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Irving Crump's
1936. Og - Son of Fire
"Based on the famous radio adventure series"

Big Little Book #1115
Racine, Wisconsin
Whitman Publishing Co.


Og's Fire

Og, Ru and Nada had met with good fortune in their narrow escape from the jaws of death. Now they were able to relax somewhat after their harrowing experience. Nada flung herself upon the ground. Og and Ru sat near by, conversing earnestly. The girl caught a note of deep regret in their voices. Wearily she raised herself and faced her friends.

Nada Flung Herself Upon The Ground

"I know what you are saying, Og. If only I hadn't been so clumsy and dropped the firebrand."

This had indeed been the substance of their talk for Ru blurted out, "You were clumsy, Nada."

Ru rose angrily and began to pace up and down. Nada leaped to her feet, confronting him.

"You did not reach far enough, Ru," she argued in her own defense. "You should have grabbed the brand."

There was mild contempt in Ru's voice.

"I should have grabbed a hot stick. That's just like a girl."

Hold your tongues — both of you." Og came to them. "The brand is lost. Now we must make a fire. There are wolves in this valley. We must have fire for our protection against them"

"Wolves!" Into the one word Nada put fear and loathing.

"Listen!" Ru interrupted any further speech. "Hear them howl in the distance."

The three stood rigid as the mountainside, straining their ears. From afar came the hungry howl of the wolf pack. Nada wrung her hands and moaned softly.

"The wolf pack from the north! It sounds as if they were in this very valley."

"Is this the daughter of Ak, the thinker?" Og chided her. "We have no time for sniveling. Now must we recall the words of your father, the wise one. He said that fire lived in flint stones. Come, lot us set to work at once!"

Ru began to search for bits of dried grass. "That was the hunting cry of the wolves, Nada," he spoke sharply to the girl who seemed unable to move. "Help me gather grass while Og makes the fire!"

With an effort Nada bestirred herself to action, working along at Ru's side. Og struck the stones together, and Nada, bringing the dried grass to him, cried suddenly, "Oh, Og! You made a good spark!"

"Yes," Og's voice had a new happiness and hope. "Now, both of you blow upon the sparks. Come and help me."

A brave spark fell upon the dried grass. Gently they blew upon it. The spark grew bigger, brighter. Smoke rose from the dried grass, and Og cried out in excitement, "Quick, Nada, some wood!"

"Yes," said Ru, "do not let it die."

The fire grew stronger; little red tongues of flame leaped and played over the wood. Bigger pieces were added to the flames, till, finally, with smarting eyes, the three beheld the fire of Og's making!

There was joy and wonder in Ru's face as he looked at Og.

"We have coaxed fire from the black stones, Og," he said. "We are great men."

"We have made fire, Ru." Og raised his hands on high. "Oh, Ak, hear me! The promise has been fulfilled. May your spirit rest happily, for now the Cave People will have fire to serve them!"

"Listen, Og — Ru!" Nada drew them near. "We have a secret greater than Pong ever had!"

Ru lifted his head in pride and power.

"Aye! We could be Devil Doctors ourselves and rule our People!"

"And grow fat and lazy like Pong!" Og's voice cracked like a whip. "With too much time to think evil our minds would grow crooked like Pong's. No, I should not like that. This fire shall be used to serve the People as Ak wished and dreamed."

Again sounded the cry of the wolf pack, this time nearer. With a start Ru came back to the desperate needs of their present position, forgetting any desire to rule the People. "You are right, Og," he spoke earnestly. "This fire must SERVE. Now it will serve us against the wolves. My ears tell me there are many hungry ones in that pack." Nada hastened to heap more fuel upon the fire.

"Oh, Og — Ru — will the fire keep them back? Will it?" She shuddered as another dismal cry came from the hungry wolves. "Oh, they are coming this way! They are hunting us!"

Ru broke a gnarled branch over his knee.

"Are you trembling with fear, Rabbit?" he ridiculed. "Find a hole to crawl into then!"

"That is a big pack coming," Og spoke with difficulty for his arms held a heavy load. "This is not the tune for words. Come, to work! They have caught our scent on the night wind. To work!"

Straining, pulling, tugging, they fed their fire, while nearer and nearer drew the howling evolves,

"Oh, Fire!" Nada sobbed, "Fire, blaze high. Fire, save us!"

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