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A.C. Fairbanks Co. "Electric" circa 1895
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Banjo Tune Index

About 25 years ago in Hawai'i, I'd indexed all the tunes in the numerous 5-string banjo tab books I'd collected, and I published that list as the "Banjo Tune Catalog." I've added many additional books since then, and the result is this on-line Banjo Tune Index (BTI), with over 3,800 tabs listed from over 90 songbooks. (Thanks to Paul Hawthorne and others for sending me new listings!)

Banjo Book List

Scruggs Book


The Banjo Book List started to develop as I looked for more books for the BTI. Over 350 books, ranging back into the 19th century, it's mostly songbooks and banjo methods, but limited only to the concept "5-string banjo". Please let me know if you have something to add or correct.



Some of the following is based on data from files at Phillip Mann's Banjo Tablatures and Bluegrass Information Site:
+ Thumbnail History of the Banjo by Bill Reese.
+ Basic but Essential Sources for a History of the Banjo by Bill Reese.

Magazines, catalogs, lyrics, tabs...

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