Lester del Rey
The Cave of Spears

from the dustjacket:

FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD Kayoda lived in Europe 10,000 years ago during the New Stone Age. His people were as human as anyone alive today, and looked very much like modern man except for the type of clothing worn. For generations their forefathers had been hunters, tracking down wild animals that roamed the plains.

As Kayoda's time approaches to receive his spear in the mysterious rites that will make him a man, the Tribe faces serious problems. Forced to flee their valley, they encounter strange new ways of life. A few — Kayoda among them — begin to have grave doubts about the old magic and taboos. After a long and terrible trek they eventually find people who are trying the greatest experiment of all as they learn to grow their own crops.

Young readers will thrill to the tremendous challenge that faces Kayoda's tribe as they discover that in order to survive man must continually adapt himself to change. Handsome black-and-white line drawings make this remote period seem very real.