"Equatorial Guinea" '08
Saint-Exupéry on Stamps France '70
République Française



perf 13, Scott #CB1
January 19 [withdrawn June 5, 1948]

50F+30F - 975,000

Designed and engraved by
Pierre Gandon [b. January 20, 1899, Hay les Roses,
d. July 23, 1990, Lorrez le Bocage le Preux (Seine et Marne)].


preliminary design for above

[I have lost the reference for this artwork. By Gandon?
If you know who did it, please contact me.]

Deluxe proof

23K gold replica (thanks to Mark Morrow for this image!)

the other two stamps in the set

Jean Dagnaux
perf 13, Scott #CB2

Modern plane and Ader's "Eole"
perf 13, Scott #CB3

"Equatorial Guinea" '08
Saint-Exupéry on Stamps
France '70