Some people have written asking for sources for soapstone. I've added some LINKS below. And additional sites with carvings. Books, too.

Soapstone Carving

(Some of these photos are from web sites no longer functioning.
The original URL can be found by clicking the image.

"Whales." Unattributed. Canadian Native soapstone carving from Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.
Bruce Cryer, "The Circle of Life." River Otter and Trout. Brazilian Soapstone. Approximate Size 10" x 14" x 21"
Eunicey Shytoo Muckpah, "Fishing Scene." (Inuit). Soapstone and alabaster, 14.5" x 10.5" x 12"
Jimmy Peetooloosie, "Bear." Soapstone. Cape Dorset, Northwest Territories. 22" x 12" x 14"
Vance Theoret, "Grizzly." 15" x 9" Brazilian soapstone
Isapik Smith, soapstone
Grizzly, soapstone
Simeonie Killiktee "Musk Ox", soapstone/antler,
5"½ t. x 4" w. x 10" d.
(at Spirts of the North)

The Hunt by Inung Felix

African Elephant Soapstone CarvingLength - 31cm [12.2"] (from tip of tusk to back area), Height - 22cm [8.7"] (ground to top of head), Width - 7.5cm [3"] (at widest point), Weight - appx. 3 kilo's [6.6 lbs].

Crane Circle

Ring of Loyalty
Celtic carvings by Nastasha Cusack

I carved these (below) many years ago in Alaska, B.P.C. (Before PC). If you've ever seen any of them anywhere, please let me know. I'd love to locate them again...

Books on Arctic Art

Brandson, Lorraine E. Carved from the Land: The Eskimo Museum Collection. 200 pp. Churchill, Manitoba Canada: Diocese of Churchill Hudson Bay, 1994.

Burland, Cottie Eskimo Art. 96 pp. London, Hamlyn 1973.

Crandall, Richard C. Inuit Art: A History. 420 pp. McFarland & Company. 1999.

Hessel, Ingo. Inuit Art: An Introduction. photography by Dieter Hessel. foreword by George Swinton. 208 pp. Harry N Abrams, 1998.

Jonaitis, Aldona. Looking North: Art from the University of Alaska Museum. 240 pp. University of Washington Press. 1998.

The U. of Alaska Museum's collection of Alaskan art, including works by Athabaskan, Aleut, Yupik, Inupiat, Haida, Tlingit, and other Alaska Natives.

Larmour, W.T.. Innunit: The Art of the Canadian Eskimo. 103 pp. Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, softbound catalogue, 1968.

Ray, Dorothy Jean. A Legacy of Arctic Art. University of Washington Press. 1996.

Seidelman, Harold / Turner, James. The Inuit Imagination: Arctic Myth and Sculpture. foreword by George Swinton. 224 pp. University of Washington Press. 1993.

Swinton, George. Sculpture of the Eskimo. 250x320 cm. 255 pp. McClelland & Stewart. (pbk). 1990.

__________. Sculpture of the Inuit. 288 pp. McClelland & Stewart. (revised ed. (pbk)). 1999.

__________. Sculpture of the Inuit. 304 pp. McClelland & Stewart. (3rd). 2000.

Von Finckenstein, Maria. Celebrating Inuit Art 1948-1970. foreword by Adrienne Clarkson. Essays by James Houston and Anne Meekitjuk Hanson. 192 pp. Key Porter Books. 2000.

Galleries & Commercial Sites

ABoriginArt,   Canadian and Inuit Art,   Eskimo Art Gallery,   Free Spirit Gallery,   Galerie Elca London Inuit Art,   Galerie Inuit Plus,   Home & Away,   Inuit Art Foundation,   Inuit Gallery of Vancouver,   Inuit Gifts   Judith Varney Burch - Arctic Inuit Art,   Lakota Creations   WarkInuit  


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Is your question about
Wolf Originals, WE, Wolf, Boma, Thorn, Aardvark, Ardik, Pearlite, Jolin... etc?

– see Wolf and WE Wolf Originals, below

Nov. 9, 2010 - Soapstone Repair

Diane Caron.

Oct. 28, 2010 - Soapstone Carving Course in Ontario COMING SHORTLY. Dennis Bayley will be holding a soapstone carving course at META4 GALLERY, PORT PERRY, Ontario Canada for four weeks, starting on Nov. 2nd, from 1:00 pm until 3:30 pm. For details contact Dennis at (905) 985-1342 or by e-mail -
Dennis Bayley will have a soapstone carving exhibition during November at Scugug Council for the Arts Gallery, Perry Street, Port Perry Ontario.

Aug. 26, 2010 - Disc Numbers - Taamusi Qumaq? My name is Joel Braun. I'm originally from Yellowknife NT and have lived in St. Cloud Minnesota, USA since 1969. My father, Don Braun was a high arctic bush pilot and chief pilot, northern division for Max Ward, Wardair Canada. During his many trips to the north he picked up several carvings, about 20, of which I have 8, and my two brothers have the others. Anyway, most are unidentified but I do have a polar bear carved from variegated grey stone which does have the carvers syllabic and disc #. As far as I can tell the carvers name was Taamusi Qumaq, the letters are, C L, backwards & a syllabic that means si. The disc number is E91569. The deal is nobody from the Katilvik website to the people at the Canadian Government have seen this disc number. I've also checked several other websites. I find Taamusi lived from 1914 to 1993 and is talked of as being an encyclopedia-ist rather than a carver. I started out to find an estimated value of my pieces to have them insured but curiosity took over and am now wondering about there origins. Can you point me in a direction that may be helpful? Thank you very much. Joel Braun

Aug. 7, 2010 - Thorn wood carving? - I have found a wood carved piece, on the back there is a golden label that says "spirit doctors charm, bear and berry picker mating, Haida Indian tribe Queen Charlotte Islands" And is signed Thorn with the copyright symbol. I am wondering if this is authentic, if these pieces are collectible, and what the significance of the carving would be. Is this a positive charm, and what does is symbolize. Thank you very much I would greatly appreciate any information you may have. Jazmine.

Aug. 6, 2010 - Inuit Standing Man

The carved Inuit figure of a man was purchased in 1968 from Eaton's on St. Catherine's Street, Montreal. At the time, a group of Inuit carvers were working in the store, showing their skills. The receipt has been lost in one of the many moves made over time. I would appreciate knowing who was, or is, the carver. An approximate value would be nice. Condition is very good with one small chip on the rib cage and a natural fault on the forehead. I have lived with this figure for over 40 years and being closer to my death than my birth, I think that he might like to move to another home.

Regards, Leask Ward

Aug. 5, 2010 - Floral soapstone carving
I have what I believe to be a soapstone carving, similar to the two you have photos of on your site with the roses/floral and cups (photo 1, photo 2). It is about 12 inches long and 9 inches high. It is old, as it was my older aunt's mothers at least, and my family said it may have come from a World's Fair. Any idea of value? Thanks,Todd

May 10, 2010 - Here’s what you’ve been waiting for!

I am very proud to present to you two (2) Inuit sculptures from my personal collection. These beauties were carved by well-known artist Henry Napartuk (1932-1985) at the end of the ‘60s. Napartuk was known as an imaginative and versatile artist but most of all, a personal and good friend of mine. I became acquainted with Henry in 1967 when I was Officer in Charge of Transport Canada Communication Facilities, in Kuujjuaraapik. His brother, Paulosie Napartuk was my permanent Inuit employee. However, when he had to be absent from work, he would be replaced by Henry. We then became very good friends and I began to appreciate his immense talent. Henry is the son of Josie Napartuk, also a well-known sculptor.

In my sculptures, you will notice a combination of animal and human forms. Henry Napartuk put his heart and soul into his work. His style of life, thoughts and Inuit traditions are reflected in these sculptures. They are the living portrait of Napartuk. According to experts, my collection is unique. There are no sculptures out there alike.

The majority of my sculptures are carved from a type of green and black soapstone. At the request of Henry Napartuk, I purchased soapstones from a quarry in Sanikiluaj. Such pieces need to be handled with extreme care. It is easy to carve but it is also easy to scratch and break. Henry preferred this type of stone as opposed to other types used in different communities.

In July 1970, Queen Elizabeth II made an official visit to Canada and the Northwest Territories. The organizing committee requested that my collection be on display in the Queen’s private quarters wherever she stayed. I graciously accepted this offer. Other than that short period of time, my carvings always have been in my possession. Transportation issues and the threat of breakage while in transit were highly considered and cared for.

by Henry Napartuk

This carving measures 17" high, has a circumference of 26", and weighs 44.5 lbs.

by Henry Napartuk
This second carving measures 14½" high, 20" in circumference, and weighs 28.5 lbs.

Both items are in superb condition and have the artist’s signature under each.

For any comments or questions, please send me an e-mail.

If you have any interest in either or both items, please let me know. Make me an offer that I can’t refuse! The best offer will be accepted. Shipping & handling is to be determined.

Thank you for looking!


Léo Poirier
Gatineau, Québec, Canada

More images here

Apr. 11, 2010 - New Web Address - I have a new updated website address

Thank you, Wendy Hook
Douglas Creek Sculpture Co.
698 Seven Devils Rd.
Riggins, ID 83549

March 30, 2010 - Soapstone carving course in Port Perry, Ontario - The META4 Gallery in Port Perry Ontario, Canada will be featuring a soapstone carving course of 5 weeks duration, starting on April 7th, from 9.30am until 12.00 noon. The instructor is Dennis Bayley (Phone 905 985 1342). Dennis Bayley

Feb. 23, 2010 - Totem pole carvings by Thorn... original? - Found two soapstone totem poles carved with the name Thorn copyright Canada at bottom - Would like to know if they are original and hold any value. Lorne

Probably not, see the comments including Thorn, as above...

Feb. 6, 2010 - Soapstone in West Australia? - I was wondering if you knew of any soapstone suppliers in West Australia. MichL

Jan. 26, 2010 - Soapstone in Texas? - I am an art teacher in Texas looking for small pieces of soapstone for my students to carve. Do you supply anything like this? I would be looking for any color of soapstone pieces that could be hand-held and worked on a table. Thank you, Diane, Art Teacher, Our Lady of the Hills High School, Kerrville, Texas 78028.

Jan. 10, 2010 - re: Aardvark - In information I found online in 2005 (below), Aardvark was the name of a company that produced cast pieces, not carved soapstone. You should be able to tell whether this is this case with your eagles by comparing them with a piece you know to be soapstone. The look and feel are different. ST.

Jan. 10, 2010 - 1972 Aardvark Collection? - I have a friend who has two eagle statues that are marked with the 1972 Aardvark collection on them. We are wondering if you can shed any light on these. They are beautiful. He received them from the estate of a relative and no one in the family knows anything about them. I have not been successful in finding much information on the internet on them. The only site that shows up when I do a search is yours. Thank you for any information you might be able to share with us on these lovely pieces of art. Cheryl.

Jan. 1, 2010 - Mink Value? - Happy New Year!..I was just curious if this piece of Soap Stone is of any value?... Sometimes I Ebay and was wondering if I should list it or try an alternative means? I did some research on the name and tag and atho I found the artist's name, I am not sure if he is the one.Thanks so much... Lisa.

Dec. 1, 2009 - Soapstone Cubes in Canada? - A company in the states has created a line of soap stone, called Whiskey Stones, they are ice cube sized squares of soapstone that you place in your freezer to freeze to be used instead of ice cubes in whiskey. (true whiskey drinkers would never spoil a good whiskey by watering it down) (link to their site.)
I have been trying to buy a set in Canada and there seems to be no stock. I would prefer to buy Canadian and local if possible. What it would cost to make a set of 9 or 12 ice cube 1"x1"x1" cubes of soap stone cost? There would be good market for a Canadian version of Whiskey stones, maybe call them Whiskey rocks. Anyone with a boat who doesn't have the ability to make ice all the time, might be interested as well. I look forward to your response. Joanne.

Dec. 1, 2009 - Custom Alabaster Carving? - I'm looking for a custom alabaster carving place. Do you know of anyone who does that? We need a price on 4 alabaster shades for some very high end brass wall sconces. Thanks! Mary Rose Hellerman, Potter Art Metal Studios, 214-821-1419, 4827 Memphis St. Dallas, TX 75207.

Nov. 23, 2009 - Soapstone Repair in Ottawa? - We just recently purchased a soap stone sculpture and have had the misfortune of dropping it on the floor. It has chips of the stone missing and we wondered if someone in Ottawa does this type of work. This sculpture has a special meaning to us and we would appreciate any help you can provide us. Thank you, L. Laframboise.

Nov. 18, 2009 - Soapstone available in Oregon - There is a company out of Oregon that sells amazing soapstone. The original company was called Steatite of Southern Oregon, and they were bought out recently, and the new owners are continuing the business. (The company was started by the late John Pugh, who was in countless publications for his soapstone - asbestos free and rated 1 on the Mohs scale.) The new owners are very nice people and they have quite a bit of rock on hand right now ranging from little 3 lb. pieces to larger pieces (maybe 20lb+). They said they will have more when the snow melts away in the mountains and they can resume mining. The new name is The Southern Oregon Soapstone Company. I obtained their email address: They said they are in the process of changing phone numbers so I can forward that number to you when I receive the new number. Thank you, Dewey

Nov. 15, 2009 - Original wolf sculpture - Hi. My grandmother passed away not to long ago and she left me many things with one of them being a Wolf original. It is of an Eskimo holding a wolf pup with a full size wolf looking up at the wolf pup. On the sculpture are the letters WE....the WE is on the front of the sculpture at the feet of the Eskimo. The statue is about 10" tall and has a sticker on the bottom saying made in Canada, original and has a picture of a devil looking man on it as well. Any info on this or where to find out info? Thanks. M.B.

Nov. 12, 2009 - Soapstone carving demo in Port Perry, Ontario - Dennis Bayley will be demonstrating soapstone carving at the Port Perry Association’s Annual Art Show on November 14, 15, 21, and 22, 2009 at Ocala Winery, 971 High Point Rd, Port Perry, Ontario Canada. The Saturday shows are from 10.00am -5.00pm and the Sunday shows are from Noon until 5.00pm . Admission is free. Dennis Bayley

Nov. 11, 2009 - Greg Wolf whale carving? - Where can I find out more about the whale carving by Greg Wolf.....? Susanne

Oct. 12, 2009 - Soapstone Carving Course (Ontario) - Dennis Bayley will be holding a soapstone carving course at the META4 Gallery in Port Perry Ontario Canada at the end of October 2009. The course is in 6 weekly sessions of three hours, and tools and materials are supplied. Can supply limited quantities of soapstone to carvers in the Port Perry area. Dennis Bayley

Oct. 5, 2009 - Wholesale Soapstone in Seattle Area? - Do you know where my brother can purchase soapstone wholesale for carving in or near Seattle area? Thanks, Margaret

Sep. 26, 2009 - Info on Lucassie Quinuajuak piece? - I just purchased a piece of art and on the label there is this information.

"Hand made by a Canadian Eskimo artist
certified by the government of Canada
Lucassie Quinuajuak

Can you give more information on it, like value, age, name of piece? Thanks, Paul

Sep. 22, 2009 - Soapstone in N. Calif? - Where do you find soapstone in northern Calif.? Are there places where I could get soapstone? Ray

Sep. 6, 2009 - TWAMEE carving? Appraisal in Ottawa? Any information about this carving? I would like to get it appraised. Can you recommend where to go (Ottawa, Canada)? It is 6" high, 3" wide and 7" long. It was given to me 16 years ago by a good friend. The bottom is hand engraved and says TWAMEE E9 1452. Thanks, Tracy

Aug. 14, 2009 - African Carvings? I notice it breaks easily when bumped or has the slightest fall. Could you tell me how valuable they are? THEY LOOK LIKE REAL STONE CARVINGS which my son paid a lot of money for. I am wondering if they have any value. Could you let me know? I will appreciate it very much. Kind regards, Nic

July 14, 2009 - Bessie Ikpakohak Carving? I have a carving by Bessie Ikpakohak of a seal and seal hunter. I would like more information on the artist and the value of it. Barbara - Bessie Ikpakohak Google Search results

July 4, 2009 - Aardvark eagle? I bought this eagle with rabbit in talons on a trip to Alaska in 1972 but I know nothing about it, I know what I paid for it but I cant remember where. I think it was northern BC? 9/3/4 inch tall, soap stone, and on the back is (aardvark 1972) Do know anything about it? Thank you, E. Jones

June 21, 2009 - WarkInuit Gallery - We are the only gallery ever to have specialized in Inuit Fine Art Wallhangings. Established in 2003, we have sold and donated close to 200 Inuit wallhangings and have the largest selection available anywhere. Brad

June 14, 2009 - Need soapstone in NC - My son needs to find soapstone in NC for a project with UNCG's design school. Can you help me, help him? Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Lindsay.

June 14, 2009 - Seeking identity of Inuit Sculptor (EF?) - I would appreciate any help identifying this sculpture of a seal. I bought it from a woman in the 90s. Thank you very much for your time. Cat

June 9, 2009 - BOMA Bear Carving? I was recently given a small carved statue of a bear sitting on it's haunchs, the only identifying marks are the name BOMA carved into the statue and next to it is an "a" with a line in the center like its an "A & a T" put together. Anything you can tell me about it would be much appriciated. Thank you, Michael

May 8, 2009 - Soapstone owl - I am wondering about this piece. I cannot read the signed name on the bottom. Do you know anything about it? Maybe you can read it? It looks like an owl to me. Thanks, Lisa

March 1, 2009 - Alaskan (?) Soapstone Carving - I recently purchased this soapstone sculpture at an auction - there were some other Alaskan items that were for sale from the same lot so I think it may be an Alaskan piece. Anyhow, it is about a foot tall and a half tall, and very heavy. It is a (probably) mid century modern (?) piece. It is a soapstone sculpture of a man fishing in the water (sea?) depicted at the base, by waves. The man has a long, curved nose, with long, flowing white hair. There are places for implements” in both of the man’'s hands, but the implements are gone. There is no name anywhere of the artist. I’'ve taken a liking to the thing, and wonder if there might be any way to identify the artist or Tribe from where it hails. Thanks, Sue, Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, Saxapahaw, NC.

February 19, 2009 - Soapstone? - Hello, I'm trying to find out the value of this soapstone of two Eskimos... Is it real? If you tap on it it sounds like stone. It is 3¼" high. Thank you for any info. Carlos V. Bustamante.

Looks like a "Wolf".

February 16, 2009 - Bear Sculpture - I found a Wolf Sculpture, so I'm now familiar with those. However, I found a second sculpture of a bear and have some questions. This sculpture is not detailed. For example, there are no facial features on it, the paws are not detailed, etc. It is not polished and still has light gray coloring in the areas that seem to not be completed. The only thing I can find that MAY possibly identify it APPEARS to be some initials carved between the right hip and leg. It LOOKS like those initials are IH?T. I looked over your website and there are some sculptures that are not detailed like the Wolf ones, but there's nothing that is close in description to mine. After reading many of the questions and answers on your chat, I am stymied about where to possibly find more info about my sculpture. Can you tell me anything, even if it's just to lead me into the right direction to research this more? Thanks for your time, Zora Lykken

February 12, 2009 - Soapstone Supplier - I am supplier of soapstone. I can provide you soapstone. Meher Rizwan

January 19, 2009 - Soapstone in Arizona? - I wonder if I already emailed you. I was wondering about the soapstone and wondering if it is asbestos free and if you sell it in chunks and if you can ship it and how much. I live in Bullhead City, Arizona. I am very interested in buying some. I have been looking and looking. Sincerely, Emily

December 19, 2008 - Soapstone in Ontario? - Where can I purchase soapstone in Ontario? My son is starting this as a hobby and I would like to purchase some for him. Thanks, Douglas McDonald

November 23, 2008 - Whiskey Stones in Canada? - I have been trying to find someone who would sell Whiskey stones in Canada. They are a set of "ice-cubes" made from soapstone. Wondering if you would be able to help me out. Thanks, Rhonda Warwick

November 2, 2008 - Alabaster polar bears? - I have 2 Alabaster polar bears... they do have chipped feet -- my mom had recieved these from her Greatgrandmother at least 65 years ago I looked on the web and they seem to be soapstone--one is a carmel color and the other a chocolate color -- could you please give me a price range for these. I am VERY interested in finding out if they are worth anything. Mom believed they were. Thanks, Sharon.

October 26, 2008 - Soapstone in Montreal - My father just died and in going through the house I found blocks of soapstone from when my mother carved in the 70's and 80's. Is there anyone in Montreal who would take this? Otherwise I willl throw it out. Thank you. Kevin

October 22, 2008 - Frobisher Bay SoapStone - Have a collection of soapstone sculptures (about 10)... some are primitive, carved by a blind Eskimo; a few have broken chips that resulted by a fall. That could be re-carved or fixed. I also have one black walrus 6" high. I would like to have the group appraised and sold. Can you be of help to me or could you point me in the right direction? I live in Toronto... Thanking you in advance, Cathy Dalley.

September 15, 2008 - Ivory Carver - I am Fred Lanning from Taylorsville, NC. My future brother-in-law, Arnold, has several back ivory teeth taken from elk and is looking for an NC ivory carver. Can a soapstone carver do ivory and do you know anyone is this area that could help him? Fred.

August 23, 2008 - Soapstone carver in Wales - I've been carving soapstone (on and off) since the early 1980s. The Inuit carvings are so brilliant. It's quite hard to find good sources of soapstone in Britain, though, at least it is in this area of south-west Wales! Please visit my website: Caroline Juler

Sept. 2, 2008 - Info on Inuit Sculpture? - I am a potter, and recently acquired an Inuit piece, which of course I am aware is not ceramic but rather is soapstone . But I really like it and plan to keep it. I would like to learn as much as I can about the piece. It is approximately +/- 8 inches (20 cm) tall. The bottom has the number 1350 and a worn "Igloo" sticker/decal that looks like one I have seen on the internet while searching for information on Inuit art: Is it possible to tell me anything about this piece? What does the number mean? What does the decal mean? Where might it be from? Age? Carver? etc.
Also, it appears to have been polished since it has a high gloss sheen, however there are white etch-lines clearly visible--even small thin ones. I read that some folks remove scratches from soapstone with a light buffing using a microsoft cloth with light oil. This may have been the case. Does this harm the article or its value if this is what has been done? Thanks for any help that you can provide. Cordially, Bob Hill

August 23, 2008 - Soapstone ram's head by Newman - I have a soapstone sculpture of a ram's head. The artists name on the sculpture is Newman. I was wondering if you have any information on the artist or the piece itself. Thank you, Larry

August 17, 2008 - Soapstone bowls - I am a Virginia artisan. I carve soapstone bowls on a lathe. Actually , I turn lots of different types of table top items, mostly for your dinner table. It is all functional art, plates, cups bowls, serving bowls, candlesticks holders, vases, salt and pepper shakers. The dinnerware is cured so it can be used to cook in the oven or the microwave. It is safe in the freezer, and dishwasher as well. The soapstone serves to retain the heat of your food on the table.Check out my website: Thanks, Patty Fowler

July 29, 2008 - Soapstone carvings from Kenya - Am looking for a market to sell soapstone carvings from Kisii, Kenya. Could you be interested and accept to be my client? I operate from Nairobi, Kenya. Mwanyumah Zadock, PO Box 69606 00400, Tel. +254 722799572, NAirobi, Kenya.,

July 22, 2008 - Lucassie Amm carvings - I have a magnificent soapstone carving by Lucassie Amm circa 1958. About 14" high and weighs 32 lbs. (photo at left.) Purchased from specialty gallery in Niagara Falls. Would like to get more information on this artist. Also have smaller Lucassie that looks like a "prototype" of the larger 1958 that we got at auction. If you have any background, please let me know. Elizabeth Langan, Surprise, Arizona - Lucassie Amm search results on Google

July 9, 2008 - Glue for Soapstone - For all the people who have written asking what they ought to use to glue their broken and or damaged stone together, there is an excellent product called Poly Glue that works beautifully. you can find it under a few trade names, such as "Elmer's PROBOND POLY GLUE," "Elmer's BLUE POLY GLUE," and "Elmer's ULTIMATE POLY GLUE." (There is a popular poly glue called Gorilla's POLY GLUE," but the Elmer products work just as well, if not better, and at less than half the price.) Hope this helps in some small way! Dayna Buskirk

July 2, 2008 - Owl carving - Over 25 yrs. ago friend brought me this owl weighing about 21 lbs and 18" high. No one can tell me the composition, but friend brought it from Greece while he was in service. Though heavy as a rock, it is very smooth and soft to the touch, appears to be polished. The eyes appear to be glass insets over black & yellow painted eyes. Could be wrong. No amount of cleaning, even with chemicals and soap to clean black wrapper marks from it, has damaged it, and there is carved in back, under tail, "DIO GENE" Very hard to see & does not show in photos. Any idea where I can get information on it or tell for sure, it's composition? Greatly appreciated, Cathy

June 26, 2008 - Soapstone school and supplies - My wife and I run a soapstone carving school and gift shop. We imported 20 tons of Brazillian soapstone and have it for sale. We have cut-outs and raw stone for sale. We are located in the rural area of south Ottawa in a small village called North Gower. We have soapstone tools and patterns for sale. Our web page is Thanks, Keith Taylor

May 1, 2008 - Soapstone - Any information as to value on the following items would be appreciated. Kneeling Person 8" High.. Aardvark 1972. 2 children on sled 6" High .. WE Wolf Original sticker on bottom. Slab hanging of soap stone rough edge 10" x 6" Man ice fishing with 2 igloos and mountains in the background ... signature looks like Siliu. Lin

April 29, 2008 - good day mr. ! - hello !! i am in 8th grade. today ( april 29th) my class and I expirienced how to soapstone sculpting. and im am very amazed on how it works and i would like to learn more about it
would you think i could get free samples of soap stones for my own expirience ? and help me get a new pass time and something that i can be good at without getting in trouble... anyway it was nice talking to you !! Ps. please reply at

April 28, 2008 - AARDVARK - Please can you give me some information on where is the best place to sell soapstone carvings. My partner has a piece which is an Eskimo and Child Sculpture with 1972 AARDVARK CANADA inscribed on the bottom of it. Sarah Lousie Arlott

April 27, 2008 - eskimo carvings - I recently obtained two eskimo sculptures and I am wondering if they have any value. One is a Black stone igloo on a grey stone base, very heavy, and has the name on the bottom of "DIMU"
The other one is a eskimo hunter, again black stone, mounted on a grey stone base. This one is holding a white spear. The name of "DIMU" is on the bottom. I can't find any info about this name on the internet. Can you help me please?
Thanks: John Morrison

March 26, 2008 - soapstone carving courses - Meta4 Gallery in Port Perry , near Toronto Ontario CANADA frequently runs courses in soapstone carving.
The instructor is Dennis Bayley. He also repairs and restores carvings and can be reached at 905 985 1342 or by e-mail at

March 11, 2008 - do you recognize this name? - inscribed on beautiful soapstone carving - hino? or maybe himo? carved at base on breathtaking pink soapstone vase on back. any luck recognizing? thanks for looking into, chris

February 22, 2008 - Soapstone carving in Sydney Australia? - G'day. My name is Anthony and I was just wondering where I can learn to carve soapstones as I have been searching for a longtime and found only deadends? By the way love your website. Cheers, Anthony.

December 26, 2007 - Inuit carving repair - I just received a new carving of a whale from a carver in Pangrintung, Baffin Island. I believe that it is made of limestone, but I am not sure. The tail was broken off in shipping, and the exposed surfaces, about 2 cm in diameter, are soft and crumbly. What would you recommend that I use as an adhesive and filler? Lesley

October 10, 2007 - inuit soapstone carvings - Hi there, I have six soapstone carvings, +/- 7" tall one of seals mating, two of hunters one with a seal and one with a penguin. One of a bird on a nest with eggs and one of of child over a rock with a furskin with ears on. The have names and numbers scratched on the bottom, and need a good polish. Have you any idea what they are?
I also have a great big owl must weigh about 5kg. in white.
Also a little beaver in a shiney peach stone, a bit like celinite. Im not too good with the camera thing on the computer, hence no pictures. Here in the depths of rural Cheshire England there is not a lot of help to be had. Many thanks . Ruth

October 9, 2007 - interested in buying - a sculpture by Eunicey Shytoo Muckpah. What do you have? Price? Do you send photos? Nancy

September 9, 2007 - Soapstone Lion Carving - I have inherited what I beleive to be a soapstone carving of a lion signed underneath rich.H It looks like the lions you see on buildings cica WW1 period but I dont know for sure. Do you or anyone else have any ideas? Deborah Bury UK

July 30, 2007 - Aardvark Canada 1972 - Hi I have read your page and notice that these are not carvings - I cannot find Aardvark anywhere on the internet - is there a value at all for these pieces that I gather are not sopastone at all Thanks Margie

July 19, 2007 - soapstone repair - I am searching for an adhesive for an antique soapstone piece I have inherited. I see a plethora of questions like mine but no answers on how to repair the damaged vase. I hope all of these people have been more successful than I at finding the solution. All of the questions on this site seem to have been asked in 2002 – are they still waiting for an answer? Can you help? Or do you know who can? Thanks, cj

July 14, 2007 - Soapstone for sale - My name is Jeff McDade. I am from Statesville, NC. I am a soapstone artist and I also am willing to sell it in raw rock form. I have various colors. From 0 to up to 500 pounds maybe larger for the right price. It all appears white when carved but when I add tonge oil to it, many colors appear. Sometimes you can put water on it to see about what you will get. If you know anyone interested you can call me at 704-881-2486 or e-mail me back at this address.

June 7, 2007 - Soapstone bear - Stumbled across your website while looking for information regarding object in my posession. Possibly you can help me?
I am not familiar with "soap stone", but the polar bear I have appears to be such. On the bottom left hind paw fis a sticker which reads canada eskimo art and "2212" scratched. Scratched on the belly of the bear is: KingWatsoa 2002 Quinuajuak with a "c" enclosed in a circle. Is there any value to this sculpture? Thanks, Karleen Phillips

June 5, 2007 - re: soapstone - hello how are you? i have a talc(soapstone) mine in afghanistan our talc has tested by european lab. and has been declared AS ONE THE BEST SOAPSTONE IN THE WORLD special uses for sculptural be cuse avail is very big size and unique colours if you want this plz fell free contect me Irfan Khalid

May 20, 2007 - How to market Soapstone - Greetings from me, and i wish to thank you for your wonderful website concerning soapstones. I was wondering if you can be of help to search for a soapstone market perticulary for carvings from Kenya in Kisii. My name is Richard, I come from Kenya and currently living in the United States, I was once a carver and i always get e-mails from my fellow artists asking if there is a way i can help them market there soapstone products anywhere in the world and perticulary in this country. They carve a range of sculptures starting from animals, human, home dishes, candle stands and so many other things, In case you could like to see some of the things they carve in pictures,i will be proud to get as many as i can and send them over to you. Finally i beg you to assit me in finding a market for this wonderful and beautiful looking soapstone carvings. Yours sincerely Richard Makori.

May 17, 2007 - Soapstones for sale at a fair price in Kenya! - Am here to introduce to you my soapstones that are wonderfully carved and decorated with my exparts .I also wish to import electronics from your stores, Mine is an up-coming company with first moving produts and unusualy new designs ever in Kenya. I hope you 'll respond to my sugestion for us to increase sales. please notify me on my mail thank you,

April 7, 2007 - Gregory Wolf whale - Hello, I am looking for a whale by gregory wolf of Canada (not necessarily soapstone) do you know where I can find it and how much it would be? many thanks Tony

March 6, 2007 - Walrus Soapstone - While helping a friend “sort” through things after her husbands passing, we came across a Walrus soapstone carving. 1769 is carved on the bottom and we can make out the words “Port Harrison.” There is another word that we can’t make out. It is either “Tooke” or “Toche”. If you have any information, I would gladly appreciate it. Charlotte McCarty

January 4, 2007 - bear and seal - My son bought a bear carving and a seal carving with Thorn, and made in Canada on the bottom, I want to know if they are worth any money, someone told me if there is a small letter c in a circle then that means they were mass produced. These carvings have a small c in a circle. The writing was done by hand. You can tell. Can you let me know. Thankyou, Paula Gallant

December 22, 2006 - Edmund wolfe Eagle carving - I'm contacting you on behalf of my mother who is looking for a carving by Edmund Wolfe of an eagle with outstretched wings.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jamie

December 18, 2006 - Ivory Carvings - I wonder if you have ever seen a carving of a complete dog team with sleigh and standing hunter at the rear, that was done on a walrus tusk around what was known as "Pin Main" on the Dewline in the late 50's. This was shown thru the site by an elderly Eskimo in 1959 and he was asking the exorbitant price of $30.oo for it at the time. Not having much of an "Artistic bent" at the time and being 28 years old. I wasn't interested and passed it up.. You can probably imagine how sore my backside is now from repeated self inflicted kicks. I believe Pin Main was/is on Cape Perry. Bob Powers Box 116 Wabamun Ab 780-892-2759

December 10, 2006 - Soapstone Carving Information - I would like more information in regard to walrus soapstone carving, E9864. It showed up in a box of "treasures" purchased at an auction. docsinc

November 11, 2006 - Inuit soapstone and etched ivory tusk - Good Morning: I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada...and I have 4 pieces of authentic Inuit carvings, I lived in the Artic in the late seventies and purchased these from Cape Dorset and Lake being that of a full ivory tusk, etched on both sides....would you know where I am locate a contact who may be interested in purchasing all or some of the pieces... Thanks so much Jo

November 9, 2006 - Need to purchase soapstone - I don’t know if being non-native I can buy soapstone to send to my stepbrother in FL who likes to carve. Could you point me in the right direction to purchase and if I can? Debbie DeBaun 222-6164

November 2, 2006 - my bone carved art piece - Hi, I'm actually e-mailing you to ask you a question, if okay,
I live in the U.S. I have a piece of bone carving artwork that my grandmother used to own (she's passed away now). It was always the most unusual piece to me when I was young because I had never seen anything really like it before. It was so untraditional to see this type of piece in someone's home growing up in the early 1970's in the state of Pennsylvania in the U.S.
The piece (which I used to think may be ivory, but I'm pretty sure it's bone) is so intricate. It is yellowish in tint. It has little gazelle-type creatures, monkeys and a stork all carved out and somewhat intertwined in the bone--giving it a "skeletal" appearance. On either end of the piece are two carved out little bowls. On the bowls are extremely delicate flower-type patterns etched on the surface. It appears to be a mix of African and Asian.
When I was little, I asked my grandmother where she got it and she said she couldn’t remember who it was that gave it to her but just that "a man on a bridge" (here in the U.S.) had given it to her. I have no idea what that was about, but nevertheless it is very interesting now because it's a mystery to me. I am 39 years old now. I asked my grandmother that question when I was about 6 years old and by that time she had already had it for several years. She was a young woman when she received it. She was about mid fifties when I asked her the question (in the early 70's).
There is absolutely no factory name or stamp, no carving of the name of the artist. I have no idea how old it is and I have no idea if the original owner was an artists in America, or an artist from another country where this style may be prevalent or if maybe it was someone who was just interested in "African-looking" or "Asian-looking" artwork and bone carving. Would you mind taking a look at some pics I took at several angles in case you may be able to help me find out if it is a piece indicative of bone-carving art in a particular part of the world or a culture? Maybe it would even help date it. Thanks, Vera Dawes Arizona, U.S.A

September 19, 2006 - soapstone products - I saw this on a google search "Supply of Soapstone Products - I'm searching for someone interested in importing various soapstone products from Kenya, original as they come. ..." I have an interest in this. I bought some stonestone sculptures from Ireland that I gave as gifts. I would be interested in knowing more about importing especially if I could import this particular item. Is the manufacturer in Kenya? Marlin

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Wolf Originals, WE, Wolf, Boma, Thorn, Aardvark, Ardik, Pearlite, Jolin... etc.
– see Wolf and WE Wolf Originals, below

Soapstone/Inuit Art Appraiser? - Do you know of any appraisers in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area. I have a fairly extensive collection. Jane L. Duff. 6/5/06

Small eskimo in a sled - I found a small Eskimo in a sled in my mother's house. All it says on the bottom is "hand made in Canada Al Wolf Fait à la main". Is it a soapstone? Pauline. 5/13/06

Classes in soapstone sculpture? - I am looking for a summer class within reasonable driving distance of Texas...750 mile radius. George Miller. 4/22/06

Eagle Head by Greg Wolf? - I have an eagle head only, maybe 5-6 inches high, but very solid and heavy. The eyes are abalone, the name on the bottom is Greg Wolf, hand-crafted in Canada, and the initial carved in the piece itself are WAG. I think it is soapstone, a deep green with lighter green running through it (almost like fern plant leaves?? ) Think it is soapstone but my knowledge is limited. I can't find anything on the net, but still love the piece itself. Is Greg Wolf an artist, or is this anything you may know about? It may be a "tourist trap" type place, .. it was a gift and I still love how it looks! And have had numerous compliments on the piece. SO I will still display it, just would like to know more ... Anything you may know would be great. Thank you for your time. Nancy Hughes. 3/28/06

Value of Soapstone Carving? - Is there a catalog as to values of the carving? Is there a market for this? Ensley. 3/19/06

Eskimo figurine?- I have a piece at home and was wondering how I would go about selling it, and what it would be worth. I would apprecite any help you can give me, this piece is an Eskimo killing a seal, and looks like the weapon used is missing or wasn't put there. It has all original stickers on it and has a deep set name near the base carved in........ Cheers Marie Owen. 12/9/05

From the photo, this looks like a casting – see Wolf and WE Wolf Originals, below

Wolf Originals? - I have an Eskimo which is riding on the back of a whale, on the bottom it has (A WOLF ORIGINAL) and says its by the Wolf sculptures and was hand made in Canada. Is there any idea if its real? HollyBD. 11/28/05

Plains effigy?- I'm looking for a some help identifying a human effigy made of soapstone, about 7 inches tall. It came from a pawn shop in Arkansas. They said it was Plains Native American, but soapstone is not a medium that I know of they used. It appears to be older since it is very smooth, but not highly polished with dirt or oxidation appearance. The stone is black and there are fine lines in the face indicating tears or tattoos? Fine lines cut on arms to outline fingers & thumb. If anyone is interested I could send better photos. Thanks, Larry. 11/9/05

Value of Thorn carving? - We are trying to find values for older Thorn soapstone carvings. We have a mother carrying papoose on her back. Can you tell us where to find information on this? Thanks, Lee. 9/24/05

Numbered soapstone carving? - My soapstone carving is numbered: #E-91564. Does this mean anything? Thanks, Marilyn. 9/22/05

J. Fontaine? - I have 2 carvings by J. Fontaine 1981, very heavy. I am unable to locate any information on this artist -- can you help me? Richard. 9/9/05

Igloo Trademark? - I've been trying to authenticate 2 soapstone loons. They look to be the real deal but only have numbers etched on the bottoms. I'm sure the trademark stickers get removed and I'm also wondering when the trademark was put into use? I've been to many sites and have not found any that identify these carvings by number. Can you help? Thank you, Gail. 9/1/05

Wolf, Boma, Thorn, Aardvark, [Pearlite, Jolin], etc. - Manufactured in the style of an Inuit carving, they appear to be made of soapstone, but are, in fact, molded figures. Several companies make handmade figures like this in Canada: Wolf, Boma, Thorn, Aardvark, etc.
From the manufacturer's retail tag:
"Edmund Wolf has studied and sculpted a full range of North American wildlife. Every sculpture is precisely reproduced in a composition of stone and marble and then hand finished, resulting in the handsome figurines known as Wolf Sculptures. Only pieces having the marking 'WE' are original Wolf Sculptures. To maintain the beauty of this stonework (once a year) use a light coat of fine furniture paste wax".
[from the text of an eBay ad for 3 small "Wolf Originals", Aug. 29, 2005, eBay dealer mbMax.] eBay shows many listings for soapstone... Steve. 8/31/05   (more about 'WE' Wolf Originals)

Thorn owl - I am in possession of an Owl that is carved out of soap stone that has the name Thorn Canada inscribed In the bottom. Can you tell me anything about it or would know someone that would? Regards, Raymond Ford. 425 750 8841. 8/31/05

Tava, Apache Treasure - I am looking for a buyer of my alabaster sculpture by Tava called Apache Treasure. I would also like to know its worth. Thank you. Peace and Love, Lynda. 8/22/05

Help: Aardik Collection Canada 1972 - I have an eagle from the Aardic Collection and was told it was Native carved soapstone. It doesn't look or feel like soapstone, it actually feels as if it may be plaster of some sort. I could be wrong. It's black and has the white oval Aardic Collection sticker featuring a heron? on the bottom. AARDVARK 1972 CANADA is stamped into the base on the back. I would really like to know more about the origin of the eagle and what it is made from. Any information about this would be greatly appreciated. Sincerly, Tasha. 8/8/05

Wolf and BOMA sculptures - I read about the Wolf original sculptures. Does anyone know of BOMA? i have a sculpture/round black box with white inlay on the top. The tag on the bottom says "made by BOMA" and also says Vancouver B.C. If anyone has any info, please send me a message... thanks from S. Hruby 7/30/2005

Aardvark, Canada 1972 - I found your site, very informitive.... I have a question and hope you can help me with it??... I came across a 14 Eagle Carving in a second hand shop. I just had to buy it.. It looks like Black Soapstone... It has a name at the bottom "AARDVARK CANADA" 1972.. with the initals, G.S. right at the bottom edge... Would you know of this artist, or be able to tell me how to find info on this? I thank you very much for any info you can share.. Again "GREAT SITE"......... Aan Comrie. 7/19/05

J Eyevadlo - Green Colored Soap Stone Carving - I was recently given a Soapstone Carving of a Polar Bear standing on and eating a Walarus, It is apporximatley 11" wide and 11" tall. It is somewhat green in colour and has the name J EYEVADLO etched on the base. I'm looking for some information on the Sculptor and what it my be valued at???? Dave Normandeau. 5/16/05

Soapstone types and colors? - I am interested in learning about different types of and colors of soapstone. Can you help me? Don Schultz. 5/16/05

Wolf Original - Hi, I went to the web site to find out about soapstone and a piece of art that I have marked on the bottom A Wolf Original and made in Canada both in English and in French. On the piece it has the WE with a circle with what loks like a k in it. The art piece stands 12" tall and is 8" wide. It depicks a grizzley bear being killed by an Esquimo hunter. There is a piece of ivory as a speer that is imbeded in the bears chest. The weight of this piece is 13.5 lbs If you can tell me anything about this piece I would very much appreciate it. Thank you, Donna. 3/29/05

Miniature African Carvings - I am looking for miniature soapstone carvings--African -- 1-2 inches for example. Little carvings that can be added to cards or scrapbook pages or even made into jewelry. Any ideas? Martha. 3/17/05.

Eskimo carvings?? - I have just received five carvings which I think are Eskimo. Three (walrus, seal, owl) of them are signed B Talmadge Juneau. The fourth is a seal and has a label on the back which reads "artist Daniel of Port Harrison." The fifth is the largest and has a label on the bottom which says "Eskimo art Canada." With the exception of the first seal they are all black. They have some damage which reveals an inner chalkiness. Soapstone? They range in size from 4 to 9 inches in length and 2-3" in width. The owl stands 4" tall. I am attaching pictures (below). I would appreciate anything you could tell me about these. Thank you, Roberta Shinn. 2/27/05

Help! Charles Dickens Gads Hill - Maybe you can help or direct me! I have a wonderful 3D carving of "Charles Dickens" in his study "Gad Hill! Soapstone.. Awsom! I need some dicrection as far as what it's about! Copyright 1912 Ausborna! Not sure if this is of any interest! Warm Regards, Lauren MacKenzie.

Old Chinese Carving - I have a soapstone carving that was my mother's. She told me her brother brought it to her from China in 1930. It's of an old man. I'm trying to find out more about it, any suggestions? Katherine Smith. 11/22/04

Inuit Soapstone Carving - I was on your web site and noticed similar carvings as the one I have attached. Same look and similar numbers on the bottom. I was wondering if you could tell me how I find out more about the origin on this piece as well as the artist and value. The bottom is etched "TWAMEE E9 1452". Thanks. Tracy 11/14/04

The real deal? - I'm hoping you might have some info about a lovely little piece I found yesterday, as I have no knowledge of carvings of this sort, and simply loved the image. The figure is of a mother with her child bundled on back, standing 5 inches tall. It seems to have a good weight, and is very cool to the touch, with some color variation on its black surface. The mark on bottom is Thorn (c) Canada. Any info you can give would be much appreciated! Thanks, Terra Spencer. 11/1/04

Al Wolf Carving - I received a fairly large carving from my uncle last year. It is approximately 14 inches in height and weighs at least 16 pounds. It is of an Inuit hunter sitting on a polar bear smoking a pipe. It is black in color and is very cold to the touch. The carving seems rather crude. It is not signed; however there is a small gold label on the bottom which says Al Wolf. I have looked for info on the net about him but can find nothing. Can you help? Thanks Heather MacDonald. 8/3/04

Carving Appraisal - I have a small collection of serpentine stone carvings and a couple pieces made from caribou antler. I got them while on Baffin Island in the military (circa 1970). Are there appraisers In the southern New York State area that I may contact? I would be interested in there value and market availability. Thank you, Fred 8/1/04.

WE Wolf Originals - Thanks for the links on your site. Can you shed some light on Wolf originals e.g. name of this WOLF sounds like he could be, and his website if possible. I have several with the WE stamp but cannot locate the area where the enterprise operated from Thank you so much. D. MacAskill 6/20/04

WE Wolf Originals - The Answer - I somehow managed to stumble on your web site and found several requests for information regarding Wolf Originals (WE) carvings. Even though their subject matter often depicts Inuit life and people, they are not produced by Inuits, not hand carved, and not made of soapstone. They are produced by combining pulverized rock dust with a kind of resin which is poured into a mold. They would qualify as souvenir art - very cute, but not authentic. Aside from the WE stamp, there are other characteristics that differentiate them from real Inuit rock carvings. They have a very different look and feel than rock. They are not as heavy for their size, not as cold to the touch, and they have kind of a waxy feel to them. They are also pretty uniform in color (except for the wash that lightens parts of them) and they lack the imperfections, color variations, and occlusions found in most rock. There were a variety of companies that produced these pieces to sell to tourists -- much to the distress of Inuit artists, because they're often misrepresented as "genuine Inuit art." I'd estimate their value between $5 and $25 -- hope this helps. Judy. 4/8/04

Another WE Wolf Sculptures carving - My name is Mike Gaudet, down in Louisiana, USA. I also obtained a small sculpture with the name Wolf Sculptures written on the bottom and WE carved into the item, a man pulling a seal out the water. Like some of the other people on your web site, I can find out nothing about this and was wondering if you could shed some light on where these were made, out of what etc. I bought it in Florida visiting my daughter. Thanks for any pointers. Mike Gaudet. 3/11/04

Martin Wait carving? - I purchased a carving of two intertwined figures in a rose color and the name of the artist on the bottom appears to be Martin Wait. Do you have any information on this carving? Karin. 2/18/04

A Wolf Original - We recieved a Wolf Original from my grandfathers' estate and I was wondering what the value of it would be. It stands about 12" high and weighs about 20-30 lbs. It has the initials WE on it and says A Wolf Original underneath. It is a sculpture of an Eskimo fighting a polar bear. Eliza. 2/6/04

WE, A Wolf Original - I would like to have some information about the sculptures I have got from an estate -- I have thirteen pieces all with the name -- A Wolf Original. I would love to get some information from you. Thanks, Linda in Nova Scotia. 9/13/03

'WE' carving: Dog Team - Greetings from Scandinavia (very nice homepage!) I have a soapstone sculpture which we in my family call "Dog Team". The carving has a WE signature on the side and is in a very good condition. It would be very nice if someone could help me find out of as much as possible about the carver. Since my grandfather's death, we are considering selling the sculpture. Is there a good auction house in Canada? We would like to hear your opinion about the sculpture. It needs to be polished -- it hasn't been done in 30 years or more as far as I know -- should it be done before an auction? Thank you for your time!! Peter Rishede. 9/6/03

Soapstone Carvings with initial WE - I have visited your website on soapstone carvings and have noticed there are several question pertaining to the origin of soapstone carvings with the initials WE impressed. I have obtained a carving with the same initials and would like to know the origin and composition of the carving, e.g. is it really soapstone or some other composition? I appreciate any help you can give me in this matter. Thank you in advance for your time. Irene 8/4/03

Eskimo Mother and Child? - I have a sculpture of a Eskimo mother kneeling with a small child on her back and holding a child. The color is grayish black has WE initials in stone. On bottom it has a sticker with the words A Wolf Original some French words and hand made in Canada The Wolf Sculptures. Do have any information on the company or is it a artist? Need to find out if it is of any value. Thank You Donna/Larry Pape 7/30/03

Wolf Originals? - I am looking for information on the soapstone carvings marked "wolf originals". Any info you could share would be great. Thank-you. Wanda Lealand. 6/22/03

Identity of artist - WE ? - Do you know where I find out what this signature (WE) means? It is on an Eskimo Sculpture. Ben Brink. 3/8/03

Who is this artist? - We bought these three pieces (below) about 20 years ago while vising Canada — Would anyone know who the artist is? K.P. Schiller (Australia). 11/3/02

Appraiser in Vancouver? - I was speaking with an ex RCMP officer yesterday. He was stationed in Whale Cove on Hudson Bay in the 1960. He has a collection of soapstone carvings and is interested in selling them. I looked at them and three struck me as being very nice:

E8991-Man with an inflated whale bladder
E9096-Man hauling seal home
E91258-Two men playing game with large ball between them
Each of the pieces have inscriptions carved on the bottoms of the pieces as well as the letter and numbers noted. Can you suggest an appraiser in the Vancouver area? Many thanks, Bob JADIS, White Rock. 10/23/02

Anyone know this carving? - Some twenty years ago, in a Toronto gallery, my husband saw a carving of an Eskimo hunter about to be grabbed from behind by a bear. He has always regretted not being able to buy it at the time -- if someone has it and is willing to part with it, please let me know -- I would very much like to buy it and surprise him with it. Best Wishes, Tracy McCulloch. 10/5/02.

Annie Etok - Here's one (archived) link, And and in the Nunatsiaq News archives ... ST.

Annie Etok - I have recently inherited a soapstone carving by Annie Etok (name could possibly end in an H or B as it is handwritten and not very clear) #209927 of Payne Bay. The aforementioned info comes from a small tag with it, which also says "Hand Made By A Canadian Eskimo Artist - Certified by the Government of Canada". I have searched to no avail. Would you have any info. on her or do you know what Department of the government would keep that kind of info? Thanking you in advance for your time. Sincerely, Barb Smith. 8/13/02.

Isaac Sala - There's one at Long Ago & Far Away (archives); there's one at Spirits of the North, and at Dennos Museum Center, and at the Inuit Gallery... ST.

Isaac Sala - I have recently purchased a piece by Isaac Sala. It is a hunter with his spear ready, standing on ice. Under the ice is a walrus. I was wondering if you could give me any additional information on Isaac Sala. The gallery where I bought it could only tell me he is from the Sanikiluaq community. I was wondering if there was a way to find additional pieces of his work, anything about him, or if it is possible to contact him. Thank you for your help. Don S. 8/6/02

Soapstone Pig Things - What can you tell me about a Chinese (possibly) soapstone carving, about 2.5 inches tall? It is a small animal — pig, ram, ox mixed breed — sitting atop a pedestal. It is stale-chocolate-brown and came in a small Asian cardboard-covered-in-cloth box. Found it in an antique shop. It was so ugly I had to buy it. I heard it was a good luck charm kinda thing but I am not positive. Thanks for your help! Stacie Sandall 8/4/02

Soapstone or Alabaster? I do not know alot about soap stone, and was wondering if I should look for certain characteristics, and if so what? Carol Jarvis. 3/17/02

Information about Soapstone carving? - Have you ever seen a piece like this? Can you tell me anything about it? Gary H. Krize. 3/3/02.

Identify Soapstone carving? - I have a carving that belonged to my husband's grandmother. To the best of our knowledge it was purchased in Churchill, Manitoba - date unknown. The carving is of an Eskimo, standing, holding a fish with the head hanging down. Information on the tag attached to the carving: front - Canadian Eskimo art. inside: u21 port h???? p.q store post. ??-1572 (?? this looks like some kind of stamp) carver - 29 ? Conley ( - I am not certain but this is possibly the initial S) 11245. I would really appreciate getting information on this carving and the artist. Vivan. 2/18/02

Aardik sculpture - I have had what I believe to be a soapstone carving for many years. I have tried various search engines, but can find no reference to the company on label, "AARDIK". The carving is of 2 pelicans nestled, and is dark coloured, so the picture does not do it justice. Can you provide any info? Thank you, Ron Buchanan. 1/12/02

Eskimo Carvings - I am trying to find info on the value of stone carvings I have in my possesion. They were originally carved by the Eskimos in the early 60's, while my father was the Military Dew Line Commander in the Arctic. The set includes a stone base, two large bears (approx 9 ins), one small bear (2-3 in), two Eskimo hunters, two Eskimo children and one dog. This was a gift to him from the local native craftsmen. I would like to contact an apprasier on their value. My father is deceased, so I have no details on who actually carved them. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks. Glenn. 12/17/01

answers to questions - Eddie Lee, Seattle suppliers... - I happened across this site and thought it was great for people to have a place to get info. about carving etc. I am a very large supplier of soapstone from Brazil and Africa, alabaster from the US and Italy and Wonderstone from South Africa. Next month I will be in Spain to buy a container of alabaster. To give you an idea of my size....I sell more soapstone from Brazil than all the other suppliers in Canada and the US together. I am mostly a wholesaler selling to artists and retailers in larger quantities.
I noticed that some people had questions. I do not know how to respond to them. There is a question where someone wants to know where Eddie Lee is. I know because he buys a lot of soapstone from me. His phone # is (206) 720-1550. There is another question from a Brook Trout regarding suppliers in Seattle. I am only 100 miles north of Seattle. They can phone me at 604 580-3264. Regards, Jim Gill, Gian Carlo Stoneworks, 11387-124th Street, Surrey, B.C. V3V 4V3. 9/11/02

Soapstone - Eddie Lee - I have been in Alaska and have a small collection of soapstone carvings. While in Alaska I really became impressed with the work of Eddie Lee. I know he is in Seattle these days... my question is - How can I contact him direct? Is there a place that I can look him up and E-mail him? I would like to commission a piece direct. Is this possible? I have really become obsessed in trying to contact him. Maybe these are all very impossible requests... LJR. 9/19/01

Isapik Smith soapstone carving - We have a soapstone carving signed by Isapik Smith and numbered; we are very interested in finding out about this piece and it's value in the marketplace. We do not live in an area where there are appraisers and dealers who can assist us. Please examine the attached photo and if there is any information that you can impart or can refer us on we would be very appreciative. Jane Schultz Twedt 7/16/01

Dorothy M. Willford carving - We own a soapstone carving titled "Beaver" by Dorothy M. Willford and are looking to sell this. Can you suggest the best place for us to contact for this. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide. Regards, Phil Illingworth 5/12/01

Evaldo Goorgalves? - I hope you can you help me. I am trying to locate a Brazilian soapstone sculpture artist by the name of Evaldo Goorgalves. Are you familiar with him or his work?? If not, do you have another resource that may can help me locate information such as where he studied, etc. Barbara Reed, Leon Loard Gallery, 2781 Zelda Road, Montgomery, Alabama 36106, 011-1-334-270-9010. 5/7/01

Soapstone Sculpture - We need help in finding out about a soapstone sculpture. The artwork is labeled "Lozen" Apache Medicine Woman by Tava. The piece of artwork depicts an older woman with long hair with an eagle and his wing behind her. The piece is white soapstone and weighs about 30 pounds. Please let us know how we can find out what this piece is worth and more information about it. fishandco. 04/21/01

Kneeling Warrior? I am trying to find out about a soapstone carving I inherited from my father. It's a kneeling warrior with a shield, and signed on the bottom, "STM, 1968." It was bought in Canada in the late 60's. Thanks for any help you can provide. Anita Wollison. 10-26-00

What's this stone? We just returned from Zimbabwe with a number of stone animal carvings that one gets at a typical "flea market" in Victoria Falls.The pieces are readily available, cheap, contemporary and rather fragile. Someone said the material is "soapstone," others gave it another name. Could you hazard a guess as to the proper name of the material in the pieces we bought.(Some of the green ones are Malochite but that is not what I'm inquiring about.) Thanks in advance. Bob Bry - Aug. 9, 2000

Can anyone help identify these? I have a few pieces of Eskimo art, possibly Inuit. One is an Eskimo head, #2733844 by DONH, one is a man holding a small animal, #E91812 by HENRS, and a man with a seal's head, #278333 or #228333 by LEYI, and a kayak with a man and paddles, unsigned. Any information or hint of their value? Thanks, Merol. - Aug. 4, 2000

Sources   Repairs   Information   Carving...

Carving from China - We are QuYang Oriental Stone Carving Factory from the Hometown Of Carving in China. We export to worldwide markets. We specialize in hand-carved natural stone products, such as Statuary, Fireplaces, Fountains, Bathtubs, Sinks, Benches, Tables, etc. High quality, competitive price and professional service are our advantages. Please look through our website to learn more about us. Nicole. 5/28/06

Crane Circle

Ring of Loyalty
Celtic carvings. I do Celtic pieces, and have 27 to date – it's been my passion and work for the last 3 years. You can see more here - Nastasha Cusack. 2/3/06

Gallerie Inuit Plus - I must congratulate you on the amount and variety of information you show. We operate an online Inuit (Eskimo) art gallery and have been in business for 10 years. We are online at You will also find some useful info and links on our site under the "Art Info" tab on the top tool bar. Thanks,
William Waychison
Galerie Inuit Plus
tel: 705-267-7514; fax: 705-267-4659. (11/24/05).

Carving tools? - Could you tell me who supplies soapstone and wood carving tools in British Colombia-Canada? Elaine. 11/21/05.

Carving from China - Xiamen Guoxian Stone Ind.Co., Ltd is a granite and marble products manufacturer in China. We can produce: Granite sculptures, stone lion sculptures, figure sculptures, animal sculptures and Buddha statues, Garden statues, garden sculpture, angel stone sculptures and other carving stone, Tombstone, European tombstone, western style tombstone, graveyard stone are all available, etc. We also can do as your own design. We would be able to give you the best services and products if you are interested in our products. Thanks.
Nina Woo
Xiamen Guoxian Stone Ind.Co.,Ltd (11/24/05)

Stone carving teacher in BC? - I am a teacher at an elementary school in Surrey BC Canada. I am looking for someone to come to my class and teach soap stone carving. I had a name of an artist that did classroom workshops, Mark Gauthier with Four Directions, but the contact number is not right. Any idea how I could track down someone locally to me? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks Linda Deamer. 9/15/05.

Another Soapstone Site - I came across a website with different soapstone carvings while researching soapstone: Batian Peak. Philip Gatua. 8/4/2005

Soapstone on Zelda Rd. - I called informaton. I looked in the phone book! No art supply on Zelda Rd. Do you have a phone #? Thank you! Nilda Camara. 5/20/05

Inquiry on how to purchase soapstone piece - I visited your website and saw some really nice soapstone pieces. I am doing an event at the Native American Museum here in Washington, DC next month and wanted to give some really small soapstone pieces as gifts to our guests. We don't have a big budget but plenty of people - something in the order of 300 people. So I guess we would need about 300 gifts - can you help? Best, Michelle A. Ray. 4/22/05

Looking for carving market - am tanzanian young men deal with selling mpingo carving and painting hanging picture. Currently I have several of the finished carvings that are full decorated and am looking for market where I can sell them. I came across your website and thought that I can get some advice from you on how to get about the search for market for my carvings. Please let me know of any news and advice that you can offer me and it will be highly apprecieted. Yours faithfully, Norbert Mhella. 4/13/05

Soapstone Carvings Resource - I'm Scott. I live in South Louisiana and run a eBay business here. I've been wondering for a while where I could find some resources to buy some soapstone carvings at wholesale prices. Thanks for this site - Have a nice day! Scott. 4/6/05

Granite - I think your site has some really good stuff related to my site's topic of granite and would be a great resource for my visitors as it deals with some great aspects of granite that I'd like to give my visitors more information about. Best wishes, Trevor. Granite HQ. 3/4/05

Inuit Carving - Updated Articles - Just wanted to let you know that I have updated my website with numerous articles on Inuit carving and Northwest Native carving. They cover materials used, authenticity, shapes and form, etc. I’m hoping that some of them might come in handy as more links for your excellent soapstone section of your website. The articles are listed at articles and articles indean art. Thanks, Clint. 1/19/05

Soapstone Chess Set? - Years ago my husband and I were in Dayton Florida, and we bought a chess set. The pieces were made of soapstone. Someone broke into our home and stole it, and I have not been able to find another one. Can you tell me where I might find one? Thank you so much, Sandy Lynch. 12/21/04

Carving in China - We're a factory specializing in stone carvings in Xiamen, China. We work on commissions and sometimes work directly with foreign sculptors. As you may know, some sculptors don't carve every of their work by their own hands, instead, They just offer us their design sketches or small model, and we carve sculptures in size they want. If you do, pls don't hesitate to contact me. We're looking forward to do business with you. Best regards, Joe, Dingli Stone Carving Co.,Ltd. Unit C, 27/F, Int'l Bank Mansion ,NO.8 Lujiang Ave., Xiamen, China. Tel: 0086-592-2261767, Fax: 0086-592-2261789, 11/3/04

Inuit Art Society - We have started a club for those who are interested in Inuit art, our web site and with meeting date is Thank you, Jerry Catana. 10/12/04

Soapstone Supplier - I am a soapstone designer interested in finding market. Please help. Richard Nyagiro. 5/20/04

Arctic Artist Direct - We are a group of Artists from the Arctic who work together to produce art. We have many fine Artist from various northern groups including Inuit, Inuvialuit, (Eskimo), Dene (Indians), Metis and other Northerners. We produce fine quality work in the Arctic and we provide this to those who enjoy fine art at Artist Direct Prices. Check out our site at Dean. 1/17/04

The Hunt by Inung Felix

Northern Canadian carvers? - Do any of the Northern Canadian carvers sell direct to the public rather than through galleries? How can I contact them? Thanks. ner mina. 11/04/03.

Soapstone Turtle? - I was wondering if anyone would make a turtle out of soapstone and if I could purchase this particular piece in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Could you please let me know if this is possible and how much a turtle of of soapstone would cost. I would greatly appreciate it. This is for a gift and reason for the turtle is that it has special meaning. I could be reached at Thank you, Rhona Levine. 9/6/03

Market for Kenyan soapstone carver? - I am a young Kenyan citizen engaged in the Industry of soapstone mining, carving and decorations. Currently I have several of the finished carvings that are full decorated and am looking for market where I can sell them. I came across your website and thought that I can get some advice from you on how to get about the search for market for my carvings. Please let me know of any news and advice that you can offer me and it will be highly apprecieted. Yours faithfully, Simon Morara Sakawa 8/20/03

Inuit Chess Set - Looking for original Inuit chess set - hand carved from fossilized walrus tusk. Price no object. Thanks John Austermann 7/21/03

New website

Douglas Creek Sculpture Co.

Soapstone sculptures by Wendy Hook

Supply of Kisii Soapstones Carvings - I am interested in contacting any dealer keen on importing soapstone carvings from Kenya. Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated. George Nyakwaye. 1/17/03

Soapstone safe for pipes? - I am interested in creating smoking pipe bowls out of soapstone and was wondering if the soapstone itself is safe to smoke out of. It appears to be a great medium to work with and would like to give it a try. (I've noticed that there are several dealers on EBay who are selling different colored blocks of stone in 3 - 10 lb blocks...) Thanks in advance, Charlie. 1/16/03

Dancing Walrus by Floyd Grossetete. 12/8/02/

Asbestos danger in soapstone carving? - I just purchased some soapstone carvings from an African boutique in a shopping mall in Niagara Falls. I have a concern, because today as I was reading about soapstone, I saw where it wss written that it may contain asbestos. If I set these pieces out in my home on display is there some form of potential hazard? I really need to know right away because I also purchased some pieces to be given out as Christmas gifts. I will be awaiting your response. Thank you. Joyce. 12/20/02.

No, there's nothing to worry about with finished carvings. If there were any asbestos in the soapstone, the only danger would be to the carver, who might inhale some of the dust. But most soapstone appears to be asbestos-free.

Here's what Sandy Cline says:

I often am asked about asbestos in soapstone. This question I now liken to an urban legend. The question probably derives from the fact that steatite and asbestos are part of the same family of rocks and may often exist in the same area. If present in the stone, veins of asbestos would appear as fibrous and are quite identifiable. According to a test conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor - OSHA, their report states that soapstone contains: 6mg/m3 TWA Inhalable (total) dust containing no asbestos and % crystalline silica. Odorless solid; 10% tremolite, 1% silica, crystalline. Main composition; Massive Talc; Steatite.

Eagle Wings by Floyd Grossetete
at Art Canada

Eskimo/Inuit themed chess set? I am looking for an Eskimo/Inuit themed chess set. Any ideas where I can get one? Thanks. Roman Kraus. 10/29/02

Images received with no message from Richard E Martin. 10/27/02:

finished, off the shelf Brazilian Soapstone carvings - I am interesting in importing finished, off-the-shelf Brazilian soapstone artifacts, vases, and carvings. Trying to locate a source for leads. I speak fluent portuguese. Any help would be appreciated. Joe Staples. 10/8/02

Soapstone carvings at African Craft Village - My name is Grant and I live in Kwazulu Natal. You might be interested in some of our African soap stones, we buy directly from Zimbabwe. We give a generous discount of 30% for bulk orders. Visit our "no frills" website and tell me what you think. Yours Faithfully, Grant. 9/22/02

Supply of Soapstone Products - I'm searching for someone interested in importing various soapstone products from Kenya, original as they come. Please contact John Martin, Kenya. 8/11/02.

Spirits of the North,
Gallery of Tribal, Indian, Aboriginal,
and Inuit Art. Vancouver, Canada.

Jim's Soapstone carvings - hand carved and polished Inukshuk, Polar Bears, Walrus, Eagles, spectacular Celtic Crosses, Etchings and many more. Jim Cosgrove. 7/23/02

Soapstone Carvings I have a large supply of soap stone carvings from Zimbabwe for sale. Price range from $3 to $10 Joe MacAndrew. 6/5/02

Canadian Carvers... sell direct? Do any of the Northern Canadian carvers sell direct to the public rather than through galleries? Thanks, Ken K.. 4/20/02


Soapstone Sculpture

by Eric Rugebregt
Tilburg, The Netherlands

many images...

Carvings wanted - I am looking for a supplier for small bright-coloured soapstone carvings in the shape of a simple sailing boat with a hole drilled in the top, to hang off a key ring. So very low unit price. Approx size (flat one side) 1 and a half inches) I would be interested in volume orders if price and design were right. Many thanks, Tombodama, Julia Schofield. 12/15/01

Soapstone products - We offer off the shelf products from our range as well as tailor products for individual customers. Hope you find it interesting! Ken. 8/17/01

Detail work with Soap Stone - For some detail work with Soap Stone mined in northern Washington State and fossilized Ivory from Alaska take a look at This work is being sold out of Alaska currently. Carl McFarland 5/9/01

Soapstone artifacts and carvings - Just thought that we'd let you know of our site which supplies a large range of soapstone artifacts, and carvings. We have some really unique pieces in our Exclusive - stone section at Dash S. 04/01/01

Soapstone carvings at Too Handy's Site of Art...

Soapstone Artists of Sanikiluaq, Nunavut

Arnold Aragon Native Sculptures. soapstone, alabaster, and marble.

Brad McKay's Soapstone Carvings

Wendy Hook's soapstone sculpture at Douglas Creek Sculpture Company.

Larry Eaton's Igloo Arts and Crafts -- Alaska Soapstone Carvings.

LearningStone Stone sculpture and carving links.

Shane Smith's How to carve marble, limestone, soapstone and alabaster stone sculptures, The Stone Shaper.

Sandy Cline's Sculpture and soapstone carving information.

Soapstone Carving for Children.

Exotic Brazilian Soapstone for Carving.

The Livingstone Quarry

Atoat and Pauloosie Akitirq's Comments On Carving Soapstone.

Spirit Wrestler Gallery. Inuit Sculpture. Marketplace for building stones.

Andrzej Gorski's fascinating
Amber - Stone Live
a Polish collector of inclusions in Baltic amber...

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Soapstone for sale - I have a whole bunch of soapstone for sale. I have pink and green, sizes vary from golf ball to 500 lb pieces, 1000 in the green if needed. The price is $1.00 a pound. Allison. 5/2/06

Soapstone for sale in Northern California - I live in northern California... on a mountain of soapstone! I do some carving myself, more as a hobby than anything else, but I'm willing to sell some at a reasonable price. I really don't want to destroy my mountain, but it would please me to give carvers and sculptors a chance to buy stone and still be able to eat. David W. Austin. 4/12/06

Native American pipestone, steatite - We sell both finished ceremonial pipes as well as different types of raw stone, including steatite.
Lakota Creations
Darwin & Christine Wallenburg
304 8th ST E, Jasper, MN 56144, (507) 348-3305
Darwin. 12/9/05

Looking for soapstone in SW Ontario - Looking for stone to carve - southwestern Ontario source. if possible. Enjoyed the site. Marion Harrington. 11/8/05

Soapstone in Montreal - The man I buy my stone from is in Montreal Que. His name is Ian Jatsura. He has many different types of stone ranging from 99 cents to $4.50 a pound and also Alabaster and Serpentine. He is a cool guy. His phone # is 1-(800)or{888}-376-1211. Please phone him to find out more and tell him I gave you his number. I thhink he would be happy to do business with as many sculptors as he can and can probably help with more contacts for you. Brandon Perrault. 10/23/05

Soapstone from India We now offer perhaps the largest collection of Soapstone for carving under one roof. These can be viewed at CP Seth Sons. Harish Seth. 9/27/05

Looking for soapstone slab - I am looking for a large slab (chunk) of soapstone (1 square foot?) that will be used to illustrate a sermon entitled "Written In Stone". Can be low quality. Budget is limited. I am located near Winnipeg, MB. Can anyone help?? A. Bayne. 9/26/05

White soapstone in Pakistan - I am Karamat From Gujranwala Pakistan. We have large quantity of white soapstone in Swat NWFP Pakistan. Best Regards, Karamat. 9/25/05.

Soapstone Sinks - We offer custom soapstone countertops, solid block sinks and fireplaces. SoapstoneWest - Shweta. 9/14/05

Soapstone Products - I own a soapstone mine of very beautiful natural color stone used in production of handcrafts carvings which I sell at wholesale price, soapstone blocks for building/house decorating, chippings for powder. Hilary Oyaro, 3240, Kisii, Kenya, Africa. Tel 07-2190-5181,07-2244-9712. 9/12/05

Soapstone blocks? - Do you know where I can get some soapstone blocks that are about 3"x3"x1.5". I'm looking for 5-6 blocks. I will use them for my Boy Scout troop. We are making Dow and drill fire starters and soapstone makes the best bearing stone. Thank you for your time. Bob F. 8/28/05

Brazilian Soapstone Supplier - Supplier of Brazilian Soapstone as well as many other types of carving stone. Located in London Ontario we are available to ship throughout North America from a central location. We also sell Carving Kits, as well as finished pieces of work. mainly pieces that are done by myself and other First Nation artists. Visit out Online Gallery or if you are in the London Ontario Region, then drop by. Robert Morgan, Stoneman Distributors,, Unit 1 - 79 Bessemer Rd, London Ontario N6E 1P9, Ph: 519-668-3996, Fax: 519-668-2562. 8/5/2005

Correct URL for LearningStone - The URL for "LearningStone Stone sculpture and carving links." should be Stone Linkmaster. 7/29/05

Dendritic Talc - Hello, Eric's rocks here, I just wanted to let you know that I have some dendritic talc for sale from Montana. It sells for $3.00 lb. It is a killer soapstone, Eric's rocks. 7/14/05

Soapstone I can carve.... - I am interested in a block of soapstone, that I can carve. I want to make a hinged box for an engagement ring. Can you sell that or turn me on to where I can get some? I'm in NJ. Thanks, Leigh A. Walling. 7/13/05

Soapstone on my property - I am writing to introduce myself and my large soapstone deposit. My name is Stephen Solmes,and in 1996 a prospector wandered on my 96 acre property. He was looking for soapstone which had been documented as a small outcropping. As luck would have it, almost all of my property is soapstone. I have been selling pieces to sulptors up to a thousand lbs. I have secured the mineral rights,and am now ready after extensive research to open a quarry. This soapstone seems to be very unique. I have grey, grey with blood red veins, green, green with dark green to black, red, red deep red to brown. Also a mottled stone (leopard look). Something really different, the stone is bent and has every colour in the rainbow and has an opal essence to it, that shimmers. I have almost no experience in this industry. I am looking for people experienced in extracting and marketing my stone. A partnership or a joint effort is what seems to be the best thing for me at this time. I hope this interests you. It may be something big for both of us. I look forward to hearing from you. I am located in eastern Ontario Can. Respectfully, Stephen Solmes. 12/7/04

Wanted: Inuit Black Soapstone - I was going over you web page and found some lovely things in there and was wondering if you can help me. I am looking to buy 10 pounds of Inuit black soap stone and what is the price of the 10 pounds. Can you please help me. Thanks, Dave . 10/20/04

Blue soapstone? - Would you happen to know where I could look to find blue soapstone? Learning to carve and looking for a variety of colors to try to work with. Thank you for your help. Lecia Mould. 9/29/04

Carving Stone Source - Stoneman Distributors Located in London Ontario provides the best in Carving stone. Excellent for carving and turning, brazilian soapstone is one of the favorites. We also have other stone such as black soapstone, serpentine, alabaster. We also have Brazilian soapstone in blocks now. Stoneman Distributors will also provide you with all your carving tools as well as a place to display your work on the internet without any charge. This way you can show the world your creative abilities. Countertops are also in. Come and check out Stoneman Distributors and take a look into what we have. Robert Morgan, Stoneman Distributors, Unit 1 - 79 Bessemer Rd, London Ontario N6E 1P9, 519-668-3996. 9/28/04

Green Soapstone Source - We are miners and suppliers of Industrial minerals. We have a Big Deposit of Green Soapstone. We can provide that any buyers in bulk. If you have any buyer please let us introduce with him. We,ll await your sooner reply and hope you will mail us sooner. Sincerely, Tehseen Ahmed Khan, KHAN BUSINESS CONCERN, B-IV,435 NEAR IMAMBARA, HASSANABDAL. PAKISTAN, TEL.92-5772-523316. 9/25/04.

Soapstone Link - My Name is Trevor Dennis and I am writing you on behalf of We have your link featured on our site and would be very proud to reciprocate links with such and innovative and creative site. Thanks, Trevor Dennis. 7/27/04

Soapstone Supplier in Pacific Northwest? - I was wondering if there was any suppliers of raw soapstone in the Pacific N.W.? Thank You, Scott. 6/26/04

Soapstone Supplier - I wanted to let you know that I am a supplier of carving soapstone. We carry a wide verity of stone from Brazil and Canada. Our company supplies and fabricates soapstone counter tops and sinks and our showroom /store carries the soapstone pottery as well. We are located in Brooklin (Whitby) Ontario Canada our web page is our email is I hope this will help you refer inquirer's for this area and all of Ontario. Thank you, Noreen, N & G Enterprises Cabinetry Solutions, 7700 Thickson Rd N, Brooklin ON L1M 2A8, 905-655-7576. 5/27/04

Soapstone Distributor - You have a fantastic site for soapstone. My company is yet another importer and distributor of soapstone. We have an established business in Vermont and we sell Soapstone Masonry heaters that weigh up to 4 tons that can heat water as well as warm a home. We also have solid soapstone sinks and slabs along with drinkware, cookware and art made with soapstone. Please check out our web site @ - Thanks again and you really do have some great information on your site. Sincerely,

Vermont Marble, Granite, Slate & Soapstone Co.
2046 Route 4, P.O. Box 577
Killington, Vermont 05751
PH - 802.747.7744, FX - 802.217.1044
Paul Thompson.

Australian Soapstone - In reply to your question on the Internet I have a new Soapstone deposit in NW Australia. I initially pegged the ground (very old ultramafics 3000 million years old ) for mineralization but have now realized the growing demand for good carving stone. For more information please contact me at Kind Regards, John McNally-Smith. 11/11/03.

Australian Soapstone? - Hello! Would you tell me, please, some Australian company that exports soapstone? We are a leading Bulgarian /Europe/ company specialized in the manufacture and trade of electrical appliances. We'd like to produce the fuses bodies of a soapstone, because its quality is better. Thanks, Marina Pavlova. NIKDIM Ltd. Bulgaria, Kazanlak. Tel.: 00359 431 65016. Fax: 00359 431 65028. E-mail: 11/11/03

Pacific NW soapstone supply? - Do you know of any place in the Pacific NW that carries or makes soapstone bowls, containers, cooking pots etc..? All the places I've been able to locate are either out of the country, or it cost an arm and a leg to have shipped. I live in the SE King county area. Also what about just slabs of soapstone, I have a wood stove and would love to replace the stones inside with soapstone, and or put them on the top to help radiate heat when the fire gets low. Terrie 8/23/03

Soapstone source near Spokane? - Do you know what the closest source of soapstone would be to Spokane, Washington? Thank you, Dennis. 8/16/03

Green soapstone mine - I have green soapstone (a mine full), where can I find out prices and who buys it? I dont know if it would be worth having it mined or what the market it for it..hellppp... Laurie 7/17/03

Soapstone in Germany? - I am planning a sculpture workshop in July 2003 in the German alps and need to order soapstone. Do you know any supplier in Germany? Thank you for your help. Siglinde Buhl. 1/13/03

Soapstone in Australia? - I used to carve soapstone in Taree about 20 years ago and would like to start again but I have no idea where I can get my hands on some in Australia, preferably near to Taree or Sydney. I am prepared to have it delivered from anywhere in Australia. Can you help? Narida Bell. 1/09/03

Brazilian Soapstone source? - Hi, a family member and I are carvers and we are looking to import Brazilian soapstone directly from Brazil for our use. Do you know of any Brazilian suppliers? K. Hewson. 1/05/03

answers to questions - Eddie Lee, Seattle suppliers... - I happened across this site and thought it was great for people to have a place to get info. about carving etc. I am a very large supplier of soapstone from Brazil and Africa, alabaster from the US and Italy and Wonderstone from South Africa. Next month I will be in Spain to buy a container of alabaster. To give you an idea of my size....I sell more soapstone from Brazil than all the other suppliers in Canada and the US together. I am mostly a wholesaler selling to artists and retailers in larger quantities.
I noticed that some people had questions. I do not know how to respond to them. There is a question where someone wants to know where Eddie Lee is. I know because he buys a lot of soapstone from me. His phone # is (206) 720-1550. There is another question from a Brook Trout regarding suppliers in Seattle. I am only 100 miles north of Seattle. They can phone me at 604 580-3264. Regards, Jim Gill, Gian Carlo Stoneworks, 11387-124th Street, Surrey, B.C. V3V 4V3. 9/11/02

Brazilian Soapstone Supplier. - Supplier of Brazilian Soapstone located in London Ontario. Will ship anywhere in North America. Stoneman Distributors is also selling Carving tools for soapstone as well as pneumatic tools for harder stone. Come and visit our site. Our Online Gallery is also located at our destination. Our prices are in Canadian Dollars. Robert Morgan, Stoneman Distributors. 10/2/02

Soapstone Supplier - You asked about soapstone suppliers - here is one that I use alot. Jim sells alabaster from various places, soapstone from Brazil, Africa etc. and other stones. Prices are very reasonable - he ships any quantity. Chris Rose 9/2/02.

Jim Gill
Gian Carlo Stoneworks
11387-124th Street
Surrey, BC V3V 4V3
604 580-3264 Fax 604 580-3222

Mail order soapstone [technically a steatite], fantastic colors, the stone is blue/black/green with cream colored veins, absolutely unique, see Grizzly. Can be shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. in boxes for total DELIVERED price of $1.75 per pound. Any sized pieces you like up to 55 pounds. Harder than Brazilian soapstone, softer than alabaster, superior finished product, other pictures available. Minimum ten pound order. Sculpture quality guaranteed. Pay by PayPal, mail order or cheque. Chris Jenkins Phone 250-489-5141. New website- 7/29/02

Soapstone from India - We are producers of Soapstone for carving from India, in this biz for last two decades now, but mainly supplying in Europe as yet. We have four different colored Soapstone, and would gladly send samples and quotes. We also have some harder stones for carving like Marble, sandstone. Harish Seth, CP Seth Sons. phone: +91 294 491 055; fax: +91 294 491 955. 7/6/02

soapstone in Seattle? Is there any soap stone or other carving stone dealer in Seattle. Brook Trout. 5/30/02

Brazilian SoapstoneStoneman Distributors located in London Ontario provides the best in Brazilian Soapstone for carving and crafts. Native owned and operated, the owner Robert Morgan will ship anywhere using the most economical means possible. Small and large orders welcomed. Visit our gallery and enjoy some of the work that is made with our stone. Enjoy the exchange rate. 4/4/02

Brightly Colored SoapstoneI now have some new brightly coloured soapstones- which we call "Gala Soapstones", in Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Vermilion etc. I've attached an image of a sample of these stones and would readily send samples and related info., for bulk supplies. I am situated in India. Harish Seth. CP Seth Sons, Udaipur-Raj, India. Ph: 294-491055/Fax294-491 955. 3/31/02

Soapstone Available - Update Top quality, beautiful stone, blues/blacks with cream colored veins, asbestos free, pieces ranging from 20 pounds to 3 tons. Cost of delivered stone [by gravel truck loads] about 25 cents per pound into Los Angeles, about 30 cents per pound into New York. Take advantage of low Canadian dollar until supply runs out. Chris Jenkins. 3/17/02

Raw Soapstone for carving - S&C Soapstone offers soapstone for carving. You can contact us at SCSOAPSTONE.COM. Thanks, S&C Soapstone. 3/1/02.

Soapstone Available - Here's a picture of a $25,000 bear (almost life-size), sculpted from our soapstone quarry. Top quality, beautiful green stone, asbestos free, pieces ranging from 20 pounds to 3 tons. Cost of delivered stone [by gravel truck loads] about 25 cents per pound into Los Angeles, about 30 cents per pound into New York. Take advantage of low Canadian dollar until supply runs out. Chris Jenkins. 12/21/01

Soapstone supplier - We are suppliers of Brazilian Soapstone located in London, Ontario. Our company is Stoneman Distributors, Native owned and run. Our Web Site is at Thank you, Stoneman . 12/11/01

Soapstone supplier - I am a soapstone supplier in Southern Ontario Canada. I carry gray-green Quebec soapstone in blocks, rough chunks and slabs. Rough chunks of black Serpentine. I also have rough chunks of green and brown Brazilian. Glen Ness . 12/6/01

Soapstone sources - I teach my high school students how to carve soapstone and I get the rocks from art supply catalogs like Nasco, located in Janesville, Wisconsin or Sax located in New Berlin, Wisconsin. We perfer the rocks from Sax because they have the green shades. They get the rocks from Montana. Patti Holte. 11/14/01

Soapstone in UK? - Does anyone know of sources of soapstone for carving in the UK? Thanks. John. 8/1/01

Soapstone - It is not my main business but since I import from Zimbabwe and keep getting asked by sculptors I add a few crates to each container load.
I can supply raw Serpentines, Soapstones and Verdite from Zimbabwe @ Can$1.50 per lb. up to 50 lbs.; Can$1.20 per lb. up to 100 lbs.; Can$1.05 up to 300 lbs. and Can$1.00 per lb. over 300 lbs. Verdite is a little more expensive (please ask). Earth to Spirit Trading Company / 340 King St. East, Kingston, Ontario, / K7L 3B6, Canada / Tel: (613) 536 5252 Fax: (613) 536 5554. Chris Van der Vyver. 02/23/01

Soapstone - Hi, I am Tim Hutchings and am located in Olancha,CA. I have white, white w/ different colors mixed, green, green w/ dendrites. These are in rock form, sizes vary 2lbs. to 100lbs.+. I have been working for 15 our family owned Mining & Milling bussiness and manager of all operations for the last 8 yrs. We curently have 6 talc claims and others available. Just recently I was infomed of the carving market. I can send samples if you are interested. What sizes are carvers looking for? I can be reached at work 6:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday thru Friday 760-764 2216, at home after work 760-764-2585 or fax me a note 760-764-2806. Sincerly, Tim Hutchings 02/21/01

Soapstone - We sell soapstone and other carving stone. Our company is called High Cascade, owner is Ben Barke. We are located in Washington State. If interested will send samples. Phone 509-763-2195. Thank You. Robin Barke 02/06/01

Soapstone Link - Just wanted to inform you of another source for carving stone - There is also a link on the links page to the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association, something that also may be of interest. Roohz. 02/03/01

Bulk Soapstone - Bulk buyers of soapstone, wood carvings and other Kenyan crafts, please contact Curiously African Ltd. - Sept. 14, 2000

Soapstone and soapstone carvings from Kenya: I have a source for Kenyan Soapstone both raw and carved - from Kisii, Kenya, Africa, if you are interested. Contact B. Stone. Check out some carvings at

Wholesale Soapstone. We just opened a showroom in Toronto and we have mines in Brazil. We supply wholesale soapstones both talc and steatite, crystals and gemstones. We can offer the lowest wholesale rate. If you show us any better rate we will beat that by 10% guaranteed. Please contact for more information.

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Repair bruised stone? - Do you know of any way to "repair" bruised stone – that is, make the bruise invisible? In this case, it is alabaster and not soapstone, but if you know of any way that would work for either, I would appreciate it. I'm trying to avoid altering shape of damaged sculpture by having to sand below the bruise... Thanks, Sharon. 10/21/2005

What kind of glue? - I've only had success with contact cement, where you put it on both pieces and let it dry until it's tacky, and then press them tightly together, but it's not easy -- it's hard to get anything to stick to soapstone.... After it's done you'll probably have to smooth the seam and polish it again... ST. 10/9/2005

What kind of glue? - How do you repair a piece of soapstone - what type of glue would you recommend? Sasha. 10/9/2005

Soapstone repair? - I was very interested to read all the articles on your website, and became excited to think that at last I might be able to find out how to repair a beautiful head and bust of an African woman that I bought in Malawi in the 1970s. It was knocked on the hard floor and now has a chipped ear and several marks on the face and nose. I have been trying for years to find out how to repair and polish out the marks if possible. The finish is very dark green, with a high gloss appearence. The underneath colour is very pale grey/green. With kind regards Sandra. 8/23/05

Broken Soapstone - I recently inherited a piece of Chinese carved soapstone. Unfortunately, it is broken. Can you tell me the best adhesive to use to repair it? I think it's pretty old. Thank you. Phyllis Conlan. 8/4/2005

Soapstone Repairs - I have a large soapstone statue which I brought back from Kenya which sadly I recently knocked over and has now subsequently broken into two pieces. I am looking for an outlet/stonemason in London (United Kingdom) preferably, who would be able to repair it for me. Do you have any knowledge of anyone who would be able to undertake this task? I have looked on the internet but would prefer an expert referral. I thank you in anticipation of your reply. Kindest regards. Tom Morgan . 6/13/05

Soapstone Questions - 1. are there any vcr or dvd tapes on working with soapstone? 2. If stone has already been oiled can I return it to its original color? 3. Are there places in the greater Phoenix metro area that market colored soapstones? I want to make reproduction clocks. Thanks, Lonnie Stepp. 5/24/05

Damaged Soapstone - Can you please help, we have a black soap stone carving, that we brought in Brisbane Australia. This has been damaged on the base and front and we would like to know of a place we could get it repaired in the UK (South East). Can you help? Jason & Kim Davis (England). 4/22/05

Dead Link - This link: Shane Smith's How to carve marble, limestone, soapstone and alabaster stone sculptures, The Stone Shaper. appears to no longer be valid. Just an FYI. Great web site! Paul. 2/27/05. [Now at The Stone Shaper]

Broken piece - Hello, I have some soap stone chess pieces our son got us a long time ago. Well one of them got broken in the move, how do I fix it? Thanks, Joan Gould. 10/28/04

I repair soapstone - I repair soapstone (steatite) sculptures that come from the farthest points of United States and Canada. My fees are very reasonable. I have been restoring sculptures such as a Sedna from Jonasie Faber Quarquortoq, an Esquimo with fish from Augiak Novalinga, African sculpture, Eskimo Priest from Baker Lake, sculptures from Cape Dorset and other original Inuit sculptures, etc. Also various smaller sculptures such as: birds, dancing bear, whale, seal, male hunter, etc.
I have a small Web page on Sandy Cline Web Site concerning my repairs: (please click on the Sedna word to see other pictures) Do you have any request for repairs of soapstone sculptures? Thank you for your time and consideration. Best regards, Diane Caron / DC Restoration. 10/1/2004

Broken Wolf - Ross Parkinson - My daughter had a pillow fight with the babysitter and broke the tail off of a soapstone wolf that was a gift. I noticed that the artists name Ross Parkinson was on the bottom of the piece. It has very high sentimental value as it was was a gift from a very dear friend. Can it be repaired? Heartbroken in Denver. 9/1/04

Broken Soapstone? - I have a soapstone slab that is carved with an Eskimo. It recently fell and broke. I'd like to try to glue it back together. What would you suggest. I know it won't be perfect. Thanks. Deb.

Soapstone questions - I was on vacation in Canada last year. I fell in love with Eskimo soap stone. I bought one piece and regret not having gotten more while I was there. This leads to two questions. One is that my carving was dropped and glued. The glue used to do the repair was done sloppy and got all over. Is there a safe way to remove this and fix my carving? Also, I have seen newer soapstone here in galleries but would prefer the older kind. Does anyone know where I can find these? Thanks, Jerry Catana. 2/23/03

Polishing Soapstone? - I am a complete novice at carving soapstone - but became involved out of my love for stones. I am a musician - so good with my hands, but have no idea how to effectively polish the carvings (I use the term loosely) that I have made. Can you direct me to information sources that might help me with the polishing methods? Any help would be greatly appreciated. B. Morrison. 12/22/02.

Lots of useful info at Sandy Cline Soapstone Sculpture like: Polishing Soapstone.

Soapstone--Grizzly - I looked at your pictures and I think I have your Grizzly. We bought it as a shop in Anchorage the summer of 2000. I love it but it is losing the glaze especially on the edges of the thick base and one side of the bear's stomach. What can I do to preserve it? Please send any suggestions by email to R Harms. 10/1/02

alabaster - I have an alabaster chess board that was broken in a move-do you know how I would repair it? Thanks – Sue. 8/25/02.

Scratches, Bruises and Chips? - You can find some advice on these repairs at Sandy Cline's pages.

Soapstone Repair Advice - I own a beautiful soapstone piece which I bought in a gallery in Whistler, Canada. Unfortunately a small part was scratched in a recent move. Any thoughts or people I should contact about repairing this? Thanks for your time. H. Dubow 8/6/02

Broken Soapstone Hi--I have a broken soapstone carving. Do you have any suggestions for adhesives that you can recommend? Thanks Mayo E.. 6/10/02

repairing scratched soapstone In a recent move a soapstone piece got all scratched. The piece is from Africa and is black and now has all white specs and nicks on it. Do you know how I could fix it? Loraw. 6/4/02

Repairing SoapstoneI have found that the epoxy "JB WELD" works wonders. I have only used this on light pieces, but this stuff is strong. Maybe this can help with some of the questions people are having. Dallas Taylor. 4/7/02

Soapstone adhesive? - I received a Christmas gift made of soapstone that arrived in pieces. Can you please tell me what kind of adhesive I should use to glue this back together? Thank you for the info. Amber Saxby. 12/25/01

Help repair broken soapstone - I would like to repair a small soapstone box which had the corner broker off. My wife is livid and I am hoping you can help define what type of epoxy or adhesive I may use to put this back together, if possible. Kind Regards. Robert Becker. 10/21/01

Broken Soapstone Statue - I returned from Brazil with a beautiful soapstone statue of the Christ Statue. It has a broken piece. Two questions: 1) Is there a recommended adhesive? 2) Is there anyone in the LA area who works in soapstone and might provide help with this repair? Dr. Fred G. Garlett. 10/8/01

Soapstone Carving Repair - Please Help - We own several Soapstone carvings which we love and treasure. My husband is heartbroken. One of his favorites, a whale, was broken on the tail. We would like to have it repaired. Any idea where we might send it to have the work done? Please help. Thank you very much. Rowena Thomas. 9/20/01

Help polishing soapstone? - I have been soapstone carving for some time now but have trouble getting a good polish to my finished product. I have used almost everything but do not get the polish I want. At the present time I am using black shoe polish. I did for a time heat the carving and rub beeswax on it which worked prety good. I was wondering if you can help me get a good shine. I lived with the Inuit for a number of years and I picked this hobby up from them. I would apprecate any advise you could give me. Thank you. Gord Reddick 8/10/01

Soapstone repair - I would like to know how to repair soapstone. My sculpture is in several pieces. What can you recommend for gluing and filling? Debbie Teer 7/25/01

Soapstone Carving Repar - Our museum received a soapstone carving from Canada, one piece broken in shipping. The piece broken off is large enough so that if glued it would not take away from the overall interpretation of the piece. Is there a special glue, product, to repair the soapstone? Thank you for your response and advice. Jan Norman, Executive Director, Har-Ber Village Museum, 4404 W 20th St, Grove Ok 74344. 5/3/01

Soapstone repair? I read one of your notes and have the same question. We just returned from Brazil and have some marks on our soapstone. How do we repair? Joy. 03/22/01

Soapstone repair? We have just returned from Brasil and found that some of our soapstone that we bought was broken in shipping. Please can you tell us how to repair and how to bring back small places that have been knicked. We had thought of epoxy and varnish for finish and someone said finger-nail polish for finish, but most of how we can glue back? Richard. 1-1-01