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Farmer, Philip José [1918-]. 1959. The Alley Man. in: Fantasy & Science Fiction, June 1959. (in "The Alley God", Ballantine Books, N.Y. No. F-588 1962; Venture, Dec. 1964; ...Silverberg, et al., eds., Neanderthals, 263-318 1987)

The last living Neanderthal Man, grubbing out a living from the garbage heaps that covers the earth... "The roaring, rutting, one-armed Old Man Paley who lives on the city dump and hunts the Old King's hat of power through its alleys, who guzzles beer and seduces social workers with equal facilities, is Alley Oop as seen by Eugene O'Neill. The story is negligible; the character is everything."

_____. 1971. To Your Scattered Bodies Go. Parts of this work under the titles of "The day of the great shout" and "Riverworld" appeared in Galaxy magazine in 1965 and 1966. 221 pp. 21 cm, New York. Putnam. ISBN: 0345419677. (also, Gregg Press, 1980, with a new introduction by Peter Nicholls; & Berkeley pbk, 222 pp.) *

Along with the rest of the books of his "River World" series (some 8 books), the series presents a world in which humans of all periods are resurrected together. Some of the characters, in particular in the first book, are prehistoric, though there are no actual prehistoric segments per se.

_____. 1972 (rev. 1977). Time's Last Gift. 185 pp. New York. Ballantine. ISBN: 0345258436.*

They were four... trained scientists, each of them skilled in several disciplines – because this was an opportunity that would never occur again – never again would men from the world of 2780 A. D. have the chance to examine the world of 12,000 B.C. What they learned and taped would be the only record ever made of this period of prehistory.
But absolutely no one in their own world of 2780 A.D. or in the borrowed time of 12,000 B. C. could have imagined what their tapes came up with...

_____. 1974. Hadon of Ancient Opar. ill. 224 pp. New York. Daw Books. ISBN: 0879976373.*

Opar... the Atlantean colony in the heart of Tarzan's Africa. Opar... in the words of Edgar Rice Burroughs, a hidden city of "gold and silver, ivory and apes, and peacocks." Opar... is the starting point of this fabulous novel of 12,000 years past, when Africa had an inland sea and a high civilization bloomed along its forgotten shores, when lost empires flew their time-vanished banners, and deeds of daring were commonplace.

_____. 1974. Flight to Opar. A semi-sequel to "Time's Last Gift". pbk, New York. Daw Books. ISBN: 0879978759.

Presents a prehistoric Atlantis-like civilization in Africa. A time-traveling Tarzan is an (anonymous) character.

_____. 1976. Ironcastle. illustrated by Roy Krenkel. 175 pp. 18 cm, pbk, New York. Daw Books (UY1225 #187). ISBN: 0879975458 (pbk).*

A liberaly rewritten and expanded version of J.H. Rosny's "L'étonnant voyage de Hareton Ironcastle" (1922). About the discovery of a prehistoric lost world in 20th C. Africa...

Somewhere in the unexplored heart of Africa, a part of this Earth had been taken over by an intelligence from outer space. Such was the message that reached the explorer Hareton Ironcastle. Member of the famous Baltimore Gun Club. In that hidden and transformed valley would now be found monsters and pre humans not to be seen anywhere else.

Fawcett, Edward Douglas [1866-1960]. 1894. Swallowed by an Earthquake. vi. 235 pp. London. E. Arnold.ˆ
Catastrophic earthquake reveals a subterranean world of prehistoric survivals, including savage humans.
"...very much in the style of Jules Verne. While holidaying near Vesuvius, Naples Italy, the hero of the story hears reports of Disastrous Earthquakes in Sicily and Calabria, with total destruction of Messina & Reggio, his Uncle, a Geologist and specialist in Earthquakes along with a Dr Ruggieri from the Observatory of Vesuvius head out to investigate the damage and get caught up in a further Earthquake being literally swallowed into the earth as a fissure opens up underneath them, the plunge into a Lost World populated by Dinosaurs and prehistoric vegetation, so begins the adventure .."
Feinstein, Tikvah. 1997. Inanna of Tiamat: A Prehistorical Adventure More True Than Fiction. 143 pp. Taproot Press Pub. Co. ISBN: 1890269050.
Once upon a time the world was new and life was being created. The history of such events was carefully carved into hardest stone to be a record for humankind to read. Those records, say researchers, are "myths." Really? It became apparent that all the different cultures' "myths" have similar characters and plots, just different names. Now that's interesting. About eleven years ago, I became obsessed with the discoveries unfolding with the translations of the ancient stone...
Fellowes, Edward Colton. 1925. Stories of the Stone Age. A Boy's Life in 16,000 B.C. illustrated by Nancy Smith. 170 pp. 25 cm, Boston. Small, Maynard & Co. (also illustrated edition, 7 plates, frontpiece (green binding, spine title on label)) ´*

Fellows, Muriel H.. 1938. Little Magic Painter: A Story of the Stone Age. Foreword by N.C. Nelson, American Museum of Natural History. 8vo. 112 pp. 22.7 cm, Philadelphia. John C. Winston Co. (NY: Junior Literary Guild, 1938; London: G.G. Harrap & Co., 1938) *

from the dustjacket:
Fleetfoot, Lame Boy, and Oak Leaf were three little children who lived with their mother, father, and grandfather in a cave, thousands of years ago. It is wonderfully exciting to read about how boys and girls lived ten thousand years ago.
Long before men learned to build houses of their own, caves were used as homes. Often times wild beasts crept into these caves to protect themselves from wintry storms... more
Ferris, Jean [1939-]. 1995. Signs of Life. (Reading level: Young Adult). 121 pp. 22 cm, 1st edition, New York. Farrar, Straus and Giroux. ISBN: 0374369097 (trade).
Six months after her twin sister's death, Hannah still hasn't grieved properly or found a way to communicate with her mother. Now the family is going to France to see Lascaux, a cave with ancient animal paintings. Here she meets Stefan, a performer in a Gypsy circus. Soon Hannah is having vivid dreams--about her sister and a life she may have lived long ago.
Fidler, Kathleen (Annie Goldie) [1899-1980]. 1968. The Boy with the Bronze Axe. illustrated by Edward Mortelmans. 192 pp. London. Oliver & Boyd. ISBN: 0140305637. (1972, 1982: Puffin - Penguin Books, Harmondsworth/Baltimore, 155 pp) ´*

A strange boy arrives by boat in a Stone Age village, bringing with him an axe made from a new substance called bronze. When disaster strikes, the villagers have to decide whether to follow the boy or go under...
from the dustjacket of the Olver & Boyd first edition:
IN 1850 a violent sea-storm stripped the sand from Skara Brae in the Orkneys, revealing to the world how life was lived nearly three thousand years ago by the inhabitants of a small Stone Age settlement. The threat of the sandstorm which buried the village of Skara looms through-out the story, even at a time of great achievement when the stone is raised at Midsummer in the Ring of Brodgar. The threat comes from seaward... more...
Fischer, Robert. 1999. The Hunter - 100 BC. (Reading level: Ages 9-12). 20 pp. pbk, Unlimited Incorporated. ISBN: 096670410X.
A short story written for children. It describes the many adventures of Crow, a prehistoric Indian, as he encounters many obstacles during a hunt for food. It accurately describes the many weapons and tools used during the time of Crow, for hunting and preparing food. The Hunter 100 - B.C. is a journey back in time, filled with facts and pictures to educate and entertain children.
Fisher, Vardis (Alvero) [1895-1968]. 1943. Darkness and the Deep. 4 l., 3-296 pp. 21 cm, New York. Vanguard Press. (Caxton Printers, Ltd. Caldwell Idaho, signed, limited, black leather-bound first printing of 100 copies; Methuen, London, 1944; Pyramid Books pbk R-527 256pp, 1960; 1962, R-738) ´*

Were they men... or animals?
They lived in family groups, as men do. Yet the female was always taken by force, as animals do.
They walked upright, as men do. Yet they fought with their teeth and nails, ripping at each other's flesh, as animals do.
These strange and violent people belong to the bloodstained and bestial past of every one of us. These are the first men and women — more of a jungle animal than a human being... and ancestor to all of us.

_____. 1944. The Golden Rooms. 4 l., 3-324 pp. 20 cm, New York. Vanguard Press. (Caxton Printers, Ltd. Caldwell Idaho, signed, limited, blue leather-bound first printing of 125 copies; Armed Services edition 713, 1945; Methuen, London, 1947; Pyramid pbk, R472 1960, 1962, 19691960, 1962, 1969) ´*

From the cover: "They walked naked and unashamed. They sated their lust in sexual orgies. They drank the blood of their enemies. This is the brutal and compelling story of primitive men and women who lusted and loved, hunted and killed with wild animal abandon and with no sense of sin or shame."

_____. 1946. Intimations of Eve. 331 pp. 22 cm, New York. Vanguard Press. (Caxton Printers, Ltd. Caldwell Idaho, signed, limited, red leather-bound first printing of 100 copies; Methuen, London, 1947; Pyramid pbk, R883 1963) ´*

Intimations of Eve tells of a strange age before the dawn of civilization — a savage "Eden" dominated by its "Eve." Women ruled by fear — for their witchcraft taught them to master the unknown mysteries of birth and death, and men were tolerated only as providers of food and casual pleasure.
This is the story of what happened when one such lowly male dared to assert himself — and faced the full "supernatural" powers of the tyrannical female!
In this fascinating look at mankind's past, Vardis Fisher brings to vivid life the fears and trimuphs of our ancestors, and adds an epic new chapter to the TESTAMENT OF MAN.

_____. 1947. Adam and the Serpent. 335 pp. 22 cm, New York. Vanguard Press. (Caxton Printers, Ltd. Caldwell Idaho, signed, limited, dark red leather-bound first printing of 100 copies; Methuen, London; Pyramid pbk, R667 1961) ´*

Evil spirits will consume you. They will send you sickness and sores and you will die! As the woman cursed him, the man sank to his knees, then fell to the ground, his mouth gagged with dirt. Tortured by spirits, consumed by fevers, he crawled slowly away in agony.
But he did not, he would not die! And as Vardis Fisher continues his magnificent TESTAMENT OF MAN, Adam and the Serpent tells of Man's capture of his heritage... as master of the Earth he lives on and of the Woman he lives with.
Fiske, Wilbur. 1941. Bo the Cave Boy. illustrated by R.L. Lambdin. vii, 249 pp. H. Ginn & Co.´*
I was born in a cave, high up on a cliff that overlooked the river. There I was left very much alone while Ma-ai, my mother, was busy below with the other women, or until Ja, my father, appeared in the opening with a piece of fresh deermeat hanging from one shoulder. The rest of his deer Ja would leave near the fire at the foot of the cliff, but always he brought to my mother some of the tenderest parts of the meat to be dried or smoked and then hung in the back of our cave. more...
Fleck, Richard F.. 2005. Spirit Mound: A Novel of Ancient Ireland. 204 pp. pbk, Publish America. ISBN: 1413765335 (9781413765335).
Spirit Mound is a novel that focuses on the building of Newgrange burial mound 5,000 years ago in periglacial Ireland when ancient tribes gathered in the Boyne River Valley to form a communal alliance consisting of the wheat tribe, the heron tribe and the wolf tribe, who were farmers, fishers and hunters. Oonah, chief of the wolf tribe, receives visions to build a spirit connector in which ashes of the deceased were to be placed in an inner chamber. There, during each winter solstice, the sun's rays would energize the spirits to come forth and communicate with the living up to our own time. Three generations of tribesmen completed the construction of Newgrange, or Bru Na Boinne. Oonah, his son and grandson all communicate with much later humans, including a Roman centurion and later an American Indian visitor, each on a quest for spiritual unity.
Flintstones. A Flintstones bibliography.
Foster, George C(ecil) [1893-]. 1930. Full Fathom Five. 320 pp. London. Herbert Jenkins. (1970: Howard Baker (Remploy Ltd) London, 320pp) ´*

Howard Baker 1970
from the dustjacket of the 1970 Howard Baker edition:
This book is constructed around the exciting idea of the interweaving of three dimensions of time. The prehistoric world of 500,000 years ago when Pithecanthropus (Java Man), our first recognizable ancestor, roamed the swamps and forests of a tropical world; the world of Eoanthropus, a less distant ancestor who lived 200,000 years ago when primitive man's spirit of enquiry had enabled him to make some slow progress; and 1929, the modern 'civilised' world... more...

_____. 1938. Cats in the Coffee. written as "Seaforth". a retrospective vision of prehistory through reincarnation. 285 pp. London. Herbert Jenkins. ("We Band of Brothers", 1939, also by "Seaforth": conversation between far future and deep past…)

Fradin, Dennis B(rindell). 1978. North Star. illustrated by William Neebe. 46 pp. 24 cm, "His Early man" series, Chicago. Childrens Press. ISBN: 0516038516, 9997746597.*
"For such a little girl, Lia worked very hard. All day long she gathered berries in the forest with her mother and her little sister, Kala. After dinner Kala was allowed to play outside the cave, but Lia still worked. She helped Grandmother scrape the animal skins until they were smooth to be made into clothes.
    The time after sundown was Lia's favorite time of the day. When everyone else was asleep, she would sit by the fire next to Grandmother. Grandmother would tell her stories about the stars..."
    Nine-year-old Lia, who likes to listen to her grandmother's stories about the stars, finds a way to use her knowledge.

_____. 1978. Cave Painter. illustrated by John Maggard. 45 pp. 25 cm, "His Early man" series, Chicago. Childrens Press. ISBN: 0516038524.
Eleven-year-old Thor, who does not want to join the other men on the hunt, finds a niche in his community of cave dwellers.

_____. 1978. Beyond the Mountain, Beyond the Forest. illustrated by John Maggard. 46 pp. 24 cm, Chicago. Childrens Press. ISBN: 0516038532.

In the face of the unrelenting cold, a young cave boy decides to go beyond the forest and find a warmer place for his people to live.

_____. 1979. The New Spear. illustrated by Tom Dunnington. 45 pp. 24 cm, "His Early man" series, Chicago. Childrens Press. ISBN: 0516038540.*

Two young girls invent a new kind of spear, but can't get the men to take them seriously.
Frewer, Glyn. 1962. Adventure in Forgotten Valley. London. Faber and Faber. (NY: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 190pp, 1964 (1st US))
A group of children who have accompanied their fathers to South America find an archaeopteryx, a creature supposedly extinct for millions of years, wedged in a wall inside a cave. A rockfall pens them inside the cave and before they escape, they are involved with two separate eras of long ago-human cave dwellers and prehistoric animals.
Friedman, Estelle. 1960. The Boy Who Lived in a Cave. illustrated by Theresa Sherman. 48 pp. G.P. Putnam's Sons.

Boy, Father, Little Sister, Mother and Hill Men are cave-dwelling characters in this early reader, along with mammoth, birds, bears, etc. from cave-man days. The new word list at the back of the book: afraid, ago, bear, bright, cave, climb, cook, fat, fur, growl, hundred, hunt, kill, mammoth, noises, safe, sister, sky, spear, sticks, stone, teeth, tiger, tusks, warm, years.
Fritsch, Ron. 2010. Promised Valley Rebellion. 234 pp. Asymmetric Worlds (October 4, 2010). ISBN: 978-0615464510.
Prehistoric farmers inhabit a fertile river valley they believe their gods promised them in return for their good behavior and obedience. Their enemies, hunters roaming the mostly barren hills beyond the mountains enclosing the valley, believe their gods gave it to them. When the farmers’ king refuses to allow the marriage of the coming-of-age prince to the daughter of the farmer who saved the king’s life in the last war with the hunters, her brother decides he has to help his sister and the prince, his boyhood friend, correct the flagrant injustice...

_____. 2012. Promised Valley War. 242 pp. Asymmetric Worlds (March 10, 2012). ISBN: 978-0615567297.

In Promised Valley War, the individuals among two prehistoric peoples most curious about their “eternal” enemies, and most willing to treat them as their equals, nevertheless set the stage for what they’ve feared more than anything else: another horrifying war. Promised Valley War is the second in Ron Fritsch’s Promised Valley four-novel series, in which prehistoric farmers inhabit a fertile river valley they believe their gods promised them in return for their good behavior and obedience. Their enemies, hunters roaming the mostly barren hills beyond the mountains enclosing the valley, believe their gods gave it to them...
Fuller, Lois Hamilton. 1961. Keo the Cave Boy. illustrated by Donald Bolognese. 128 pp. 23 cm, New York. Abingdon Press. (SRA Pilot Library, illustrated by Mel Crawford, 1963) *

Keo thought he was a man, ready to go on the hunt. Then one unwatchful night taught him that he was still a child. Keo's father, Rebo, knew that his son needed training to learn the skills of a man, and so weeks and months of hard work followed. Sometimes the learning seemed slow, but other times it was exciting and dangerous for Keo and Hago, his friend. The mammoth hunt, the fall into the bog, and a perilous buffalo hunt taught them much quickly. And then, all that they had learned proved its worth as they faced their greatest moment of peril...
Fyson, J(ennifer) G(race). 1983. Friend Fire and the Dark Wings. illustrated by Annabel Large. 136 pp. 23 cm, Oxford, Toronto, Melbourne. Oxford Univ Press. ISBN: 0192714678.*
Lari's home was a cave. it was dark, and very cold in winter; and in winter, too, lions and hyenas came inside, looking for something to eat. At night wolves howled in the forest nearby. His own family were the only creatures Lari had ever seen who ran on two legs. He was lonely and afraid; for death was always near ... until he found Friend Fire. Then a new world opened up.

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Gale, Oliver Marble [1877-]. 1928. Carnack the Life-Bringer. The Story of a Dawn Man Told By Himself. Foreword Dr. Alfred V. Kidder. illustrated by Armstrong Sperry and Olive Otis. Sperry illustrations. 378 pp. New York. Wm. H. Wise & Co.*

from the dustjacket:
In the dawn of time, a man chipped his story in pictures across the smooth face of a cliff with flint engraving tools. He showed how he had discovered fire, and the use of the bow and arrow, and how his startling innovations led the conservative members of his cave-man tribe to drive him out into the wilderness.
Gallun, Raymond Z(inke) [1911-1994]. N'Goc in: Astounding Stories 54 (May 1935): 145-152.

"...this story's prehistoric setting is simply a convenient way of framing an ingenious speculation about the origin of spiders." Nicholas Ruddick, The Fire in the Stone
García, Ann O'Neal. 1982. Spirit on the Wall. 184 pp. 21.5 cm, "First Edition", New York. Holiday House. ISBN: 0-8234-0447-1.*
from the dustjacket:
"She raised her arm as high as it would go, gripping the rock with all the strength left in her fingers, vowing to crush her new daughter's skull, ending the misery quickly and silently. As the arm journeyed upward, it was caught by an old woman's clawlike grip..."
Garis, Howard R(oger) [1873-1972]. 1927. Tam of the Fire Cave. (author of children's series including "Buddy," "Uncle Wiggily," "The Curlytops," "Dick Hamilton"...). 257 pp. New York. Appleton.´*

from the dustjacket:
In the distant times of ancient man, this story is told. Howard R. Garis has written this book about Tam, a crippled boy who is unable to go hunting with the men of his tribe, or fight with them in wars. Tam stays at home, or in the Fire Cave of the magicians. He finds more skillful ways for his people to get their food, and to cook their meals. In times of danger, his cleverness saves his tribe from starving. On one occasion he helps to rescue his father from the enemy. How Tam works and lives from day to day, and how his friends hunt and fight make a thrilling story of ancient times.
Garrett, Randall [1927-1987]. 1979. Frost and Thunder. in: Asimov's SF Adventure Magazine, Summer 1979. (1982: The Best of Randall Garrett, Robert Silverberg, ed., NY, Pocket Books)

The official web presence of Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear is at www.gear-gear.com/
Gear, Kathleen O'Neal [1954-] and W. Michael Gear [1955-]. 1990. People of the Wolf. 435 pp. 18 cm, 1st edition, New York. Tor Books (T. Doherty Associates, Inc.). ISBN: 0812521331 (0812507371 pbk.).*
In the dawn of history, a valiant people forged a pathway from an old world into a new one. Led by a dreamer who followed the spirit of the wolf, a handful of courageous men and women dared to cross the frozen wastes to find an untouched, unspoiled continent. This is the magnificent saga of the vision-filled man who led his people to an awesome destiny, and the courageous woman whose love and bravery drove them on in pursuit of that dream.
A sweeping epic of prehistory, People of the Wolf brings the true story of the ancestors of today's Native American peoples to life in an unforgettable saga of hardship and determination, conflict and passion. (Alaska and Canadian Northwest, ca. 13,000-10,000 BC)

_____. 1991. People of the Fire. 467 pp. 17.5 cm, 1st edition, New York. Tor Books. ISBN: 0812521501 (0-812-50739-8 pbk).*

It is a time of fire. A small band of pioneers struggle valiantly to keep their ancestors' dreams alive in an unforgiving, drought-stricken land. Driven by the promise of an awesome vision, a heroic young dreamer and a fearless woman warrior unite to lead their people to a magnificent destiny. Little Dancer: The young Dreamer whose awesome powers would change the course of history. White Calf: The ancient medicine woman who taught Little Dancer how to harness his dreams. Elk Charm: The girl who won Little Dancer's heart, but feared she would lose him to his destiny. Heavy Beaver: The false Dreamer who brutalized his people in his unquenchable thirst for power. Two Smokes: The outcast tormented by forbidden love; his gentleness concealed an inner strength. Tanager: The young Woman Warrior whose courage defended a Dreamer's vision. (Central Rockies and Great Plains, ca. 5000 BC)

_____. 1992. People of the River. bibliography. 400 pp. 25 cm, 1st edition, New York. Tor Books. ISBN: 0812507436 (0312852355).*

A Mississippi Valley saga of the prehistoric Mound Builders. It is a time of troubles. In Cahokia, the corn crop is failing again and a warchief -- and the warrior woman he may never possess -- are disgusted by their Chief's lust for tribute. Now even the gods have turned their faces, closing the underworld to the seers. If the gods have abandoned the people, there is no hope -- unless it comes in the form of a young girl who is learning to Dream of Power. (Mississippi Valley, ca. 800-1200 AD)

_____. 1992. People of the Earth. 587 pp. 17.5 cm, 1st edition, New York. Tor Books. ISBN: 0812507428 (0-812-50742-8 pbk).*

A saga of hardship and passion, of a woman torn between two peoples and two dreams, of the two men who love her and the third man who must have her, and of the vision given to the peoples long ago by the spirit of the wolf. (Northern Plains and Basins, ca. 3000 BC)

_____. 1993. People of the Sea. bibliography. 425 pp. 24 cm, 1st edition, New York. Forge. ISBN: 0812507452 (0312931220).*

The huge glaciers that cover the Sierra Nevada mountains are melting, destroying the habitats of mammoths, lions, and short-faced bears -- and giving birth to the rich land that will become California. The coastal people living there are faced with the rapidly changing environment that threatens to engulf them. Sunchaser, the Dreamer, has lost his way into the world. But it is up to him to choose between helping a beautiful stranger with an infant daughter, and saving his world from oblivion. He knows full well that either choice will damn him. (Pacific Coast and Great Basin, ca. 13,000-10,000 BC)

_____. 1994. People of the Lakes. bibliography. 608 pp. 24 cm, 1st edition, New York. Forge. ISBN: 0812507479 (0312857225).*

Clan fighting over a powerful totemic mask has brought the Mound Builder peoples of the Great Lakes region to the edge of destruction. It is up to Star Shell, daughter of a Hopewell chief, to rid her people of this curse. Along with her companions: Otter, a trader; Pearl, a runaway; and Green Spider, either prophet or madman, she braves the stormy waters of the lakes to reach the majestic waterfall known as Roaring Water. She is determined to banish the mask forever to a watery grave. But vengeful clan members are close on her heels, and they have a similar fate planned for her. (East-Central Woodlands and Great Lakes, ca. 100 AD)

_____. 1995. People of the Lightning. (Florida). 414 pp. 25 cm, 1st edition, New York. Forge. ISBN: 0812515560 (0-312-85852-3 hardcover).*

Ancient Florida, a village of fisher folk who must face their deepest fear: Pondwader, now a lanky boy of fifteen summers. He is the White Lightning Boy -- the first of his kind to be born in tens of tens of summers. His white hair, pink eyes, and pale skin make him fearsome enough, but legends foretell that a Lightning Boy will make Sister Moon bury her face in the clouds and weep falling stars -- and the winds of destruction will be unleashed.
The folk manage to trade him in marriage to Musselwhite, a woman warrior who does not really want him. She must face an old enemy who has captured her beloved husband, an enemy who is determined to destroy her. What good to her is this soft-hearted youth? She has yet to learn that Pondwader is a Lightning Boy. He can hear the voices in the wind, telling of coming horror...

_____. 1996. People of the Silence. 493 pp. 25 cm, 1st edition, New York. Forge. ISBN: 0812515595 (0312858531).*

At its pinnacle in A.D. 1150 the Anasazi empire of the Southwest would see no equal in North America for almost eight hundred years. Yet even at this cultural zenith, the Anasazi held the seeds of their own destruction deep within themselves...
On his deathbed, the Great Sun Chief learns a secret, a shame so vile to him that even at the brink of eternity he cannot let it pass: In a village far to the north is a fifteen-summers-old girl who must be found. Though he knows neither her name nor her face, the Great Sun decrees that the girl must at all costs be killed.
Fleeing for her life as her village lies in ruins, young Cornsilk is befriended by Poor Singer, a curious youth seeking to touch the sould of the Katchinas. Together, they undertake the perilous task of staying alive long enough to discover her true identity. But time is running out for them all — a desperate killer stalks them, one who is willing to destroy the entire Anasazi world to get her.

_____. 1998. People of the Mist. 553 pp. pbk, Tor Books. ISBN: 0812515609.*

Chesapeake Bay of six hundred years ago, when the unprovoked and brutal murder of a young woman on the eve of her wedding threatens to turn the entire Algonquin Nation against itself in a brutal war that could destroy them as a people...
No ordinary woman, Red Knot was the heir to the Greenstone clan and the future leader of the independent villages. Her death has shattered all alliances and left a power void which several ambitious clan chiefs see as their destiny to fill. The very air vibrates with the drums and war cries of the rallying warriors.
Into the eye of this brewing storm steps the bitter old man they call The Panther. Feared as a sorcerer, The Panther is the only one with the power to demand to be heard by all. But as he digs deeper into the ever-thickening web of lies surrounding the murder, and uncovers darker, more deeply rooted secrets, he fears there may be no words to stop the impending bloodshed.

_____. 1999. The Visitant. 352 pp. Forge. ISBN: 0312865317.*

Dr. Maureen Cole, one of the world's foremost physical anthropologists, has been called in to examine and evaluate a mass grave discovered in New Mexico. The burial site contains only the shattered skulls of women and children.
Dr. Cole is appalled at the find and begins working immediately to unravel the mystery of these deaths. But as she works, strange things begin to happen around her. Little incidents at first, then her generator quits, and she begins to hear whispering voices emanating from the plastic bag of bones.

_____. 1999. People of the Masks. 552 pp. Tor Books. ISBN: 0812515617.*

As the prophets have foretold, a child of power has been born unto the Turtle People of the Iroquis Nation. The Elders call him False Face Child, for he is the son of a powerful forest spirit. A living talisman, the child has inhuman eyes--black mirrors, ageless and deep--and all fear him.
All but Jumping Badger, the most powerful war leader of the Bear People. He destroys an entire village to take the boy to use as a spiritual weapon. But his triumph is short-lived. The Bear People suffer terrible visions and hear the voices of the spirits. Strange ailments and mysterious deaths take them one by one.
Though he is a seer, False Face Child is also a sad and lonely young boy named Rumbler. Twelve-year-old Wren befriends him and together they escape across the winter landscape of New York and Ontario with Jumping Badger close behind. He now fears the boy's power and seeks to kill him. Their only hope is to stay alive long enough to find Rumbler's legendary father, known only as The Disowned.

_____. 2003. People of the Owl. 560 pp. New York. Forge. ISBN: 0312877412.

Four thousand years ago, in what centuries later will be the southern part of the United States, a boy is thrust into manhood long before he's ready. Young Salamander would much rather catch crickets and watch blue heron fish than dabble in the politics of his clan. But when his heroic brother is killed, Salamander becomes the leader of America's first city. He inherits his brother's two wives, who despise him, and is forced to marry his mortal enemy's daughter to forge an alliance for the trade goods his people desperately need." "But he's only fifteen winters old! Technically he's not even a man, and most people consider him to be the village idiot! Worse, each of his wives has secretly been ordered by her clan to kill him." "Cast adrift in a stark wilderness of political intrigue where assassins are everywhere, young Salamander has no choice but to become a man - and quickly. For his own greatest enemies are closing in, intent upon destroying him and his clan and taking over Sun Town for themselves." "It would all be a simple matter if he could just run away, but he can't. He has three problems: their names are Night Rain, Pinedrop, and Anhinga. His wives. Despite what their clans have ordered them to do, he loves them. And he loves the children they have given him" As the end draws close, he realizes he has only one duty he cannot shirk - to protect his family. Salamander will do it. No matter the cost in blood.

_____. 2004. People of the Raven. bibliography. 562 pp. 17.3 cm, pbk, New York. Tor Books. ISBN: 0765347571.*

Award-winning archaeologists Michael and Kathleen Gear spin a vivid and captivating tale around one of the most controversial archaeological discoveries in the world: the Kennewick Man - a Caucasoid male mummy dating back more than 9,000 years, found in the Pacific Northwest on the banks of the Colorado River!
A white man in North America more than 9,000 years ago? What was he doing there?
With the terrifying grandeur of melting glaciers as a backdrop, People of the Raven reveals animals and humans struggling for survival amidst massive environmental change. Mammoths, mastodons, and giant lions have become extinct, and Rain Bear, the chief of Sandy Point Village, knows his struggling Raven People may be next.

_____. 2005 (2006). People of the Moon. bibliography. 615 pp. 17.3 cm, pbk, New York. Tor Books. ISBN: 076534758x.*

The moon has reached its maximum three times since the Chacoans conquered the First Moon People. The Chaco matrons built their Great House high atop First Moon Mountain, and their warriors stalked arrogantly through the villages, taking what they pleased. But the gods can only stand so much human arrogance.
Cold Bringing Woman, the goddess of winter, calls upon young Ripple to embark on a perilous quest to destroy the hated Chacoans. But Ripple will not face the task alone; he is aided by his stalwart friends: Wrapped Wrist, a short lothario; Spots, scarred at birth, and aid to the frightening witch, Nightshade; and Bad Cast, a simple family man, who will do anything to free his people.
But the blessed matrons will brook no insurgency. In retaliation, war chief Leather Hand and his warriors embark on a campaign of terror so gruesome it remains unrivaled in the annals of prehistory. It all comes to a climax atop the mountain we now know as Chimney Rock. In the white light of the lunar maximum, the Pueblo gods will dance -- and th empire will be engulfed in flames and mayhem.

_____. 2007 (2008). People of the Nightland. bibliography. 528 pp. pbk, New York. Tor Books. ISBN: 0765352958.

The latest installment of the Gears' popular and long-running First North Americans series (after People of the Moon) is a timely saga of environmental catastrophe and misguided hubris. As the ice age is ending, 13,000 years ago, the Paleo-Indians of the Great Lakes region of North America face an apocalyptic crisis: even as the ice dams holding back the flood waters from melting glaciers near capacity, the local tribes are locked in a desperate war. The Nightland People, who live on the edge of the retreating glacier and worship the god Raven Hunter, seek to destroy their neighbors, the Sunpath and Lame Bull Peoples, who worship Wolf Dreamer. As the fighting rages, Raven Hunter sends a guide to lead the Nightland People to paradise through a hole in the ice. Meanwhile, Wolf Dreamer taps a young orphan, Silvertip, to save the Sunpath and Lame Bull Peoples by leading them away from the catastrophic flooding. With time running out, Silvertip and his allies race to escape both the Nightland warriors and the looming natural disaster. Drawing on their backgrounds in archeology, the Gears vividly recreate Paleolithic America in this enchanting and instructive novel. (Mar.)
Copyright c Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc.

_____. 2008. People of the Weeping Eye. bibliography. 608 pp. pbk, New York. Tor Books. ISBN: 0765352931.

The Mississippian chiefdoms of 13th-century North America rule the latest Forgotten Past novel from the Gears (People of the Wolf, etc.). Split Sky City is the cultural and political center of a region ruled by the Chief Clan of the Sky Hand tribe-who in turn rule over several subjugated tribes. When the Chahta, of White Arrow Town, dare to resist the Sky Hand-retribution, led by sadistic Smoke Shield, is swift and vicious. As the political climate grows hotter, the fate of the entire region may rest on three wanderers with mysterious pasts: Old White, aka the Seeker, who has wandered from one end of the known world to the other; Trader, a traveling merchant who guards his past as an exiled head of the Chief Clan; and Two Petals, a young woman who, as a Contrary, is magically and spiritually powerful, but is almost incomprehensible to normal people. The three know they are fated to change things irrevocably at Split Sky City, but first they have to get there. Fastidious attention to detail-in politics, military strategy, trade, dress and characterization-make for a fascinating ride. (Apr.)
Copyright c Reed Business Information

_____. 2009. Children of the Dawnland. bibliography. 336 pp. 1st, New York. Starscape. ISBN: 0765320193.

The end of the Ice Age: A time of melting glaciers, mass extinctions, unpredictable dangers.and young heroes
Though only twelve summers old, Twig is a talented Dreamer. Sometimes she has spirit dreams-dreams that come true. But her mother has always discouraged Twig from exploring her powers for fear that they would turn her strange, like the reclusive witch-woman Cobia.
When Twig begins to have recurring nightmares about a green light exploding from the sky and causing widespread destruction, she must find the courage to defy her mother and learn to become a Spirit Dreamer. Helping Twig on her quest are her best friend, Greyhawk, and Screech Owl, a shaman who has been banished from the village. Together, they must persuade their people to leave the land of their ancestors and journey to the mysterious Duskland, far from only home they've ever known. Can Twig convince the Elders that she is a true Spirit Dreamer-before it's too late?
Set 13,000 years ago in what is now the northeastern United States and Ontario, Canada, Children of the Dawnland is an unforgettable adventure about a visionary girl by internationally-bestselling authors and archaeologists Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear. In writing and researching this book, the Gears visited the archaeological sites in New York, Ontario, Ohio, and Pennsylvania that play a role in the story. By allowing us to see through the eyes of prehistoric cultures, the Gears hope we can learn from them at a time of similar environmental change.

_____. 2009. People of the Thunder. bibliography. 384 pp. 1st, New York. Forge Books. ISBN: 0765314398.

Set in the 1300s largely in what is now Alabama and Mississippi, this complex novel tracks three wanderers quest to create peace in violent times. The Sky Hand people control their territory from Split Sky City (Moundville, Ala.), ruled by scheming chief Flying Hawk and his ruthless nephew, war chief Smoke Shield. While they plot to suppress the enslaved Albaamaha people and to conquer their neighbors, three people pursue a mission to restore peace. Old White is a prophet and the most dangerous man alive; Trader is a man with blood on his hands and a stunning secret; Two Petals is a shaman woman who says and does everything backwards. Together this curious trio must bring down Flying Hawk and Smoke Shield. The story is loaded with early Native American lore, spirituality, economics, government and daily life; however, it is not for the squeamish, as it also contains plenty of blood and gore, hideous torture, rape and chilling cruelty. Still, blended with the carefully drawn suspense of court intrigues, colorful characters and sharp plot twists, this is a terrific tale. (Jan.)
Copyright c Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc.
Gelsey, James. 2001. Scooby-Doo and the Caveman Caper. Ages 4-8. 64 pp. Scooby-doo Mysteries #18 9/1/01, Scholastic Paperbacks. ISBN: 043924238X (978-0439242387).
Zoinks! Daphne's going to perform with Olympic figure skater Betty Kunkle. But when Betty¹s signature silver skates disappear, it looks like there¹s another mystery to solve. Only problem is, the criminal appears to be a prehistoric caveman! It¹s up to Scooby and his friends to find the caveman and put him back where he belongs, on ice!
Geren, Carl [1928-1977]. 1977. Shell Hunter. illustrated by John Maggard. 47 pp. 24 cm, Children's Press. ISBN: 0516036114.´
While hunting for food, a young boy demonstrates the value of his shell whistles. A stone age boy helps feed his people by leading a hunting party to a mammoth he has found.
Gerrard, Roy. 1990. Mik's Mammoth. col. ill (Reading level: Ages 4-8). London. Victor Gollancz. ISBN: 0374448434 (0374318913). (Farrar Straus & Giroux, NY, 29 cm [32] pp [1st US edition])
"Mik the caveman, small and thin, Had long blond hair and beardless chin..." Mik rescues Rumm, a baby mammoth, from an avalanche and they become fast friends. Together they hunt and cook, dabble in cave art, and are quite content - until the day Mik sees his old tribe in trouble and, along with Rumm, courageously saves the day...

According to the rest of his clan, Caveman Mik is a nincompoop. But what he lacks in brawn he makes up for in brains, and when the tribe is in trouble, it's Mik to the rescue! Left behind when the other cave dwellers move on, the small caveman rescues a mammoth and learns new skills that help him become the leader of his tribe.

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"These fifteen short stories of life in Ielfstan's Place (as it was known in Saxon Times) begin in the prehistoric era (15,000 B.C.) and end in 1919 in the aftermath of the Great War. Each episode is based on a particular period or event, some essentially local, others part of a broader historical canvas. The time gap between episodes is sometimes just a few years, sometimes several hundred, as the pace of history dictates. Richard Girling's lean and brilliantly evocative prose brings history alive in this stirring chronicle of place: from the tramp of Roman legions to the ravages of the Black Death, from the clash of Roundhead and Cavalier to the convulsions of Industrial Revolution, he makes us experience what the men and woman of those times assuredly did. "

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Their day on earth had long been over, and only eight of them were left: six adults, a small girl, and an infant. They were the last members of the doomed race we call Neanderthal man. Golding's powerful, profound and haunting novel about these essentially gentle innocents and what happened to them after their encounter with another race of beings: beings somewhat like yet strangely different from them, and so both terrifying and fascinating; beings incomprehensibly skilled and sophisticated, but cruel, guilt-ridden, and already somewhat corrupt; beings whose descendants would name their species Homo sapiens.

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A graphic and convincing account of a crippled youth's triumph over his tormentors in a primitive matriarchal society.
Goodhart, Pippa. 2007. Glog. illustrated by Nick Maland. 64 pp. pbk 3/5/07, Walker Books Ltd. ISBN: 1406304050 (9781406304053).
Cave-boy Glog is accidentally left behind when his tribe move to new hunting grounds - and things look bleak. Glog will have to do the best he can to fend for himself until they come to find him. Along the way, he encounters a ferocious wolf and gathers some new friends. He draws them on the cave wall for company, but it's not the same as his own tribe. Will Glog's family come back for him?

John Grant in Wikipedia
Grant, John. 1968. Littlenose. 79 pp. London. BBC Jackanory, BBC/Knight pbk. ISBN: 0563083190.
This is first book of the series that introduced the little Neanderthal boy who was always getting into trouble. Includes the stories 'Littlenose meets Two-Eyes', 'The Shell Necklace', 'The Great Elk', 'The Straightnoses', and 'Dozy'.

_____. 1969. Littlenose Moves House. 80 pp. London. BBC Jackanory (Knight).

Includes 'The Sun Dance', 'Two Eyes' Friend', 'The Painted Cave', 'The Giant Snowball' and 'Littlenose Moves House'.

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Littlenose, the naughty but well-meaning Neanderthal boy, has suddenly become a hero! After so many adventures where things go wrong he has at last achieved the status he deserves... Or does he deserve it? When he helps his father out of a deep pit the rest of the tribe praise his good sense and bravery; but who dug the pit in the first place? How Littlenose accidentally became a hero is just one of his many adventures featured in this book... Also includes the stories 'Littlenose the Musician', 'The Ice Monster', 'Littlenose and the Beaver' and 'Littlenose's Voyage'.

_____. 1972. Littlenose the Hunter. pbk, London. BBC Jackanory. ISBN: 1416910905 (978-1416910909). (2006 Simon & Schuster Children's (5/2/06), 112pp, illustrated by Ross Collins)

A bundle of dried twigs, two flints, a flint knife and a clean pair of furs.... All were ready and packed into Littlenose's skin bag for the next day. For he was joining a hunting party with men from the tribe.
It's time for Littlenose to learn a little responsibility - so he goes hunting with the adults and is told to build the campfire. Chaos ensues when he stokes the fire a little TOO enthusiastically, but as ever he manages to redeem himself. In other stories, Littlenose manages to catch a huge salmon all by himself (but somewhat loses his appetite for it), and goes on an expedition to collect yellow bogweed from across the marsh. He also has a holiday with his clever Uncle Redhead (who turns out to have A LOT to talk about), and goes to visit his cousins - who are scared of Bigfoot! Also, Two-Eyes loses his patience when Littlenose pelts him with berries (a mammoth, like an elephant, never forgets): but how will he get his revenge?

_____. 1974. Littlenose the Fisherman. London. BBC Jackanory (Knight).*

"Littlenose was on a fishing expedition. Every Neanderthal boy must learn to fish, and Father was teaching him. All morning Littlenose watched and waited as one by one Father speared six trout..."

_____. 1975. Jackanory Stories - More adventures of Littlenose. London. BBC Jackanory.

15 stories. Includes a time chart and "Who were the Neanderthals?"

_____. 1975. Littlenose to the Rescue. London. BBC Jackanory (Knight).

This is the sixth instalment of the adventures of this Ice Age hero.

_____. 1982. Littlenose the Marksman. 95 pp. London. Jackanory, BBC. (1987)

Littlenose's spear throwing might have been a joke if it hadn't been so dangerous. All he had to do was appear at the entrance to the family cave carrying his boy-sized spear, and the members of the tribe vanished like frightened rabbits... Father felt it was a terrible disgrace and something must be done...

_____. 1983 (1989). Littlenose's Birthday. 95 pp. London. BBC Jackanory, BBC/Knight pbk. ISBN: 0340275316.

Littlenose was worried--so worried that he spilt a bowl of rhinoceros soup all down the front of his furs. Father and mother had lost his birthday stick, which was the only way they could remember the date of his birthday. And no birthday meant no birthday presents! In this new series of stories, not only does Littlenose discover the date of his birthday, he has lots more adventures too.

_____. 1983. Littlenose the Joker. 96 pp. London. BBC Jackanory (& pbk BBC Knight). (2007 New edition, Simon & Schuster Children's (4/2/07), 128pp illustrated by Ross Collins)

"Littlenose was sitting with Two-Eyes his mammoth under his favourite tree, thinking. He wanted to find a new trick for Crocus Day - the Neanderthal April Fool's day - but no ideas sprang to mind. Next morning, though, he found the discarded horn of a giant wild bull. And when he raised one-end to his lips and blew, it sounded as frightening as though the bull were still on the other end! Now, what a trick that could be...! Littlenose's plans have a tendancy to backfire, and the only one not surprised on Crocus Day was Two Eyes. He'd been Littlenose's pet too long to be surprised about anything.

_____. 1985. Littlenose and Two-Eyes. London. BBC Jackanory (Knight). ISBN: 0340387289.

"Littlenose was pleased and a little worried, all at the same time. Already he had passed three tests: fire lighting with distinction, tracking with top marks, and spear-throwing... well, he didn't quite fail the spear-throwing. Now came the final and most difficult test: Hunting the Great Bear..."

_____. 1985 (?). Littlenose the Leader. 79 pp. London. BBC Jackanory. (2008 Simon & Schuster Children's (4/3/08), 128pp Illustrated by Ross Collins)

This collection comprises five new Littlenose stories. Things are never calm for long in this naughty caveboy's world...Littlenose loves to be at the front, whether throwing spears, firing a sling or dancing with a music stick. But with cold and hungry warriors, battling tribesmen and wild animals roaming about, he is more likely to head towards disaster. He simply can't avoid it.

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The Neanderthal winter lasts for months and months it's a great time to go exploring. With ice, snow, mist and fog all around, there's lots of fun to be had - from sledging and hunting to rescuing strange tribespeople from the snow. But Littlenose's curiosity also leads him into trouble - somehow he just can't seem to steer clear of it! This collection comprises five new Littlenose stories. Things are never calm for long in this naughty caveboy's world...

_____. 2009. Littlenose the Magician. illustrated by Ross Collins. 112 pp. pbk (2/1/09), Simon & Schuster Children's. ISBN: 1847382010.

Littlenose lives long, long ago, when fierce wild animals roam the land, and it is very cold. His home is a cave, his clothes are made of fur and his pet is a woolly mammoth called Two-Eyes. Littlenose wants to be a magician, pulling rabbits out of a fur hat, turning twigs into flowers and making things disappear. The Doctor can do it. Why can't he? But magic doesn't come easily to Littlenose, who seems to conjure up chaos without trying ...
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The little village where Kor lived — in the prehistoric world — was bordered by a river, the mountains and the primeval forest. No one had dared to cross these boundaries, for no one knew what dangers might lie beyond the familiar hunting ground. But one day Kor is exiled for disobeying a tribal decree, and accompanied by his two wolf dogs he ventures boldly into the unknown region. This is a fascinating story of Kor's world as it was in his time. He was the first in his tribe to be friends to animals, the wolf cubs, who were to be the start of our dogs... he risks his life to save them and it is because of them he is banished...
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A Gun for Dinosaur, L. Sprague de Camp
The Sands of Time, P. Schuyler Miller
Paleontology: An Experimental Science. Robert R. Olsen
The Doctor, Ted Thomas
The Link, Cleve Cartmill
The Day is Done, Lester del Rey
The Gnarly Man, L. Sprague de Camp
Brave New World, J. Francis McComas
The Peat Bog, Poul Anderson
Greenfield, Irving A. [1928-]. 1973. The Ancient of Days. 317 pp. pbk, 1st, Avon Books. ISBN: 038014860.
"On a plain in southern England 2000 years before the birth of Christ, the hunter Ronstrom stalks his prey and is led to the mystery of the Giver of Life.
He is told of a cave where after a long journey he will discover a marvel which will alter forever his life and the life of his people. The marvel is shown in the arrangement of small stones in a cave. They spell for him the strange future which awaits him: the great battles, the bold women, and his own dramatic change from a simple hunter to a Builder for mankind."

_____. 1975. Aton. 310 pp. pbk, 1st, Avon Books (24844). ISBN: 0380003740.*

His adventure has been rescued from history. Violently ripped from the blood-steeped legend of early man, the chronicle of his passionate journey brings forth bizarre forays into foreign lands; a father challenged by a son; herioc, loving women; and the strange mystery that leads people to create new gods of terror and power.
Gregory, Jackson [1882-1943]. 1933. Ru, the Conqueror. 292 pp. 20 cm, 1st ed., New York & London. Charles Scribners Sons.´*

from the dustjacket:
If you enjoy the Tarzan books or thrill to yarns of brave deeds here is a story for you. It is the eventful tale of Ru who came to be called Ru Broad Ax; who as a boy fled his people, the Valley Dwellers, rather than serve as a sacrifice to the Gods of the True Harvest; who became the greatest Wanderer of his time, met and won the lovely Dawn Maiden and in the appointed end returned to conclude matters with Urg, the Witch Man, and to lead his people out of a great danger and into safety and a new life.
Griffin, Peni R.. 2006. 11,000 Years Lost. 336 pp. pbk, Amulet Books. ISBN: 0810992515.
Gr. 5-8. After discovering an 11,000-year-old spearhead, 11-year-old Esther Aragones becomes fascinated with the Ice Age Clovis people. While helping the archeologist digging at the spot where she found the spear, Esther steps between two trees and finds herself in the Ice Age and unable to get back to her own time. After being taken in by some nomadic mammoth hunters, she learns their language and their ways. Survival is paramount for the group, which never knows where its next meal will be found. When the hunters break camp to search for mammoths and other prey, Esther goes along and joins the women and girls as they forage for plants to be used for food and medicine. Along with sheer adventure, Griffin works in a touch of mysticism and an appreciation for the natural world. An occasional jarring anachronism in the dialogue notwithstanding, the characterizations are convincing, the dangers seem real, and the author's research is evident. The result is an exciting peek into the distant past. Sally Estes
Copyright c American Library Association.
Grimes, Katherine Atherton. 1912. Tolmi of the Treetops. illustrated by Latimer J. Wilson. limp cloth, 5"x7". 32 pp. Instructor Literature Series No. 171, Dansville, NY. F.A. Owen Publishing.*
This is a story about a little boy who lived a long, long time ago. In those days things were not at all as they are now. People did not have any homes such as we do, but lived in the branches of tall trees. They slept just wherever they happened to be when night came on. They had not learned to build houses, or to cook their food. They knew nothing about fire, so had to eat their food raw, and could not warm themselves when cold weather came.

_____. 1913. Labu The Little Lake Dweller. illustrated by Latimer J. Wilson. limp cloth, 5"x7". 36 pp. Instructor Literature Series No. 172, Dansville, NY. F.A. Owen Publishing.*

CHAPTER I. The Lodge of the Morning
"Oo-ah ! Oo-ah !" crooned Malin, rocking back and forth in the little canoe. The sun was very bright on the water and the light almost blinded her as she looked out across the lake to see if the boats were coming home. It was time for them, for the sun had long been high, and Malin knew they could not catch fish after the morning shadows, which the mountains cast across the water, were gone.

_____. 1914. Tara of the Tents. illustrated by Latimer J. Wilson. limp cloth, 5"x7". 36 pp. Instructor Literature Series No. 173, Dansville, NY. F.A. Owen Publishing.*

CHAPTER I - In Sight of the Palms
Miles upon miles in every direction the brown desert lay in rounded billows of sand. How hot it was! The day's journey had never seemed so long to Tara, though he had spent all of his fourteen short years in just such wayward wandering as this. It was the middle of the afternoon and old Selim, the camel-driver who led the caravan, had been telling the lad for the last hour that they were nearly to the Garden of Ahmed, toward which they had been traveling for so many days.
"I do not see it," said Tara somewhat crossly, as Selim, from his seat in front, tried to point out to him something far away toward the southwest.
"lt is there," said Selim quietly. "Allah be praised for a safe journey!"...

_____. 1915. Bolo the Cave Boy. illustrated by Latimer J. Wilson. limp cloth, 5"x7". 40 pp. Instructor Literature Series No. 256, Dansville, NY. F.A. Owen Publishing.*

  1. How Bolo Got His Dinner
  2. How Bolo Learned a Lesson
  3. The Flood and the Fire
  4. The God Who Lived in the Sun
  5. A Long Search and What Came of It
  6. The Hunt for the Mammoths
  7. How Stitcher Saved the Clan from Hunger
  8. The Pictures on the Wall

_____. 1916. Kwasa the Cliff Dweller. illustrated by Latimer J. Wilson. limp cloth, 5"x7". 44 pp. Instructor Literature Series No. 257C, Dansville, NY. F.A. Owen Publishing.*

Guttenberg, Elyse (Margaret) [1952-]. 1995. Summer Light. 481 pp. HarperPrism. ISBN: 0-06-105425-9.*
Spirit Singer - Elik was not like the others. She could not sew a sealskin with the tiny stitches that would make a kayak watertight in the winter storms. She could not set a trap as silently as drifting snow. Or throw the weighted strands of a bolo into a flock of birds, or predict the weather.
But this she could do: She could sing the spirit songs, almost like a shaman. This was a high calling for a woman, in a place where the land reaches into the sea. The Real People lived in a world of great clarity and cruelty. A world where every beast and every stone was still touched with the magic that was abundant when the world was new.
So when the sea brought Elik the gift of love, it came to her in the form of a bird. And it brought the song that would shape the People's destiny, if only she could sing it true.

_____. 1997. Daughter of the Shaman. 644 pp. HarperPrism. ISBN: 0-06-105474-7.*

Prehistoric fantasy novel, sequel to Summer Light. Allanaq came from the sea, an orphan drifting in an open boat. Though he was different, the Real People tribe took him in. Upon manhood, they gave him Elik as a wife. They were happy together until disaster struck and Elik's husband had a darker path to tread. She followed Allanaq to a new country, where vengeance waited--and unimagined love--for the two set apart from the tribe as the children of the shaman.

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Haggard, Henry Rider [1856-1925]. 1924. Heu-heu: or, The Monster. 11, 268 pp. London. Hutchison. (Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Page, 1924, 265pp) ˆ
This African adventure was one of the last of the eighteen Allan Quatermain tales to be published, though chronologically its events occur about in the middle. The English publisher Hutchinson paid Haggard handsomely in advance for HEU-HEU, but then did not like it, and required that it be abridged prior to its serial or book appearance.

African fantasy adventure, set before King Solomon's Mines. More of Allan's fantastic adventures, & a lost race. Heu-Heu is a gorilla-monster who receives human sacrifices, the original of Robert E. Howard's similar creations.

_____. 1927 (1999). Allan and the Ice Gods; a tale of beginnings. 316 pp. Garden City, NY. Doubleday, Page, & Company. ISBN: 1902058119. (London: Hutchison, ix, 287, 16pp 1927; Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Apr. 1947. ill. by Virgil Finlay; UK: Pulp Fictions, 1999, 296pp. intro. By David Pringle) ˆ*

Allan Quatermain ingests a hallucinogenic drug and travels back in time into the body of an Ice Age man.

Haggarty, Ben. 2010. Mezolith. illustrated by Adam Brockbank. 96 pp. David Fickling Books (April 1, 2010). ISBN: 978-0385618267.
Mezolith is a graphic novel for older children and adults, written by a leading oral storyteller, with extraordinarily immersive illustrations by one of Britain's top film concept artists. It imagines a year in the life of Poika - a Mesolithic boy on the cusp of adulthood. Set in what is now North East Yorkshire, 10,000 years ago before Britain became an island, stories of a small tribe's daily struggle for survival are interwoven with some of humankind's most ancient myths, fairytales and legends. Grounded in detailed archaeological research, this is a book of action and adventure, horror and romance, magic and beauty. MeZolith was one of The Times's Graphic Novels of the Year in 2010.
Hamlin, Victor T. [1899-1993]. 1932-. Alley Oop. comic strip, nationally syndicated since Aug. 7, 1933.

online Alley Oop pages at:


Ken Pierce Books

Emily Hanlon's home page is at www.emilyhanlon.com.
Hanlon, Emily. 1981. Circle Home. 237 pp. 22 cm, Scarsdale, N.Y. Bradbury Press. ISBN: 0878881891 (0385098677).*
from the dustjacket:
Mai is thirteen, and alive in the body of Isabelle Lessing. Everyone — Isabelle's loving parents, her brother, Paul, her classmates and her friend Mr. Krigorian at the pet store thinks Mai is Isabelle, who fell from a second-story window four years before and was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. But "Isabelle" revived.
Hardy, Linda. 1998. Come Into My Cave: A Prehistoric Novel. 104 pp. 23 cm, 16816 - 2nd Avenue SW, Seattle WA 98166. LHA Books. ISBN: 0-9656945-2-6.*
Harnishfeger, Lloyd. 1971. Hunters of the Black Swamp. illustrated by George Overlie. 93 pp. 23 cm, Minneapolis. Lerner Publications Co. ISBN: 0822507013. (2nd printing, 1973) ´*
from the dustjacket:
Hunters of the Black Swamp tells the story of a boy's coming of age in the hostile wilderness of prehistoric North America. The young hunter Boy sets out on an expedition with his father, determined to prove his courage and maturity in combat against the fierce animals that prowl the Black Swamp. He scorns his father's wisdom and rejects his advice, but the young man's own recklessness endangers both their lives. Man is severely wounded, and Boy, now responsible for his father's safety, learns the value of caution and of knowledge gained by experience.

_____. 1973. Prisoner of the Mound Builders. illustrated by George Overlie. 144 pp. 22 cm, Minneapolis. Lerner Publications Co. 241 First Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401. ISBN: 0-8225-0754-4.*

from the dustjacket:
The story of O-Tah-Wah, a young Indian hunter of prehistoric North America. Crippled from birth, O-Tah-Wah is rebellious and distrustful, an outcast among his own people. One day, while on a solitary hunting expedition, the young Indian strays far from home into the strange and terrible land of the Mound Builders.... O-Tah-Wah is captured, beaten, and forced into slavery.
Harrison, Harry [1925-]. 1984. West of Eden. illustrated by Bill Sanderson. xii, 483 pp. 24 cm, Toronto; New York. Bantam Books. ISBN: 999279416X (0553050656 $15.95).

Harrison's "Eden Trilogy" tells the story of an alternative Earth, of possibly 20,000 years ago, an Earth where dinosaur extinction has never occured. The dinos evolved into an intelligent sauroid life form, the Yilane, which dominates Europe and Asia. A climatic change forces the Yilanes to migrate to America, where they encounter a new, intelligent... mammalian life form - The Humans! - and the conflict betwen two races begins.
(thanks to Rogerio Kivitz of Brazil, for suggesting this series and providing this summary.)

_____. 1986. Winter in Eden. illustrated by Bill Sanderson. Book II in the Eden trilogy. xiv, 398 pp. 24 cm, A Spectra Book, Toronto; New York. Bantam Books. ISBN: 0553051636.

_____. 1988. Return to Eden. illustrated by Bill Sanderson. Book III in the Eden trilogy. xiii, 348 pp. 24 cm, A Spectra Book, Toronto; New York. Bantam Books. ISBN: 0553277006 (0553053159).

The conflict between the human Tanu and the reptilian Yilane reaches a climax as the two implacable enemies face each other in a battle for the destinies of their races. Harrison's conclusion to his alternate prehistory of Earth excels in its detailed depiction of an alien civilization that might have been.
Harrison, Harry [1925-] and Leon Stover [1929–2006]. 1972. Stonehenge: Where Atlantis Died. Bibliography: p. [252]-254. 254 pp. 21 cm, New York. Scribner. ISBN: 0684128314. (1977 as "Stonehenge", Sphere Books. London. 237pp) *

Ason, Prince of Mycenae, captured by the forces Atlantis (Minos), escapes death at the hands of the son of the Atlantan king when an earthquake strikes, and along with Inteb the Egyptian, and Aias, ex-slave boxing teacher of Atlantis, make his way to the Mycenaean tin mines of Britain of 1500 BC. There they fight to reestablish the mines, destroyed by the Yerni, fierce Celtic warriors and headhunters, whom Ason eventually consolidates as king, building Stonehenge in the process. It is a life of bloody battles, against the Geramani, the Yerni, and once more the Atlantans, returned in force under the prince Ason had thought he had killed, whose sole passion in life is the death of Ason.

Sue Harrison's homepage is www.sueharrison.com.
Harrison, Sue. 1990. Mother Earth, Father Sky. Ivory Carver trilogy Book 1. 313 pp. 25 cm, 1st edition, New York. Doubleday. ISBN: 0380715929 (0385411596).*

In a frozen time before history, in a harsh and beautiful land near the top of the world, womanhood comes cruelly and suddenly to beautiful, young Chagak. Surviving the brutal massacre of her tribe, she sets out across the icy waters off America's northwest coast on an astonishing odyssey that will reveal to Chagak powerful secrets of the earth and sky... and the mysteries of love and loss.

_____. 1992. My Sister the Moon. Ivory Carver trilogy Book 2. xii, 449 pp. 25 cm, 1st edition, New York. Doubleday. ISBN: 0380718367 (0385420862).*

An abused and unwanted daughter of the First Men tribe, young Kiin knows the harsh realities of life in a frozen land at the top of the world. In an age of ice nine millennia past, her destiny is tied to the brave sons of orphaned Chagak and her chieftan mate Kayugh -- one to whom Kiin is promised, the other for whom she yearns.
But the evil that her own family spawned drags the tormented young woman far from her people -- where savage cruelties, love and fate with strengthen and change her... and give her the courage to fight for the future of her own helpless progeny.

_____. 1994. Brother Wind. Ivory Carver trilogy Book 3. conclusion of the trilogy. 494 pp. 24 cm, 1st edition, New York. Morrow. ISBN: 0380721783 (0688128882).*

In a time before time at the top of the world -- in a harsh and unforgiving age of ice -- courage will sustain three remarkable souls through trials as bitter as the chill winds of the eternal winter.
Claimed by a brutal, despised enemy, Kiin must sacrifice her love for the sake of her tribe and the safety of her children. Left wiodowed and helpless among the Whale Hunters, Kukutux now faces the impossible challenge of surviving alone. White Samiq, wounded and a hunter no more, must take up the mantle of leadership and guide a devastated people abandoned by their gods.
At the dawn of humanity, their extraordinary destinies intertwine. And through hardship and adventure, they endure -- confronting the cruelty of man, fate and nature with the indomitable strength of heart and spirit.

_____. 1997. Song of the River. Storyteller trilogy Book 1. 496 pp. 24 cm, New York. Avon Books. ISBN: 0380726033 (0-380-97370-7).*

Eighty centuries before our time -- in the frozen interior of a place that would someday be called Alaska -- a clubfooted babe was left in the snow to die... until he was rescued by a young woman ravaged by her enemies and sworn to vengeance.
Twenty years later, the child, called Chakliux, has grown to manhood and occupies an honored place as his tribe's treasured storyteller, while his adoptive mother K'os has grown cunning and cold. But in the neighboring village of the Near River People -- where he has been sent to make peace by wedding the shaman's daughter -- a shocking double murder occurs that sets Chakliux on a remarkable journey. Driven by the ancient songs of sea and sky, earth and animals, the storyteller traverses a harsh, unknown, yet enthralling landscape in search of the strange truth about the offenses for which his people have suffered... and about the hateful, ambitious woman who raised him, who may be his most dangerous enemy of all.

_____. 1998. Cry of the Wind. Storyteller trilogy Book 2. 432 pp. 24 cm, Avon Books. ISBN: 0380726041 (0-380-97371-5).*

Experience and adversity have made the storyteller Chakliux a wise and powerful hunter and a man of great respect. But a tender heart is his weakness. In his village lives the beautiful Aqamdax for whom he yearns, though she is mated to a cruel and dangerous tribesman she does not love. It is Chakliux she runs to under a clear, moonlit sky while the village sleeps. But there can be no future for them together until a curse upon their people has been transcended. And then there is K'os, the healing woman — maddened and embittered by the outrage she was forced to endure years earlier — outcast and enslaved by the leader of the enemy tribe against whom she has sworn vengeance. To enact her savage and terrible justice, she will use — and destroy — anyone, if necessary, including the boy-turned-man she rescued in infancy and raised as her son: Chakliux, the storyteller.

_____. 2001. Call Down the Stars. Storyteller trilogy Book 3. ISBN: 0380973723.

Centuries ago in a land of ice and fire, a chosen child is born and taught the sacred legends of his ancient people.
When Yikaas is nearly a man, he allows privilege and the deference of others to fill him with false ideas of his own importance. His teacher, an old woman, comes to realize that his vanity will soon displace the wisdom she has entrusted to him. So she challenges Yikaas to join her in a perilous journey across the North Sea to the land of his ancestors.
Harvey, James O.. 1965. Beyond the Gorge of Shadows. illustrated by John Kaufmann (dustjacket). 224 pp. New York. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard. (Andre Deutsch, London. 1967 19.5 cm, 157pp pbk. As "The Gorge of Shadows") *

Andre Deutsch
10,000 years ago in the North American west... Their tribe believes they are the only men in the world, but one young boy, Gahyaz, is sure there are others. He sets off to find them, in defiance of the chief, accompanied by the chief's son Seska, and his friend, Maitsoh. A young man of the tribe catches up with them to bring them back, but they travel on, and Gahyaz dies in a battle with a lion. His two friends continue his quest, eventually proving him right and returning to the tribe with strangers from the west...
Hayward, Linda. 1997. Cave People. illustrated by Gabriela Dellosso. (Reading level: Ages 4-8). 48 pp. pbk, Grosset & Dunlap (All Aboard Reading. Level 2). ISBN: 0448413361.
Hearn, Lafcadio [1850-1904]. 1876. The Mound Builders. in: The Commercial, Cincinnati, April 24, 1876. (and in: Peter Haining, ed.: The Ancient Mysteries Reader, Doubleday 1975, pp 50-57) *
Not (as sometimes listed) a short prehistoric story, but rather a newspaper article speculating on the origins of the huge earthen mounds, shaped like serpents, birds, beasts, etc., found in Ohio and adjoining states. Hearn considers their possible connection with European mounds and even ponders a link with the legendary Atlantis.
Heilig, Matthais R.. 1963. A Pioneer Through Time. 314 pp. 1st, New York. The American Press.
"Readers of this remarkable novel must begin with a most intriguing premise; the hero is literally immortal, a Stone Age man who, through some mysterious agency, is destined to live from his time to our own, traveling through all of humanity's past experiments in civilization and learning firsthand of our race's never-ceasing efforts to find truth, peace, and an understanding of the Power which rules the universe!
With the Neanderthal Chyraphus (as he named himself in Egyptian and Greek days), we journey from the first caves to the lake dwellings of primeval Switzerland. We see the pyramids being built on the Nile, and the magnificent statuary rising in the Acropolis of Athens..."
Helps, Arthur, Sir [1813-1875]. 1868. Realmah. By the author of "Friends in council". 2 vols. i) xii, [1]-499, (i), 56pp catalog, Nov. 1869. 19 cm, London. Macmillan & Co. (LOC PZ3.H369R). (Boston, Roberts Brothers, 1869, 1 vol, 499pp. 1st US; London: Macmillan, 1869, 1874. New Edition;) ´
How Realmah became King of the Sheveri, a nation existing on Earth millions of years ago. Prehistoric Fantasy in which the author introduced, under transparent disguises, several prominent statesmen, and set them to discussing popular questions of the day. "An important and noted Utopian work."
- Henares, Antonio Pérez [1953-]. 2000. Nublares... see Pérez Henares, Antonio.
Herley, Richard [1950-]. 1978. The Stone Arrow. 209 pp. 22 cm, 1st US edition, New York. Morrow. ISBN: 0688029205. (orig. pub: London: P. Davies, 1978) *

In the England of five thousand years ago, the men of Burh, farmers and villagers, savagely destroyed a closely knit tribe of forest nomads, sparing, by accident, one young man: Tagart.
With his wife and son and all his people dead, Tagart dedicated himself with a single-minded passion to avenging their slaughter, to preserving the free nomadic life that was slowly being strangled by the tillers of the soil.
The execution of Tagart's beautifully planned vendetta... his brutal enslavement by the new lords of the land... and his commitment to rescue the beautiful sister of another captive are breathtaking. The strength of the human spirit rings out on every page.

_____. 1981. The Flint Lord. 214 pp. 22 cm, 1st US edition, New York. Morrow. ISBN: 0688048528.*

Driven by the sinister forces of his own heritage, Brennis Gehan Fifth, Lord of Valdoe, is planning the genocide of the nomadic tribes who impede the spread of his empire in the land that was southern England of 5000 years ago. With his army swelled by foreign mercenaries he prepares to march through the snows to annihilate the nomads' retreat in their winter camp.
Word of the Lord of Valdoe's intentions has already reached the nomads, but when their chieftain is killed in a hunting accident it seems his successor will not heed the warning. In all the tribes, only Tagart understands the danger and is strong enough to face the Flint Lord, but first he must win the strange battle for leadership, waged according to ancient and ruthless laws. The campaign that he then inspires is a superb story of desperate courage.
This novel of intrigue, violence and betrayal in the land of our Stone Age forefathers is a magnificent successor to the author's The Stone Arrow. Here, spurring the Flint Lord's drive for conquest, is his passion for his beautiful, decadent sister, a drive and a passion which lead inexorably to catastrophic consequences.

_____. 1984. The Earth Goddess. Sequel to: The Stone Arrow and The Flint Lord (Vol. 3 of the Pagans trilogy). 210 pp. 22 cm, 1st US edition, New York. Morrow. ISBN: 068806213X.*

It is 3000 B.C. The cult of the Earth Goddess is controlled throughout the vast empire of Europe by the secretive and unscrupulous Red Order, the priesthood that manipulates all power for its own ends. The land that is now called England has been annexed and its lord, Brennis Gehan Fifth, betrayed and murdered. The Lady Altheme, his consort, has escaped to the forest. She is carrying his son, Paoul, rightful inheritor of the Valdoe domain.
But his inheritance is usurped by his illegitimate half-brother. Ignorant of his parentage, Paoul is orphaned, sold into the priesthood, and sent to the mainland citadel for instruction. His teachers predict a great destiny for him. Only later, beyond the point of no return, do his doubts begin.
Herrman, Louis [1883-]. 1935. In the sealed cave. Being a Modern Commentary on a Strange Discovery made by Captain Lemuel Gulliver in the year 1721... & now published from Manuscript Notes recently come to light: A Scientific Fantasy. illustrated by H.V. Meyerowitz. London. Williams & Norgate. (1935: New York, Appleton-Century Co., 226pp) ˆ*

from the dustjacket:
THIS remarkable work is an attempt at an accurate scientific construction upon a purely fanciful hypothesis. It purports to be the commentary of a modern man of science on a strange discovery made in the year 1721 by Captain Lemuel Gulliver and now published from manuscript notes recently come to light — in short, the last and most remarkable of Gulliver's Travels. A tidal wave carries Gulliver's ship far inland. He escapes from the wreck and crawls into a cave where he falls asleep. How, at first treated gently and kindly by the inhabitants of the cave, strange relics of 15,000* years ago, events soon occur to change their attitude towards him, and force him to leave the cave in order to escape their vengeance, makes a story not unworthy of comparison with some of Gulliver's earlier travels. [*dj states 1,500 years.]
Hilliers, Ashton (pseudonym for Henry Marriage Wallis). 1910. The Master-Girl. A Romance. Review in The New Age, May 1910. 245 pp. 20 cm, New York & London. Putnam's Sons. (1912: Methuen, 2nd ed., later issue. viii, [1]-296. 8pp catalogue (dated Autumn 1912), 32pp catalogue (dated July 1912). Illus. by Arthur H. Buckland.) ´*

Dêh-Yan, 16-year-old woman of the Little Moons, stumbles upon Pul-Yun, an injured young brave of the Sun-Men, who had come to steal a wife. Instead of turning him over to her tribe for torture and killing, she falls in love with him, and abandons her tribe to care for him. She sets his broken leg, and while he is healing, devises the bow and arrow, which she uses to save their lives, both against a cave bear and warriors of her tribe sent back to find her...
Hoff, Syd [1912-]. 1962 (1992). Stanley. (Reading level: Ages 4-8). 64 pp. 23 cm, newly illus. edition, New York. Harper Collins. ISBN: 0064440109.

Chased away by the other cavemen because he is different, Stanley decides he would rather not live in a cave with bats and a rock for a pillow. He sets out to better himself and his circumstances.

Holland, Cecelia [1943-]. 1985. Pillar of the Sky; A Novel. 534 pp. 25 cm, 1st edition, New York. Knopf. ISBN: 0394535383.*
Britain at the dawn of the Bronze Age. Moloquin, "unwanted", the son of the sister of Ladon,the chief, fends for himself, outcast from his tribe: Ladon desires his own son to be his heir, not Moloquin, as would traditionally be the case. Taken in by Karella, the revered story teller, he lives at her hearth, until he is tricked by Ladon and sold into slavery in the mines far away at the coast. There he develops into powerful manhood, and learns the secrets of the forge, eventually returning to lead his people, and realize the vision that came to him in a dream as a child, the construction of the griant ring of stones known today as Stonehenge.
Hörler, Hans. (1957) 1963. Kel of the Ancient River. translated from the German Jugs abenteuerliche Reise zum Fluß der Flüsse... by Moyra McGavin. illustrated by Kurt Röschl. 200 pp. 21.5 cm, First American Edition, New York. Frederick Warne & Co. (London: George G. Harrap & Co., Ltd., 1962) *

Kel is a ten-year-old boy of the Stone Age. In telling the story of his adventures, this book gives a vivid picture of the life men lived thousands of years ago. Many of their ways seem strange, even incredible, to us now, but they were true of that far distant time.
Kel's life is full of new and exciting, experiences. We read how primitive man handled fire; of deer hunting, a sandstorm, fighting an eagle, a mammoth hunt, hut dwellers, a plague of voles.... Then comes Kel's biggest adventure — a journey in search of some remarkable stones which a stranger has shown him. They are to be found on an island in the sea.
Kel's journey takes him over great mountains, through almost unpassable valleys, over vast plains. He meets wild animals he has never seen before, and gigantic creatures like men. But nothing can make him turn back. What exciting stories he will have to tell the family when he returns to the cave!
Hoshikawa, Jun. (1995) 1998. Beringia, Bridge of Spirits. translated from the Japanese by Keiko Odani & Steven Ayers. 141 pp. Cadence Books. ISBN: 1569312966.*
In the tradition of such bestsellers as Clan of the Cave Bear, comes a work of prehistoric fiction with a distinctly Eastern flavor.
In this suspenseful coming-of-age story, set 14,000 years ago, a young tribeswoman's arduous search for her long-lost father takes her across the Beringia Land Bridge temporarily connecting the world's great continents.
Her spiritual journey is as rewarding as the physical is harsh. Battered by the elements, battling starvation and fatigue, caught up in tribal rivalries, she and her companion, a handsome young tribesman, barely survive the trek from her ancestral home to the lands beyond. But en route, she is blessed with prophetic visions, learns the secrets of her ancestors, communes with the wild creatures of earth and sea and sky... and even falls in love.
Ultimately, this prehistoric woman's search for family, community, love and purpose touches on timeless human themes.
Hough, Clyde B.. 1920. The People of the Glacier. in: All-Story Weekly, 12/20/1919, 12/27/1919, 1/3/1920, 1/10/1920... (?). Part III - Fire (Jan. 3, 1920, pp 445-452). 280 Broadway, New York. Frank A. Munsey Company.
Howard, Robert E(rvin) [1906-1936]. 1925. Spear and Fang. in: Weird Tales, July 1925. and in Robert E. Howard: Eons of the Night, 1996 (Baen 0-671-87717-8) 238pp, p.107-119. (1999: in The Ultimate Triumph, London, Wandering Star, 288 pp)
His first professionaly published story was this prehistoric story. He is famous for his adventure tales of prehistoric times, "King Kull," (now a movie), and the Conan series, which present various imaginary prehistoric cilivizations, like Atlantis in "King Kull").
Howarth, Lesley. 1996. The Pits. (Reading level: Ages 9-12). 219 pp. 22 cm, 1st U.S., Cambridge, Mass. Candlewick Press. ISBN: 1564029034 (hardcover, alk. paper).*
(After his daughter discovers the Iceman, an eminent archeologist theorizes about Stone Age culture, greatly irritating someone who was alive in 7650 B.C.) When an archaeologist discovers an ancient body frozen in ice and begins sprouting theories, Broddy, a ghost from the Stone Age, decides it's time to set the record straight: "Nine-Thousand-Year-Old Man Total Dork, Says Spook." Comic yet insightful, this fantasy paints an imaginative portrait of what could be the universal elements of teenage life, whatever the era.
Hutchins, Ross E.. 1973. Tonka, the Cave Boy. illustrated by Tak Murakami. 64 pp. 24 cm, Chicago. Rand, McNally. ISBN: 0528825526 (0528825534 lib. bdg.).´*
The adventures of a boy living 8,000 years ago in an Alabama cave as he goes hunting, copes with the death of his father, and tames a wolf cub.
Hyne, C(harles) J(ohn) Cutcliffe [1866-1944]. 1892. The New Eden. London. Longmans, Green. ISBN: 0554580497 (978-0554580494). (2008 pbk BiblioBazaar (21 Aug 2008), 258pp)

"This short novel, set in the present, describes an experiment in which a boy and girl, too young to retain any memory of external humanity, are placed on two adjacent uninhabited South Sea islands so their "evolution" can be secretly monitored over the long term. Hyne describes how the biological difference between new Adam and Eve expresses itself in sex-specific behavior; how, when the pair finally meet, their differences generate a potentially fatal conflict; how they resolve their conflict and unite; and what they each contribute to the new society...." Nicholas Ruddick, The Fire in the Stone

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