English / ESL

When I was a professor at Sanno College, Jiyugaoka, in Tokyo, two of my students won major English speech contests in Japan. I'm very proud of them, and here present their winning speeches:

Speech Contest Winners: Sanno College

    + Yuko Ueno's 1991 The Invasion, winner of the All-Japan Intercollegiate English Speech Contest (The MacArthur Trophy)

    + Megumi Aoshima's 1995 Mickey Mouse, winner of the All-Tokyo Junior College English Speech Contest

[Okita the Naniwaya Tea-shop Waitress, by Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806)]
ESL / English Vocabulary
During my years of teaching English to foreign (especially Japanese) students, I developed numerous lists and materials to facilitate English study.
This one's a table of those adjectives which are formed from the -ed and -ing forms of verbs, making 'emotional' adjectives (like troubled, troubling):

And here's the beginning of a work explaining the usage of the word "the":

Japanese is famous for its many reduplicated words used as adverbs, but I've assembled a list of English "flip-flop" words to illustrate that English does it too...