Pers Crowell
The First Horseman
"You shall choose for your king the one who comes riding upon the back of a Fleet One." This is the strange message left by the leader Manos before he dies. Ride upon the back of a Fleet One, a wild horse? No one has ever done that — not the bravest of the cave dwellers, not the mightiest of the hunters. And among these men of long ago no one believes it is possible to ride a horse — except the boy Vuldar...

from the dustjacket of the Whittlesey House first edition:

Young Vuldar had always been fascinated by the herds of "Fleet Ones" that grazed on the plains below his cave. When the dying leader Manos foretold that the new leader of the tribe would come upon the back of a Fleet One, Vuldar tried to make the prophecy come true. How he captured Fleet Black, the fiery stallion that led the herd, and how, in taming him, he won the Fleet One's wild heart is a story to thrill all those who love horses and brave deeds.

Dr. Grace Fisher Ramsey, member of the administrative staff of the American Museum of Natural History, says: "THE FIRST HORSEMAN is a most interesting and exciting story with a strong appeal to boys and all others who like horses. One who enjoys knowing something about the beginning of things will find this story exceptionally fine in dramatizing effectively prehistoric man's first attempts to tame a stallion and use his strength and fleetness in hunting animals that have long since disappeared from the earth."