Yemen (1926-)

Stamp-issuing status: active; Population: 13,972,477 (1997 estimate). An ancient state in southwest Arabia. Under Turkish suzerainty until 1918, Yemen became independent after Turkey's defeat in World War I. During 1958-61, Yemen was loosely affiliated with Egypt in the United Arab States. In 1962, a military coup ousted the imam, and a pro-Egyptian republic was established. Royalist resistance continued in the interior until 1969, during which time both sides issued a vast number of stamps, most aimed strictly at stamp collectors. In April 1970, an agreement between the Yemen Arab Republic and Saudi Arabia introduced royalists into the YAR government, ending the existence of the Mutawakelite Kingdom. At about the same time, the country's stamp-issuing policy settled back to normal. In 1990 the Yemen Arab Republic and the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen united to form the Republic of Yemen. Northern dominance of the new state led to resentment in the south, sparking a civil war in 1994. The north quickly defeated southern secessionist elements and restored the union, with guarantees of democratic government. Long one of the poorest states in the Mideast, Yemen is currently pursuing a program of economic reform and development.

from Linn's:
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