The Cooper Union
Cooper Union Foundation Building I am extremely fortunate to have attended The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, in New York City, one of the great educational institutions of America. There I received the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in sculpture, in 1970. Anyone interested in higher education in the arts, architecture, or engineering must know of this wonderful school, which provides full scholarships for all its students, along with an education unrivaled at any price.

Cooper Union in the 11th (1911) edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica

Cooper Union Foundation Building
Cooper Union Foundation Building, Astor Place, NYC

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postcard, ca. 1915 (H. Finklestein & Son; The American Art Publishing Company, New York)
"Cooper Square where Fourth and Third Avenue merge into the Bowery. Cooper Union was founded by Peter Cooper in 1859. It is a free school of science and art with an endowment of $4,000,000. "

stereoptycon image of Cooper Union, 1903
Stereoptycon view of "Cooper Union at the Head of the Famous Bowery, New York." Published by Geo. W. Griffith, Philadelphia, Pa., 1902-03. Looking down at the Third Avenue Elevated train track and trains over the Bowery passing the Cooper Union.

Stereoview "Cooper Union, New York": Alfred S. Campbell ©1896


early 20th C. postcard of Cooper Union

Postcards, circa 1905

early 20th C. postcard of Cooper Union

1905 Rotograph



Cooper Square, New York City
Union News Company 1921

Elbert Hubbard's Little Journeys: Peter Cooper

 Vol. 25 July   MCMIXNo. 1

to the homes of great business men
by Elbert Hubbard


Done into a book by the Roycrofters
at their shop which is in East Aurora,
Erie County, New York,
Single copies 10 cents - the year $1.00

Peter Cooper's 1876 Greenback Party presidential campaign poster
Peter Cooper's 1876 Greenback Party presidential campaign poster
(used as covers for 1952-53 Student Handbook)

I am convinced that when a true American System of Finance is adopted
which shall put all that circulates as Money entirely and exclusively under the
AND DEBTS, Employment for all the Working Classes, and Prosperity for the
whole Country will be the natural and permanent result. - PETER COOPER.

The American People and Government cannot too constantly remember
that it is utterly impossible for us as a Nation to buy anything cheap from
foreign countries that must be bought at the expense of leaving our own good Raw Mate-
rials unused, and our own labor unemployed.

[Engraved expressly for the "Irish World" -
Re-printed by the New York Mercantile Journal Co., 350 Pearl Street, New York]

Carte de visite photograph by Weber
(31 Union Square NYC)
Peter Cooper
in the 11th (1911) edition of the
Encyclopædia Britannica

Peter Cooper
Royal Bengal Tobacco card,
Heroes of History Series.

Peter Cooper .

steel engraving of Peter Cooper ca. 1873
Peter Cooper
steel engraving by Geo. E. Perine, New York.
(from The American Cyclopædia;
A Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge,
D. Appleton and Company, New York, 1873.)

Abraham Lincoln's

"Address at Cooper Institute"

February 27, 1860.