Patrick Skene Catling
John Midas in the Dreamtime
from the dustjacket:

It's Christmas vacation, and John Midas's family is Australia bound. John's father is looking forward to sailing expeditions, his mother longs to explore Australian culture, and his little sister, Mary, loses no opportunity to reel off facts and figures about the land down under. Only John is frustrated and bored. Weary of guidebooks and tourist sights, he craves escape and a real Australian adventure.

He finds more than he bargains for the day the Midases go to Uluru National Park in the desolate Outback to see the famous cave paintings of the aboriginal Pitjantjatjara Tribe. John wanders off, and suddenly finds himself with these prehistoric natives in the aborigines' Dreamtime — the mythological time when the world was made. What happens to him there — the deeds he performs and the contributions he makes — alters John's perception of himself and provides enough excitement to last a lifetime.

Children first savored John Midas's escapades in the luscious best seller, The Chocolate Touch. Now he's back in a light-hearted time-travel adventure that is certain to delight all his fans, young and old.