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Masses & Mainstream
November, 1955, p. 60

On Franz Weiskopf

Howard Fast

Franz Weiskopf has passed away. As always with a good comrade, a dear friend, a man of personality and vitality, it is hard to believe, hard to comprehend - hard to understand that we will never embrace him again when gates have opened and the warmth of peace has spread over the whole world.
This, I know, I had always promised myself. Always, it was soon, Franz - soon we will meet again, sit down together, break bread, talk. Now that will not be.
Yet Franz Weiskopf, as we knew him and as we loved him, remains with us. He came to us long ago, when a great cloud of darkness had settled over his beloved Europe, and for many years, he lived among us, joined in our own struggle, giving us so fully of his experience, his wisdom, and his calm certainty in the future.
When his own land was liberated, in the good time of man's struggle, he left us to go home. It was not farewell, but until we met again, and the warm human memory of him will remain with us always.
May I offer my condolences and the condolences of my colleagues who knew him and loved him to his widow, Grete, and to his comrades in Germany and Czechoslovakia.
Farewell, good comrade, and rest well and in peace.