Tora-san: Otoko wa tsurai yo!

A set of 48 picture postcards featuring a poster for each of the films in ďOtoko wa tsurai yoĒ ("It's tough being a man"), by far the longest-running film series in Japanese history (and the second-longest overall in the world), went on sale Jan. 20, 1997, at post offices throughout Tokyo to honor the seriesí late star, Kiyoshi Atsumi.
A ceremony was held the same day to mark the start of the sales at Shibamata Taishakuten Temple in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo, hometown to Atsumiís character, Torajiro Kuruma, popularly known as Tora-san. During the ceremony, actor Gajiro Sato, who played the role of Gen-chan in the films, spoke of Atsumiís kindness and selflessness. Sato remembered when he was hospitalized due to a car accident and unable to appear in one of the Tora-san films. Although Atsumi was very busy because shooting had just begun, he visited Sato in his hospital room daily. The memorial postcard project was launched after local residents asked postal authorities to do something to mark the passing of Atsumi in August, 1996.

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