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NEW YORK 19, N. Y.

November 27, 1946

Dear Member:

The outcome of the '46 elections is one of the
greatest challenges we progressives ever had.
Today we are faced with bigger opportunities and
a greater need than ever to fight for a progres-
sive program for the American people.

In spite of the defeat at the polls, ICCASP mem-
bership has increased by 800 since Election Day.

So, we are very much alive. And we are kicking
only because we have a deficit. We are in the
red because of what we did in the campaign.
Take a look at the record (enclosed) and see for
yourself. Sure it's a lot -- and it cost a lot
-- about $20,000 -- more than we received in dues
and contributions.

We fell far short of our quota and I am asking
you to pitch in and make your contribution now.
Let us take a leaf from our colleagues in the
Advertising Division who voted to assess them-
selves a minimum of $5.00 each. Reach into your
pocket now for a $5.00 bill and put it in the
enclosed return envelope. If you can stand it,
make it more. The deficit must be cleared up
before we can go ahead on our vitally important
new plans.

Thanks for your help!

Cordially yours,

uopwa 16-2