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(detail of a photo by Michael Harvest, ca. 1962)



The material on this site is controversial. Almost all of it is from published sources, but in many cases the accuracy - the truth - of the content has been disputed.

Was that really the way it was?

Mel Lyman was controversial. He was the brilliant folk musician who soothed the Dylan-ruffled crowd at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, the Fort Hill guru whose prose in the undergound newspaper Avatar shocked conservative Bostonians of the late 60s...

He died some 25 years ago at age 40, and the articles and writings included here start from about 15 years earlier, from 1963. It's "ancient history", but a little piece of it was also my history, and Mel Lyman was important in my life. He taught me something important, something that changed me for the better, and so I feel I owe him at least this, a place on the Internet.

The last time I saw him was probably in 1967, so I have no first-hand knowledge of most of the events described here - I've never been to Fort Hill, and didn't know most of the people. It was because of rumors I read in newsgroups on the Internet around 1995 that I started this research - this site - to try to find some of the "truth" - to learn something about the Mel Lyman after I knew him.

Many years of collecting, and help from numerous people has resulted in the large collection of articles reproduced here. Some say Lyman was God... others that he was a devil... but most of these articles show him as a charismatic individual somewhere between those two extremes.

A large part of this is from the writings of Mel himself, from his published books and Avatar, so that he can "tell his own story." He has many, many voices.

Some of the links below are to subpages with additional articles, such as the large Avatar section. If some truth is to be found within the hundreds of pages included here, it will not be quickly, and not without patience.

The first piece below is from Mel's 1971 "Mirror at the End of the Road", a diary-like book he seems to have assembled mainly from letters he had written, like this one from early 1963. It reminds me of the writing of Jack Kerouac, and I find my own name and wonder why I can't remember it all as clearly as if it were yesterday...

Was that really the way it was?

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With rue my heart is laden . Mel Lyman. January, 1963, Bowery loft, New York. (from Mirror at the End of the Road. 1971)

Two letters from Mel Lyman. Mel Lyman, May, 1963.

Sept. 18, 1963

Grandison Singers
Notes on Mel Lyman. The Broadside, Sept. 18, 1963, p.9. E.C. & F.L.
"...If Mel Lyman stays around Boston for awhile, it would give us all an opportunity to hear authentic music sung in a way that deserves to be perpetuated."


I dreamt about our old house in the country again last night. Mel Lyman. May 20, 1964, attic cave, Cambridge, Mass. (from Mirror at the End of the Road. 1971)

Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band
Just Playin' Folks. photographs by John Launois. Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band at the Second Fret, Phildelphia coffeehouse. Saturday Evening Post, p. 26-27, May 30, 1964.
Carolyn Hester

Mel Lyman on record: with Eric von Schmidt, Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band. 1964-1971.

It was through his music that Mel Lyman's name first became widely known -- click on the album covers for a detailed guide to all of his published recordings, with liner notes.


May 1965

Robert Kennedy
Harmonica (actual title unknown) by John Bowers. Coronet, May, 1965, pp 138-143. mentions Mel on p. 142...
... The "blues" harmonica moves in an underground world most of the time, not in the glare of publicity. It has "in" celebrities who are little known to most people. Sonny Terry, the great folk artist, is perhaps the most legendary figure. Then there's Mel Lyman, the Grand Old Man of the "blues" harmonica in his mid-twenties, who plays in a jug band and who has started many a young man on a promising "blues" career....

Aug. 18, 1965

Chambers Brothers
On the Scene by Robert J. Lurtsema. The Broadside, Aug. 18, 1965, ends with Mel at the Newport Festival:
...And from a lone mike on stage, the thin plaintive cry of a harp sobbed "Rock of Ages!' "Rock of ages, cleft for me..." it sang, over and over, the same simple chorus, the same refrain, and the audience fell in step. It was a plea, a hymn, a dirge, a lullaby. Twenty times, thirty, more, and always the same beseeching, stroking, praying, pleading; then slower, softer, and, as the supplication trailed away, the park was empty and people were on their way home.
Thank you, Mel Lyman.

Photo of Mel Lyman and Patrick Sky, by Julie Snow.
Philadelphia Harmonica Workshop, 1965.

Photo of Mel Lyman by Julie Snow   (2/66?)  

Photo of Mel Lyman
by Julie Snow, 1966.


Lyman Happens at Orleans. Linda Kalver, Boston After Dark, May 11, 1966.

Aug. 3, 1966
Mel Lyman
Jim Kweskin
Mel Lyman: in The Broadside, Cambridge, Mass., 1965-1966.

United Illuminating. Ralph Earle, The Broadside, Cambridge, Mass., August 3 & 17, 1966.

July 20, 1966

Newport Festival issue
Kweskin Jug Band cover

Hohner Blues Harp ad
from the 1966 Newport
Folk Festival brochure.

Autobiography of a World Saviour. [Mel Lyman]. 83pp, 10.2cm. ©Jonas Press. Printed in the U.S.A. GPO 1499. New York, New York 10001. 1966.

Loneliness is the sole motivation... (Introduction to Autobiography).

On writing "Autobiography of a World Saviour"


Happy Be-In-At Park. Bay State Banner, Roxbury, Mass. April 29, 1967.

October 28, 2010 - Issues of Avatar listed for sale on eBay

The Avatar "underground newspaper" is the key resource for an understanding of Mel Lyman and his contemporaries in the late 60s. Published 1967-68, it presented around 1,100 articles and letters, including over 150 by Mel. Some 200 of them - about half by Mel - are accessible here, via the links which start in this panel.

index to Mel's articles
index to other articles
Avatar. bi-weekly newspaper. 24 issues, Boston, June 9, 1967- Apr 26, 1968. -- A guide and index to all the Avatar issues.

Avatar & American Avatar articles & columns by Mel Lyman 1967-69. -- All the Lyman articles arranged by issue.

Eben Given: drawings from Avatar, 1967-68. -- Forty of the fine Eben Given drawings which helped earn the Avatar its high artistic reputation.

WBZ Radio Interview. WBZ's Bob Kennedy interviews Mel Lyman, Wayne Hansen, Eben Given. Early June, 1967. (partial transcript, Avatar N°6, Aug. 18, 1967.)

The Underground Press. Jacob Brackman, Playboy, p. 83, August, 1967. [The article was apparently written before the appearance of Avatar, which isn't mentioned. It was sent to Mel for comment, according the letter in Avatar N°6, p.14, from A.C. Spectorsky, Editorial Director, answered by Mel in that column, and the November 1967 issue of Playboy, below.]

Avatar: Notes from A Sober Underground. Michael Horowitz, The Village Voice, p. 18, October 5, 1967.

Avatar descends on Boston: The underground press speaks up. Jane Harriman, Boston Sunday Globe, October 8, 1967.

Avatar to be banned in Cambridge? Avatar N°11, p.17, October 27, 1967.

Letter to Playboy. Mel's response (among others) to Playboy's Jacob Brackman article, above. Playboy, November 1967, p 12.

Avatar Explains its Side. Jeremiah V. Murphy, Boston Globe, December, 1967.

Harrassment. Avatar N°14, p.3, Dec 8, 1967.

Friendly Fifty on Fort Hill -- Better Way for People? Robert L. Levey, Boston Globe, December 12, 1967.

Avatar and Fort Hill: A Community of Free Men. Steve Kovaka. Innisfree, pp. 4-7, December, 1967.

Festival: A film by Murray Lerner, DVD 2005 Eagle Rock Entertainment (©1967 Patchke Productions). (A musical film made from sequences at Newport Folk Festivals in the early '60s. Mel Lyman appears in the opening sequence, "Jug Band Prelude", with Kweskin behind Pete Seeger in "Green Corn", and with a brief comment after Dick and Mimi Farina.) - this was the Mel Lyman that I knew...


Incident in Harvard Square. Boston magazine, pp. 42-44, January, 1968.

Roy Cohn
GOD IS BACK, He says so himself. L.M. Kit Carson. Esquire Magazine, p.104-5, February 1968. Photograph by Diane Arbus. (Another Arbus portrait of Mel Lyman, apparently taken for the article but not printed in the magazine, appears in Arbus' Diane Arbus Magazine Work, Aperture, 1972, p.91.)
(detail of a photo by Diane Arbus, Esquire, February 1968)

White Revolutionaries Settle in Roxbury. Susan E. Davis. Bay State Banner, Roxbury, Mass. February 15, 1968.

Avatar Forces the Issue. Susan E. Davis. Bay State Banner, Roxbury, Mass. February 15, 1968.

How Escalation Brought the Chief to the Bargaining Table. Wayne Hansen. Avatar N°19, Boston. Feb. 16, 1968.

Transcript of an Interview Between Mel Lyman and Dave Silver. Avatar N°19, Boston. Feb. 16, 1968.

Battle of Four-Letter Words. Time, March 8, 1968.

New York Avatar. Mar 29, 1968 - August 1968 "...four Manhattan-based influential underground papers: the New York Free Press, the East Village Other, the Rat, and the Avatar." Steven Heller. "A Youth in the Youth Culture" Apr. 6, 1998.

Avatar closes its Mel. Robert L. Levey, Boston Globe, March 26, 1968(?).

The Structure of Structure. A conversation between Mel Lyman, David Gude, Jim Kweskin and Joey Goldfarb. Avatar N°22, Boston. Mar. 29, 1968.

Avatar Job Nets 45000. Brian Kelly. Boston Free Press, Third Edition, [May, 1968].

Avatar Heist. Brian Kelly. Boston Free Press, Fifth Edition, [June, 1968].

Grace Slick
The Boston Sound / The Velvet Underground & Mel Lyman. Wayne McGuire. Crawdaddy!, N° 17, p. 43, August 1968, New York.

The Flower People. Henry Gross. ("The Lynch Family" pp. 69-91) New York. Ballantine Books. pbk. 17.8 cm, 180 pp. 1968.

Non-Psychedelic Reflections of Fort Hill. Michele B. Slung. Harvard Summer News. August 20, 1968, p.3.

Mel Lyman on Music. New England Scene, October 1968, Boston, p.11.

Do You Know the Courage Man? Anthony R. Dolan, National Review, Dec. 3, 1968.


American Avatar. magazine. 4 issues. irregular. Boston. October 1968- Summer 1969.

Conversation between Paul Williams and Mel Lyman. transcript of a conversation recorded June 8, 1969, at Thomas Hart Benton's home on Martha's Vineyard. (in: Paul Williams, Pushing Upward, pp.295-317. Links Books, New York. 1973. reissued 2000.)

The Fort Hill Community. Mel Lyman. American Avatar (2). pp 22-33. Boston. November 1969.

Fort Hill: Re-inventing Life on a Hilltop in Roxbury. Robert L. Levey, Boston Globe, Sunday, February 1, 1970.
(Michael Kindman on this article, from "My Odyssey Through the Underground Press")


Pluto. "A magazine produced by the Lyman Family called Pluto appeared in New York, but it only lasted one issue." Paul Mills, "An American Avatar: Mel Lyman", Fusion, April 16, 1971. 48 pp. 1970.


An American Avatar: Mel Lyman, Paul Mills, Fusion, No. 54, pp 7-12, photographs by Peter Simon, cover drawing by Patrick Foss. April 16, 1971.

Robert Somma's "Editor's Page" introducing this article, in Fusion, No. 54, p. 3, April 16, 1971.
Robert Somma's follow-up "Editor's Page" on this article, in Fusion, No. 55, April 30, 1971.

The World is Dying. Richard Herbruck. L.A. Free Press June 11, 1971 p. 5).
(On the identity of Richard Herbruck, in David Felton, Chapter 7; in Michael Kindman, p. 437)

Plea For Courage. Mel Lyman. L.A. Free Press, July 30, 1971, p. 2; Fusion, (#62) Sept. 17, 1971.

Is Mel Lyman God? Art Kunkin, Los Angeles Free Press, (part 1) July 30, 1971.
God Is Mel Lyman. Art Kunkin, Los Angeles Free Press, (part 2) Aug 13, 1971.
["Art Kunkin founded and edited The Los Angeles Free Press in 1964, the first alternative newspaper then, co-founded the Underground Press Syndicate that became the national nervous system of the 60's, co-founded and edited the Whole Life Times in the 1980's, has been a contributor to and supporter of Change Links, edits the World Wide Free Press on the Internet, and has now been appointed publisher of "The Big Issue", U.S.A."]

"I want to take MIRROR AT THE END OF THE ROAD and wave it in front of every face in America and shout "Read this!"

Mirror at the End of the Road. Mel Lyman. [236] pp, 20.3cm. Illustrated by Ebon [Eben] Given. Photographs by Link Devereaux, Charles Frizzell, Bruce Gemill, Tony Glover, Bill Harrell, Michael Harvest, Mel Lyman, Ron McElderry, Julie Snow. Preface by Wayne Hansen. An American Avatar Publication. (Distributed by Ballantine Books.) ©1971 United Illuminating Inc. 27 Fort Avenue, Roxbury, Massachusetts 02119. 1971.
Epilogue, Valentine's Day, 1971.
(available for $30 including postage and handling from: Dick Russell, Six Fort Avenue Terrace, Boston, MA 02119-1480.)

letter from Mel Lyman to his 4th grade teacher, Dixie Duke, in Santa Rosa. (printed as part of the Epilogue to The Lyman Family's Holy Siege of America) Dec. 8, 1971.

Jim Kweskin's America, co-starring Mel Lyman and the Lyman Family. liner notes for the Reprise 6464 album. 1971.

(detail of a photo from 'Mirror at the End of the Road')

Kweskin's Revival. Dierdre Gallagher. B.A.D., Boston. September 28, l971. p.22.

Rolling Stone N° 98
Mel Lyman
The Lyman Family's Holy Siege of America, by David Felton. Part I. Rolling Stone. No. 98. p.40-60. (reprinted in Mindfuckers, below.) Dec. 23, 1971.

The Lyman Family's Holy Siege of America, by David Felton. Part II. Rolling Stone. No. 99. p.40-60. (reprinted in Mindfuckers, below.) Jan. 6, 1972.

Rolling Stone N° 99
Cat Stevens

"... Family members ... say the piece was defamatory and full of lies."
Lyman Family's Responses to Felton:
extracts from various articles, 1978-1997


 The Lyman Family's Holy Siege of America. David Felton. in: Mindfuckers: A Source Book on the Rise of Acid Fascism in America Including material on Charles Manson, Mel Lyman, Victor Baranco and their followers by David Felton, Robin Green, and David Dalton. pbk. 20.8cm, 324pp. (pp. 147-324). Edited by David Felton. ISBN 0-87932-038-9. Straight Arrow Books, 623 Third Street, San Francisco, California 94107. 1972.

Mel & Charlie's Women - The Souring of Street Life. Ellen Herst. Boston After Dark, p. 1, (12, 13). Vol. III, Num. 7, February 15-21, 1972.

Huey Newton
Beyond Shazam at Guru Gulch. Robin Green.
Rolling Stone #114, pp 14-15, Aug. 3, 1972.

Mel's "Bowery loft" (38 Canal Street, NYC)

from the back cover of Mirror
photo by Michael Harvest (?), 1960s.

ca. 1985
photo by Martin Abramowitz

facing south, 1990s
photo by Martin Abramowitz

photo by Matthew Klein

lyman, mel, in Mug Shots, by Jay Acton, Alan Le Mond, Parker Hodges. p. 134. World Publishing, New York. 1972.

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Mark Frechette - Daria Halprin...

Look, Nov. 18, 1969
Antonioni Flick: Sally Dennison interview by Rowland Koefod. Boston Free Press, [June 1968], p.4.

Antonioni's Newest Superstars. American Avatar, Summer 1969, pp 10-15.

Antonioni's America. Jack Hamilton, Look, November 18, 1969

Cinema: Fourteen Points to 'Zabriskie'. John Burks, Rolling Stone, #53, March 7, 1970

Daria. Pluto, 1970, pp 31-35.

Rolling Stone #53, March 7, 1970

Mark Frechette and Daria Halprin on the Dick Cavett show. ca. 1970 (YouTube clip).

Police Kill Gunman in Bank Holdup. Bert MacNeil and Jack Cadigan, Boston Herald American, August 30, 1973.

Gunman killed, 2 others arrested in holdup try at Roxbury bank. John Robinson, Boston Globe, August 30, 1973.

Man killed in robbery identified. Boston Globe, September 2, 1973.

Fort Hill commune seeks facts in bank holdup death. Joe Pilati, Boston Globe, September 3, 1973.

Actor finds his life took unplanned turn. Steven Kurkjian and John Robinson, Boston Globe, September 3, 1973.

Dick Cavett show, 1970

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In Between. (1964-1978). Jonas Mekas. Footage shot during the hiatus separating Lost, Lost, Lost from Walden Finds a Home. "Mel Lyman, Salvador Dali, Allen Ginsberg, Norman Mailer and Jane Holzer rub shoulders, at least cinematically. Mel Lyman playing banjo on the roof of 23rd Street was actually recorded on the roof, with the wind blowing in the mike." 52 min., with banjo and found music.


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Spaceship interview given via Ouija board. Gary Moore, The Boston Herald American, p. 14, March 26, 1978.

Cult leader's early years were spent on the move. The Boston Herald American, p. 14, March 26, 1978.

"His Family says that he died in April, 1978, after a lingering illness."
Mel Lyman: Special Place in Family
Los Angeles Times, August 4, 1985


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"...I grew up in a Family of 150 people - 'The Family.' We didn't go to public school, and we didn't listen to radio. The only television shows we saw were old movies that we were required to watch. At night we all sat around and sang while the adults played instruments. It was a highly intolerant, manipulative, and frightening place to grow up, but we didn't know that. It was our lives for as long as we could remember, and we were taught to believe that we were being protected from the World."
Guinevere Turner: "Kat"


The Mel Lyman Webpage - October 10, 1996 - This Mel Lyman site appeared on the internet, in a much smaller version. The URL was Two years later the home page URL became what it is now,


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June 4, 2003

Request for Information

I am working on a biography of Mel Lyman, from his years as a "folk musician" through his years writing for The Avatar and as a leader of the Fort Hill Community. I'm seeking to interview as many people as possible who knew Mel, as well as gathering copies of any letters, recordings, films, or other material that might be pertinent to this project. While I knew Mel personally during the last six years of his life and have for thirty years altogether lived as part of the extended family that formed around him in the 1960s, this biography will be written primarily in third-person narrative, utilizing along with excerpts from letters & diaries, the memories of numerous sources - some who admired, respected and loved Mel, others who did not. If you are interested in communicating with me about this, please send an e-mail to: (I also have a website,

Thank you.
Dick Russell

The Square: Stills from the Scene: Harvard Square and Cambridge, 1967-73. Photographs by Steve Nelson: an exhibit at the New England School of Art and Design, June 19 - July 18, 2003. (Steve Nelson wrote for the Avatar, including Legal Hangups (N°1), Legal Hangups (N°4), and Fat Catillac Blue Love and Mr. Jones (N°5)).

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"On our isolated commune, we kids were taught that the world was about to end. But my world ended when I was told to leave."


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