anai:
  see ana
G anai 
  n hammerhead shark (ll)


O anaibung 
  n a feast on the occasion of breaking off an engagement or marriage.


B ánan 
  vi bail out


B anána 
  vt frequentative of ana take


B anánau 
  a long
  n length
O anaanau 
  see n.a. anau


B ananéa 
  vt obey, heed


B anánga 
  adv probably (used as an auxilliary verb)
O aananga 
  n preparation, presentiment, foreboding.
  v to get ready, think of.
  ex ko ananga ni mate: you are getting ready to die (in the state you are in or in the way you act, you will probably die)
  vt ananga, anananga: to prepare, to foresee, to think about
  ex ananga am makuri: prepare your work
  ex tera are ko bukinanangai?: what suspicions have you about me?
  vt bukinanang: to presume, suspect.


B anangáea 
  vt desire so much as to seek ways and means for obtaining


B anaoróro 
  n fish


O anara 
  n name derived, analogous, origin root of name or word.


G anaroro 
  pr anaororo (k)
  sn Ablennes hians (ll)
  n garfish (sm)
L anaroro 
  sn Ablennes hians (belonidae)
  n needlefish


B anatábaba 
  n fish


B anáu 
  n length
  a of sufficient length, long, long enough
O anau 
  an long, length. sing. anaanau.
  pl ananau.
  ex te kawai ae ananau: a long road
  ex baika ananau: long objects
  ex anaukaei: very long
  vt ka-ananaua: to lengthen, to prolong.


B ánaukáei 
  a very long


B áne 
  pron who, that, which, whosoever
  adv sign of the future tense
  n fish
  n live coral
O ane 
  pron he who, she who, that which.
  see ae
  from anne used for mid-distance
O ane1 
  n a small fish (found in shoals).
O ane2 
  n coral.
  ex te ane tautebe: branched coral which holds the floats on nets
  ex te ane taba: branched coral which encroaches on or spreads.
O aane3 
  adv indicating an impending happening.
  ex ane ko na baka: you are surely going to fall.


B ánea 
  n bait thrown out to allure fish
B áneaa 
  vt throw out bait to allure fish
  vi throwing out bait to entice fish
O anea 
  n a bait thrown on the water to attract fish.
  vt anea: to lure with...
  vc kaanea.
  red v.t. aneanea
  or anoanoa: to attract, to lure with a bait.
  see aneka


B áneane 
  vi gather coconut from a tree
O aneane 
  v to climb coconut tree to throw down nuts.
  vc ka-aneane.
  see aneka


O aneanea 
  vt to treat with care
  note used most in negative
  ex aki aneanea


B áneang 
  n mast
O aneang 
  n mast.
  ex ae uai aneangina: having two masts.
  ex katea, tikua: to put up, to take down, to incline the mast.


B aneibáti 
  n pandanus fruit


B aneiríka 
  n pandanus fruit


B aneitóka 
  n pandanus fruit


B aáneka 
  vi do well
B æ/neka 
  vt climb a coconut tree for the purpose of procuring the nuts
O aneka 
  v to climb a tree to throw down nuts.
  ex aneka te ni, aneka te ben: (same meaning).
  fig aneka te taeka: criticize, answer back, grumble against a decision.
O aneka1 
  v to treat well, care for, look after.
  vt aneka, anekina:
  note used mostly in negative
  ex aki-aneka: to ill treat, to treat badly.
  vc ka-aneka: to induce to treat well or kindly


B áneke 
  n sliver
  va pierced by a sliver
O aneke 
  n a splinter, a big thorn.
  v to have a..., to get pricked by...
  vc ka aneka.


O anekina 
  vt e aki anekina, aki aneka.
  see aneka


B ánena 
  n foreign land, land not one's own
O anena 
  a one who is outside... a stranger to...
  ex aba n anena: a foreign country te I-anena: one who is outside or aloof from a certain group (family, clan, village, island, company, land, etc.).
  syn te irua: but in a more limited sense
  idiom bon anena ngkoe! you don't get it, you don't understand at all
  ex e anena: that's not it at all, far from it, it is altogether different from...


B ánene 
  n song, hymn
  vi sing
O anene 
  n song, hymn.
  ex au anene: the song which I composed or sung
  ex aneneu: the song composed about me
  ex te tia-anene: the singer
  ex anenea: to sing of... celebrate
  vc ka-anenea: to make sing.


B ánenéa 
  vt sing of, sing as a hymn


B ánera 
  n angel (ENG)
O Anera 
  n Angel, Angelus (ENG)


B anetábaa 
  n coral


B anetáutebe 
  n coral


B áneto 
  n anise (ENG)


B ang 
  n wind, air
  n spirit, courage, purpose
  ex e bo angu my purpose is stirred up
  a warm
  a eight, in counting by twos
O aang 
  a eight (when counting by twos).
O ang1 
  n a plant, Broyophyllum pinnatun, life plant.
O ang2 
  n a shell, Cypraccassis.
O aang3 
  v aanga: to heat oneself at the fire.
  vt to heat at fire
  ex a angi baia: they warm their hands at the fire
  ex angai, angko: warm myself, yourself, etc.
O ang4 
  n wind, breeze, air, gas, breath, climate, atmosphere,
  ex direction -- angimeang, angimaiaki, angimaeao, angimainiku: north,... south... west... east wind quality of -- angkau, angobo, angtanaboabo, angtanene, ang tabataba, ang taururu.
  nv ang, angang,
  ex e angang, e uki te ang: it is windy, the wind blows.
  vc ka-anga: wait for the... let the wind blow.
  fig fervour, ardour, zeal, activity, courage, effort, energy.
  ex angin te nano: ardour, courage
  ex te moan ang: the first effort
  ex e bo angina: it is animated, with spirit
  ex te angi ni mate: death agony
  or angin te mate
  idiom e ang o!: that is enough!, peace
  vt moanang: to begin, to commence, to undertake, to make a first effort
  ex moanangiaki: undertaken, attempted.
O ang5 
  n angin te... the mass of, a great number of..., most of <majority -- gwg>
  see angi

ang kau

O ang kau 
  n slight wind with calm between gusts.
  fig silent and tranquil (sorrow or emotion).


B ánga 
  n shoulder
  n proper direction for planeing a board or writing a line
B aánga 
  vt give, hand
  vt warm
  a four fathoms, four thousand
  see a
O anga 
  vt to warm, to warm oneself at the fire.
  ex a anga baia: they are warming their hands.
O anga1 
  n a bivalve shell, a species of babai, taro.
O anga2 
  n shoulder.
  ex aon anga: on the shoulder
  ex tabo n anga: extremity of shoulder
  ex bukin anga: back of shoulder
  ex angatai: right shoulder, or side, the right.
  ex angamaing: left shoulder, or side, the left
  ex te angabai, te anganga: measure from fingers to shoulder.
O anga3 
  n way, manner, method, means, knack, procedure.
  ex e aki reke angana: the means was not found.
  see angabe, angabuaka, angaraoi
O anga4 
  a four thousandd.
O anga5 
  v anganga, anga nako: to give,..., give to,... offer,... dispense, attribute.
  n donation, offering.
  n te tia anga, te tia anganga: the giver.
  vt angana, angangana: to give, hand to, present
  ex e anganai: he gave me.
  ex anga karea: give a donation, a present
  ex anga taeka: give one's word, promise
  ex e anganai te kairua: he attributes the error to me.

anga ra

O anga raa 
  v to come on the wrong side, to be badly placed, be inconvenient, not handy.
  syn anga buaka
  vc ka-angara: to embarrass or inconvenience.

anga raoi

O anga raoi 
  a convenient, handy, on the right side, in the right way, favourable.
  vc kaangaraoa: to place conveniently, to present in the right way.


B ángab'ai 
  vi make a contribution
  n contribution, collection
B ángabai 
  vi passing loads from hand to hand
O angabai 
  n tax, duty, contribution, share.
  v angabai: to pay the tax or duty.
  vt angabaia: to pay or give for...
  vc ka-angabaia: to impose a tax on, to make subject to tax or duty, etc.
  ex angabaiaki: subjected to tax or duty.
  ex angabai buaka: insult, coarse, rude insult.
O angabai1 
  v shake hands.
  syn tau bai


B angabáia 
  vt pass a load from hand to hand


O angabaibuaka 
  v to insult by rude words.


B ángabe 
  a ill behaved
O angabee 
  n bad conduct, nastiness, vile conduct.
  a ungrateful, rude, ill mannered.
  vt angabea: to treat very rudely, to despise, treat with contempt.
  vc ka-angabea: to pervert.


O angabuaka 
  a inconvenient.
  v to present the wrong side, to be badly placed, embarrassed, be cramped.
  syn angara
  vc ka-angabuaka: to present the wrong side, to inconvenience, to give trouble to.


B ángabuki 
  vi lie butt to butt, as two logs
  ex i angabuki
O angabuki 
  v to turn the back on
  ex angabukina, angabukia: to present the back or tail to.
  vc ka-i-angabukia: to put head to tail (as in a game like leap frog)
  ex ka-angibuakia (for fish, etc.).


O angakarea 
  n offering, donation, alms, present, sacrifice, oblation.


B angáku 
  vi stand back to back
  ex i angaaku
O angaku 
  adv back to back.
  v to present the back
  see angabuki


B ángamaa 
  see a butima
  see a maamaa
O angama 
  a timid, fearful, confused, embarrassed.
  n timidity.
  syn mama
  syn maama: shy, ashamed.
  see mama, butimaa


B angamáing 
  a left handed
  n left side
O angamaing 
  n left shoulder, left side, the left.
  a left handed, etc.


O angamaran 
  a slippery, sloping, slippy.
  ex e anga maran: it looks . . .
  see maran


B angamæ/te 
  va flying a little to one side as a kite
O angamate 
  a badly built, badly balanced (as kite or canoe).


O angamatoa 
  a strong shouldered, strong, stalwart (said mostly of the right shoulder).
  syn te angatai


O angana 
  from anga
  vt anganai? anganiko, anganna, angan: give me... you..., etc.
  v to give, to offer, to present.
  ex anganai barau: give me my hat.
  see anga


B ángang 
  a windy
O angang 
  n animation, vitality, ardour.
  a windy, ardent, lively, turbulent
  idiom e angang it is windy.


B angánga 
  vt frequentative of anga
O anganga 
  n measure of length (distance from finger tips to shoulder)
  ex te angauoua: to the opposite shoulder.


B ánganimæ/te 
  a liable to be killed, as one belonging to a defeated tribe


B ángara 
  n axe, hatchet
B angara 
  a awkward, as when using the left hand
O angara 
  n an axe, a hatchet
  see waitebu
  syn te ai: a big axe
  syn te toki.


B angaátai 
  n right side
  a right handed
O angaatai 
  n right shoulder, right side, the right.
  adv i angataina: at its right.


B angáua 
  n ambidextrous person
  a ambidextrous
O angaua 
  a ambidextrous, skilled with both hands.


B ángaun 
  a forty
  see ngaun
O angaun 
  adj forty.


B ángi 
  a great many
O angi 
  a much, numerous, abundant, the greater part.
  syn maiti, bati
  ex e tiku angin te aomata: the greater part of the people stayed
  ex angin te tai, maitin te tai: more often, the greater part of the time.
  vc ka angia: to multiply, to augment, to increase.


B ángiángita 
  vt frequentative of angita


B aángibúe 
  a warm
O angibue 
  a hot (wind, air, or atmosphere), tepid (liquid).
  vc ka angibwea: to cause...
  note a-bwe: hotter than angibwe.


B ánginéuo 
  a cowardly
  a baffling as the wind


O anginou 
  a wind like nou (stationary fish), gentle wind.
  fig pers. apathetic, indolent, listless, lazy, inert.


B ángita 
  vt fortify, as the mind or will, brace up

angita angiangita

O angita 
  red angiangita
  from ang:
  v to give energy to) to animate, stimulate, excite, encourage.
  ex angitia!: go at it!
  vn angitan, angitakin: stimulation


O angitaba 
  n contrary wind, opposing, impeding...
  red angitabataba.
  ex e taba te ang: the wind is changeable
  vt angitaba: to hinder.


B ángitában 
  a cowardly
O angitaban 
  n contrary wind.
  fig to roam around a place for secret reason waiting an occasion to accomplish it.
O Angitaban 
  n Nei Angitaban: Goddess invoked to make deviate and lead astray a rival canoe.


B ángitanáboabo 
  a liable to calm streaks as a section in the lee of coconut trees
O angitanaboabo 
  n changeable wind, change force and direction quickly in sheltered places.
  vt ka angi-tanaboabo: to cause to...


B ángitannéne 
  a coming in puffs from various quarters, as the wind
O angitannene 
  n changeable, gusty wind
  see tannene
  vt ka-angitannenea: to hinder.


B ángitatában 
  a frequentative of angitaban


O angitaauru:ru: 
  from urua
  n strong wind, violent wind.
  fig carrying all before them in their ardour.
  ex karina te ang ae taururu: sudden gust of strong wind.


O angitoi 
  n giddiness, dizziness, shock.
  vc kaangitoi: to stun, to daze, to make dizzy.
  vt kaangitoia.


O angka 
  n anchor
  syn ro, atin ro


B angkaáu 
  a very moderate as a breeze
O angkaau 
  see Sabatier


B ángo 
  n tree
O ango 
  n a tree (obtusifolis); roots are used for perfume, branches for fishing rods (kainroaroa)
  sn Premna Tahitensis.
G aango 
  sn Premna obtusifolia (z)
L ango 
  sn Caranx lugubris
  n jack


B ángoa 
  vt cleanse the inner ear with a small object
O angoa 
  from ngongoa
  v to scratch, to cleanse gently (nose, ears, throat, sores).
  ex angoa buana


O angobo 
  n broken wind.
  n gust of wind (followed by calm).
  fig depression, discouragement, failing, relaxation, etc. between fits of temper.


B ánian 
  n onion (ENG)
O anian 
  n onion (ENG)


B ánibai 
  n armpit
O aanibai 
  n under arm, armpit.
  vt anibaia: to carry or put under the arm.


O aanibanaa 
  n low voice or tone.
  v to speak softly.
  v to submit, to obey, to agree, to yield, to assent to the voice of authority.


B ánibánakói 
  n pandanus fruit


O aanibange 
  v to be subordinate.
  syn anibana, antaeka


B anibébete 
  n pandanus fruit


B anibiri 
  n anvil (ENG)


B anibong/ibong 
  n pandanus fruit


B ánikabaái 
  n pandanus fruit


B ánikabóka 
  n pandanus fruit


B ánikai 
  see n. ainikai
O aanikai 
  n underwood
O aanikai1 
  n noise of grating of branches or trees against one another.
  v grating or gnashing.
  n dust of decayed timber.


B ánikáierua 
  n pandanus fruit


O anikainga 
  adv under the dwellings


B ánikáirinano 
  n pandanus fruit


B aanikárau 
  n darkness preceding the fall of rain
O aanikarau 
  n sign of rain (dark sky), about to rain.


B anikarawáiti 
  n pandanus fruit


B ánikatéuea 
  n pandanus fruit


B ánikintáwa 
  n pandanus fruit


B ánikitóko 
  n pandanus fruit


B ánikomóri 
  n pandanus fruit


O anikomri 
  n 1. a species of pandanus.
  n 2. a shell fish (conical).
B ánikom/ri 
  n pandanus fruit
  n shell fish


B anikóngae 
  n pandanus fruit


B anikóra 
  n pandanus fruit


B ánikorobuángi 
  n pandanus fruit


B ánikorobuángitemam 
  n pandanus fruit


B anikórokoro 
  n pandanus fruit


B ánikorongáro 
  n pandanus fruit


B ánikorotabákea 
  n pandanus fruit


B æ/nima 
  n bailer
  n fish
  vt bail out, as a canoe
O anima 
  n a utensil for bailing out canoe, skeet (naut.).
  v to bail out.
O anima1 
  n a lagoon fish (12 cm long) fished by scoop net.


O animana 
  vt to take with scoop net, to use a...
  syn anima


B ánimanóia 
  n pandanus fruit


B ánimátari 
  n pandanus fruit


B animóantai 
  n pandanus fruit


B ánjng 
  va rumored
B áning 
  n babai
O aaning 
  n a species of taro (babai) of rapid growth but very mediocre as food (compared with aan te tou).
O aaning1 
  na about to stir, noise, rumours about to become known.


O aaniwae 
  n sole of foot.


B ániwaentan/ 
  n pandanus fruit


B ániwaentónga 
  n pandanus fruit


B an/na 
  n terra firma
O anna 
  a dry land (opposite of sea)
  note word used in Butaritari and Makin but elsewhere only in the exceptions of ri-anna and bonoannara.
  ex waerake nako anna, nako eta, nako anna, nako eta: to go ahore
  ex toua anna: to keep near the shore (sailing)
  ex ri anna, ri eta: to go by way of land.
  ant ruwa: go by canoe
O anna1 
  n membrane surrounding the foetus. not the placenta (beti).
  ex anna-ra: painful labour, difficult birth
  n te anna ni bung: a kind of sorcery to bring back unfaithful partner, using something belonging to the child.


G annabai 
  sn Pandanus sp.
  n screwpine (sp,z) <pandanus>


O annan 
  v to bail out an embarcation with scoop.
  vt annana te wa.


O angara 
  syn te toki.


O annan 
  note more frequently used: anima te wa.


B an/nanéa 
  vt heed, believe in


B aan/nang 
  n atmosphere just below the clouds
O aannang 
  n a deep breath for a big effort (as woman in labour).
  vt annanga: to make effort to...
O aannang1 
  n underneath clouds, upper atmosphere.


O annanikai 
  a bruised skin, marked with blows.


O annara 
  idiom e bono annara: not knowing what name to give to indistinct form, half dark.


B aan/ne 
  adv right there
B an/ne 
  pron that one, not far away
O anne 
  pron that (after the verb)
  ex e baka anne.
  a te . .. anne.
  ex te aomata anne: that man
  ex te aine anne: that woman
  ex te bai anne: that thing.
  adv anne! there (not very very far)
  ex enga te kamea? ao anne!: where is the dog? there! (not far)


O anneaneaa 
  vt to take care of, to look after, to mind.
  ex anneanea tibum: look after your grandfather or grandchild.
  n te aki anneanea: neglect, carelessness, heedlessness, thoughtlessness.


O aanni: 
  from an-ni: under the coconut trees)
  n 1. shade of coconut trees.
  n 2. a-n-ni: a. stringy bark taken from inside midrib of coconut leaf.


B ano 
  n ball
O ano 
  n small hollow ball made from pandanus or coconut leaves, used to play boiri
  ex te ano te kora: big ball, hard, covered with string, used to play $oreano~. tennis balls and footballs are called te boro (ball).


B ánoa 
  vt beckon to
O anoa 
  vt anoanoa. beckon with the hand, arm.


B ánoai 
  n calm streak, wake of a craft
  n bow-knott
  vi make a track or a wake as a craft
O anoai 
  n a kind of knot made with loop or buckle, a trail on water (a long shining trail as of oil).
  vc ka-anoai: make a knot with loop of this kind.


B anoáia 
  vt tie in a bow-knot


B ánoano 
  n beckoning
  vi beckon
O anoano 
  v to call by beckoning.
  vc ka anoanoa.
  see anoa


B ánoanóa 
  vt frequentative of anoa
O anoanoa 
  or aneanea
  vt anoanoa n te abea: to attract, to lure with bait.


B ánoi 
  n shark
O anoi 
  n shark (hammerhead shark)
O anoi1 
  n te anoi: group of five stars at tail end of Scorpion.
  syn kautabiro, tabiro
G ánoi 
  n hammerhead shark (ll)
L anoi 
  sn Sphyrna lewini
  n hammerhead shark


O anou 
  n place where souls suffer (see Grimble).


O aanraa 
  vt to undermine, to destroy from beneath, to wear away.


O anrairake 
  n species of taro.


B an/tabákia 
  n pandanus fruit


B an/tabitia 
  n pandanus fruit


B an/tabwéarake 
  n pandanus fruit


B an/tai 
  pron who?
O antai 
  int who? (for pers.).
  ex antai ae taetae?: who spoke?
  ex ao antai?: who else (and who).
  see tera for things.
  note in Makin and Butaritari nanta is said.


B an/takárea 
  n pandanus fruit


O antari 
  n bottom of the sea, seabed
  ex bain an tari: shells, etc.


O aantarira 
  or aantarire
  n distant relatives.


B antáuman 
  n pandanus fruit


B antáuoróro 
  n pandanus fruit


B an/tebong/ina 
  n pandanus fruit


B an/tekírito 
  n antichrist (GR)
O Antekirito 
  n Antichrist. (GR)


B anténa 
  pron whose
  note nouns taking the suffix pronoun are inserted between ante and na
O antena 
  int antena bai (antai ana bai?) whose? to whom does this belong?
  and ante, anto (euph.)
  ex ante barana?: whose hat is this?


B an/terobe 
  n antelope (ENG)
O anterobe 
  n antelope (ENG)


B anterúa 
  n pandanus fruit


B æn/ti 
  n god, spirit, ghost
  va skillful, dextrous,
  va sound or fresh as an egg
O anti 
  n God, spirit, ghost, phantom, spectre, demon, devil.
  ex te anti ma aomata: human hero become god, spirit.
  n te boua n anti stone of the anti or idol
  ex te kai n anti: sudden pain of unknown cause.
  v karereanti: to curse, to curse by the anti, to give up to the anger of the anti
  ex butika ma te anti: to meet the....
  see winanti, baibainanti:
  a fugitive, transient, unreal, invisible, not developed.
  ex e anti namakaina: the moon does not appear (is invisible)
  ex e anti te bunnimoa: the egg is fresh
  ex e aomata te bunnimoa: the egg is fertile
  ex e aomata namakaina: the moon is again visible.
  a wild, savage (hard to see or take, takes flight at the approach of humans, timid, unsociable).
  ex te moa anti: a wild fowl
  ex e moa anti: he is not tame, he is timid
  ex te katama anti: a wild cat or wild beast
  ex e katama anti: it is savage
  ex te kamea anti: a wild dog, wolf or ferocious animal.
  vc ka-antia: to consider as sagave.
  a handy, clever, skilful like the anti.
G anti 
  sn Cenchrus echinatus L. (z)

anti mainiku

O anti mainiku 
  n a species of taro.


B æn/tibúaka 
  n evil spirit or god
B æn/tibúaka 
  a skillful in fishing or other work
O antibuaka 
  a handy, skilful, sharp, quick as the anti. used also in opposite sense, awkward, clumsy.


O antim'am'a 
  n Crustacean, black species of ...
O Antim'am'a 
  n a star, Gemini.


B an/tina 
  vt deify, hold or worship as a god
O antina 
  vt to have, to take for one's anti, one's personal god.


B antínanikárawa 
  n pandanus fruit


O antingoa 
  see antinoa
  vt to hold, to keep back, to retard by whimpering, crying.
  fig refuse to be separated from someone, hang on to someone.


O antinoa 
  a assiduous, persistent (?),
  see Bingham: antinoia


O antinoanga 
  vt idem.


B an/tinóia 
  n child who persistently refuses to be separated from its mother
  n one persistent in his work
B æn/tinóia 
  a persistent


O antinroa 
  from roa
  vt to be attached, to be encrusted, to persist in remaining in a certain place.


B æntin/ti 
  a abounding in spirits, haunted
O antinti 
  a haunted, frequented by anti, full of devils.
  syn kauanti


B antiríma 
  n pandanus fruit


B an/to 
  n ink
O anto 
  n liquid, paint, or black ink for tattooing (usually water and soot)
  ex te anto ura: red ink for tattooing.


B antórobúbua 
  n pandanus fruit


B antouman 
  n babai
O antouman 
  n a species of taro (dark leaves of slow growth).


B anturuúa 
  n pandanus fruit


B ánua 
  see n bang
  see n aro
O aanua 
  from nu
  a replica of... the same aspect, the same shape, figure, mysterious aspect.
O aanua1 
  vt to indicate in hidden terms, to prefigure.
  vc ka-anua: to make, to give, to prefigure.
  n anuan te... veiled form, blurred, air, aspect, trace of resemblance.
  a anuaki: described in veiled terms, prefigured, insinuated.
O anua2 
  a unintelligent, stupid, foolish
  note meaning less strong than baba.
  syn ro-nano, nanoro


O aanuti 
  n white wood (imported in early days by traders in Gilbert Islands).
  n a perfume (also imported formerly).


B áo 
  conj and
  n fish-line
  n pole for pushing a canoe
B aáo 
  n upper side, the above
  adv why, wherefore
O ao 
  conj and, with (takes the place of our commas in enumerations, stories), (idiom).
  adv ao? ao tera? so what? well? what more?
O ao1 
  n the upper part of, the surface, the outside, the back, the exterior.
  adv i aon: . . . on, externally upon, over
  ex mai iaon: off, away from
  ex i ao: outside, on the exterior.
  pref to certain words to indicate the outside, the top, the upper side, etc.
  see aomakuna, aobake, ao buaka, etc.
O ao2 
  n te ao: fibre of coconut husk, fishline, twine.
  v aoao: to pole a canoe.
  ex ao mai, ao nako, ao rake, ao rio:
  n te kai n aoao: pole used for pushing.
  vt aoa, aoaoa: push by poling.
  syn aoakina
  vc aopapa... aoa-raea: to steer askew, to steer badly.
  syn ao-buakaea
O ao3 
  n by onomatopoeia. moan, sigh, regret.
  v ao, aoao: to sigh, to moan, to lament.
  vt aoao: to moan over, to regret, to cry over.


B áoa 
  vt test food as to the degree of cooking
  n hour (ENG)
  spe aua
O aoa 
  n hour (also aua) (ENG)
  ex iraua te aoa?: how many hours?
  ex te aoa iraua?: what time?
O aoa1 
  vt to set apart in advance a small portion of food in cooking to see if it is cooked or not.


B aoáine 
  n under half of a fish, especially that portion toward the tail
  a gentle, mild
O aoaine 
  a feminine looking, gentle.
  n a certain tender part on the underneath part of fish.
  a is said of a canoe of which the hull inclines outward, because the bulging side facing the outrigger is too pronouced.
  vt aoainea: to give this form to.


B áoakina 
  vt propel as a canoe with a pole
O aoakina 
  vt to pole a canoe or other embarcation
  see ao


B áoao 
  vi propelling a canoe with a pole
  vt propel, as a canoe with a pole


B aoáoka 
  vt frequentative of aoka


B aoáoraki 
  a frequentative of aoraki


B aoáoria 
  vt frequentative of aoria


B aoára 
  see bitara


B aoataáta 
  n beach above the high water line
O aoataata 
  n top of beach, which highest tides do not reach
  ex aoatatan tanrio: along the west coast
  ex aoatatan tanrake: along the east coast.
  see ata


B áobai 
  n weather side, or that side of a canoe which is nearest to the outrigger
O aobai 
  n aobain te wa: platform on outrigger side of canoe.


B aobáia 
  vt disarmm a person carrying a knife
O aobaia 
  vt to overcome, to vanquish
  ex e konako ao e obaiko: he got you.


B aobaáki 
  n derisive term for a poor person, a person who owns but little land
  a poor, used derisively
O aobaaki 
  n debris, rubbish stranded on beach.
  fig te aobaki: waif, stray, wreck, person rejected, abandoned.


O aob'anab'ana 
  n indolent looking, lazy looking, good for nothing aspect
  see bana, kabana


B aobánebane 
  n person not skilled in acquiring or doing
  a not skilled in acquireing or doing
O aobanebane 
  a cleared, uncovered, no vegetation (land)


O aobari 
  a (surface) slightly convex, arched, puffed out.
  vt ka-aobaria: to make arched.


B áobuaka 
  a rough, as land
  n uneven land
O aobuaka 
  n uneven ground,
  a rough, hilly, broken (ground), rocky.
  vc ka-buaka: to make . ..
  vt aobuaka: steer badly with pole.
  syn ao-ra


B áoburamáiu 
  va persistently retaining for one's own a borrowed article
O aoburamaiu 
  a apparently obstinate.
  vt aoburamaiua
  see buburamaiu


B áoburamáiua 
  vt refuse a person the returning of a borrowed article


B áoi 
  n dew
  a having dew
O aoi 
  n 1. dew, humidity, dampness, moisture.
  a damp, wet with dew, moist, dampish.
  vc ka-aoi: to make damp, to wet
  vc ka-aoia: causing, ...
  n 2. mould.
  a mouldy.


B áoka 
  vi deny or refuse a request (used only with tai aoka)
  ex tai aoka
  n water which is poured on scraped coconut as a solvent
  vt mix grated coconut with water
O aoka 
  vt to dampen, to soften, to moisten (as grated coconut in water).
  n liquid used to moisten (only used with this meaning).
  a content, happy, satisfied.
  ex mata n aoka: to appear happy, to look happy (a very nice ancient word).
O aoka1 
  see oka
  note used only in the negative as a supplication or introduction.
  ex tai aoka! tai aokai! don't think me unreasonable, don't have a grudge against me, excuse me!
  a man-n-aoka: a disagreeable, repulsive, unpleasant type who won't listen to any explanation or proposition.
  a mata-n-aoka: having disdainful, sly, mocking, ironical appearance or air.
  a baka-n-aoka: this appearance.


B aokábu 
  n light of a fire reflected by smoke seen at a distance
O aokabu 
  n bright reflection of light, halo, nimbus.
  a illuminated, lit up, having halo.
  vc ka-aokabu: to cover with light, illuminate.


O aokan 
  n organ, harmonium. (ENG)


B áokangáre 
  a funny, droll, jocular
  n joker, jester
O aokangare 
  a laughable, comical, odd, droll.
  vc ka-aokangare: to find or think comical, amusing.


B áokati 
  n August (ENG)
O aokati 
  n August, the month of August (ENG)


B 'áoki 
  n hawk (ENG)


O aokua 
  a convex, arched.
  vc ka-aokua: to make convex or rounded


B áomakuna 
  va maintaining secrets
  ant aouti
  n maintaining of secrets
B áomakunaa 
  vt conceal one's own sin or that of a companion
O aomakuna 
  a secret, discreet, reserved, concealed.
  n discretion, reserve.
  vt aomakuna: to keep secret, to hide, to conceal.
  vc ka-aomakuna: to make secret


B aom'aáne 
  n upper half of a fish
O ao-maane 
  n back part of fish, flesh off the back (ao), form of canoe which leans towards rama side (outside hull more curved). This gives maximum speed when rama is above water.
  ant ao-aine.


O aomang 
  n te aomang: a species of fish.
G aomang 
  n a species of fish (ll)


O aomanni 
  n coating, surface, or thin skin.


O aomano 
  a fig. reserved, discreet, circumspect, wary, sly, artful, cunning, sullen
  syn bamano, aotaningo


O aomara 
  or ao-mmara
  a smooth, slippery surface, dangerous, vertiginous, slippery.


O aomari 
  n abudance, fertility (of soil), good harvest, fruitfulness.


B áomata 
  n person, especially a Gilbertese
  va spoken of an egg in which the fetus has begun to develop
O aomata 
  see mata
  a not cooked on top
  ex bu aomata: smell of badly cooked fish.
O aomata1 
  n te aomata. man, human, native, a man (particularly a native of the Pacific).
  pl aomata: men, people, the public, humanity
  ex aroia aomata: customs, habits, manners, ways of natives.
  n te taetae n aomata: vernacular.
  a evolved, developed (as a hatched egg).
  a visible, real
  ex ai aomata ra! how real looking!
  a developed, ripe, mature in all its form.
  ex e tuai n aomata au iango: my idea is not yet fully developed
  ex e aomata ana makuri: his work can be verified
  ex e aomata namakaina: the moon is already formed (full).
  vc ka-aomata, kakaaomata: to put on airs, to try to be important.
  vc kaaomata: to wait for development, realization, verification of... to let take form, to execute.
  ex ka-aomata te rongorongo: wait and see if the news is true
  n te tia kaaomata: the executor.


O aomatana 
  vt to take someone for one's man, to make...


O aomatata 
  a bare (surface), clear, plain.


O aomate 
  a poor (soil), stunted (vegetation), unfruitful


O aomatoa 
  a hard to break.


B áon 
  pre on, over
  see ao
O aon 
  n aon te: surface
  ex abakin aon: area
  see ao
  prep i aon: on
  ex mai aon:
  pref see aonanga, aonaba, etc.

aon te ora

O aon te ora 
  n beach, strand
  ex bain aon te ora: shell fish, crustacea, etc.


B áona 
  vt omit or pass over intentionally something in narration
  n excuse
O aona 
  from ao
  vt to put on, over and above, to get the better of, to surpass, to overcome an obstacle, a difficulty, to lengthen a cord, to extend the time for..., to omit, to pass over, to skip a word, to excuse, not take notice of a mistake
  ex aona te bure
  see riaona


B aonaába 
  n the earth, all lands
O aonaba 
  n the Earth, the world, the universe
  ex kain aonaba: the inhabitants of the earth
  ex aonteaba: on the land
  ex bain aonaba: things of the worldbain aonteaba: earthly vanities.


B áonanga 
  vt carry on the shoulder
  n upper part of the shoulder
O aonanga 
  v to carry on the shoulder.
  vt aonanga: to carry, put on shoulder
  ex aonangaiko: cover your shoulders.


B aonéinei 
  n wet land, land having water beneath near the surface
  a wet, as land
O aoneinei 
  n swamp, bog, marsh.
  a covered with pools or puddles of water, marshy, flooded.
  vt ka-aoneineia: to flood the surface.


B áong 
  n scraped coconut mixed with other food
  n fish
  va seasoned with scraped coconut
O aong 
  n a fish. this fish is of the urua family
  ex species -- uruan te aong, uruan te rereba, Ten tibetibe.
  v ka aong, kaka aong: to fish for aong.
O aong1 
  n condiment, seasoning, sauce, assorted mixture.
  v aong, aongong: to mix two dishes.
  vc aongia: to mix with something, e.g. rice and grated coconut
  see aonga


B áonga 
  vad in order that
O aonga 
  conj idiomatic ba I aonga n ..., ba ko aonga n ...: so that, in order that.
  ex weteia ba e aonga n amarake: call him so that he may eat.


B áongia 
  vt mix scraped coconut with other food for a relish


O aongkoa 
  conj so they say, it appears. approbation, surely, certainly, without a doubt, evidently
  ex E aki roko ba aongkoa e aoraki: He did not come because it appears he is sick, of course!
  ex Ko na roko n takakaro n tairiki? Aongkoa!: Are you coming to the play tonight? Of course!


G aongo 
  sn Caranx lugubris (ll)
  n kingfish (sm)
G aongo 
  sn Caranx sp.
  n black jack;; poisonous (cc)


B áonibai 
  vi assist in a fight
O aonib'ai 
  v carry on the arm, carry in armfuls, carrying in this way.
  vt to carry on the arm.
  fig give help, sustain, take care of (especially in family affairs, charity).


B áonibaia 
  vt carry on the arm [bai arm]


B áonikai 
  a vicious, rascally, villainous
  n injusttice, villainy, extortion
O aonikai 
  v to dominate, to usurp, to monopolize, to prevail, to overcome.
  vt aonikaia: to triumph over, usurp, to seize, to become master of, to supplant, to oppress, to subdue, to overcome.
  n te tia aonikai, te aonikai: usurper.
  ex e aonikaai, e aonikaiai: he overcame me (justice or extortion).


B áonikáia 
  vt oppress [kai be in trouble]
  n oppressing of
  bib Hosea 12:7


O aoniman 
  adv high in the sky, higher than birds fly.


B áono 
  n certain appearance or likeness
O aono 
  n a group of islands having same characteristics
  ex te aono ni Kiribati: the Gilbert Group
  ex te aono ni Matang: White man's land.


O aontabuki 
  a rough, uneven, hilly.


O aontano 
  n (without article) (on the ground) the ground, surface of soil, underfoot.
  adv i aon tano: on the ground
  adv nako aon tano: towards the ground.


O aonteaba 
  n the ground, the earth.
  fig the world, the people.
  ex te iango n aonteaba: a human point of view, a worldly way of thinking.


B áontebóra 
  n very wide shelf or loft encircling the interior of a house [bora a loft, an elevated platform in a bata]


B áonteora 
  n the flats [ora the flat reef from the beach to the breakers, a shoal]


B aonti 
  n ounce (ENG)
O aonti 
  n ounce (oz) (ENG)


B áontia 
  n land adjoining [tia a boundary, limit]
  va adjoining as land
O aontia 
  n land bordering, frontier.
  a aontia ma...: having the same boundary as..., adjoining to, bounded by.
  vc kaaontia: to make adjoin, to have same limit.


O aora 
  a e aora: nearly low tide.


B áorab'a 
  a skilled or successful in doing
O aorab'a 
  a lucky, fortunately placed, bringing good luck for fishing. Pers. welcomed for benefits they bring.
  vt aoraba: to seize a favourable occasion, to take a chance good humour of pers.
  syn rabana, karaba
  ex aorabaia!: take your chance
  vc kaoraba: to find fortune, to profit, to esteem, welcome.
  see aoria, aobanebane


O aoraereke 
  n narrow neck of land, as isthmus.


O aoraia 
  v to put outside ready for use.
  vc kaaoraia: to put aside, outside, to be taken, to be used.


B áoraki 
  a sick
  n sickness, disease, sick person
O aoraki 
  n sickness
  ex aoraku, aorakim: my... your sickness
  ex te aoraki: sick person, patient
  ex au aoraki: my patient.
  fig excrement.
  a sick, unwell.
  n te buti n aoraki: epidemic (te aoraki ae buti)
  ex te aoraki ae ewe: contagious sickness
  ex te aoraki buaka: consumption, TB. (te kangenge)
  ex te bai n aoraki: medicine
  ex te o n aoraki: hospital
  ex te tia katoki aoraki, taokita: doctor
  a nimaoraki: sickly
  a aoaoraki: sickly
  a niba n aoraki: having several sicknesses
  a ka-aoraki: unhealthy, unwholesome, poisonous
  vt ka-aoraki: to make sick, to injure health.


B áorakína 
  vt experience, as a sickness, suffer with, be sick with
O aorakina 
  vt to have or catch a sickness.


B áoranti 
  n orange (ENG)


B áoraoi 
  a not ridgy or rough, hence easy as a yoke, level
  n level place
O aoraoi 
  a flat, even or level (ground).
  n a plain, a good climate, good place, etc.
  vc ka aoraoa: to level, to flatten.


O aoreke 
  a good place for shell fishing.


O aori 
  n te aori: idleness, inactivity, laziness, sloth, inertia.


B áoria 
  vt be unemployed, remain in status quo
O aoria 
  idiom v. I aorai, ko aoriko, e aoria, ti aorira, kam aoringkami, a aoria: I am doing nothing, you ..., etc. (idiom).
  ex I aorai: I am taking things easy, leave me alone!
  ex aoriko!, aoringkami!: don't get disturbed, we will leave you alone!
  ex e aoria n ... a aoria n ... : it doesn't matter what hethey do
  ex e aoria: it doesn't matter, leave it alone
  ex te aomata n aoria: ordinary, unimportant pers.
  ex te bai n aoria: an ordinary common affair.


O aotakaka 
  n bewilderment.
  a scared, impulsive.


O ao-takaakiau 
  sup a. idem. impulsive, emotional.


O aotaningo 
  see aomano, aomakuna


B áoti 
  n horse (ENG)
O aoti 
  n horse, trestle (ENG)
  ex toka n te aoti: ride a horse
  ex te tia toka n te aoti: horseman, rider, jockey.


B áotibure 
  n osprey [large hawk, fish hawk] (ENG)


O aotiki 
  a stiff, rigid looking.


B áotireti 
  n ostrich (ENG)


O Aotiteria 
  n Australia. (ENG)


B áoua 
  a foolish, abject, mean in condition
  n slave or serf by descent
  n weak minded person , a low person
O aoua 
  from ao and ou
  n simpleton.
  a silly, foolish looking.
  vc ka aoua: to treat as a fool, to make foolish.


O aouki 
  a indiscreet.
  see witakanana, kaaninga


B áouti 
  va revealing secrets, untrustworthy with news or secrets
O aouti 
  a a bit rough or raised up, swollen.
  syn aotabuki:
O aouti1 
  n indiscretion.
  a indiscreet
  see aouki


B ara 
  pron our
  n name
O ara 
  pron our.
O ara1 
  n name, title, noun.
  ex te ara n aomata: native name
  ex te ara ni babetito: Christian name
  ex te ara n nim: proper noun
  ex te ara ni kabuta: common noun
  ex te ara ni boti: collective noun
  ex te ara ni keve: nickname
  ex te ara n utu: surname, family name
  ex n akea arana: without a name, anonymous
  ex te tirinara, tirin te ara: a surname mutilated
  ex ingoan te... : namesake of...
  ex ae kaoti ara: nominative.
O ara2 
  pref to names of different species of pandanus.


B árabaikárawa 
  n pandanus fruit


B árabaikáwa 
  n pandanus fruit


B arabáikiaro 
  n pandanus fruit


B arabákea 
  n pandanus fruit


B arab'ána 
  n pandanus fruit


B árabanikéang 
  n pandanus fruit


B arabáoti 
  n pandanus fruit


B arabaráki 
  n pandanus fruit


B arabaraáraa 
  n pandanus fruit


B arabáreaka 
  n pandanus fruit


B arabata 
  n alabaster (ENG)


B arabáuntai 
  n pandanus fruit


B árabikerúru 
  n pandanus fruit


B árabiketíbu 
  n pandanus fruit


B arabíno 
  n pandanus fruit


B arabítia 
  n pandanus fruit


B árabobanimákin 
  n pandanus fruit


B áraboianabánaba 
  n pandanus fruit


B arabongana 
  n pandanus fruit
B arabóngana 
  n pandanus fruit


B arabotáriki 
  n pandanus fruit


G araboto 
  n a variety of large shark (k,ll)


B arabóuru 
  n pandanus fruit


B árabuantin/ti 
  n pandanus fruit


B arabúatoro 
  n pandanus fruit


B arabúatua 
  n pandanus fruit


B arabúbura 
  n pandanus fruit


B árabukirábaba 
  n pandanus fruit


B árabukitába 
  n pandanus fruit


B áraburéka 
  n pandanus fruit


B árabutanóngonana 
  n pandanus fruit


B arabúti 
  n pandanus fruit


B áraiobúre 
  n pandanus fruit
  note this dictionary contains 170 such, botanists list only 80..


B araírua 
  n pandanus fruit


B arakáewe 
  n pandanus fruit


B arakáinikatónga 
  n pandanus fruit


B árakakáia 
  n pandanus fruit


B árakakáraki 
  n pandanus fruit


B árakanéwe 
  n pandanus fruit


B arakang/kang 
  n pandanus fruit


B árakatang/kun 
  n pandanus fruit


B árakatéke 
  n pandanus fruit


B árakatéketeke 
  n pandanus fruit


B árakaténa 
  n pandanus fruit


B árakatókinano 
  n pandanus fruit


B arakáwakawa 
  n pandanus fruit


B arakéang 
  n pandanus fruit


B árakieúra 
  n pandanus fruit


B árakimángu 
  n pandanus fruit


B árakuaráwete 
  n pandanus fruit


B áramaeren/nang 
  n pandanus fruit


B aramái: 
  n pandanus fruit


B aramáiaki 
  n pandanus fruit


B áram/aióio 
  n pandanus fruit


B aramákuanrára 
  n pandanus fruit


B aramángang 
  n pandanus fruit


B áramanikéwe 
  n pandanus fruit


B áramanúnu 
  n pandanus fruit


B áramáonrimái 
  n pandanus fruit
B aramáonrimái 
  n pandanus fruit


B aramaraáta 
  n pandanus fruit


B aramárena 
  n pandanus fruit


G aramarieba 
  sn Pandanus sp.
  n screwpine (sp,z) <pandanus>


B aramárieta 
  n pandanus fruit


B aramáru 
  n pandanus fruit
G aramaru 
  sn Pandanus sp.
  n screwpine (sp,z) <pandanus>


B aramátang 
  n pandanus fruit


O aramatoa 
  n middle rafter (in canoe or maneaba), always an uneven number.


B arambóia 
  n pandanus fruit


B aramónamona 
  n pandanus fruit


G aramoroia 
  sn Pandanus sp.
  n screwpine (sp,z) <pandanus>


B aramúmun 
  n pandanus fruit


B árana 
  vt name, give a name to
O arana 
  from ara
  v to name, to give a name to ...


B aranakarara 
  n pandanus fruit


B aranáu 
  n pandanus fruit


B arangába 
  n pandanus fruit


B arangáonio 
  n pandanus fruit


B arangáreimóa 
  n pandanus fruit


B arangáua 
  n pandanus fruit


B aranónoa 
  n pandanus fruit


B áranorauéa 
  n pandanus fruit


G aranteba 
  sn Pandanus sp.
  n screwpine (sp,z) <pandanus>


B arantebwe 
  n pandanus fruit


O Aranuka 
  or Ananuka
  n Henderville Is. in centre of Gilbert Group, discovered by Gilbert and Marshall, 18th June, 1788.


B araoboto 
  n shark
O araoboto 
  n species of shark with large hind quarters, difficult to catch.


B araóningea 
  n pandanus fruit


O arara 
  v to speak in soft monotone
  ex bana arara.


B árarainim'áe 
  n pandanus fruit


B árarake 
  vt go up, ascend, climb up as on a mountain
O ararake 
  v 1. to go up a slope or straight line (trees, mountains).
  n ascent, ascension.
  syn tamarake
  ex te kai n ararake, te kai n tamarake: ladder, stairs.
  vc ka ararake: to make ascend.
  v 2. to go towards the land (canoe). To do this one has to sail close to the wind, to haul to windward.
  vt ararakea: to go up a steep slope, stairs, a tree, a mountain or ladder.
  vc ka ararakea: 1. to make ascend.2. to steer a canoe towards land or to windward.
  see tamarake, rierake, waerake


B árarakéa 
  vt ascend, climb as a mountain


B araráwanon 
  n pandanus fruit


B araréi 
  n pandanus fruit


B ararínikua 
  n pandanus fruit


O arataba 
  n a large red fish (taken 60 fathoms down).
G arataba 
  n large red fish caught when fishing at about 60 fathoms (ll)


B áratabokárawa 
  n pandanus fruit


B aratabon/teba 
  n pandanus fruit


B aratabório 
  n pandanus fruit


B arataábu 
  n pandanus fruit


O Aratai 
  n Nei Aratai: a star, perhaps Algol of Perseus.


B aratamároanimákin 
  n pandanus fruit


B aratáoroba 
  n pandanus fruit


O aratati 
  n a star.


B aratáuanró 
  n pandanus fruit


B aratáwatawa 
  n pandanus fruit


B arateáitara 
  n pandanus fruit


B árateaang 
  n pandanus fruit


B aratébeau 
  n pandanus fruit


B áratebéru 
  n pandanus fruit


B árateítibong 
  n pandanus fruit


B áratekáuake 
  n pandanus fruit


B áratekéna 
  n pandanus fruit


B áratekúkunei 
  n pandanus fruit


B aratekura 
  n pandanus fruit


B áratemái 
  n pandanus fruit


B áratemam/ 
  n pandanus fruit


B araténao 
  n pandanus fruit


B áratengáongao 
  n pandanus fruit


B araténgea 
  n pandanus fruit


B áratennáwa 
  n pandanus fruit


B áraterúbe 
  n pandanus fruit


B aratéuti 
  n pandanus fruit


B áratewaeánina 
  n pandanus fruit


B aratíke 
  n pandanus fruit


B aratína 
  n pandanus fruit


B aratóka 
  n pandanus fruit


B aratókotoko 
  n pandanus fruit


B aratonáro 
  n pandanus fruit


B aratóngarua 
  n pandanus fruit


B aratoóta 
  n pandanus fruit


B áraatubúbura 
  n pandanus fruit


B árauakitónga 
  n pandanus fruit


B árauárea 
  n pandanus fruit


B arauéa 
  n pandanus fruit


B araúmakai 
  n pandanus fruit
O araumakai 
  n a game with song and action. Players stand in circle with hands extended (the one whose actions do not correspond to last syllable is out).


B áraumáuma 
  n pandanus fruit


B áraurabóno 
  n pandanus fruit


B araúranea 
  n pandanus fruit


B árauriamáere 
  n pandanus fruit


B árauríaria 
  n pandanus fruit


B araúruaki 
  n pandanus fruit


B árautáono 
  n pandanus fruit


B árautóngau 
  n pandanus fruit


B arawa 
  n shark's teeth sword, the teeth being lashed to the wooden blade
O arawa 
  n 1. teeth of tiger shark (tababa).
  n 2. small shark.
  n 3. Gilbertese sword furnished with these teeth.
G arawa 
  n small, angry shark, liable to attack canoe when hooked (ll)


B árawáentonga 
  n pandanus fruit


B árawaibwébwe 
  n pandanus fruit


B árawiaki 
  n pandanus fruit


B áre 
  pron who, which, that (yonder)
  n season in which the pan is approaching ripeness
O are 
  pron who, whom, that, which, what, whoever, whosoever, whomsoever, whichever (used for what is distant in time and space) past and future.
  ex te Tetamenti are ngkoa: the Old Testament.
  pl ake.
O are1 
  n loop of bow knot.
  vt arena: to tie, to knot with loop.
  n chin strap.
  n are-i-eta: upper jaw
  n are-i-nano: lower jaw or teeth.


B áreáre 
  a sufficient in quantity, as food to be partaken of
O areare 
  n productivity, abundant harvest, sufficient food.
O areare1 
  n fig. for productive pers. good provider, worker, fruitful worker.
  ex ko areare na am bai: you are doing well, good business
  ex e aki areare te aine aei: this woman is a mediocre worker.
  vc ka arearea: 1. to serve, to give more to.
  vc 2. to esteem as good worker.
  n taka areare: in small number of quantity (pers. things), rare.
O areare2 
  n te areare,
  a e areare: sufficient food, in sufficient quantity, enough for each guest.
  a aki areare: not enough
  ex ba areare, ma areare: in mediocre quantity, insufficient.


O Areau 
  n name of mythological spirit of Creation; Na Areau te Ikawai: the Ancient, Creator of all things
  also called Na Areau te Iti: the Great Spirit
  ex Na Areau te tei: the Young
  also called Te ti: the Small, the deformed:
  ex Na Areau te Kikiteia: the Seeker.
O areau1 
  n te nareau: a spider, a cobweb
  ex te bareau: big reddish spider
  ex Ten Takareau: spider's web.
  a ae bareau: covered with cobwebs.
  fig veiled, not clear, for ex. the eyes.
  ex bon te bareau tabonibain teuaei: he works expertly as a spider making a web
  ex maneaba n nareau: spider's web.
O areau2 
  fig quick and well done.
  ex e naia n te areau: no sooner said than done.


B áreba 
  n alpha (GR)
O Areba 
  n Alpha. (GR)


B arebáka 
  n alpaca [s.a. wool bearing animal] (ENG)


B árebu 
  a forty thousand


B árei 
  adv yonder
  pron that (yonder)
O arei 
  pron that.
  adj te aomata arei: that man (used in what is distant in time and space),
  see aei and anne
  adv there, over there.
  ex ao arei!: look, there it is!
  ex N na roko n arei: I will come after tomorrow or later, also yesterday or days before.
O arei1 
  n heedlessness.
  a inattentive, careless, giddy.
  ex bura arei, bura n arei, burabura n arei: to be or appear and show oneself heedless, giddy, madcap.


B áreiéta 
  n upper set of teeth
O areieta 
  n ... upper maxillary.
  see are


B áreináno 
  n lower set of teeth
O areinano 
  n lower maxillary.


B areióbako 
  n areopagus [tribunal of anc athens] (GR)


B árekam 
  n algum, almug [Biblical tree] (HEB)


O arematoa 
  n 1. magic garland hung on kiaromatua after use.
  n 2. name of central lath or beam of building.


O arena 
  see are
  vt to tie with a loop knot.


B árenang 
  see anena
O arenang 
  v to talk wildly.
  n empty idle talk.
  a beside the question, no connection <irrelevant -- ? gwg>


O arengau 
  n insatiability.
  a insatiable, not satisfied because of parsimony of food.
  ex ti arengau iai: we are not satiated
  ex e arengau, e marengau te amarake: there is not enough food.
  vc ka arengau, ka arengaua: to leave insatiated through parsimoniousness.


B áreru 
  n psalm (HEB)
O areru 
  n Psalm (Prot.); (Taramo: Cath.). (HEB)


B arerúia 
  n hallelujah (HEB)


O aretau 
  a not very shrewd, not cunning, not smart enough, simple.
  and arotau (N.)


B aretem'áne 
  n pandanus fruit


B aáreti 
  n arch (ENG)


B aári 
  n coconut spathe
  n eyebrow
  n gall, gall-bladder
B æ/ri 
  vi put forth as coconut buds
O ari 
  n spathe (of coconut)
  ex te tabon ari: the end or extremity of spathe
  ex te ue n ari: flowers of spathe
  fig arin te nano: beloved
  ex te ari n anti: a barren or unfruitful spathe
  ex e ari te ni: the coconut tree is in flower or the spathe is coming out.
  vc ka aria: to wait till the spathe is grown enough to get toddy from it.
O ari1 
  n gall, gall bladder.
  a bitter.
  n bitterness.
O ari2 
  see arin te mata
  n eyebrows
  n ka-bue-ari: magical rite for initiation of warrior (dances and the rest). It was done in circle around fire amid smoke hence the name kabueari: burning of eyebrows.
  vt taunara, kabo...: to measure, to compare.
  see tau n ata, kabotaunata
  red n.v. ariari.


B ária 
  vt perfume
O aria 
  red v.t. ariaria. to inhale a smoky inhalation.


B áriári 
  vi frequentative of perfumeing


B ariária 
  vt frequentative of aria


B ariárira 
  vt frequentative of arira


B æ/ribuni 
  a short as a coconut spathe
  a without eyebrows
  n coconut tree having short spathes
O aribuni 
  n coconut with short spathe.


B æ/riketa 
  n alligator (ENG)
  bk Geog p 13


B áriki 
  n calm
  a calm, without wind
O ariki 
  n a dead calm.
  sup arikibenebene: absolute calm.
  a e ariki, e arikibenebene: it is calm, very calm.
  vc ka-arikia: to wait for a calm, smooth sea.
  ex e bung te ariki, kabungariki: calm.


B árinai 
  n fish
O arinai 
  n rainbow family or wrasse fish.
  sn Labridae
G arinai 
  pr arinai (k)
  sn Cheilinus diagrammicus (ll)
  n wrasse (sm)
G arinai1 
  sn Halichoeres marginatus (ll)
  n wrasse (sm)
G arinai2 
  sn Halichoeres trimaculatus (ll)
  n wrasse (sm)
G arinai3 
  sn Hemigymnus melapterus (ll)
  n wrasse (sm)
G arinai4 
  sn Labrichthys cyanotaenia (ll)
  n wrasse (sm)
G arinai5 
  sn family Labridae
  n rainbow fishes or wrasses (hh)
G arinai6 
  sn Labroides bicolor (ll)
  n wrasse; rainbow fish (sm)
G arinai7 
  sn Stethojulis axillaris (ll)
  n wrasse; rainbow fish (sm)
G arinai8 
  sn Stethojulis strigiventer (ll)
  n wrasse (sm)
G arinai9 
  sn Thalassoma hardwicke (y)
  n wrasse (sm)
G arinai10 
  sn Thalassoma purpureum (ll)
  n wrasse (sm)
G arinai11 
  sn Thalassoma umbrostigma (ll)
  n wrasse (sm)
L arinai 
  sn Labridae
  n small wrass


O arinaimawa 
  n a fish.
G arinaimawa 
  sn Macropharyngodon meleagris (y)
  n wrasse (sm)
G arinaimawa1 
  sn Thalassoma lunare (y)
  n wrasse (sm)
G arinaimawa2 
  sn Thalassoma melanochir (y)
  n wrasse (sm)
G arinaimawa3 
  sn Thalassoma quinquevittatum (y)
  n wrasse (sm)
L arinaimawa 
  sn Macropharyngodon geoffroyi
  n wrass
  sn Macropharyngodon pardalis
  sn Thalassoma hardwicki
  sn Thalassoma lunare
  sn Thalassoma melanochir
  sn Thalassoma quinquevittatum


O arinainamawa 
  n a fish.


G arinaitokoman 
  sn family Labridae (ll)
  n wrasse (sm)


B árinaitókomea 
  n fish
O arinaitokomea 
  n te arinai.
  a e arinai: swift canoe.
  syn atinai


G arinamawa 
  sn Macropharyngodon geoffroyi (ll)
  n wrasse (sm)
G arinamawa1 
  sn Macropharyngodon pardalis (ll)
  n wrasse (sm)
G arinamawa2 
  sn Thalassoma hardwicki (ll)
  n wrasse (sm)
G arinamawa3 
  sn Thalassoma melanchir (ll)
  n wrasse (sm)
G arinamawa4 
  sn Thalassoma quinquivettum (ll)
  n wrasse (sm)


B arinan/ti 
  n coconut ari or bud which fails to set or mature
  vt fail to develop a fruitful ari as a coconut tree


O arinibai 
  n the quick of the nail (flesh around nail).
  n a measure, length of nail (fingernail).
  a mariari: sensitive.


O arinimata 
  see ari
  n 1. eyebrows.
  ex te buki n ari: end of eyebrows (outer)
  ex te tuta n ari: inner end of ...
  a ari, kauariari: bushy or abundant, thick eyebrows
  ex te ari buni: very little eyebrow (as buni)
  ex te ari noko: having tapering narrow eyebrows.
  n 2. te ni ae ari buni: short spathe
  ex te ni are ari noko: spathe long and narrow
  ex te ari baurua: spathe thick and long.


B æ/rinoko 
  a slim or narrow as a coconut spathe or eyebrow
  n coconut tree having slim spathes
O arinoko 
  n 1. coconut with thin spathe.
  n 2. thin eyebrows.


B árira 
  vi haul taut
O arira 
  vt ariarira. to make tight, to pull tight, to tighten (bandage)
  vt ariria rake: to pull upwards.


O arirake 
  v to hoist the sail, stretching it well.


O arirakea 
  vt to pull up, to hoist.
  ex arirakea te ie: hoist the sail.


O ariraki 
  a pulled tight, taut.
  vc ka ariraka: to stiffen, tighten.


B áriri 
  vi travail
  n travail
O ariri 
  n pains of childbirth, effort of nerves and muscles,
  idiom v. ariri korana: to put all one's strength in effort, persist, hang on.


B áriro 
  n core of a boil
  va having a core as a boil
O ariro 
  n core of an abscess.
  a having a core.


B 'áro 
  n harrow [farm implement] (ENG)
B æ/ro 
  n manner, custom, likeness
O aro 
  n nature, form, sex, manner, habit, style, situation, religion, condition, character, complexion , behaviour.
  ex te aro n Atua: Divine nature
  ex te aro n aomata: human nature
  ex te aro ni mane: male sex, masculine
  ex aia aro I-Iutaia: the Jewish religion, religion of Jews
  ex te aro n tautaeka: the form of Government
  ex arora: our way or manner or habits
  ex tautau arona: do as one pleases
  ex te kareke aro: get on in business, self interest, seeking self interest
  ex n arona: as, the same as, also n ai arona.
O aro1 
  pref root of several compound words.


B æ/roa 
  n refreshment, sustenance
O aroa 
  expr aroa ngke, aroa ba, aron ngke, menana ngke
  ex aroa ngke te baba: it is not surprising that he is mad, in any case, after all, besides.


B æ/roaro 
  n custom, usual manner or way
O aroaro 
  see aro.
  n habit, manner, of being or acting, general behaviour.


B aróaroka 
  vi have or possess coconut trees growing on another person's land
  n custom of possessing coconut trees on another's land
B æ/roaróka 
  vt frequentative of aroka: smell


B æ/roárora 
  vt frequentative of arora


B árobaba 
  n weak-minded person
  a weak-minded
O arobaba 
  a a bit silly, silly looking, weak minded.


B árobai 
  n slave, servant
O arobai 
  n serf, servant, slave
  also just simply te bai
  syn kaunga
  from aro bai: used as a hand
  note both arobai and kaunga are offensive, insulting words.


O arobaia 
  vt to serve (a master).


B arobáiri 
  vi salute by touching noses and smelling
B arob'áiri 
  n salutee>ation of touching and smelling noses
O arobairi 
  v smell noses, rub noses.
  see kaboria: kiss; inga: embrace


B æ/robeke 
  n fox (GR)
O arobeke 
  n Alopex, fox. (GR)


B ároboi 
  vi snuff up when receiving an odor
  n perceivee>ing or perception of an odor
O aroboi 
  n smell, scent, the sense of smell.
  v to smell.


B ároe 
  n aloes [lilaceous plant] (ENG)
G ároe 
  sn Aloe sp.
  n aloe (k)


B æ/roéi 
  a foolish, heedless
  n heedlessness, foolishness, a heedless person
O aroei 
  see n.a. arei


B ároka 
  vt smell
  n cultivated plant or tree, a pet plant
  n tumor, wen
O aroka 
  a plant, cultivated plants.


B árokaái 
  n young pan tree without branches
O arokai 
  n a young plant, pandanus tree, not yet bearing.


B arokána 
  vt hold in possession or own a tree on another's land (a frequent custom)
O arokana 
  vt to appropriate, to have a plant as one's own, to take care of, to use, to look after a plant, to possess or own a tree growing on another's land (native custom).


O aroki 
  v to smell or scent an odour.


B arokúikui 
  vi shrink from before a blow
O arokuikui 
  from kui
  v to fall back, to retreat, to run away from, to withdraw, to shrink (in fear).
  n the action of ... tendency to ...
  vt ka arokukuia,
  see kui, kuikui


B ároma 
  n tree, also its bark, used for making fish-lines, or thread in foreign rope
O aroma 
  n 1. kind of cactus (imported).
  n 2. the fibre of this cactus.
  n 3. the twine made of this fibre.


O arona 
  from aro
  vt aroarona to have a right, a power, force or mastery over ... to direct, to lead, to conduct, to guide, to rule.
  ex e aronira te Atua: God guides us.


O aronga 
  n a plant.
  sn Acalypha amentacea sp.
O aronga1 
  n approach of a bad harvest, scarcity, want, famine.


B árora 
  vt extend as the hand, stretch out
  n ridge in the coral reef on the ocean side
O arora 
  from ora
  n reefs at water level.
  ex bukin arora: ocean side of these reefs.
O arora1 
  vt aroarora. to stretch out, to spread out.
  ex arori baim: stretch arms.


O Arorae 
  n Patterson Is. discovered in 1809. in extreme south of the Gilbert Group.


O arori 
  v to lie at full length.
  ex aroriko, aroriko i aon te kie: stretch yourself on the mat.


B árotau 
  a weak minded
  n weak-minded person
O arotau 
  a fairly good, good enough, hospitable enough.
  syn moatau: sufficient.
  fig weak minded, wanting in commonsense.


B atá 
  vt know
B áta 
  n span
  n skull
  n stay or brace from the outrigger to the masthead of a canoe
  vt braid, weave
  a broad as a mat or cloth
O ata 
  n skull (of dead), head detached from body (insult if used about a pers. living).
  ex te bora n ata, te bora n atu: temple (anat.).
  note widely used in proper nouns meaning chief.
  ex ata ni borau, ata ni beia, Ata n Tarawa, etc.
O ata1 
  n rope which connects mast head with outrigger.
  ex te ata n nanoa: rope attached to middle of kiaro
  ex te ata n tinaniku: the one tied to the outrigger.
O ata2 
  n width, of land, material, mat, house, etc. (for smaller dimensions the word rababa is used, it is the general term for all dimensions)
  ex ata, ataata, ata-kaei, atamamaua, large
  vc ka-ata: to make large, to enlarge.
O ata3 
  from ati
  vt to weave, to interlace, to plait, to weave mats, baskets, leaves of coconut or pandanus.
  v ati-inai: to weave coarse coconut mats
  ex ati-ato: to make thatch of coconut leaves
  ex ati-baene: to weave baskets of different leaves
  ex ati-baba: to weave baskets of coconut leaves (coarse).
  see bira, raranga
O ata4 
  vt atata: to know, to be aware of, to understand.
  n atatai: knowledge, science, experience.
L ata 
  sn Megalops
  n tarpon


B atáe 
  n sir, madam, in addressing a person
  see nao
  see neiko
O atae 
  intj kind of summons or call (S.).
  syn naka! mane! aine! (N.) takam! (B.) you fellows! you people!
  sing nao! ne!


B atáei 
  n child, children
O ataei 
  n children
  ex ataei n aine: little girls
  ex ataei aine: young girls
  ex ataei ni mane: young boys
  ex rorobuaka: young men
  ex te ataei (S.) te tei: child.
  a n ataei: puerile, childish, youthful, trifling.
  vc ka-ataeia: to treat grown-ups as children, to look on as children, to let babies grow up, to wait till little ones grow bigger.
  n ataein te: the young of...

ataei ni mata

O ataei ni mata 
  n pupil of the eye, eyeball
  also ataein te mata.


B atáeináine 
  n girl


B atáeinim'áne 
  n boy


B atáeinimáta 
  n pupil of the eye


B átai 
  n right hand
O atai 
  n atain te... the right, the right hand of, right handed.
  ex Ko atai ke ko maing?: Are you right handed or left handed? I atai: I am right handed.
O atai1 
  n knowledge, science, learning, competency, talent, skill.


B atáib'ai 
  n knowledge, information, learning
  a erudite, of extensive information, knowing
O ataib'ai 
  red n. atataibai. idem. learning, knowledge, science.
  a knowing much about many things, competent, clever, capable
  vc ka ataibaia: to make competent, to instruct, to impart learning to...


O atake 
  n reduced width, distance, extension, time abridged, shortened.
  ex kauti atake: get up early and take short cut to...


O atam 
  n Adam. (ENG)


B atámaa 
  vt cover a surface with coarse gravel
B atáma 
  n coarse gravel, small broken coral
O atama 
  n pebbles, gravel, shingle, broken coral.


O atamana 
  vt to cover... with gravel or shingle.


O atamaumau 
  a very large, very thick, deep.
  sup superlative of ata
  vt ka atamaumau: make very deep, dig very deep.


B atánga 
  n upper plank in a canoe
  n mutual friendship
  ex a bae atangaia (metaph)
O atanga 
  n gunwale.
  syn buatanga
  vt atanga: to place side by side, juxtapose.
  fig te atanga, a atanga: liaison, friendship, united by moral bonds, mutual attraction, similar tastes, age, character, understanding, agreement.
  v bae atanga, kabae atanga: be joined by...
  ex kabae atangaia: join or tie together, for ex. two canoes adrift, two screens, roki, etc.
  ex a bae atangaia: things or persons bound or united, physically or morally.


B átano 
  a forty million


B átao 
  n layer, course
O atao 
  n covering, layer, storey, rows, tiers (superposed)
  ex te ataona, uatao, tenatao, etc.: one layer, two layers, three layers, etc.
  ex te bora uatao: biplane.
  v ka uatao: put two layers.
  ex karawa uatao: high altitude
  ex karawa ten atao: higher still
  ex karawa merimeri: out of sight, invisible in the heavens
  vc ka uatao: place on top of another


O atarake 
  v going upwards as seen from the bottom (fish, etc.).
  vt atarakea: to come up towards bait.


B átatai 
  n acquaintance, skill, familiar knowledge
  va skilled, acquainted with


B atátaiáomata 
  a kind, benevolent, just, considerate
  n kindness, benevolentce, justice, considerateness
O atataiaomata 
  n mercy, goodness, benevolence towards mankind.
  a merciful, good, benevolent, kind.
  vt atataiaomata: to render mercy, have pity on...
  vc ka atataiaomata: to esteem good, to praise the mercy of...


B ataatáib'ai 
  n too much freedom in feeding guests with the householder's food
  a too forward, or too much at home, as one feeding guests in the absence of the householder
O atataibai 
  n science, knowledge, experience, art.
  a experienced, expert, clever.
  see ata


B átau 
  n stone used in the game of kabane
B aátau 
  vi get in readyiness
O atau 
  n plumb line in the game of kabane.


B 'áte 
  n hart (ENG)


B æteiáine 
  n young woman, large girl
O ateiaine 
  n very young woman or big girl.
  syn te tei aine


B áteriti 
  n asterisk (ENG)
O ateriti 
  n asterisk. (ENG)


B aáti 
  n ass, donkey (ENG)
B æ/ti 
  n spe fish, bonito
  n chest, trunk
  n seed
  n stone heated for bakeing
O ati 
  n ass. (ENG)
O ati1 
  n the heart (cards) (ENG)
O ati2 
  n a fish
  ex names given to this fish at different stages -- te kimokimo, te ati, te baiura, te ingimea, baibo te atiburo.
  sn Pelamis bonito
O ati3 
  n seed, pips of fruit (orange, lemon, etc.).
  a atiati: sandy, gritty, granular, full of grains or hard things.
O ati4 
  n trunk, chest, box, heart, cage.
  ex te ati ni mane: money safe
  ex te ati ni berita: Ark of the Covenant
  ex te ati n Eukari: Tabernacle
  ex te ati ni karema: money box
  ex Atiniban Ietu: Heart of Jesus, Sacred Heart.
O ati5 
  n block of coral, rock, stone, islet.
  v kare ati: to call at an island, to put into port
  ex ewe ati: to go from one island to another, to visit one after another.
  syn tiriaba
O ati6 
  n root of a number of compound words, names of stones.
  ex te ati n oum: special fire resisting stones used in fires for baking
  ex te ati n tou: special stones for cooking tou
  ex te ati bakoua: concave coral stones; (baka bakoua).
O ati7 
  syn n.a. batin... angin... atin te... atin te buaka... te un.
  fig paroxysm, ardour.
  ex e bo atin te un...: in the heat of the fight... the dance is in full swing.
O ati8 
  suf meaning large, much.
  ex bai ati, bairi ati, nano ati, etc.
G ati 
  sn Euthynnus (ll)
L ati 
  ew atu (< Ellice)
  sn Katsuwonus pelamis (scombridae)
  n mackeral, tuna


B átia 
  vt cover over a fire with bakeing stones
O atia 
  n a certain stone used as file, plane.
  or atinakau
O atia1 
  vt to put stones on fire in earth oven.


B æ/tiati 
  a having a number of chests
  a containing seeds as some pandanus fruit
O atiati 
  from ati
  n anchor stone, fishing, product of fishing, fish taken at one anchorage.


B atibába 
  n place abounding in stones
O atibaba 
  n large stone, (flat) ati rababa.


B átibakóua 
  n cup-shaped coral
O atibakoua 
  n kind of concave coral stone (bako or bakoaua).


O atibana 
  n soft porous stone.
  syn ati bara (see next word).


B atib'aára 
  n soft coral stone
O atibara 
  n a species of coral which breaks up easily.


O atibe 
  n compact stone.


B átibi 
  n asp, adder (ENG)


O atibokaboka 
  n stone found in the mud of Buariki, Tarawa, and which is fire resisting.


B atíbu 
  n general word for stone
  n fish
B aátibu 
  a abounding in stones
  a abounding in atibu fish
O atibu 
  n general name for all stones, more expecially for medium-sized stones and big gravel.
O atibu1 
  n a species of tunny fish.
  syn atine

atibu n toka

O atibu n toka 
  n seat of chief of clan.


O atibu 
  n Na Atibu name of one of the first created beings. <myth>


B æ/tibung 
  n stone sinker used in fishing
O atibung 
  n sinker on fish line.


B æ/tiburu 
  n fish
B aátiburu 
  a abounding in atiburu fish
O atiburu 
  n a fish, species of bonito.


B atíem 
  n soft coral stone
O atiem 
  n a porous stone.
  or simply te 'em


B æ/tikíka 
  n red stone on the ocean beach
B aátikíka 
  a abounding in atikaka red stones
O atikika 
  n a brown stone colour of octopus (kika).


O atikona 
  n soft easily broken stone.
  vt atikonaia: to use soft stones easily broken in construction.


B æ/timáiniku 
  n babai
O atimainiku 
  n a species of taro, very prevalent, rapid growth (long narrow leaves).


O atimaiu 
  n coral stone of recent formation (living stone).


B ætim'ákoro 
  n islet in the reef
O atimakoro 
  n islet (island: abamakoro).


B æ/tim/ane 
  n ledge of coral rock in the lagoon smaller than a rakai
B aátim'ane 
  a full of sunken ledges in the lagoon
O atimane 
  n isolated block of coral (less extended than rakai).
  note This compound word is supposed to come from the cry of warning given by the watchman of the prow to the helmsman -- te ati! mane! bwe! bwe!


B aátimaata 
  a abounding in small sunken rocks
B æ/timaáta 
  n small coral stone
O atimata 
  n small submerged rocks.
  a abounding in...


B æ/timáuna 
  n sunken rock or ledge which can be seen when it is calm
B æ/timauna 
  a full of sunken rocks not easily seen except in calm
O atimauna 
  n small submerged rock.
  a abounding in...


B aátimotu 
  a abounding in large sunken rocks
B ætimotu 
  n large rock in a lagoon
O atimotu 
  n blocks of separated rocks.
  a abounding in...


B aátinai 
  a abounding in atinai
B ætinai 
  n fish
O atinai 
  n a fish, species bonito.
  a swift as this fish.
  v to scud like this fish.


B æ/tine 
  n fish
B aátine 
  a abounding in atine
O atine 
  n a fish, kind of tunny (ataein te atibu).
  a abounding in...


B æ/tinib'a 
  n coconut shell bottle
  a containing many coconut shell bottles as a house
O atiniba 
  n oil bottle, formerly oil was kept in a binobino, nowadays it is kept in bottles.


O atiniban 
  n central part of thorax, from over the heart and lower part of lungs. heart.
  see ati


O atinikabo 
  n rock or reef in passage at meeting of tides.
O atinikabo1 
  n te Atinikabo: a star. Deneb Kaitos of Cetus constellation.


B æ/tinikána 
  n flat stone used in a heathen rite for the purpose of giving strength and courage
  a abounding in atinikana stones
O atinikana 
  n flat stone on which young men were seated in order to be submitted to the trial by fire in initiation for courage.


B æ/tinikatóka 
  n babai suckers
O atinikatoka 
  n 1. a flat stone used as table on which were placed items of sorcery, gifts, necklaces, etc.; also used for hiding such things when leaving.
  n 2. head of taro cut off to be replanted.


B æ/tinim/ata 
  n prominence of the skull over the eyes
O atinimata 
  n bone of the skull under eyebrows, upper limit of eye socket.


O atiniwere 
  n orbit of eye.
  syn atinimata


B æ/tiniwérewere 
  n coral rock or ledge abounding in were
O atiniwerewere 
  n rocks where the fish called were lodge.


B æ/tinono 
  n stone used by a squid in closing his hole
O atinono 
  n stone which the octopus puts at the entrance of its den as protection.


B æ/tinro 
  n stone used as an anchor, an anchor
O atinro 
  n stone used as anchor, anchor.
  fig n.a. atinron Tarawa, atini kaura, kauran Tarawa: the strong man, the preeminent warrior, the hero, the pillar.
O Atinro 
  n star on which a constellation seems to pivot; Atinron Kama, Atinron Rimwimata.


B átintáotao 
  n fishing
O atintaotao 
  n stone or rock for weighing down line or net.


B átintárawa 
  n fishing in deep water with taboro
O atintarawa 
  n sinker, good stone for fish line.


O atintaura 
  n sinker for fish line.


O atinun 
  see atinoun


O atirababa 
  n large flat stone.


L atitaai 
  sn Porites (coelenterate)
  n smooth stony coral


O atitai 
  n fire stone, giving out sparks.
  from contraction of ati te ai


B atitéi 
  n lofty coral rock beneath the surface of the water
O atitei 
  n stone standing up, sticking out of water.


L atiuaro 
  ew autualo
  sn Evetthynnus affinus (scombridae)
  n mackeral, tuna


B áto 
  n thatch of coconut leaf
  n the liver
  n sperm whale
B æ/to 
  a having a good sized liver as certain fish
O ato 
  n liver, clot of blood, clotted blood.
  v e ato: to have a large liver.
O ato1 
  n thatch made of coconut leaves.
  vt ati-ato: to weave thatch.
  vt atona: to thatch a house with ato.


B atóa 
  vt pour out through a small aperture
O atoa 
  red atoatoa
  vt to fill through the neck, to gorge, to decant.
  ex e atoaki te tei: the child has been crammed (with food).


B átoato 
  vi filling coconut shell bottles


B atóatoa 
  vt frequentative of atoa


B atóatonga 
  vt frequentative of atonga


B átoki 
  a four hundred million


O atona 
  vt 1. to cover or thatch a house with ato.
  vt 2. to stop a hole in a canoe with fish liver.
  vt 3. to perform a certain magic rite on wounded man so that the wounds will heal quickly (ancient custom).


B atónga 
  n one's portion designated
  vt utter, say
O atonga 
  vt atoatonga. to pronounce, to say, to utter, to articulate, to recite, to name, to mention, to proclaim, to announce, to declare, to praise, to qualify as...
  ex atongi araia: name them, say their names
  a atongaki: renowned, famous, eminent, distinguished


B átu 
  n head
  n class, troupe, company
O atu 
  n head, chief.
  fig principal, ringleader, first, capital, prime cause, heading, title, division of classes, group, etc.
  vt atuna: to preside, to direct, to put oneself at the head of..., to look on as head of...
O atu1 
  n a bundle, sheaf.
  vt ka-atua: to put in bundles or sheaves.


B atúa 
  n god
O Atua 
  n God.
  a n atua: divine; aro n atua: divinity, divinenature.
  vt Atuana: to take for one's God, deify.


L atuaomata 
  sn Dasyatidae
  n black stingray


B atúaro 
  n fish
B átuaro 
  a abounding in atuaro fish
O atuaro 
  n a fish (ataein te baibo).
  a abounding in...
G atuaro 
  pr atuaro (k)
  sn Euthynnus (ll)


B atuáti 
  n fish
B aátuati 
  a abounding in atuati fish
O atuati 
  n a big bonito fish.
  a abounding in...


B átubítaki 
  vi look back
  n act of looking back
O atubitaki 
  fig changeable, fickle, capricious
  ex atubibitaki: empty-headed, capricious.


O atubungibung 
  n long hair (man), long plaits of hair (woman).


B átubúngubung 
  a having long hair
  n person with long hair


B átuiráuti 
  see n irauti
O atuirauti 
  na head of hair standing up.


B átumaináina 
  n white haired person
O atumainaina 
  n white head.


O atumangaongao 
  n ruffled and untidy head of hair.


B átumáongong 
  a dishonored, treated with disrespect
O atumaongong 
  n (absorbing head), a good natured pers. who accepts all kinds ofinsults without retort, mere rag of a man to be treated without consideration or respect.


B átumáoto 
  a having hair very slightly curled
  n person with very slightly curling hair
O atumaoto 
  n wavy hair.
  syn ira maoto


O atumara 
  n a bald head, bald headed person
  vc ka atumara: causing baldness.


B átumáran 
  a having very curly hair
  n person with very curly hair
O atumaran 
  a smooth, sleek (hair).
  n person having such.


O atumaroa 
  n hermit, solitary.


B átumátoa 
  n wide, strong pan leaf
  a wide and strong as a certain pan leaf
O atumatoa 
  n dancer with a stiff neck (ruoia).
O atumatoa1 
  n 1. a certain kind of large pandanus leaf.
  n 2. palm leaf hard to detach.


B átuméamea 
  a having yellowish red hair
  n yellowish red haired person
O atumeamea 
  n blond hair, ginger hair.


O atumotu 
  n an isolated rock.
  see atimotu

atun taeka

O atun taeka 
  n title, heading.


O atuna 
  from atu
  vt to be at the head of... to preside, to direct, to conduct.


O atunangoba 
  n thick end of coconut leaf (end joined to trunk).


B átunáomata 
  n fish
B aátunaomata 
  a abounding in atunaomata fish
  a having committed many murders
O atunaomata 
  n 1. a ray (fish) with long, pointed head.
  n 2. a head hunter, murderer.
G atunaomata 
  pr atunaomata (k)
  n a black stingray (ll)
L atunaomata 
  sn Aetobatis narinari (myliobatidae)
  n eagle ray


B átungéri 
  a having very curly hair
  n person with very curly hair
O atungeri 
  n curly hair, sup.
  ex atu ngeringeri: person having curly hair.


O atunikawa 
  n capital city of a country, province, or district.


B áturóro 
  a having black hair
  n person with black hair
  n fish
B aturóro 
  n fish bara
O aturoro 
  n black head of hair, person having same.
O aturoro1 
  n a fish resembling bara and inai.


O atutababa 
  n head of hair in disorder.
  a ruffled.
O Atutababa 
  n Nei Atutababa: a kind of ogress.


O atutarere 
  n solitary isolated pers.
  a abandoned.


O atutei 
  n hair standing up.
  fig hardy, not timid.


O atutekonaua 
  na to be distrusted, sly faced, hypocrite, inspiring distrust.


B átuuráura 
  a having red hair
  n red haired person


B au 
  n pan leaf used in caulking a canoe
  va coming in shoals , plentious as fish
  pron my
B aáu 
  vi be slow
O au 
  a my, mine.
  ex au bai: my thing
  ex baiu: my hand.
O au1 
  n something used for caulking (pandanus leaves, cotton, etc.).
  vt auna to caulk, to make watertight.
  or aua
O au2 
  v auau. to extract, to pull out of a cavity from under or within, to pull cord out of hole in canoe making.
  v au-rabono: to get eels out of holes in rocks.
  n te auau: act of extracting... fishing under rocks.
  n te kai n au rabono: iron hook used for fishing eels.
  vt auta: to pull out, to withdraw from, to extract.
O au3 
  n used to indicate sun's position north or south of equator.
  ex te au meang, te au maiaki
O au4 
  pref suff. past part. of auta
  ex Auriaria, au bunga, au rio, au rake, auau, aubingoa, aututa.
O au5 
  v to drift away, to be adrift, carried away (either because of wind or current).
  ex au nako, au rio, au rake, au nakoiang, au nakoaiaki
O au6 
  a slow, dawdling.
  v to dawdle, to dilly-dally, to straggle, to lag, to languish, to droop
  pref or suff. to several words.
  ex niniau.


B áua 
  n hour (ENG)
  a four, the general word for four, ua being suffix
  see a
  vt caulk a boat or canoe
  n fish
O aua 
  a four (root a)
  ex te kaaua: the fourth.
  vt kaaua: to make fourfold, quadruple.
O aua1 
  or aoa
  n hour. (ENG)
  ex iraua te aua?: how many hours?
  ex te aua iraua?: what time? (what hour?).
O aua2 
  n a fish (mullet)
  ex varying names -- baneriki, baua, baua maran, aua, auatara, mango aua ni buti, aua baraki, ntaningamea, baitaba, ten taeaea.
O aua3 
  from au
  v dawdle, straggle
  note used esp. in the negative: aki aua.
  ex e aki aua n roko: he won't be long in coming
  ex a aki aua: they didn't dawdle.
  vt to do... accomplish a task slowly, in a dawdling manner.
G aua 
  pr aia (k)
  sn Crenimugil crenilabis (ll)
  n mullet (sm)
G aua1 
  sn Mugil spp. (hh)
  n mullet (sm)
G aua2 
  sn Mugil sp. (cc)
  n poisonous mullet (cc,sm)
G aua3 
  sn family Mugilidae
  n mullet (sm)
L ava 
  sn Mugil cephalus
  n mullet
  sn Mugil engeli (& auamaran)
  sn Mugil viagiensis (& auataba)


O auabubuti 
  n a long spear (over 4 yards).
  note diff. from uabubuti.


O auakina 
  n ka auakina: moderate activity, speed, ardour.


G auakurere 
  sn family Mugilidae (ll)
  n big ones; mullet (sm)
L auakurere 
  sn Mugilidae
  n large mullet


G auamaran 
  sn Mugil engeli (ll)
  n mullet (sm)
L auamaran 
  sn Mugil engeli (& ava)
  n mullet


B áuan 
  n fish
O auan 
  n small fish, moves in great shoals (edible).


O auantai 
  n clock, watch, alarm clock.


G auaririki 
  sn family Mugilidae (ll)
  n medium sized ones; mullet (ll,sm)
L auaririki 
  sn Mugilidae
  n medium mullet


G auataba 
  sn Mugil vaigiensis (ll)
  n mullet (sm)
L auataba 
  sn Mugil vaigiensis (& ava)
  n mullet


O auatara 
  n a large mullet
  ex aua maran, aua kurere, aua ririki, aua taba. <fish>.
  see aua


B áuau 
  vi drawing forth
  n fishing by drawing out fish from holes in the rocks
O auau 
  v to fish by hand under rocks.
O auau1 
  n impure contact or touch
  ex banga n ... habit of ...
  see auta


B auáuta 
  vt frequentative of auta extract, as the kernel from a coconut shell bottle


B áuba 
  vi be afraid
O auba 
  n surprise, trouble.
  a dumbfounded, scared, frightened, perplexed
  ex aki auba: bold, daring, impudent, audacious.
  v ka auba, kaka auba: to brag, to try to frighten.
  a ae kakaauba: awe-inspiring, majestic.
  vt ka aubaea: to scare, to frighten, to intimidate, to threaten.


O aubanga 
  from auta te banga
  vt to rift, to rob, to enter for burglary, to empty money box.
  ex aubangaea nanon te auti: rob a house.


B aubéabea 
  va very slow in walking
  va late
  n slowness in walking
O aubeabea 
  from au
  a delayed, belated.
  vt aubea aubeabea: to keep late, to hold back.
  vc ka-aubeabea: to make...


O aubingongoa 
  v to scratch with nails, to scrape away to the past particle.


L aubuna 
  sn Hippopus hippopus
  n large bivalve


B áubunga 
  n very large shell fish
O aubunga 
  n large clam shell (used as wash tub or basin).
L aubunga 
  sn Tridacoconuta
  n large (killer) bivalve


B áum'a 
  n parent
O auma 
  n relative, member of family.


B aumáiaki 
  n summer
  a being summer season
O aumaiaki 
  n Summer Solstice. (March to Sept.).
  ex e au maiaki: the sun is coming back from the south to pass to the north.


B auméang 
  n winter
  a being winter season
O aumeang 
  n Winter Solstice (Sept. to March)
  ex e au meang: the sun is moving from north to pass to south.
  note When Rimwimata (Antares) begins to appear above the horizon at 6 p.m. the good season (Aumaiaki) commences. Trade winds and currents flow from east. When Nei Auti (Pleides) begins to appear above the horizon at 6 p.m. the bad season starts (Aumeang). Irregular currents,westerly winds.
O aumeang1 
  n a species of shark (rare).
G aumeang 
  n a rare shark which may be taken when fishing for castor oil fish at about 60 fathoms or so (ll)
L aumeang 
  sn Charcharhinus albimarginatus
  n requiem shark


O aumua 
  from au and umum
  vt to bake.
  mote used mostly in the imp.
  ex aumunna: bake it.


B áunako 
  vi make much leeway
O aunako 
  n te aunako, e a aunako: tide retreating very far.


B áung 
  a four, in counting pandanus fruit
O aung 
  a four (when counting pandanus fruit)
  ex a-iri: four, when counting the separate segments.


B auráma 
  n gathering for feasting
O aurama 
  n mobilization of canoes to go to a feast or banquet, used mostly with the causative kaaurama.
  v to arrange to meet together.
O aurama1 
  v to wait... to watch for person to be met.
  vc ka aurama: to send... to look for person.


B áure 
  n owl (ENG)


O auri 
  from ura
  n fire without flames as ex. charcoal, etc.
  vt auria: to heat on this fire, to put on this fire.
  n te kai n auri: iron (S.).


O auriaria 
  n name of human who became a spirit (myth), meaning rising, coming from afar, from Samoa. allusion to light, sun, east.


O aurikiriki 
  v to form gradually, little by little
  ex e aurikiriki te nang: the clouds are...


B aáurua 
  n fish
O aurua 
  n a fish.


B áuta 
  vt draw out, pluck out, extract
O auta