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No smoking

Catalan No fumeu
Chinese (transliterated) Qing wu xi yan (=please don't smoke)
Croatian Zabranjeno pusenje
Danish Rygning er ikke tilladt
Dutch Verboden te roken
French Défense de fumer
German Rauchen verboten
Hebrew (transliterated) Ein le-ashen
Hungarian Tilos a dohanyás
Italian Vietato fumare
Japanese (transliterated) Kinen
Korean (transliterated) Geum yun
Lithuanian Nerukoma
Modern Greek (transliterated) Apagoreuetai to kapnisma
Norwegian Rřyking forbudt
Persian (not available)
Polish Rauchen verboten
Portuguese Năo fumar
Russian (transliterated) Ne kurit'!
Serbian (transliterated) Zabranjeno pusenje
Spanish No fumar
Swedish Rökning förbudjen
Tagalog Bawal magsigarilyo
Turkish Sigara icilmez
Vietnamese Cam hut thuoc
Yiddish (transliterated) Nit raykhern

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