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This site is continually being updated. If you've visited before, and you're wondering if anything's been added, this page shows the posting history of the major changes:

Jan. 20, 2010 - The counter seems to have stopped at 9,020,897 visits.

Apr. 22, 2009 - Counter wasn't visible for a while.. 9,020,738 visits.

Feb. 17, 2006 - Happy Birthday EclectiCity! 10 years old today! 6,024,000 visits.

Feb. 9, 2006 - Saint-Ex on Stamps, page layout and navigation revised... 5,993,000 visits.

Dec. 25, 2005 - Maigen, the Maigret Encyclopedia, added to the Maigret page... 5,811,000 visits.

Dec. 11, 2005 - A new homepage image, the southeast coast of Oahu, where this site originates from. A new introductory text, and a revised index, now linking directly to almost all pages, leaving the frame behind. The link to Internet Search is removed... the page lingers on in hyperspace. A long time without being updated, and Google supplies most of the answers... 5,764,000 visits.

Dec. 1, 2005 - Howard Fast - The start of the long overdue facelift and update for the Howard Fast site... improved navigation (top menus), revised images, preview texts... 5,726,500 visits.

Oct. 16, 2005 - Anti-Smoking on Stamps - 2nd Edition (revised)... 5,528,000 visits.

Feb. 17, 2005 - 9 years... 4,595,000 visits.

Dec 3, 2004 - Setmaker has been discontinued. "An idea whose time has passed."

Nov. 24, 2004 - Austronesian page removed - The server configuration has changed, and I can no longer update the email lists.

Feb. 17, 2004 - 8 years... 3,520,500 visits.

July 14, 2003 - A couple of days ago the visit counter passed the three million mark! Thanks for coming! counter: 3,008,815+

February 17, 2003 - Happy Birthday EclectiCity - 7 years old today!

2002-03 : 790,000
2001-02 : 510,000
2000-01 : 428,000
1999-00 : 354,000
1998-99 : 223,000
1997-98 : 228,000
1996-97 : 110,000
total : 2,643,000

Thanks for visiting!

January 1, 2003Happy New Year! – An update to Maigret - now there's a special section listing the plots of all the Maigret novels and stories. counter: 2,521,765+

October 6, 2002Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: A bibliography of biographical works in French and English. counter: 2,317,815+

June 8, 2002 – Another new topical stamp page – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – postage stamps from around the world dedicated to the author of The Little Prince. counter: 2,064,000+

May 4, 2002 - Sometime this morning the counter passed the two million mark! Exactly two years after the first million! Thanks for coming! counter: 2,001,343+

April 7, 2002 – A new topical philatelic page – anti-smoking stamps – postage stamps from countries around the world dedicated to promoting no-smoking for health – dozens of striking stamps with magnified images. counter: 1,947,000+

February 17, 2002 - Happy Birthday EclectiCity - 6 years old today!

2001-02 : 510,000
2000-01 : 428,000
1999-00 : 354,000
1998-99 : 223,000
1997-98 : 228,000
1996-97 : 110,000
total : 1,853,000

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November 3, 2001 - A new page - Og — Son of Fire - a section of Prehistoric Fiction. Irving Crump's series of books about a cave boy of half a million years ago... which first appeared in Boys' Life magazine a mere 80 years ago, December, 1921. counter: 1,685,000

June 8, 2001 - I believe all of the files except the page search engines have been restored. If you notice anything missing or outdated, please let me know. I hope to have the individual page searchers back up soon, but you can still use the full-site engine above.

June 7, 2001 - Most of the files have been restored. There is still a problem with Prehistoric Fiction, and many of the site search engines are still disabled. The cause is still unknown. counter: 1,492,500+

June 6, 2001 - DISASTER!! This site went down for as yet unknown reasons, resulting in all files lost. I'm working on getting everything back up, but this will take some time. Please be patient.

April 12, 2001 - The section of the Kiribati page dedicated to Robert Louis Stevenson (Tusitala) on postage stamps has been moved out onto its own page: RLS on Stamps (Tusitala Philatelica), making my third topical (thematic) philatelic page, along with Detective Fiction on Stamps (including The Philatelic Sherlock Holmes), and Chess on Stamps.

February 17, 2001 - Happy Birthday EclectiCity - 5 years old today!

2000-01 : 428,000
1999-00 : 354,000
1998-99 : 223,000
1997-98 : 228,000
1996-97 : 110,000
total : 1,343,000

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December 9, 2000 - No, it's not true that nothing has changed since the site passed the million mark... but no new sections have appeared. Most of the new additions have been to the Detective Fiction on Stamps pages, which have had major updates and additions, and the continued expansion of the Prehistoric Fiction Bibliography, including major contributions of French material from Marc Madouraud. New material continues to be regularly added to the Howard Fast and Maigret pages. The Books pages are regularly updated, and a new page for Foreign Language Book Sources has been added. counter: 1,251,000+

May 5, 2000 - This morning the counter passed the million mark! Thanks for coming!

March 30, 2000 - At the Kiribati page, Two long, full-text documents on the Morning Stars, the 19th-century Pacific missionary ships: Hiram Bingham Jr.'s 1866 "Story of the Morning Star" (along with the 1883 Sequel), with all the original prints, and Albert Baker's 1942 "Morning Stars and Missionary Packet" survey article. counter: 957,000+

March 18, 2000 - A new page: The Philatelic Sherlock Holmes - An addition to the Detective Fiction on Stamps page, including a Sherlock Holmes Philatelic Bibliography. counter: 945,000+

February 28, 2000 - A new page: Michelin France - A collection of of more than 50 cover images of Michelin maps of France, dating from the mid-'30s to the present, with click-to-enlarge capability. counter: 923,000+

February 17, 2000 - Happy Birthday EclectiCity - 4 years old today!

1996-97 : 110,000
1997-98 : 228,000
1998-99 : 223,000
1999-00 : 354,000
total : 915,000

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January 15, 2000 - The Prehistoric Fiction Bibliography has been updated, with new titles, new indexes, more images, smaller page size, links to Amazon... counter: 875,000+

January 1, 2000 - Happy New Year!
counter: 863,000+

December 8, 1999 - On the Prehistoric Fiction page: A short story: The Singing Stick, by Edgar Pangborn, a prehistoric murder mystery found in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, August, 1952. counter: 845,000+

December 3, 1999 - What's new in the past few months has generally appeared on the Maigret pages, where numerous translations from the French have been added, including those of previously untranslated stories and a novel written under pseudonym, as well as articles from conference papers and journals devoted to Simenon, and more: many new additions on the bibliogrphy pages, ongoing developments on the bulletin page, etc... look around! counter: 840,000+

June 23, 1999 - A new page makes its debut today, Detective Fiction on Stamps, a topical philately page. Stamps from around the world celebrating fictional detectives and their authors... resulting from my expanding interst in the expanding set at the Maigret page. counter: 682,000+

March 12, 1999 - Lots of new online texts at Howard Fast -- all his Masses & Mainstream articles and stories, many new Daily Worker and New York Times articles from the '40s. And an online bookshop for buying his books directly from Amazon / Many of the online articles at Mel Lyman have been expanded... / New stamps and theme music at the Maigret Gallery, and lots of news on the Maigret Bulletin Board. counter: 581,000+

February 17, 1999 - Happy Birthday EclectiCity - 3 years old today! 110,000 visits the first year, 228,000 the second, 223,000 last year - uh oh! Thanks for coming! counter: 561,000+

December 26, 1998 - Happy Holidays! A long overdue update to the Blade Runner page: two early scripts, numerous images of posters and books, links cleaned up... And the debut of BookSeek, my search engine for finding books at sites not listed with the Big Three or otherwise unsearchable, at the Books page. Counter: 513,000+

December 18, 1998 - Lots of new material has been added to the Mel Lyman page: A section on the issues of American Avatar, and on Mel Lyman on Record, to name a few. Counter: passed the first half million! 510,000+

November 23, 1998 - New additions to the Cooper Union page: Elbert Hubbard's 1909 biography of Peter Cooper, and an interesting stereoptycon view of Cooper Union and the 3rd Ave El from 1903.. Counter: 492,000+

November 14, 1998 - I've added the Thunderstone Webinator Search Engine (above), providing a complete and sophisticated site search facility for the whole site. Counter: 486,000+

September 22, 1998 - The big news is this site has a new location: http://www.trussel.com - which should provide more dependable access. Please make corrections to your links, bookmarks, favorites...!
The Maigret page has a new look - all revised, with new, on-line texts added. / The summer's new "Prehistoric News" articles have been added to Prehistoric News. Counter: 456,000+

July 17, 1998 - New on-line articles added to Howard Fast, including the last two months of his Daily Worker columns for 1956, leading up to his quitting the party. / Many additions and revisions on the to Maigret page, including the on-going bulletin board. / Regular updates made at Books & Book Collecting and Prehistoric News. Counter: 422,000+

Happy Anniversary postcard - Thanks Eleni!
February 17, 1998 - Happy Birthday EclectiCity - 2 years old today! 110,000 visits the first year, 228,000 visits in the second year! Thanks for coming! Large Avatar (Boston underground newspaper 1967-68) section added to Mel Lyman. counter: 338,000+

February 3, 1998 - Over 300 new entries and numerous updates added to a.k.a (author pseudonyms): now over 7,200. counter: 330,000+

January 27, 1998 - Leslie Garis' 1984 New York Times Magazine article, Simenon's Last Case added to Maigret. Another story (A Child is Born) and article (Reply to Critics) at Howard Fast. 325,000+

January 21, 1998 - Bulgaria XV Olympiad, errors and variations on the checklist added to Chess on Stamps. 322,000+

January 18, 1998 - Chronological Chess Stamps Checklist added to Chess on Stamps. 320,000+

January 6, 1998 - I've added the columns I've been writing for Japan Currents, "What's in a Word", to the Stories page, (and many of the same to the Japanese page) - light linguistic articles on both English and Japanese topics.

January 4, 1998 - Happy New Year! New photos added to the Kiribati page, and to the Howard Fast photo gallery / articles from Boston Globe, Avatar letters, U&I, and book-cover images added to the Mel Lyman page / Non-functioning HotBot input form replaced at Search / and a new counter system from dBasics, for individual page counts, to replace the Wishing counter which gave up the ghost last fall. The site counter (the old standby WebCounter from digits.com, now appearing at the top of this page too): 311,000+

December 25, 1997 - Merry Christmas everyone! As 1997 draws rapidly to a close... I wonder why I haven't updated this page lately. Most of what's new is the usual... more texts on Howard Fast, more news on Preshistoric Fiction, more forms and info on Books & Book Collecting, more comments on Lafcadio Hearn. Kiribati and Kiribatese have merged... Happy New Year! The counter: over 306,000...

October 28, 1997 - The Mel Lyman page now has on-line versions of many of the writings of Mel Lyman, primarily short pieces which appeared in Avatar in the late 60s, supplementing the articles about Mel Lyman. / Several new, previously unrecorded items added to the Howard Fast bibliography, including his 1940 story from Romance magazine, Loves Marches at Midnight, an image of that magazine's cover, and the cover of the Amazing Stories issue which contained his first published story. The counter: around 270,000...

October 1, 1997 - Pages have been updated much more often then this "new" page. Maigret now has multi-language title listings and film listings, as well as a bulletin board. / Howard Fast has been redesigned and includes many more listings and online texts, and is a member of the Ring of Books. / Books and Book Collecting has many new search forms, a dust-jacket version of Setmaker, and a section on (offline) Search Services. / Prehistoric Fiction is now a member of the Paleo Ring / The counter passed the 250,000 mark...

June 6, 1997 - Prehistoric Fiction - Bibliography has a new, all-in-one format. / Books and Book Collecting has a new section on Book Collecting Software and some new search forms. / New online texts at Howard Fast. / WebCounter: 190,000+...

May 4, 1997 - Howard Fast Portrait Gallery with photos of the author from dustjackets and early newspaper clips. / a.k.a. - Pseudonmyms passes the 5,000 mark, and adds new Top Ten list of most pseudonymous authors. / At Books there's a new Bibliophile Maillist Address List, and many new maillists have been added. / Bulletin Board added at Lafcadio Hearn for questions and answers... / WebCounter: 170,000+...

March 29, 1997 - A new frame-based navigation system for Books and Book Collecting. And a list of suppliers of out-of-print magazines. And additions to the pseudonym file...

March 24, 1997 - A new version of the Howard Fast Bibliography: now most books (about 100) show dust jackets, and dedications have been added; editions, audios and translations have been moved to clickable links to lower the file size so the dj images have time to load.

March 8, 1997 - A new feature at Books: a.k.a - Author Pseudonyms, over 3,000 names and pseudonyms on-line. More dustjacket images added to the Prehistory Bibliography, along with lots of Prehistoric News, prehistoric-related articles from current newspapers. WebCounter: 130,000+.

February 17, 1997 - Happy Birthday EclectiCity - 1 year old today! 110,000 visits in the first year!

February 9, 1997 - Regular updates to Books, Howard Fast, Prehistory, etc., but the milestone is the WebCounter: 100,000+, about a week short of the 1st year anniversary of this page.

January 22, 1997 - Kiribati: A new edition of the Kiribati Bibliography is online, updated through 1996, with smaller files, title index, topic index.../ WebCounter: 81,000+.

January 7, 1997 - Aikido: New photos and history from the 30th Anniversary Booklet of Nuuanu Aikido Club and other sources in Hawaii / WebCounter: 67,000+.

January 3, 1997 - Happy New Year! Books: "Multi-input" JavaScript added to search forms. "More Search Forms" now has 25 booksite forms / Prehistoric Fiction: new links, more book reviews / WebCounter: 63,000+.

December 17, 1996 - carvings: a new page; soapstone carvings by native and other artists, including some of my own / Prehistoric Fiction: new links, and "prehistoric news" section / WebCounter: 47,000+.

December 4, 1996 - Books and Book Collecting now has a new page of search forms, with another 18 dealer catalogs listed searchable on-line, including European and specialty dealers. / Prehistoric Fiction has grown, maybe "matured" a little. / WebCounter? 37,000+.

November 24, 1996 - Prehistoric Fiction: Another new page! Still a "work-in-progress," but ready enough for a first look. / And the controversial Mel Lyman page slipped in unheralded (and presumbly unnoticed) on October 10 it seems. So much for advertising! / And... Music! Launches automatically with MS Internet Explorer, or clickable with Netscape on... Home Page, Books and Book Collecting, Maigret, and of course, Banjo.

November 11, 1996 - Lafcadio Hearn: A new page! With an extensive, detailed, descriptive bibliography, including title index, key to other authors and editors, and links to Hearn on the Web. (The WebCounter passed 20,000 today.)

November 3, 1996 - Search the Net! pages split into separate categories for faster loading. Indexes, new engines added.

October 29, 1996 - Howard Fast: Many additional texts added. Fast's complete New Masses articles and stories are now online. / Books: New searchable booksite, Reference books for collectors, SetMaker regular updates... (This site's WebCounter passed 13,000 today.)

October 12, 1996 - List of Simenon biographies, bibliographies, critical works, and "Maigret" photo added to Maigret.

October 3, 1996 - A new page: Chess on Stamps. Chess commemorated on postage stamps of the 40s and 50s. Many stamp images.

October 1, 1996 - This site's WebCounter passed the 6,500 mark today... Besides a simpler background to make things easier to read, I've added new forms and logos to Books, now with title search capability, and a clickable index at Searchable Bookstores (from the first screen) / Aikido has new photos / Banjo has some beautiful banjo pix (click on the banjo at the first screen), along with added books and tabs, and more music / Kiribati has a Christmas Island philatelic souvenir sheet.

September 28, 1996 - Banjo now includes background music - at least with MS Internet Explorer 3.0 - starting with a midi version of Dueling Banjos / Many more articles have been added to the Howard Fast Bibliography, updated every few days, and now including a clickable index to all the on-line articles and stories. / SetMaker is updated almost daily.

September 11, 1996 - SetMaker now includes the lists of sets of books with missing volumes - or volumes missing sets / Many new articles have been added to the Howard Fast Bibliography - Just click on a title (in Articles, About Howard Fast...) to read full text articles from The Daily Worker, New Masses, and more exciting "news" from the McCarthy Era.

August 29, 1996 - Inspector Maigret Bibliography. A listing of "all" of Simenon's Inspector Maigret novels and stories in their various English language editions. / And a new section in books: Book Terms / Glossaries with links to on-line glossaries of book and book-collecting terms, and explanations of paper sizes.

August 16, 1996 - Banjo updated, including the new "Banjo Books List," many new titles in the BTI, new links...

August 9, 1996 - Blade Runner updated, including the new "Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner" by Paul M. Sammon. / Howard Fast Bibliography now has clickable titles for almost all books, linking to the full dust-jacket blurbs of the original editions / New Links on the Misc page...

July 4, 1996 - More new forms and links at Books / some graphics and long files moved to remote site.

June 9, 1996 - A new layout and lots of new stuff at Books. There's the SetMaker service I've set up, new direct forms-accesible bookstore links, new libraries and library access... / And of course the Howard Fast bibliography is constantly updated, as is the Austronesian phone book.

May 12, 1996 - Shodouka link/form updated for new location / some new banjo connections

May 8, 1996 - Spartacus, the movie, and other new links, articles and book-covers for Howard Fast, as well as bibliography update with story synopses / New used-book search form, Compuserve Books and Magazine Page / New links to Philip K. Dick at Blade Runner / New links at Misc, Aikido, English, Japanese...

April 16, 1996 - Communications Decency Act. More bad news about US Government censorship of the Web.

April 1, 1996 - Austronesian: new Phone Lists / Howard Fast: two science-fiction stories: The First Men & The Martian Shop; Wald's biographical article on Fast; bibliography update / Nihongo: new Japanese-related links.

March 28, 1996 - Nihongo: Numbers and Classifiers. Two charts, partially in Japanese, including probably the "largest list of classifiers to be found anywhere."

March 27, 1996 - Bookstores: direct searching of Amazon, Bookstacks and Pandora, and some new library connections / English, ESL: new links to ESL pages.

March 26, 1996 - Shodouka: direct launching of Shodouka / Search: direct searching of Alta Vista, InfoSeek, and Open Text.

March 25, 1996 - Ukiyo-e: best new links to more ukiyo-e on the Web / Nihongo: Shodouka connection - read Japanese on the Web without a Japanese operating system! / more in the Howard Fast bibliography...

March 19, 1996 - Howard Fast: major bibliography update: now includes numerous foreign editions / ASCII-Art sigs - some new ones and some links / libraries: some good new links.

March 14, 1996 - Search the Net! A new section: The Ultimate Guide to Internet Search Engines and Multi-Search Services!

March 11, 1996 - English / ESL: A new section for texts, lists, teaching materials... speech-contest winners and VOC software have moved to here too.

March 10, 1996 - Non-frame version: New lay-out and navigation to more closely match the frame version / revised version of the Howard Fast bibliography.

March 9, 1996 - Kiribati: Part IV of Robert Louis Stevenson's "In the South Seas": The Gilberts - Apemama.

March 8, 1996 - Kiribati: Louis Becke's "grizzly story of treachery and murder," Deschard of Oneaka / This "What's New!" Page.

March 6, 1996 - Nauruan: Solange Petit-Skinner's Nauruan-English Vocabulary, Nauruan Swadesh List / character graphics: A couple of new ASCII character signatures / Misc: "Baldy Marty" image

March 5, 1996 - Scrabble: Japanese Scrabble Words, FAQs, Learning the 2-letter words.

March 3, 1996 - Kiribati: Kiribati flag , Christmas Island fish image (& link) / Cooper Union, UH, JAIMS: campus images, haori image.

March 2, 1996 - Howard Fast: biography - "Noticing Howard Fast"

March 1, 1996 - Austronesian: new Phone Lists.

Feb. 29, 1996 - Stories: "A Pile of Rocks" .

Feb. 26, 1996 - Misc: Einstein image (& link) / Banjo: Banjo Tune Index - new, faster indexing (frame version).

Feb. 25, 1996 - Aikido: Yoshioka-sensei's Aikido - new indexing (frame version) / Misc: "Meat" / Stories: 15 short stories.

Feb. 16, 1996 - This site made its debut!