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New York City
March 10, 1961

Dear Mrs. Alexanders,

Yours is a difficult letter to answer helpfully.
It is ten years since I wrote Spartacus. I read
ancient history constantly, for pleasure as well
as instruction, and all of my reading and
investigation jells into a body of knowledge.
I don't do research in the accepted sense. Quite
to the contrary, I try to write about what I already
know. So to give you the sources for Spartacus
would be almost impossible. However, I think
you might enjoy reading Ward's Ancient and Lowly,
if you can find a copy, and Jerome Carcopino
probably knows more about ancient Rome than
any man alive. Read Graves and De Coulenges
on ancient religion---and that's only the beginning.
There are so many books, I hardly know where to
begin. I wish I could be more helpful.


Howard Fast