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Peekskill USA

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published by the Civil Rights Congress, 1951
To Paul Robeson

1951. Peekskill: USA / a personal experience. introduction by William L. Patterson. 127 pp, 21 cm, [brown cloth, gold lettering]. Civil Rights Congress. New York.*

Photo section of the book

Howard Fast's Peekskill Affidavit
(Daily Worker, Sept. 13, 1949)

Howard Fast's Eyewitness Account of
Fascist Mob's Peekskill Attack

(Daily Worker, Oct. 30, 1949)

Peekskill, by Howard Fast
(Masses and Mainstream 2:10(3) Oct. 1949)

Peekskill, USA
by Irwin Silber (Sing Out!, 1951)

A Rough Sunday at Peekskill
by Roger M. Williams, American Heritage, April 1976.

The Peekskill Riot
Howard Fast's account in Being Red (1990)

The First Peekskill "riot": August 27, 1949
By Virginia Hirsch, 25 June 1998

50 Years later... Paul Robeson and the two Peekskills
with Fred and Ginny Hirsch, Orchard Chronicles (1999)

Peekskill USA: A Case Study in Resistance and Unity
David Lethbridge, A review of "Peekskill USA"
The Bethune Institute for Anti-Fascist Studies (Jan, 2001)

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Howard Fast

Peekskill USA

The complete text

Introduction by William L. Patterson


Part 1. The Quiet Beginning
Part 2. The Night of Terror
Part 3. Reaction on Sunday
Part 4. The Picnic Grounds
Part 5. The Golden Gate
Part 6. The Second Night of Terror
Part 7. A Point of View

[photo section]

Appendix I. Summary Conclusions of the ACLU
Appendix II. On the Role of the Police
Appendix III. The Victims
Appendix IV. Daily Compass, 9/5/1949, by Leon Edel
Appendix V. Was the Stoning Planned?
Appendix VI. CBS On-the-Spot Recording
Appendix VII. Anti-Semitism
Appendix VIII. Aftermath

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500 hardbound copies were numbered, and signed by Howard Fast, Paul Robeson (to whom it is dedicated), and William L. Patterson, who wrote the introduction.

William Patterson signed this with "Ours is the victory, here is the proof" above his signature."

1951. pbk, 127 pp, 21 cm. Civil Rights Congress. New York.*

Printing history
First Printing - January 1951 - 5,000 copies
Second Printing - April 1951 - 3,000 copies
Third Printing - October 1951 - 1,500 copies
(from the 3rd printing)

2006. pbk, 144pp,
ISBN: 0486452964,
Dover Publications, New York.

1951. 83 pp, 22 cm, [grey paper boards, black lettering]. People's Publishing House, Ltd. Bombay.*
cover painting of Paul Robeson at Peekskill by Soviet artists V. Poliakov, H. Shatz, and T. Radoman.

Publisher's Note, Introduction to the Indian edition
by Howard Fast and Paul Robeson.


1953, 1954. 110 pp, 20.5 cm, [brown cloth spine, white paper boards, red lettering] (publisher's note in Russian). Foreign Languages Publishing House. Moscow.*

  Text   Editions   Reviews   Translations

1951. Pikskill, SShA: rasskaz uchastnika sobytii. (Russian, tr. by E. Kalazhnikovoi) 95 pp, 20 cm, ill. (predislovie I. Anisimova; redaktor D. Zhantieva). Izd-vo inostrannoi lit-ry. Moskva.

1951. Peekskill USA German. pbk. 20.5 cm, 147pp. translated by Günter Baganz. Dietz Verlag GmbH, Berlin

paper cover, in cellophane wraps with "obi" (advertising strip)
1952. ピークスキル事件 (Piikusukiru jiken [Peekskill Incident]). Japanese, tr. by Matsumoto Masao. 224 pp, 18.2 cm, pbk, Chikuma Shokyoku. Tokyo.*

1956. Pi-ko-ssu-chi-erh shih chien: i ko chin shen ti ching li. Chinese, tr. by Huang Hsing-chi, Kuo Kai-lan. 5, 3, 115 pp, 19 cm, Tso chia chu pan she. Pei-ching.

  Text   Editions   Reviews   Translations

Jewish Life, Jul'51. Jay Verty. Review of Fast's "Peekskill USA".

Masses & Mainstream, May'51.

Doxey A. Wilkerson: The Peekskill Story

cover: "The Singer For Peace," a painting of Paul Robeson at Peekskill – the collective work of three Soviet artists, V. Poliakov, H. Shatz, and T. Radoman.