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Canter, Mark. 1996. Ember from the Sun. 418 pp. 24 cm, New York. Delacorte Pr. ISBN: 0385314574.*

When a modern forsenic scientist discovers a pregnant Neanderthal, preserved for centuries in arctic ice, he implants the tiny embryo in a surrogate mother and Ember Ozette, a Neanderthal infant, is born. Raised among the Quanoot Indians in Washington state, Ember's otherness is a source of great shame and confusion to her--until she seeks out a band of mysterious golden-skinned people--the last of her race--who are fleeing genocide.

Capon, Paul [1912 -1969]. 1960. Warriors' Moon. illustrated by Val Biro (cover and frontis.). London. Hodder & Stoughton. (G.P. Putnams Sons 1964 First U.S. Illustrated by Albert Orbaan)

Historical novel set more than three thousand years ago around Salisbury Plain and Stonehenge. "The Britain of prehistoric times is the setting for Paul Capon's tale of a boy chieftain who may well have been the original prototype of the King Arthur legend. Young Artor's world is bounded by the frontiers of Sarm, the land ruled by his awesome grandfather, the Pendragon..."
Carey, M.V.. 1982. The Mystery of the Wandering Cave Man. "The Three Investigators" #34. Based on characters created by Robert Arthur. 183 pp. New York. Random House. ISBN: 0394852788.
"Who stole the cave man's bones from Newt McAfee's museum? There are plenty of suspects — an angry scientist, a relative with a grudge, a cocky handyman and more. But the suspects all have an alibi, and the Three Investigators have to face another possibility. Maybe the museum's night watchman didn't have a nightmare. Maybe he really saw the cave man just walk away!"
- Carr, Stella [1932-]. 1975. O Homem do Sambaqui: Uma Estoria na Pré-História. see: Ribeira, Stella Carr.
Carter, Lin(wood Vrooman) [1930-1988]. 1981. Darya of the Bronze Age: The Adventures of Eric Carstairs in Zanthodon. illustrated by Josh Kirby. DAW pbk #451. ISBN: 0879976551.

Not prehistoric man.
Carter's Zanthodon series:
  1. Journey to the Underground World, 1979
  2. Zanthodon, 1980
  3. Hurok of the Stone Age, 1981
  4. Darya of the Bronze Age, 1981
  5. Eric of Zanthodon, 1982

  6. more...

Cartmill, Cleve [1908-1964]. 1942. The Link. in: Astounding Science Fiction, Aug, 1942. (Adventures in Time and Space, ed. Raymond J. Healy and J. Francis McComas. NY: Random House, 1946; Greenberg, ed. The Dawn of Time, 1979) *
The dawning awareness of Lok, different from his kind, hairless, and with a different smell. He realizes his uniqueness, his superiority, and his ability to think in a new way is born. He finds a club and a plan to return to the tribe who'd cast him out for his difference, and claim his right to leadership. But he is not welcomed...
Case, Tom. 1981. Cook. 192 pp. 17.5 cm, pbk, 2, Champion Road, Caversham, Reading RG4 8EL. the author (© A.E. Knight). ISBN: 0-907431-00-3.*
The bewildered narrator walks into the past along a flower-filled valley. He has his binoculars and his knapsack and all the accumulated wisdom of the twentieth century. The hairy hominids who inhabit the valley have their own sweet lives, settled and comfortable, and have senses developed to a remarkable degree. They are fascinated by the alien and react to his bewilderment.
Caselli, Giovanni. 1987. A Stone Age Trader. illustrated by Giuliano Fomari. 30 pp. "The everyday life of" series, London & Sydney. MacDonald & Co. (Publishers). ISBN: 0872261107. (New York: Bedrick; Macdonald, 1989)

_____. 1992. An Ice Age Hunter. illustrated by Giovanni Caselli. K-3rd grade. 32 pp. "The everyday life of" series, N.T.C./Contemporary Publishing Company. ISBN: 0872261034.

Catling, Patrick Skene. 1986. John Midas in the Dreamtime. illustrated by Jean Jenkins Loewer. (Reading level: grades 3-4). 119 pp. 22 cm, New York. Morrow. ISBN: 0688061079. (Bantam Skylark Books, 1987, 119pp) *
While visiting the site of sacred cave painting in the middle of the Australian outback, John Midas slips back thousands of years and finds himself among a prehistoric aboriginal tribe...
from the dustjacket:
It's Christmas vacation, and John Midas's family is Australia bound. John's father is looking forward to sailing expeditions, his mother longs to explore Australian culture, and his little sister, Mary, loses no opportunity to reel off facts and figures about the land down under. Only John is frustrated and bored. Weary of guidebooks and tourist sights, he craves escape and a real Australian adventure.
Chamberlain, Gordon A.. 1982. The Angenot-Khouri Bibliography of Prehistoric Fiction: Additions, Corrections, and Comment. in: Science-Fiction Studies #28 (Vol. 9, Part 3), Nov. 1982. Notes and Correspondence, pp 342-346. (see: Angenot, Marc and Nadia Khouri: An International Bibliography of Science Fiction).
Chamberlin, Ann. 1999. Leaving Eden. 240 pp. Forge. ISBN: 0312865503.
What if the God of Eden were really a goddess? What if the fall from grace were a fall into agriculture, away from the hunter-gatherer life? And what if someone could write this oft-told tale in a ravishingly poetic way? Chamberlin has done so, re-creating a world in which humanity and nature live in harmony, with the former celebrating the bounty of the latter and migrating seasonally among milk-and-honey lands. The goddess is Lilith, the powerful and fiercely sexual force of survival and reproduction. Into this Eden comes an arrogant man who pits himself against the natural order by refusing to let old ones die when their time has come and to migrate when the season demands. Told by Adam's daughter, the bard Na'amah, the tragic story holds an underlying warning for today: that we are about to destroy what little is left of that primeval Eden. Thoroughly based in contemporary research about prehistory, Chamberlin's novel is a gorgeous melding of art and scholarship. Patricia Monaghan © 1999, American Library Association. All rights reserved
Champagne, Maurice [1868-1951]. 1994. The mysterious valley. introduction by Harry Binswanger. English. translated from the French by Bill Bucko. illustrated by René Giffey. xiv, 230 pp. Lafayette, Colo. The Atlantean Press. ISBN: 0962685496.
Chapman, Carol. 1979. Ig Lives in a Cave. illustrated by Bruce Degen. 56 pp. 24 cm, 1st edition; "A Fat cat book", New York. Dutton. ISBN: 0525325344. (pbk: Starstream Products, 1980)

Though a cave boy, Ig has much in common with little boys of today. This is a collection of stories about a caveboy named Ig. In each story he learns a new lesson. These lessons are about sharing, love, bravery, politeness, and becoming a big brother.
"Ig woke early. Today was special. Aunt and Uncle Grock were coming over. Aunt and Uncle Grock always brought a surprise for Ig. 'What will it be this time?' wondered Ig." The stories in the book are: The Berries, The Present, Getting Lost, The Surprise, A Baby!
Chilton, H(enry) Herman [1863-]. 1938. Talking Totem. (x), [1]-270 pp. Birmingham. Cornish Bros.
Novel about the power of the tribal priesthood. Lar discovers how to throw his voice and make tribal totems appear to talk.
Christopher, John. 1973. Dom and Va. 154 pp. 21 cm, New York. Macmillan. ISBN: 0027183203 (0027183201). (London, H. Hamilton, 141pp, 22cm) ´*
Injured and thirsty, Dom, a young warrior from a fierce tribe of hunters, struggles into the lush coolness of the forest. There he meets Va, gentle daughter of a peaceful, agrarian tribe. The joy of their idyllic meeting is quickly and brutally destroyed by the slaughter and devastation that mark the opposing tribes' inevitable clash.
In the havoc that follows the battle, Dom escapes, dragging Va with him. Va is helpless to resist, and so — embittered, hating Dom and everything he stands for — she becomes his captive partner.
Their journey and their strange life together form the framework of the story. Woven in are a stark, far-away setting and a vivid evocation of life eons ago. But the book is also a timeless allegory of the two conflicting strands in human nature — one warm, creative, peaceful, the other harsh, aggressive, violent — and of their necessary and inevitable union.

_____. 1977. In the Beginning. Abridged version of Dom and Va. Longman Structural Readers. Stage 2, pbk, Longman Group United Kingdom. ISBN: 0582798221. (& 1983)
In prehistoric times, a boy from a hunting tribe meets a girl from an enemy tribe of farmers. A reader for students of English as a foreign language.

Clark, Patricia Nokolina. 2003. In the Shadow of the Mammoth. illustrated by Anthony Alex Letourneau. age 9-12. 171 pp. Blue Marlin Publications. ISBN: 0967460247.
At eleven summers, Zol approaches manhood in his clan of Ice Age Hunters. He should be eager for his first mammoth hunt, but shameful fear gnaws at his insides like a hungry rat. Fear of disgracing his brave father's memory drives Zol to prove himself worthy of the Star Dancer clan. In his quest for courage, Zol barely escapes death in a raging river, stands face-to-face with a young mammoth, and survives two attacks by a long-toothed cat. Zol gains confidence from these encounters. But will his new-found courage stand the test of the mammoth hunt?
Clarke, Arthur C(harles) [1917-]. 1953. Encounter in the Dawn. in: Amazing Stories, June/July 1953. also as "Encounter at Dawn," "Expedition to Earth". ISBN: 0345430735. (in Expedition to Earth (1953) (as "Expedition to Earth"); and The Nine Billion Names of God, 1967) *

An expedition to earth from a remote galaxy encounters Yaan, a man from a primitive village which will eventually become the city of Babylon.

_____. 1968. 2001: A Space Odyssey. (includes a prehistoric segment). ISBN: 0451452739.

When an enigmatic monolith is found buried on the moon, scientists are amazed to discover that it's at least 3 million years old. Even more amazing, after it's unearthed the artifact releases a powerful signal aimed at Saturn. What sort of alarm has been triggered? To find out, a manned spacecraft, the Discovery, is sent to investigate...

_____. 1972. The Lost Worlds of 2001. The Log of the Ultimate Trip. (includes a different version of prehistoric segment in "Space Odyssey"). 240 pp. pbk, Signet ($1.25). ISBN: 0451125363.

Claudy, Carl H(arry) [1879-1957]. 1932. A Million Years Ago. in: American Boy, May 1932, pp 8-10, 46-49. illustrated by Anton Otto Fischer. cover painting by Russell Sambrook. 64 pp. *
Ed Merridew narrates this story of how he and his friend Jack Wilmot, whose uncle had invented a time machine before he died, traveled back in time from 1932 Virginia to 864,537 B.C. - the Early Pliocene or Late Miocene Age. They'd barely had time to save the life of Ikki, a stone age man, when they were separately captured by two tribes. Ikki managed to bring a message to Ed, who escaped his captors and arrived with him just in time to save Jack from the cannibal tribe about to make a meal of him...
Clément, Claude. 1989. Musician from the Darkness. English. translated from the French. illustrated by John Howe. (Original title: L'Homme Qui Allumait les Etoiles). [26] pp. Boston, Toronto, London. Little Brown & Co (Juv Trd). ISBN: 0316147400. (first US: New York, 1989)
An outsider in a primitive society learns about the power of music. A stone age man with sky-blue eyes who is cast out of his tribe when he refuses to use his flute to lure birds to the kill. Left outside at night, he plays his flute to overcome his fear of the dark.
Coblentz, Stanton Arthur [1896-1982]. 1929. The Wonder Stick. illustrated by S. Glanckoff. 310 pp. 19.3 cm, 1st ed., New York. Cosmopolitan Book Corporation.´*

from the dustjacket:
A story of the days before history began and how Ru, the despised, the "Sparrow hearted," saved his people from destruction and became their hero.
Every boy who loves excitement and strange adventures wil1 enjoy reading about the blood-curdling perils of the tribe on their emigration in search of a warmer land, and the deadly rivalry between Grumgra, the Growling Wolf, and the boy Ru.
There is romance too in Ru's hazardous wooing of Yonyo the Smiling Eyed, and his taming of the wolf cub to protect her from the dreaded Grumgra. Moreover, it is our guess that mothers and fathers who are not grown too old to delight in a thrill will find Ru's victory over manifold difficulties both fascinating and refreshing.
Coburn, Anthony. 1987. Doctor Who - The Triibe of Gum. (Doctor Who: The Scripts). 112 pp. Titan Books Ltd (October 1987). ISBN: 185286012X.
Picking up from the end of An Unearthly Child, with the TARDIS and its passengers back in Earth's Stone Age, The Tribe Of Gum focuses on the fight for supremecy within a nearby caveman tribe as Za (Derek Newark), son of the previous Great Firemaker, and newcomer Kal (Jeremy Young) vie to be the first to bring "fire" back to their tribe. (1963). [The Tribe of Gum was a cave-dwelling tribe on 100,000 BC Earth. The Doctor and his companions were taken captive by the tribe during a power struggle between Za and Kal. (DW: An Unearthly Child) ]
Cockrell, Amanda. 1995. Daughter of the Sky. Deer Dancers, Book 1. 342 pp. 17.6 cm, pbk, New York. Avon. ISBN: 0380776480.*
She is named Deer Shadow — caller of the hunt. Young, proud and strong, both blessed and cursed by a magical talent inherited at birth, she is cherished by the Yellow Grass People — until a hostile tribe threatens their ancient ways, causing Deer Shadow's people to doubt her powers.
But the gods have sent Deer Shadow a gift — a handsome, mysterious outcast, bearing strange new ideas and sacred seeds. And though grave danger surely beckons, she knows she must defy law and tradition to claim this glorious prize. For he is the future — her chosen partner in a mystical dance of love and destiny.

_____. 1996. Wind Caller's Children. Deer Dancers, Book 2. 341 pp. 17.6 cm, pbk, New York. Avon. ISBN: 0380776499.*

In an age before history, great unseen forces united the hearts of Deer Shadow and Wind Caller. Their magnificent love brought forth twin children — a son and a daughter, proud, strong... and magical.
Buit in this time of drought and devastation, fear begets anger and vengeance among the starving tribes — leaving Wind Caller's children outcast to brave the dangers of hungry pumas and mountains that move. And in the company of their adopted sister, Others' Child, they must cross a parched land in search of home — protecting the secret of the maize as they follow their sacred destiny into the unknown.

_____. 1996. The Long Walk. Deer Dancers, Book 3. 309 pp. 17.6 cm, pbk, New York. Avon. ISBN: 0380776502.*

The spirits have summoned two wanderers across a vast and ancient land. A woman of powerful magic, Others' Child marvels at the sights she and her mate, Night Hawk, have witnessed on their travels of many years. But now her own child grows within her — and she yearns for the warming fires of a home.
On the shore of an endless water, in a village at the edge of the earth, she at last finds a place to belong — though it means abandoning the proud companion who chooses to wander still. But the spirits of Coyote and Great Condor have decreed that peace is not Others' Child's destiny. For a higher purpose awaits her: to seek, to see, to learn... and to tell the world about itself.

_____. 1999. When the Horses Came. Horse Catchers Trilogy, Book I. 294 pp. pbk, New York. Avon. ISBN: 0380795493.*

The Trickster's gifts come with a price. A long time ago he gave a new animal to our ancestors, and changed the world...
Out of Breath is barely a man when he first dreams of a powerful white animal- a shining giant that runs unseen through the desert as quickly and easily as water runs through his fingers. His people tell Out of Breath that visions are suspect, and in any case properly had by old men, not by young ones. But he is driven and relentless, and must leave to search the desert himself. When he returns, he is leading a beast who's like no one has ever seen before-a tall, bony creature who says its name is Horse. The people of Red Earth City are afraid of it-all except the beautiful, willful Wants the Moon, who first thinks of riding on its back.
Together, Out of Breath and Wants the Moon will prove what the gift of Horse may mean to their people and to the Buffalo Hunters of the Grass. As yet, only Coyote the Trickster wishes that he could undo the danger that has ridden in unwanted and unseen on Horse's sleek back...

_____. 2000. Children of the Horse. Horse Catchers Trilogy, Book II. 288 pp. pbk, New York. Avon. ISBN: 0380795507.*

As descendants of the legendary Horse Bringers, Blue Jay and his bold sister Dances are chosen to journey westward in a quest to find horses. Along with Spotted Colt, son of the chief of the Dry River people, and his friend Mud Turtle, they travel to the Cities-in-the-West, where the young warriors will encounter a world vastly different from their own.
In the cities, people live in boxes year round, while men take more pride in their weaving than in being warriors. And no one wants to talk about the horses. Then a group of strange, foreign men make their way among the settlements, asking questions about hidden cities of gold. In their hands are heavy sticks that breathe fire strong enough to kill, and they too have the magic to ride horses — horses that come from some other source than the Horse Bringers' legacy.
With Coyote the trickster for a guide, their mythic adventure will take these children of the plain across the boundary between life and death itself before they are able to confront the danger that threatens to engulf them all.

_____. 2001. The Rain Child. Horse Catchers Trilogy, Book III. 288 pp. pbk, New York. Avon. ISBN: 0380795515.

Though the white-skinned invaders wreaked havoc on the Cities-in-the-West, the tribes of the Grass have escaped invasion and slaughter. But tragedy of another kind strikes. Grandmother Weevil's granddaughter, Flute Dog, a young woman of the Buffalo Horn people, loses her young husband when he is thrown from his horse and trampled on a buffalo hunt. Searching for the horse, Flute Dog, finds a pregnant woman wandering in the wilderness. When the woman dies giving birth, Flute Dog decides to raise the baby girl as her own.
But Rain Child does not fit in with the tribe, even though she learns to ride and train her mother's horses. Rebellious and angry, Rain Child, too, will go off into the wilderness in search of a stray horse and make a discovery that will change her life: an iron pot that brings her the tribe's awe and their fear. The pot is a gift from Coyote, one of four enchanted treasures he will use to lure Rain Child, Flute Dogand their horses into the lands of the northern people.
It is here, among these strangers that Coyote will attempt his grandest plan -- a scheme marked by magic, love, and betrayal that could change the destiny of his Horse people forever...
Coffman, Ramon (Peyton) [1896-]. 1936. Uncle Ray's Story of the Stone Age People. illustrated by Frank C. Pape. 64 pp. 14x17 cm, Chicago. Rand McNally.´*
This small (about 5½"x7") children's book, though listed in Angenot and Khouri, is actually non-fiction — An attempt to explain something of prehistoric life to children. Chapters are: The Discovery of Fire - Fierce Animal Enemies - Stone for Tools and Weapons - Early Cooking and Sewing - Taming the Dog - Early Boats - Cave Artists at Work - Taming the Horse - Changes in the Late Stone Age - A Reading List.
Coldsmith, Don. 1990. The Changing Wind. 320 pp. 1st 2/1/90, Bantam. ISBN: 0553283340 (978-0553283341).
He was called White Buffalo, and he would be the greatest medicine man the People had ever known. The spirit of the ancient gods beat in him like a savage drum--a mystical power as old as the land, as primeval as primitive man himself. But even as he fought to lead his people out of the darkness of the Stone Age, his world trembled on the brink of a great and terrible transformation. It would be a century swept by the inevitable winds of change; a time when ignorant, evil men like the warrior Gray Wolf of the Head-Splitters would seek bloody vengeance, and when once man would fight against all odds to save his tribe and his heritage from brutal destruction.
Coleman, Clare. 1992. Daughter of the Reef. 354 pp. 17 cm, pbk, New York. Jove. ISBN: 0515110124.*
The beauty and savagery of life in prehistoric Tahiti. A shipwrecked woman, an outsider, finds both friends and bitter enemies as she tries to make her way in an unfamiliar society.

_____. 1993. Sister of the Sun. 328 pp. 17 cm, pbk, New York. Jove. ISBN: 0515111864.

Years ago, a storm stranded Tepua, daughter of a chieftain, on the shores of Tahiti. Only an iron will enabled her to triumph over adversity and make a place for herself in a new tribe. But now her father is dying, and Tepua must return to her homeland ... where more challenges await her.

_____. 1994. Child of the Dawn. 322 pp. 17 cm, pbk, New York. Jove. ISBN: 0515113344.*

The stunning conclusion to Coleman's epic trilogy set in ancient Tahiti. When duty calls Tepua away from the shores of Tahiti, a ruthless outsider plunges the island into war, forcing Tepua's lover, Matopahu, into hiding. Despite the danger, Tepua returns--carrying Matopahu's unborn son.
Collier, James Lincoln [1928-]. 1983. Planet Out of the Past. 162 pp. 22 cm, New York. Macmillan Publishing Co. ISBN: 0027228606.*
We lay at the top of the hill, gasping in the baking sun.... I was feeling all sorts of queer things. We were seeing something that no human being had ever seen – our ancestors as living beings instead of as a bunch of fossilized bones.... "What are they, Char?" Weddy whispered, sort of awed herself. "They're human beings, Weddy. They're human beings, and we're the first modern humans ever to see any."
Char, Weddy and Nuell are excited over their discovery on this strange planet Pleisto, but also terrified, for the leader of their expedition, Professor Joher, has disappeared. Nuell and Weddy, his son and daughter, are concerned for his safety, while Char, his research assistant, feels not only worried, but responsible for all of them. He realizes that these prehistoric people may have carried off the professor - and may even have killed him. more...
× Convard, Didier. 1990. Blind Mists : Ice Age 1. Catalan Communications. ISBN: 087416107X.
Not prehistoric man.
Cooper, Bryan. 1974. Stones of evil : a novel of Ancient Britain. 213 pp. 23 cm, Macdonald and Jane's. ISBN: 0356080366. (Futura pbk 1976) *
Britain, more than 5,000 years ago... To its builders the temple of the Druids was a magnificent monument of finely carved granite. To the priests who followed Vardon it became a powerhouse of evil where the forces of darkness could be summoned to witness the ghastly rites of human sacrifice. Haril the stonemason knew that the temple must be destroyued before it was completed. Time was desperately short, and Haril's opponents were not just the priests but the devil himself.
Cornwall, Ian Wolfram. 1967. Hunter's Half-moon. illustrated by Marjorie Maitland Howard. Maps drawn by W.J.F. Cornwall. John Baker. (Coward-McCann, NY: 22cm, 158pp: first US edition, 1969) ´*

"Quickshaft was cold, even in his wolfskin rug... He was also hungry... had been for several days." It was winter in the valley of the tribe of the Wanaka and game was scarce. There was only one thing to do. New hunting grounds had to be found.
From a stranger, Quickshaft had heard of a valley inhabited by beasts called mammoths, with legs as thick as a man's body and huge curved teeth. With his family, Quickshaft set out for the strange valley where they encountered the family of another tribe — the Uklonis...
Costello, Frederick Hankerson [1851-1921]. 1909. Sure-Dart, A Story of Strange Hunters and Stranger Game in the Days of Monsters. illustrated by Walter J. Enright. [15]-320 pp. 20 cm, Chicago. A.C. McClurg & Co. (and 1920) ´*


IN this story I have taken a few liberties with what are generally accepted in the scientific world as facts, and so I suppose some explanations are desirable. The greatest liberty I have taken is with regard to the introduction of human beings into the story when the period is so very remote. The period is that called by geologists the Secondary, and the particular part of it is toward the close of what is termed the Cretaceous. As far as our knowledge goes at the present time, this is a date several hundred thousand years earlier than the coming of man... more...
Costins, R. A. (pseudonym for Raoul Cosson). 1957. Le fils de schess. Jean Grassin (1 janvier 1957).
Extrait de la préface de Philippe Joseph, Ministre de l’Education du Soudan: R.A. Costins n’est plus un inconnu pour les lettrés africains, ni même pour ceux qui, en France, s’intéressent au roman préhistorique ou, si l’on préfère, à la saga. Je n’en veux pour preuve que le succès de ses deux premiers ouvrages, La tribu de Schess et Le fils de Schess.
Cowley, Marjorie. 1994 (1996). Dar and the Spear-Thrower. (Reading level: Ages 9-12). x, 118 pp. 21.5 cm, New York. Clarion Books. ISBN: 039579725X (0395681324).*

Colin Poole
Dar will soon become a man. He is small for his thirteen years but will shortly receive his manmarks at the clan's initiation ceremony. Dar wonders how this can change a small boy into a man overnight and doubts that he is strong enough to be the great hunter that his clan expects him to be.
Dar lived fifteen thousand years ago in southern France, a time of great creativity. The spear-thrower, a device that enabled a hunter to throw with greater power, was invented during this period. Dar's passion to possess a spear-thrower sends him on a dangerous journey into unknown territory. His understanding of what it means to be a man deepens as he pursues his quest.

_____. 1998. Anooka's Answer. illustrated by Bryn Barnard. (Reading level: Ages 9-12). 160 pp. 21.5 cm, Clarion Books. ISBN: 0395885302.*

Bryn Barnard
Near the end of the Stone Age, about 12,000 years ago, a young woman named Anooka lives with her family by a salmon-filled river. Although life with the Salmon Clan is comfortable, Anooka is restless. She discovers she has a talent for shaping the strange riverbank mud into small animal figures. Because her actions resemble carving, a practice prohibited to women, Anooka is forbidden to make her animals. Soon she begins to question the only traditions she has ever known. When a mysterious woman appears across the river, Anooka is faced with the most monumental decision of her life. Should she follow Raven Woman or stay with her clan?
Crace, Jim [1946-]. 1988. Gift of Stones. 170 pp. London. Secker & Warburg. ISBN: 0880014504, 0-436-11282-5. (New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 22 cm, 169pp 0684190702, 1988; Collier Books, pbk. 1990) *

Set before the advent of bronze, The Gift of Stones centers around a community of stoneworkers who live in a village near the sea. They survive by the trade of their unrivaled skills, secure in the supremacy of their craftsmanship. Until, that is, a storyteller ventures forth and brings back with him a strange, angry woman whose defiant survival, without sustenance or skill, threatens their own, and whose death foretells the demise of their order, the coming of metal, and the end of stone...
Craig, Ruth. 1995. Malu's Wolf. (Reading level: Ages 9-12). 187 pp. 22 cm, "A Melanie Kroupa book", New York. Orchard Books. ISBN: 0140386041 (0531087840 lib. bdg.). (pbk 1997: Penguin Puffin Books for Young Readers)

Craig's first novel, an exciting adventure set in Stone Age Europe, explores the societal changes that must have occurred when wolves were first domesticated. Malu fears her clan's wrath when she violates a taboo and rescues a young wolf pup, but the clan's shaman unexpectedly supports her, names the wolf Kono, and allows Malu to keep and train her. As Malu's understanding of wolf behavior increases, she realizes that a strong emotional bond has formed as well. When Kono bites a clan member to protect Malu, she realizes the only way to save Kono is to defy the clan's decision and flee, a lonely and dangerous undertaking. Booklist
Crompton, Ann Eliot [1930-]. 1971. The Sorcerer. illustrated by Leslie Morrill. 175 pp. 21 cm, 1st edition, Boston. Little, Brown ("An Atlantic Monthly Press book"). ISBN: 0933256361. (reissued 1982, Franklin Watts, Inc.) ´*
from the dustjacket:
There was a strange power in his hand — his left hand. The boy could capture the shape and spirit of a pony, a wolf, a deer in the snow or earth — but this was a useless power in a society of hunters. He was not as clever as his cousin Onedeer and his brother Jay and after that terrible day when the Great Bear turned and seized him, Lefthand was useless to the tribe. Onedeer and his mother Bright had managed to beat off the Bear but Lefthand was doomed. The meat racks were empty. Even the hunters were hungry. Her baby had starved but Bright would not desert this boy with the strange power. Sorcerer could help him. Sorcerer knew the secrets of healing. He was caretaker of the secrets of the hunt and the sacred cave with magic on its walls.
Crowell, Pers [1910-]. 1948. The First Horseman. illustrated by Pers Crowell. "written and illustrated by Pers Crowell, author of 'Six Good Friends' and 'Beau Dare'". 96 pp. New York. Whittlesey House McGraw Hill. (1965: 5th ptg. Scholastic pbk 116 pp as "First to Ride") *

Young Vuldar had always been fascinated by the herds of "Fleet Ones" that grazed on the plains below his cave. When the dying leader Manos foretold that the new leader of the tribe would come upon the back of a Fleet One, Vuldar tried to make the prophecy come true. How he captured Fleet Black, the fiery stallion that led the herd, and how, in taming him, he won the Fleet One's wild heart is a story to thrill all those who love horses and brave deeds. more...

_____. 1976. King Moo the Wordmaker. illustrated by Pers Crowell. [48] pp. 26 cm, Caldwell, Idaho 83605. The Caxton Printers, Ltd. ISBN: 0-87004-253-X. (1988: Horizon Book Promotions, 47pp) ´*

A primitive man makes words from the sounds of animals and nature and teaches the words to his tribe.

(James) Irving Crump [1887-1979]

Irving Crump wrote in Og, Son of Og,

"Dan Beard... furnished the inspiration that made me interested in writing for boys and ultimately becoming the editor of Boys' Life, in which position I served for twenty-five years."
He is most famous for his prehistoric boy series - Og, Son of Fire (1922), Og, Boy of Battle (1925), Og of the Cave People (1935) and Og, Son of Og (1965), spanning over 40 years. While most of the stories first appeared in Boys' Life, some of the Boys' Life stories never made it into the books. He also wrote an "American prehistoric" - Mog, the Mound Builder (1931), and numerous other books and articles, mainly for young people. Og, Son of Fire became a popular radio show in 1934-35.

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Crump, (James) Irving [1887-1979]. 1922. Og - Son of Fire. illustrated by Charles Livingston Bull. frontispiece, 9 plates. 198 pp. 21 cm, New York. Dodd Mead & Co. (reprint, Dodd Mead, 1946) ´*
1. The Call of Cooked Meat
2. The Fire Demon
3. The Crack in the Earth
4. The First Camp Fire
5. In Which the Wolf Becomes Dog
6. At Bay With the Wolf Pack
7. A Captive of the Tree People
8. Scar Face the Terrible
9. Sacrificed to Sabre Tooth
10. In the Dark of the Night
11. Fire
12. Stolen Flames
13. The Wrath of the Fire Monster
14. The Python's Coils
15. Smothering Darkness
16. Wab is Cared For
17. The Fire Lighter
18. Gog's Treachery
19. Gog Passes On

_____. 1921-22. Og, Son of Fire. in: Boys' Life, December 1921 - May 1922. illustrated by Charles Livingston Bull. Boy Scouts of America.
The first 15 chapters were originally printed in six issues of Boys' Life, from Dec. 1921 through May 1922.
Detailed descriptions and texts are on the Og pages.

_____. 1925. Og, Boy of Battle. illustrated by Charles Livingston Bull. [8] leaves of plates. 289 pp. 21 cm, 1st, New York. Dodd Mead & Co. (Grosset & Dunlap reprint, n.d., 1950? frontis. Only, no additional plates, dustjacket signed 'A. Pope', shown.) ´*

Grosset & Dunlap
1. The Swamp Monster
2. Into the Great Swamp
3. Eyes in the Night
4. Og's Hammer of Death
5. Treed by the Great Snake
6. Og's Snake Knife
7. Stalking the Three-Toed Horses
8. Death to the Great Snake
9. Down the Great River
10. Captured by Gorillas
11. In the Valley of Mysterious Death
12. The Attack of the Gorillas
13. Og and Ru to the Rescue
14. Tracks in the Sand
15. The Land of the Great Turtles
16. Cheated by the Cave Leopard
17. The Winged Death
18. Death to the Cave Leopard
19. The Great Wolf Pack
20. In the Depths of the Cave
21. The Thunder Bird
22. The Fish People
23. Crossing the Big Lake
24. The Leap of the Tiger
25. The Mystery of the Marsh
26. Treed by a Mastadon

_____. 1924-25. Og, Boy of Battle. in: Boys' Life, October 1924 - October 1925. illustrated by Charles Livingston Bull. Boy Scouts of America.

The 26 chapters were originally printed in Boys' Life, from October 1924 through October 1925.
Detailed descriptions and texts are on the Og pages.

_____. 1931. Mog, the Mound Builder. introduction by H.C. Shetrone. illustrated by Remington Schuyler [1884-1955]. frontispiece, 3 plates. Foreword by Irving Crump, Introduction by H.C. Shetrone. xi, 228 pp. 21 cm, New York. Dodd Mead & Co. (Grosset & Dunlap reprint, 1950? frontispiece (plate 3 of Dodd, Mead ed.) only, no add'l plates, illustrator not credited.) *

Grosset & Dunlap
from the dustjacket:
A prehistoric American boy, one of the tribe known as Mound Builders, is the hero of this engrossing tale of the danger-filled life of early man.
Mog follows his father who has joined with the men of his village to drive off an enormous pack of wolves and so begin the series of amazing adventures of this fearless boy. Most thrilling of these is Mog's discovery of a new race of men whom he leads back to his own country, there to make an alliance with them against the Algonquin Red Men who are invading the country ofthe Mound Builders.
For Mog danger lurked at every step and his story is filled with swift draws and heroic action.

_____. (1934-) 1935. Og of the Cave People. illustrated by Jack Murray. [first appeared in Boys' Life 1933-35]. ix, 232 pp. 21 cm, New York. Dodd Mead & Co. (Grosset & Dunlap reprint, 1950?. Cover unsigned) ´*

Grosset & Dunlap
1. The Fire Goes Out
2. The Flat Heads Capture Tao
3. Big Tooth Asks for Help
4. The Monsters of the Mist
5. The Mountain-that-Walks
6. Pong, the Devil Doctor
7. The Crocodile Rules the River
8. Pong Again
  9. Og Goes for Goats
10. Og's Signal Fire
11. Tao and the Tiger
12. Wolves for Dogs
13. The Wooly Rhinoceros!
14. Between Red Beards and Mammoths
15. Rolling Rocks for Victory

_____. 1933-35. Og of the Cave People. in: Boys' Life, September 1933 - June 1935. illustrated by Remington Schuyler, Paul Dudley, Jack Murray. Boy Scouts of America.*

The 15 chapters were originally printed in 10 issues Boys' Life, from September 1933 through June 1935.
Detailed descriptions and texts are on the Og pages.

_____. 1935. Og, Son of Fire: The Place of Missing Men. in: Boys' Life, v.25 #7, July, 1935, pp 11, 48-49 [2,123 words] (10¢). illustrated by Jack Murray. [not in Og of the Cave People]. 52 pp. Boy Scouts of America. (cover by Norman (Perceval) Rockwell [1894-1978]) *

Something has been happening to the Flat Head turtle hunters — those who have taken their canoes down to the turtle beach for turtles and eggs have not been returning... A superstitious fear begins to invade the hearts of tribe, and so despite everyone's misgivings, Og, Ru, Tao and Big Tooth head off to investigate. They are caught in a powerful current, carried past the turtle beach and tossed up on a strange shore, their canoe broken in two. There they find the bones of their clansmen and are soon attacked by a giant octopus. After a fierce battle they slay the terrible beast and begin their homeward trek. full text

_____. 1935. Og, Son of Fire: Canyon of the Moon Cats. in: Boys' Life, v.25 #10, Oct. 1935, pp 16-17, 48-49 [4,125 words] (10¢). illustrated by Jack Murray. [not in Og of the Cave People]. 52 pp. Boy Scouts of America. (cover by Charles H. Towne) *

Og and Big Foot have located the village where they believe their friends Ru and Tao are being held captive by the little brown "throw-stick" men. They had fought with them as they returned overland from their turtle beach adventure, and though they had escaped that time, Ru had been injured, and while he'd been left at camp with Tao, the two had apparently been captured. They see the medicine man, Watusi, lead the bound Ru and Tao to a place in the valley where they are to be sacrificed to the black panthers of the Moon God, and leave them there. Og and Big Foot drop a vine down to their ledge, fight off the panthers and save Ru and Tao, barely escaping with their lives... full text

_____. 1935. Og, Son of Fire: Arrows from the Sky. in: Boys' Life, v.25 #11, Nov. 1935, pp 14-15, 49-50 [3,219 words] (10¢). illustrated by Jack Murray. [not in Og of the Cave People]. 52 pp. Boy Scouts of America. (cover by William (John) Heaslip [1898-1970]) *

Og, Ru, Tao and Big Tooth, from high up on a ledge, have killed the tapir they were stalking. But Big Tooth urges caution during their descent, as the animal appeared to be fleeing something. Sure enough, by the time they reach the bottom, they find their prey surrounded by enemy Boomerang Men, and Watusi, their medicine man. Though they are puzzled and frightened by the arrows from the sky, Watusi assures them it's a gift from the Sun god, and they carry the tapir back to their village, followed stealthily by the four friends. In the middle of the night they go to retake their booty from the tree it is hanging on, but find Watusi has the same idea. When they grab him and he sounds the alarm, he tells the others they are gods, for theirs were the magic arrows, and all bow to them in obeisance. full text

_____. 1935. Og, Son of Fire: The Howl of a Hyena. in: Boys' Life, v.25 #12, Dec. 1935, pp. 12, 54. [2,286 words] (10¢). illustrated by Jack Murray. [not in Og of the Cave People]. 64 pp. Boy Scouts of America. (cover by Arthur Smith)

Og, Ru, Tao and Big Tooth have spent the night in a tree, hiding from pursuing Boomerang Men and their witch doctor, Watusi, and trying to avoid the great mammoth and her calf, who were in the meadow they want to cross. In the morning there is no sign of the mammoth, until they hear the distant call of a hyena, and she rises from the tall grass, upset by the cry. Soon the friends spy the Boomerang Men coming down the trail after them, but unaware of the mammoth. Big Tooth gives out a hyena yell, and the mammoth discovers the Boomerang Men, chasing and killing many while Og and his companions disappear across the now vacated meadow. full text

_____. 1936. Og, Son of Fire: The Ice Monster. in: Boys' Life, v.26 #1, Jan. 1936, pp 16-17, 50 [4,110 words] (10¢). illustrated by Jack Murray. [not in Og of the Cave People]. 52 pp. Boy Scouts of America. (cover by Harold N. Anderson [1894-1973]) *

Trying to escape from hunger and the medicine man Watusi and his Boomerang Men, Og, Ru, Tao and Big Tooth have taken to crossing the high snow country in the mountains. Og, fearing an avalanche, has had them all link together by making a life line of their buckskin belts, but in fact when an avalanche does come, the belts break, and Og struggles to the surface of the snow alone, swept down into a glacier's valley. He spots movement, and shortly the four are reunited. They track a wolf for food, but it is a mother with three cubs and they all escape. Then the four cave men find a frozen dinosaur in the ice of the glacier, and signs that the wolves have been eating on it tell them their hunger is over. And certainly the avalanche has eliminated the Boomerang Men from their trail. full text

_____. 1936. Og - Son of Fire. "Based on the famous radio adventure series by Irving Crump". 11.5 cm (3 5/8" × 4 1/2"), b/w cartoon drawing on every 2-page spread. 428 pp. Big Little Book #1115, Racine, Wisconsin. Whitman Publishing Co. (© 1936 by Stephen Slesinger, New York, NY).´*

more on: the Big Little Book edition Og on the Radio
1. The Cave People
2. Into the Fire Mountain
3. Ak's Gift to His People
4. The Jaws of Death
5. Og's Fire
6. The Great Gray Wolves
    7. In the Snows
  8. The Tree People
  9. Saber Tooth Snarls
10. In the White Caves
11. The Flat Heads
12. The New Village

Hank Ward's article on "Og" bibliography clarifies that this is not a reprint of the 1922 edtion of the same title but a separate book.

_____. 1965. Og, Son of Og. x, 211 [3] pp. 20.7 cm, New York. Dodd Mead & Co. (cover signed 'Mort Künstler') *

1. The Kidnapped Cave Boy
2. The Fire Demon
3. His Fire Goes Out
4. The Thundermakers
5. River Monsters
6. Og's "Dogs"
7. Saber-toothed Savage
8. Cave of the Tiger
9. Og, the Bow Maker
10. Eyes in the Dark
11. Og Tries an Arrow
12. Where Are the Pigs?
13. When the World Rocked
14. Trapped in the Cave
15. Dangers in the Dark
16. Death in the Sky
17. Turtle Egg Beach
18. The Sea Monster
19. Red Beard Menace
20. Solta's Fire Goes Out
21. A Fire for Ting
22. Danger in the Jungle
23. White Death

_____. 1955-59. Og, Son of Og. in: Boys' Life, October 1955 - May 1959. illustrated by Mort Künstler, Bernard Safran, Vivian Holder.. Boy Scouts of America.*
Three chapters were originally printed in Boys' Life, from October 1955 through May 1959. (If you know of any others, please contact me.)
Detailed descriptions and texts are on the Og pages.

Curwen, Henry [1845-1892]. 1887. Zit and Xoe. Their early experiences, by the author of "Lady Bluebeard". 131 pp. Edinburgh. William Blackwood & Sons. (also: New York: Harper, 1889) ´

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Dail, C(harles) C(urtis) [1851-1902]. 1890. Willmoth the Wanderer, or: The Man from Saturn. (part prehistoric). 242 pp. Atchinson, KA. Haskill Printing Co. (rev. 1891) ´
Though told with no great skill, [this] narrative, purporting to be that of Willmoth the Saturnian as told towards the end of his several-million-year lifespan, is an eventful affair. Willmoth proceeds from Saturn to Venus (travel via antigravity) and, late in the book, to a prehistoric Earth, whose primitive inhabitants he breeds into Homo sapiens. (ESF)

_____. 1898. The Stone Giant: A Story of the Mammoth Cave.
Dail's episodic second novel, lies within the overarching context of the first book. It is presented as a translation (by Willmoth) of memoirs by the prehistoric ruler Wymorian, an 8ft (2.4m) giant and founder of Atlantis, who is given (by ancient descendants of Willmoth) an elixir of life. There is much talk about the ethics of the immortality experiment, which on the whole is a failure - as, notoriously, was Atlantis. [PN/JC] (ESF)

Dann, John R.. 2000. Song of the Axe. 480 pp. Forge / Tor.*

The spell-binding story of two prehistoric lovers, Agon and Eena, their struggles and triumphs, and their sons. Agon is a great warrior, a master of the deadly axe song, the mystical music made by his weapon. Eena, beloved of Mother Earth, can cast a spear better than anyone alive. They fall in love by the banks of a huge, glacier-fed river at a time near the end of an ice age. But an invading tribe led by the evil shaman, Ka, destroys their tribe and kidnaps Eena. Agon must cross the river and rescue her, against great odds. They marry, and found a new family in a faraway land. But the children of Ka live, and seek vengeance on the sons of Axe Man and Spear Woman.

_____. 2004. Song of the Earth. 384 pp. pbk, Forge (December 23, 2004). ISBN: 0765311933 (978-0765311931). (Tor 2005 (pbk) 560pp)

"A novel of high adventure set in Eurasia, 30,000 BC, introducing women of the Ice Age camps as courageous hunters, clever instigators for good or evil, spiritual leaders. The amazing story of Eena and Agon and their progeny will thrill anyone who delights in prehistorical reads and will entice the reader who looks for supporting archeological finds along with an author's fantasy."--Ruth Beebe Hill, author of Hanta Yo

_____. 2009. Song of the Gods. 266 pp. Illumina Publishing (August 1, 2009). ISBN: 0981809227.

The third and final tale in his Song Trilogy. Set in prehistoric times, the warrior Sagon and his mate Spear Woman begin to experience the first stirrings of self-awareness, primitive spirituality, love, magic, God, and the limitless potential of mankind.With enlightenment just beyond their reach, the two are compelled to take a perilous journey across the primeval landscape in search of shamen, the legendary Earth Mother, and other spiritual masters. This story is a spirit quest from the dawn of mankind. It chronicals the emergence of humans as sentient spiritual beings. But first, Sagon and Spear Woman must survive their harrowing adventures. Only then can they hope to hear the song of the gods. -Northwest Literary Review
Darnton, John. 1996. Neanderthal. Bibliography: p. [367]-368. xiii,368 pp. 25 cm, 1st edition, New York. Random House. ISBN: 0312963009 (0679449787).*

In the remote mountains of central Asia, an eminent Harvard archaeologist discovers something extraordinary. He sends a cryptic message to two colleagues. But then, he disappears.
Matt Mattison and Susan Armot -- once lovers, now academic rivals -- are going where few humans have ever walked, looking for a relic band of creatures that have existed for over 40,000 years, that possess powers man can only imagine, and that are about to change the face of civilization forever.
Day, Marie. 1999. Quennu and the Cave Bear: A Prehistoric Tale. (Reading level: Ages 4-8). 32 pp. pbk, Owl Communications. ISBN: 1895688876.
On the way to the cave that is her prehistoric clan's "place of magic," young Quennu becomes separated from her companions. Though terrified of meeting a cave bear, she rejoins the clan unharmed, inspired to paint a bear on the cavern wall.
De Camp, L(yon) Sprague. 1939. The Gnarly Man. in: "The Best of L. Sprague De Camp" 87-111, NY. Ballentine. 1978. (1979 in Dawn of Time. 1987 in Neanderthals)

de Paola, Tomie. 1990. Little Grunt and the Big Egg: A Prehistoric Fairy Tale. col. ill (Reading level: Ages 4-8). [32] pp. 29 cm, 1st edition, New York. Holiday House. ISBN: 0823410277 (0823407306). (1990: Weekly Reader Book Club; reprint, 1993)
A prehistoric fairy tale about the Grunt family and Little Grunt, who, in his search for two dozen eggs, finds only one, but is it BIG! When it hatches, a little dinosaur emerges, which, of course grows bigger and bigger and bigger. George, the dinosaur, eventually saves all the Grunts from the volcano eruption. After George lays some eggs, she gets a new name!
De Paolo, Charles. 2002. Human Prehistory in Fiction. references, bibliography, index. [160] pp. pbk, Jefferson, NC 28640. McFarland & Company, Inc. ISBN: 0-7864-1417-0.*
...Considers twelve pieces of fiction that depict human prehistory: H.G. Wells' The Island of Doctor Moreau, Pierre Boulle's The Planet of the Apes, Jules Verne's The Village in the Treetops, Edgar Rice Burroughs' The Land That Time Forgot, the struggle for legitimacy in Wells' "The Grisly Folk," the Tasmanian analogue in Lester Del Rey's "The Day Is Done," William Golding's The Inheritors, "the promise of humanity" in Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey, the theme of "a god among the heathen" in Wells' "The Lord of the Dynamos" and other works, Jean Auel's The Clan of the Cave Bear, J.H. Rosny-Aîné's Quest for Fire, and Wells' The Time Machine: An Invention.A final chapter considers the paleoanthropologist as literary critic.
Deamer, (Mary Elizabeth Kathleen) Dulcie [1890-1972]. 1909. In the beginning: Six studies of the Stone Age and other stories. 232 pp. Gordon & Gotch.

_____. 1929. As it was in the beginning. illustrated by Norman Lindsay. (Contains five short stories, four of which were previously included in "In the Beginning"(1909). The title story was awarded the prize in a competition held by the 'Lone Hand' in 1907). 64 pp. 25 cm, 500 numbered copies. 15 tipped in b/w plates, Melbourne. Frank Wilnot.´*

As It Was in the Beginning
The First Born
The Great Water
The People of the Lion-Slayer
The Last Child

"The author thanks the Bulletin Newspaper Company for permission to use these stories and illustrations."

Decaprio, Annie. 1965. The Dog and the Wolf. illustrated by Victor Lazzaro. 8½"×5½". Grosset & Dunlap.
The story of the Wolves, Early Man and Dogs... Shows how dogs became "Mans Best Friend", and why the Wolf Still Howls at Night!

"Let me stay with you always. I will not steal your food. I will eat only what you give me. And I will help you. -- And I will be your friend."

deFord, Miriam Allen [1888-1975]. 1956. The Apotheosis of Ki. in: Fantasy & Science-Fiction March, 1956. (Silverberg et al, eds. Neanderthals, pp 113-129) *
"Ki became a mighty medicine man because he encountered a god, and the god entered into him" begins this tale of a starving Neanderthal who witnesses the landing of a space ship. When the god who emerges pantomimes hunger and prostration, Ki understands that he is offering his body as the food of salvation, and accepts, prolonging the life of his tribe against the encroachments of the Cro-Magnon "Terrible Men from the Sunrise."

_____. 1966. The Colony. in: Fantasy & Science-Fiction, pp. 48-60, May 1966. (Elsewhere, Elsewhen, Elsehow. NY: Walker, 1971) *

A colony on an earth-like planet must leave if they discover it is inhabited by human-like creatures. After twenty years of believing themselves settled, hostile contact is made with such a group, who kidnap a young female colonist... (virtually no prehistoric segments)
Déjean, Jean-Luc [1921-]. 1998. Où est passé le chat? French. Hachette Littérature (1 novembre 1998). ISBN: 201020140X.
7554! lut Peterson à haute voix. Cela veut dire...
-Qu'ils sont partis non pas quinze cent ans, mais sept mille cinq cents ans en arrière!
-Cela signifie donc, constata Oleg effondré, que les Ventura au complet, plus Jojo et le chat, sont perdus quelque part, vers les années 5500 avant notre ère. La Préhistoire!
del Rey, Lester [1915-]. 1939. The Day is Done. in: Astounding Science Fiction, May 1939, Volume XXIII, Number 3, pp. 39 ff. short story. (reprint in Damon Knight, ed. "Science Fiction of the 30s", NY, Avon, 1975; Greenberg, ed. The Dawn of Time, 1979) ´*

The last few days of the last of the Neanderthals. Feeling like an old man while not yet old, Hwoogh lives surrounded by the Cro-Magnons who had moved in and taken over as he'd watched his own people die off. Taunted by their children, pampered by their medicine man as the last of his kind, he loses he lust for life...

_____. 1957. The Cave of Spears. illustrated by Frank Nicholas. 206 pp. New York. Alfred A. Knopf. (5th ptg: 1966; 7th: 1968) *

from the dustjacket:
Fourteen-year-old Kayoda lived in Europe 10,000 years ago during the New Stone Age. His people were as human as anyone alive today, and looked very much like modern man except for the type of clothing worn. For generations their forefathers had been hunters, tracking down wild animals that roamed the plains.
As Kayoda's time approaches to receive his spear in the mysterious rites that will make him a man, the Tribe faces serious problems. Forced to flee their valley, they encounter strange new ways of life. more...

_____. 1966. The Infinite Worlds of Maybe. New York. Holt, Rinehart & Winston. (Faber and Faber, London, 1966)

_____. 1966. Tunnel Through Time. illustrated by Hal Frenck. 153 pp. Philadelphia. Westminster Press. (Scholastic Book Service, NY pbk 1966)

After Pete's father fails to return from an experiement where he travels through time Pete and his friend, Bob, decide to use the time tunnel to go back to the age of dinosaurs to search for him.

(Time-travel to mammoths and paleo-Indians Chamberlain)

× DeMille, James [1834-1880]. 1888 (1900). A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder. illustrated by Gilbert Gaul. (Lost-World narrative, written in 1879 or earlier, first published anonymously in 1888). 291 pp. London & New York. Harper. (1969: New Canadian Lib. N68, R.E. Watters, intro.; 1986: ed. By Malcom Parks, 325pp, McGill-Queen's University Press, ISBN: 0-88629-041-4; Ayer Publications, ISBN: 0405062850 illus. New York) ˆ

Not prehistoric man. -A common device used to bridge the mundane and fantasy worlds in early imaginative literature was the lost narrative discovered in the opening chapters. DeMille's anonymous novel is typical of the lot. A manuscript is found floating in a copper cylinder by sailors, and is read aloud by its discoverers. The story tells of one Adam More, shipwrecked in southern latitudes in 1843, and left to drift in an open boat with his companion Agnew. Their first stop is an island inhabited by black cannibals, who entice the men on shore, and dine on Agnew...
Dengler, Sandy. 1998. Hyænas. 356 pp. St. Kitts Pr. ISBN: 0966187911.*
In 37,000 BC France, Gar the Neanderthal Shaman worries about how the Real People will survive the influx of this new race of hairy invaders. Gar places his concern for the future on hold when he comes upon the decapitated corpse of one of his people. Hovering nearby is a Neanderthal female and her half-breed son. In the general area of where the deceased lies also stands one of the others, a female Cro Magnon.
Gar quickly realizes that the two females know each other and deeply loathe one another. Though he prefers to ignore the brutal death, for the survival of his clan, he must to learn who killed a member of the Real people and why. Gar also decides to find out what has caused these two individuals to hate each other so much. Fifty millenniums of tribal history may not be enough to guide Gar into the virgin area of sleuthing.
Denzel, Justin F.. 1988. Boy of the Painted Cave. (Reading level: Ages 9-12). 158 pp. 23 cm, New York. Philomel Books. ISBN: 0698113772 (039921559X). (1988 pbk; 1996 pbk Paper Star - Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers) *

from the dustjacket:
All the fourteen-year-old boy Tao wants is to be left alone to paint and draw images of bears, deer, and woolly mammoths — the mountains-that-walk. Yet, Tao is not a Chosen One, and the clan leader, the fiery and superstitious Volt, disapproves of him and eventually forces Tao out into the wilderness alone.

_____. 1991. Hunt for the Last Cat. 191 pp. 21.5 cm, New York. Philomel Books. ISBN: 0-399-22101-8.*

For four summers Thorn and his people have walked the land unafraid. But now a new roar sounds through the forest. Smilodon has returned.
Fonn, the mysterious girl who talks to the animals and walks alone, has warned twelve-year-old Thorn about the sabertooth cat, but the shaman and the elders will not listen. They are convinced that the girl is a spirit, a changeling, the ghost of the mighty Smilodon, sent back to claim revenge on the hunters who killed him four years before.

_____. 1993. Land of the Thundering Herds. illustrated by Brent Watkinson. 148 pp. Philomel Books. ISBN: 0399218947.*

Danger and a struggle for survival are constant companions to the animals of the grassy plains of prehistoric North America. To the bison and the pronghorn antelope. To Mamoot, the loyal matriarch of the mammoth clan, leading her family across the unfriendly land, determined to find water. To Equus, the newborn horse, learning to run with his mother — faster than the dire wolves, faster than the prairie lion.

_____. 1997. Return to the Painted Cave. (Reading level: Ages 9-12). 200 pp. Philomel Books. ISBN: 039923117X.*

Two summers have passed since Graybeard's death, and young Tao the Cave Painter carries the legacy of his friend and teacher well--when he brings bison and horses to life on the hard, stone wall of the Sacred Caverns, elders look at him with respect. They know his paintings will bring good luck to their hunt.
On his journey to the Mountain People, Tao discovers a clan held prisoner by their fear of a mad shaman, Zugor; who threatens them with curses and spells. Even worse, Zugor keeps a blind girl captive in a cave, claiming they are possessed by evil spirits. Tai knows he must help.
Together with the brave blind girl, Deha, and Ram, his loyal wolf-dog, Tao follows an old map drawn by Graybeard and travels down the Great Waters, where he seeks medicines to heal the children. The dangerous voyage grows more unpredictable at every step, but there is no turning back.
Dickinson, Peter [1927-]. 1992. A Bone from a Dry Sea. (Reading level: Young Adult). 199 pp. 22 cm, New York. Delacorte Press. ISBN: 0385308213.*
Then--Li is a child, yet she is the thinker of her people, our ancestors perhaps, who live between the parching land and the mothering sea. Now--four million years later, that sea is dry. Another child, Vinny, visits the site where her father is one of a team searching for fossil remains of our ancestors. She too is a thinker, whose curiosity leads to a discovery that could alter the story of human evolution.

_____. 1998. The Kin. illustrated by Ian Andrew. 640 pp. 22.3 cm, London. Macmillan Children's Books. ISBN: 0333737350.*

It is Africa, 200,000 years ago... The story of a group of children from the Moonhawk Kin. Suth, Noli, Ko and Mana face natural disasters and fierce enemies - volcanic eruption, earthquake, floods, huge crocodiles, man-eating lions, and murderous strangers. THE KIN includes within its scope many big ideas too. The beginning of language, the development of skills, the passing-on of knowledge, the organisation of society. And the very biggest ideas of all. The nature of love and war and our search for a god. more...

_____. 1998. The Kin; Suth's Story. illustrated by Nenad Jakesevic. (Reading level: Ages 9-12). 160 pp. Grosset & Dunlap. ISBN: 044841709X.*

It is two hundred thousand years ago. Suth and five other orphans are cut off from their Kin, the Moonhawks, and lost in the desert. When they are captured by the mysterious people of the Monkey Kin, it is up to Suth to find the courage to lead his friends to freedom.

_____. 1998. The Kin; Noli's Story. illustrated by Nenad Jakesevic. (Reading level: Ages 9-12). 224 pp. Grosset & Dunlap. ISBN: 0448417103.*

It is two hundred thousand years ago. Noli and five other orphans are cut off from their Kin, the Moonhawks, and lost in the desert. When a new terror comes to stalk them, only Noli, who can sense danger and sometimes even see the future, has the power to save them all. (Noli has an amazing gift -- the spirit of the Moonhawk comes to her in dreams and guides her. But then the spirit deserts her when she needs it most -- when her world is rocked by earthquakes and floods, and the band is stalked by a demon lion.)

_____. 1999. The Kin; Mana's Story. illustrated by Nenad Jakesevic. (Reading level: Ages 9-12). 211 pp. Grosset & Dunlap. ISBN: 044841712X.*

It is two hundred thousand years ago. Out of nowhere, the people of the Kin are attacked by a tribe of powerful, unspeakably cruel hunters and thrust into a war. Can Man find the way to peace -- for the Kin and for herself? (In search of a new home, The Kin manage to cross a treacherous marsh, only to find themselves under attack by ferocious new enemies. Mana, a gentle young girl, must face these dangers with her people and somehow achieve her own peace as well as theirs.)

_____. 1999. The Kin; Po's Story. (Reading level: Ages 9-12). 208 pp. Grosset & Dunlap. ISBN: 0448417111.*

It is two hundred thousand years ago. The Kin must reach a new land, but their path is blocked by a huge marsh full of quicksand and savage crocodiles. Fueled by dreams of becoming a hero, a young and impulsive boy named Po sets out alone to find a way across, never guessing the dangerous secrets the marsh holds. (After Suth kills a leopard single-handedly and leads his band of outcasts to safety, young Po wants to prove his bravery, too. But being brave is not as easy as it seems in a land of prehistoric danger.)
Diffin, Charles Willard. 1942. The secret of the sun-god's cave. illustrated by Alyn. 224 pp. New York. Robert M. McBride & Co.*

from the dustjacket:
This is the thrilling story of Rak, a boy who lived in a cave at the edge of the jungle long ago when the world was young.
At Rak's birth, the wise woman of the tribe made a strange prophecy. She said that he would travel to far-off places, even to the end of the world where the Sun-god slept, and that he would be chief of two tribes. But whether he would ever come back to his own caves, she did not tell.
Disney. 1940 (1944). Mickey Mouse on the Caveman Island (The Land of Long Ago). [A parody of A.C. Doyle's "A lost World"] plot by Floyd Gottfredson, written by Merrill De Maris, pencilled by Floyd Gottfredson, inked by Bill Wright. Better Big Little Books #1499 (1944).
in various language editions:
Germany (Die Urzeit-Insel) 1975; Denmark (Landet for længe siden) 1977; Finland (Luolamiesten saari) 1977; France (Mickey à l'âge de pierre) 1951; Italy (Topolino all'eta' della pietra) 1946; Netherlands (De vallei van het verleden) 1977; Norway (Landet fra fortiden) 1998; Sweden (Urtidsön) 1977.
Dolan, Barbara. 1994. Fires in the Mist. 17.3 cm, pbk, Signet. ISBN: 0451404033.*
Before the dawn of history, two noble tribes clashed... They were king and queen of the Fir Bolg people, beloved for their wisdom and justice. But now they faced a most dangerous challenge that would change their fate forever. For the legendary king of a rival tribe and his ravishing auburn-haired mistress were plotting to seize this sacred land because their people had envisioned it for their destiny.
But destiny had two noble families clash, with one king losing his life, the other his throne. One tribe was scattered to the winds, and the other was plunged into an even more terrible struggle. Yet out of this tragedy a young prince learned the startling truth about his birth, and the even greater truths of courage in the face of a monstrous wave of invaders from the north — and of passion in the arms of a beautiful woman. Here, in the mist-shrouded primeval world we now call Ireland...
Dopp, Katharine E(lizabeth) [1863-1944]. 1904. The Tree-Dwellers. The Age of Fear. illustrated by Howard V. Brown. about Katharine E. Dopp. 160 pp. 20 cm, Book 1 of the Industrial and Social History Series, Chicago, New York. Rand McNally & Company. (1906, 1927, 1928, 1931; London, George G. Harrap) *
Contents: A Story of Long Ago; Sharptooth; The Wooded Hills; Sharptooth and Her Baby; What Happened When the Wild Cattle Went to the River; What the Hogs did for Sharptooth; How the Tree-Dwellers Taught Their Children; How Bodo Found Wild Honey; Bodo Follows the Wild Horses; How Bodo Learned to make Tools and Weapons; What Bodo and One-Ear Found in the Alders; How the Hyenas Hunted; How the Tree Dwellers Formed a Clan; How Sharptooth Made a Basket; The Wooly Rhinoceros...

_____. 1904. The Early Cave-Men. The Age of Combat. illustrated by Howard V. Brown. 183 pp. 20 cm, Book 2 of the Industrial and Social History Series, Chicago. Rand McNally & Company. (1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1932) *


Hebrew (1948)
The Way to the Fire Country
The Cave-men knew that the fire country was far away from the wooded hills. They knew that the journey was a dangerous one, and that the old man and Sharpeyes might never return. So they did all they could to help them prepare, for the journey. Much of the way was rocky, and they knew their bare feet would blister. So they tried to make something to protect their feet. They had not yet learned to make shoes and stockings, but they had often bound grass about their feet. They had even learned to make braided grass sandals. They braided the grass, then sewed it. Braided grass sandals were good while they lasted, but they soon wore out. So they made new sandals of thick, tough skin...

_____. 1906. The Later Cave-Men. The Age of the Chase. 197 pp. 20 cm, Book 3 of the Industrial and Social History Series, Chicago. Rand McNally & Company. (1926, 1927, 1929, 1930, 1932, 1934) *

How Antler made Snares
While Fleetfoot and Flaker were little boys, they learned a few lessons in trapping. The men seldom trapped at that time, but the women trapped in several ways.
Antler was only a little girl when she learned to catch birds with a seed on a string. She was called Snowflake then and she lived in another cave.
Snowflake's mother taught her to do all the things that little girls needed to know. She learned to hunt for roots and berries, to catch birds, and to make traps, besides learning to make tents, to prepare skins, and to make them into garments. It would take too long to tell all the things that little girls learned in those days. Snowflake learned her lessons well and she found new ways of doing things. It was when she found a reindeer caught in the vines that she took the first step in making a snare. She had started to the hillside to dig roots and had gone only a little way when she heard something pulling and tugging among the vines...

_____. 1912. The Early Sea People. First Steps in the Conquest of the Waters. illustrated by Howard V. Brown & Kyohei Inukai. [1913 as"The Story of the Early Sea People"]. 224 pp. 20 cm, Book 4 in the Industrial and Social History Series, Chicago, New York. Rand McNally & Company. (1924, 1927, 1928) *

Ethnological romance or a story of early prehistoric times. Story of remote ancestors on the shores of Denmark.

_____. 1923. The Early Herdsmen. illustrated by Howard V. Brown & Louis Jensen. First Steps in Taming the Grass-Eating Animals. 232 pp. 20 cm, Book 5 of the Industrial and Social History Series, Chicago, New York. Rand McNally & Company. (1929, 1930) *

Here are portrayed the conditions of life, the fears, the superstitions, the pressure of hunger, the growing scarcity of game, which led man to establish friendly relations with the grass-eating animals in order to assure himself of an adequate supply of food. The ways and means man devised for the domestication of animals are illustrated in these pages and we are shown the beginnings of a new epoch in social progress.

_____. 1929. The Early Farmers. illustrated by Howard V. Brown & William Wallace Clarke. First Steps in the Cultivation of Plants. 246 pp. 20 cm, Book 6 of the Industrial and Social History Series, New York. Rand McNally & Company. (1930, 1939) *

Dopson, Lorraine. 2002. The Light at the End of the World. 573 pp. Angel Fire Press. ISBN: 0971212309.
"We danced in the night until we became the night, our feet kicking up stars." Thistle's words could have been spoken by any of those around her, the People of the Mother, a peaceful folk roaming Europe's windswept plains. For this is the time of the Great Mother, a primal period in which humans experience themselves as part of a group, not separate individuals. But around 10,000 B.C. some among them begin to sense a warning of change. Thought Holder can no longer answer their questions. Mad Eda, the West Woman, tells of strange sicknesses and storms. Tenja the Starwatcher is torn from her dreams by images of a broken sky. Konya the Mapmaker stumbles into camp on a quest for the highest peaks. Though no more than a child, Thistle ponders her elder's word and ways. Puzzling images soon come to her as well, forcing her to set out on a journey for the truth. Her path takes her to the camp of the Arn, yellow-haired giants with eyes like the sea, then leads her through loss and loneliness to the terrifying realization that will change her life forever.
Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir [1859-1930]. 1912. The Lost World: being an account of the recent amazing adventures... 309 pp. 20 cm, 1st US edition, New York. Hodder & Stoughton. ISBN: 0938501232. (London, J. Murray, 319 pp) ˆ*

Ten Million B.C.... The fabulous Professor Challenger leads an expedition of four Englishmen into the virtually impenetrable jungles of South America. There they encounter a barrier of basalt, soaring hundreds of feet into the air. The ascent is finally made, and they discover The Lost World of the early Jurassic period, inhabited by the Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl, Iguanodon... Twentieth Century man has encountered a ferocious living fragment out of the distant past -- a land that stupefies the imagination by the fantastic creatures that swarm in its jungles...

David Drake's Official Home Page
Drake, David [1945-] and Jim Kjelgaard [1910-1959]. 1991. The Hunter Returns. (includes Kjelgaard's Fire-Hunter). 275 pp. 18 cm, pbk, Baen Books. ISBN: 0671720422.*
Alone in a land of monsters! Cast out by their tribe, Hawk and an injured girl must face tigers with six-inch fangs, packs of dire wolves — and most dangerous of all, a war party of brutish humans!
But the folk of Hawk's tribe, straggling across the plains in search of the bison they hunt, have problems of their own. The world is changing; game is hard to find. Without Hawk and his new ways of hunting, the tribe may not survive either.
Enter a world of triumph and disaster, where beavers grow to the size of bears and even a marmot can bring doom!
Dubowski, Mark and Cathy East Dubowski. 1988. Cave Boy. (Reading level: Ages 4-8). 30 pp. 22.7 cm, pbk (Step into Reading Step 1 Book), Random House. ISBN: 0394895711.
A cave boy gives his grumpy chief something previously unseen for his birthday--and makes him smile. "It is Chief Grump's birthday. Chief Grump never likes anything. But Harry the caveboy is making him something great -- Something no one has seen before. You'll never guess what it is!"
× Duffy, Maureen. 1981. Gor Saga. televised 1988 as "First Born". London. Eyre Methuen Ltd. ISBN: 0413491900. (NY: Viking, 1982; Methuen pbk, 1985)
Not prehistoric man. "...the child of a gorilla mother fertilized by human semen grows into articulate adulthood in an alienating near-future UK." ESF
Dundee, Douglas. 1933. Cave Boy Erek. in: The Triumph, "The boy's best story paper", Vol 18 No. 453, July 29, 1933, pp 366-368. (1935: The Champion Library #164, Amalgamated Press, London, iv, 64pp; 1935: New York: Champion Library, 63 pp) ´

"Captured by Apemen," an episode of"Cave-Boy Erek", the adventures of Erek and Tala in prehistory, on three pages, 366-368, reprinted here. It is not clear how many of these 24-page issues carried the series, but "The Champion Library" in which the full 64-page story reportedly appears in 1935, is from the same publisher.

The series apparently ends with #471 v19, October 28, 1933, pp 53-55.

_____. 1933. Cave Boy Erek. in: The Triumph, "The boy's best story paper", Vol 18 No. 465, Sept. 16, 1933, pp 554-556. (1935: The Champion Library #164, Amalgamated Press, London, iv, 64pp; 1935: New York: Champion Library, 63 pp) ´

An episode of"Cave-Boy Erek", the adventures of Erek and Tala in prehistory, on three pages, 554-556, reprinted here. It is not clear how many of these 24-page issues carried the series, but "The Champion Library" in which the full 64-page story reportedly appears in 1935, is from the same publisher.

_____. 1933. Cave Boy Erek. in: The Triumph, "The boy's best story paper", Vol 18 No. 466, Sept. 23, 1933. (1935: The Champion Library #164, Amalgamated Press, London, iv, 64pp; 1935: New York: Champion Library, 63 pp) ´

An episode of "Cave-Boy Erek", the adventures of Erek and Tala in prehistory, on three pages, 564-566, reprinted here. It is not clear how many of these 24-page issues carried the series, but "The Champion Library" in which the full 64-page story reportedly appears in 1935, is from the same publisher, and there is an ad in this issue for Nos. 111 and 112.
Duvois, Alain. 2003. Thorag: Le clan des grottes. French. 80 pp. Les Editions Buissonnieres.
Thorag et Orok viennent d'être chassés par le Conseil des Anciens. Le cœur lourd, ils quittent leurs terrains de chasse, sachant que ceux qui, comme eux ont été bannis, ont tous disparu. Ils découvrent de nouveaux territoires et luttent au jour le jour pour s'en sortir. Leur jeunesse, leur désir de vivre et leur curiosité sont leurs seuls atouts pour survivre dans un monde inconnu et hostile.
Dyalhis, Nictzin [1879-1942]. 1932. The Red Witch. in: Weird Tales, April 1932. novelette.

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East, Shirley G.. 2004. The Chosen: A Novel of Prehistoric Fiction. 656 pp. AuthorHouse. ISBN: 1410795160.
The Pleistocene Ice Age rages; a girl is left to die but is saved by 'Spirit of Mammoth', her destiny to bring The People back to the spirits. In a cave, Sira survives with three Dire Wolfs. Then, mammoth leads them to a source of stone. Sira brings it and the wonder of tame wolves to the Bison Camp. She is welcomed with open hostility. Desperately she and her beloved wolves, flee. Her wolves lead her to a group of people trapped by a blizzard. They fear the wolves, they wonder at this strange woman, but they have little choice. Follow her or freeze to death. The Bison Camp suffers broken taboos, lust, and murder. In desperation the Bison Camp follows Kam into deep winter. Just in time the wolves take them to Sira. The Wolf Camp is born. They become traders, raiders strike. Seasons pass with the mountains in turmoil The Wolf Camp rises from the dead; the raiders pay, leaving only two survivors. One a crippled old man, the other, scarred and twisted both inside and out, has fixed his hatred on Sira. Only she can eliminate him and complete her mission.
Eco, Umberto [1932-]. (1963) 1993. The Thing. translated from the Italian La Cosa by William Weaver. in: Misreadings (short story collection). 180 pp. pbk, Harcourt Brace. ISBN: 0156607522.
× Edwards, Leo [1884-1944] (pseudonym for Edward Edson Lee). 1932. Jerry Todd, Caveman. illustrated by Bert Salg. 258 pp. #11 in the Jerry Todd series, New York. Grosset & Dunlap.
Not prehistoric man.
This light-hearted boys' mystery series, published by Grosset & Dunlap, consists of 16 volumes and one phantom title, written between 1924 and 1940. Volumes #1-13 were illustrated by Bert Salg, volumes #14 & 15 by Myrtle Sheldon, and volume #16 by Herman Bachrach.
Edwards, Nicholas. 1992. Encino Man: a novel. 165 pp. 18 cm, pbk, New York. Scholastic. ISBN: 0590459783.
Based on the Motion Picture from Hollywood Pictures. When two California high school buddies dig up a frozen caveman in their backyard and thaw him out, they figure he's their ticket to being cool. After an initial period of worrying about what to do with him, they dress him up in rad new clothes, and passing him off as the new foreign exchange students, fool the parents. The plan backfires, as they don't realize that "Link" as he has come to be called, will become the most popular guy in school!
Eisen, Anthony Fon. 1965. Bond of the Fire. illustrated by W.T. Mars. 188 pp. Cleveland, New York. World Publishing Co. (Dell pbk 1968, 1969, 1973…) *

The first time Ash camped out alone, a strange, wolf-like creature crept in from the wild to share with him the warmth of his fire. Instinctively the boy and the dog formed a deep bond, the dog teaching the boy a new way to hunt, the boy helping the animal with the hundred skills of his hand and the quick intelligence of his mind...


Eldridge, William T(illinghast). 1910. The Monkey Man. in: The All-Story Magazine, Sept. 1910-Dec, 1910, in 4 parts. ˆ




Eslick, M.I.. 2007. Trok Caveman - Starman. 304 pp. Xlibris Corporation (6/30/2007). ISBN: 1425754961 (9781425754969).

This is the story of an advanced Cro-Magnon man, Trok. We share in his adventures, his day-to-day struggle with life and death and his rare but vital encounters with aliens. His adventures ultimately lead to the beginning of modern man's first civilization. That civilization emerged in the valley between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. It is in this valley that archeologists have found proof of the first use of cultivation of crops and the domestication of animals.When we first meet Trok he is a young boy, alone. A terrible fire and stampede has destroyed his clan and killed his mother and father. As the lone survivor Trok wanders for years following the herds. His survival is dependent on his skills as a hunter. Initially he can only rely on his knowledge of snares to supply him with small animals to sustain him. In time he becomes very proficient in the use of all his weapons and tools. He studies the hunting skills of predators and quickly adapts them for himself. As time passes he becomes a great hunter. Trok fights many predators but by far the most dangerous are man-eaters, the Maguann, his greatest enemy. If Trok cannot outsmart and outfight these creatures modern man may not survive on earth...
Esme, Jean d' [1893-1966] (pseudonym for Vicomte Jean d'Esmenard). (1923) 1924. The Red Gods: A Romance. translated from the French Les dieux rouges by Moreby Acklom. New York. Dutton.
Lost race of Cro-Magnon hunters in Indochina.
Estes, Rose. 1987. Blood of the Tiger. Saga of the Lost Lands, Vol 1. 198 pp. 17.5 cm, pbk, New York. Bantam Books. ISBN: 0553264117.*
It is a time of prehistoric savagery and breathless wonder, when a newborn civilization arises in a magnificent yet hostile world. A time of great magic and powerful sorcery for the scattered tribes of the primitive species called "man." And for two outcasts from warring clans, it is a time of danger and discovery as they flee an evil they do not yet understand into the perilous lair of the beast... and beyond.

_____. 1988. Brother to the Lion. Saga of the Lost Lands, Vol 2. 212 pp. 17.5 cm, pbk, New York. Bantam Books. ISBN: 0553272136.*

Exiles in a forgotten world... In a prehistoric time of savagery and wonder, man continues his struggle for survival. It is a hostile world, where dark sorcery brings death to those who dare disobey. Now the outcasts Emri and Hawk, exiled by an evil shaman and pursued by his warriors, must seek their destiny to the north in the mysterious land of glaciers. Here at the base of the moving mountains, Emri must win the chieftanship of his adopted clan — or all will perish!

_____. 1988. Spirit of the Hawk. Saga of the Lost Lands, Vol 3. 246 pp. 17.5 cm, pbk, New York. Bantam Books. ISBN: 0553274082.*

Across a prehistoric and savage landscape, two young outcasts begin a desperate quest for survival. From the ice-blue land of northern glaciers, Emri and Hawk must lead the surviving members of their new clan, the People of the Deer, to safety across the perilous tundra before the Cold Time arrives. Beyond the nearly impassable mountains of ice and snow, in the plentiful land that had once been his home, Emri will face his greatest challenge of all -- to defeat the evil shaman or die!
Evans, Howell T.. 1930. Once Upon a Time. illustrated by H. Cowhan (signature). (endpapers by Milford Davies). 132 pp. E P C Periodic History Series. First Book, Cardiff and Wrexham. The Educational Publishing Company.*

Elementary reader of prehistoric times:
1. Boha the Tree Dweller
2. Boha Visits the Wild Horses
3. The First Tools
4. Meena Makes a Fire
5. Meena Cooks a Dinner
6. Meena Weaves a Basket
7. The Cave Dweller
8. Lulu Makes a New Spear
9. Lulu Hunts the Bison
10. Lela Begins to Cook
11. Meda the Painter
12. Swar Makes a Raft
13. The Fire Goes Out
14. Lala and His Dog
15. Bodo Comes to the Sea
16. Seba Begins to Sow
17. Moona Makes a Clay Bowl
18. The Bow and Arrow
19. Bodo Makes a Boat
20. Bowmen Seek New Homes
21. The Herdsmen
22. Bela Rides a Horse
Evans, I(drisyn) O(liver) [1894-1977]. 1950. The Coming of a King; A story of the stone age. (and see Jules Verne's Village in the Treetops introduction by I.O. Evans.). 256 pp. 20 cm, London & New York. Frederick Warne & Co.*

from the dustjacket:
This very unusual story, set in prehistoric times, presents a vivid imaginative picture of the life of primitive man, beset as it was with all manner of terrors, in the shape of ogres, wild beasts and hostile tribes. There are fascinating accounts of the activities and customs of the Salmon Tribe, and interest centres on one very young member, Squirrel, whose early battle with an ape-man shows him to be a boy of courage and resourcefulness.
Squirrel grows up to become a highly respected member of his tribe, and after the ordeal of a night spent in the terrifying cave of the animal spirits, he is accepted amongst the dignified ranks of the magic men. Later, when a stranger comes to bring new ideas of civilisation to the peoples of the neighbouring Deer and Salmon Tribes, and is elected as their King, Squirrel becomes one of his monarch's most trusted councillors.
Everett, Felicity. 1995. The Ogs Discover Fire. illustrated by Graham Round. (Ages 4-9). 24 pp. pbk, (Reading for Beginners series), Usborne, E.D.C. Publications. ISBN: 0746020163 (lib 0881107379).
It looks set to be the coldest winter of the Stone Age, but when Grandma Og comes to the rescue with her trusty knitting needles, things really start heating up in Og Town! This lively story contains simple puzzles to solve, and has been specially written for children who are just beginning to read alone.

_____. 1995. The Ogs Learn To Play. illustrated by Graham Round. (Ages 4-9). 24 pp. pbk, (Reading for Beginners Series), Usborne, E.D.C. Publications. ISBN: 0746020201 (lib 088110776X).

_____. 1996. The Ogs Learn to Float. illustrated by Graham Round. (Ages 4-9). 24 pp. pbk, (Reading for Beginners Series), Usborne, E.D.C. Publications. ISBN: 0746025416 (lib 0881107859).

other series titles:
  • The Ogs Invent the Wheel (1995: 074602018X, 0746020198)
  • The Ogs Learn To Fly (1995 0746020228, 0746020236)
  • The Ogs Learn To Play (1995: 0746020201, 088110776X)

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