Katherine Atherton Grimes
Labu The Little Lake Dweller
CHAPTER I. The Lodge of the Morning

"Oo-ah ! Oo-ah !" crooned Malin, rocking back and forth in the little canoe. The sun was very bright on the water and the light almost blinded her as she looked out across the lake to see if the boats were coming home. It was time for them, for the sun had long been high, and Malin knew they could not catch fish after the morning shadows, which the mountains cast across the water, were gone.

The canoe swung easily to and fro. Labu, cuddled down by his mother's side, dropped off to sleep. Above their heads the rude logs of the platform under which the little boat was tied made a shade to keep off the glare of the climbing sun. As it rose higher, Malin drew up the bark rope which held the canoe to one of the big logs of the pier so that they would still be in the shadow.

We would think the village on the Swiss lake where Labu lived a very queer one, but to him it seemed very fine indeed...