Scrabble Board If you think of Scrabble as a game with a group of family members sitting around a board at home, you're probably not familiar with the concept of Tournament Scrabble, 2-person Scrabble played under tournament conditions, with chess-timer clocks, rigid rules, and words like you've never heard. Part of the origin of this level of Scrabble seems to come from the development of official Scrabble dictionaries, such as, in America, The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (OSPD). These books make it possible to know, for example, all the legal 2-letter words, all the legal 3-letter words, etc. This changed things. With a Scrabble "Bible" it's possible to set out to master such useful vocabulary, a task otherwise seemingly unbound. Books and word-lists galore have appeared, particularly those emphasizing the learning the Q-words, Z-words, 2s which make 3s which make 4s, 7-letter anagrams, etc. Below I've posted my own guide to Learning the 2-letter words, and other lists which I think interesting or useful for increasing your score. Here's a link to Steven Alexander's Scrabble FAQ* about OSPD and its history and development.

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