William O. Steele
The Magic Amulet

from the dustjacket:

Barely conscious, Tragg slowly realized that the camp was deserted and he had been left to die. Knowing that his family's nomadic code dictated the abandonment of any member who became a burden, Tragg still deeply resented his fate. He was determined to live.

Feverish and unable to move his leg, which had been gashed by a saber-tooth tiger, Tragg lifted himself slowly and, leaning on his spear, forced himself to walk. He would recover, he vowed, and find a new family band to join. One thing gave him hope — his uncle's bracelet, a magic amulet, which had been left behind. Perhaps its magic would help him. Little did he know how powerful a role it was to play in his life ahead.

William O. Steele paints a bold and accurate picture of prehistoric life in southeastern America. He describes early American nomadic bands, the dangers they faced, the game they followed, and the rituals and beliefs that helped them to survive each uncertain day. An authentic and exciting adventure story.