Howard Browne
Warrior of the Dawn: The Adventures of Tharn
from the dustjacket by Fridolf Johnson:

Tharn, the leading figure of WARRIOR OF THE DAWN, was a Cro-Magnon, one of the first truly human race of men. He lived a long time ago, perhaps twenty thousand years. Howard Browne has given him only the clothes, equipment, and weapons that he might have had. He is a true prehistoric man, not a freak pulled out of his time by some scientific hocus-pocus in the fourth dimension.

Very likely he is also an ancestor of yours, one you can be proud of. Life in that far off time, you will find, was not much simpler and not a bit less dangerous than we have made it today. Give Tharn a tommy-gun instead of a flint-tipped spear, and he would be very much at home with the Marines in the South Pacific. He is not only strong but thoroughly likable.

WARRIOR OF THE DAWN is Tharn's story, and a whale of an exciting story. People who read it in manuscript all had one thing to say of it: "I had things to do and meant to read only a few pages the first time I sat down with it. When I stopped I found I had read at least a hundred pages more than I meant to. Somehow it holds you." That you will find true — it holds you. It is stark, solid action, building suspense, building to a climax that is really rousing:

WARRIOR OF THE DAWN is not exclusively a boy's book, not exclusively man's book. It is for everyone who likes fast, exciting action. In book form, Tharn and his creator, Howard Browne, are appearing for the first time. If our guess is worth anything, you will want to meet them again and again, because you are being introduced to an ingenious writer and a great character.