Justin F. Denzel
Land of the Thundering Herds
from the dustjacket:

Danger and a struggle for survival are constant companions to the animals of the grassy plains of prehistoric North America. To the bison and the pronghorn antelope. To Mamoot, the loyal matriarch of the mammoth clan, leading her family across the unfriendly land, determined to find water. To Equus, the newborn horse, learning to run with his mother — faster than the dire wolves, faster than the prairie lion.

But even for the predators — Metan, the orphaned lion cub, and Teratorn, the scavenging condor — life is not simple, as they hover at the edge of the herds in order to feed themselves and their young. They too face injury and danger as they fight for territory and dominance, even against their own kind.

Once again, the author of Boy of the Painted Cave and Hunt for the Last Cat, explores a time long ago when humans were few and animals ruled the land. Justin Denzel's dramatic text leads readers to experience firsthand this powerful life-and-death struggle, in which even man must bend to the law of nature, and demonstrates how little it has changed over time.