(Nauruan NAOERO), officially REPUBLIC OF NAURU, island republic in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, about 2,580 miles (4,160 km) southwest of Hawaii. Oval in shape, it has a circumference of 12 miles (19 km) and an area of 8 square miles (21 square km). Nauru's capital is Yaren administrative centre. Pop. (1994 est.) 10,200. Encyclopædia Britannica.
NEWS: Nauru Admitted to U.N. - 6/27/99
Nauruan is one of the least known languages of Micronesia. I managed to collect a variety of lexical data from various published and unpublished sources, which I collated by means of a computer database. One of the earliest Nauruan lexical descriptions was by Ph. A. Delaporte, in 1907. His German-Nauruan Taschenworterbuch, containing about 1600 entries, is given here in an expanded English translation, made with the assistance of Dieter Haberl, in which the various English glosses for the German have been independently alphabetized.