Margaret Z. Searcy
The Charm of the Bear Claw Necklace
The University of Alabama Press

from the dustjacket of the University of Alabama first edition

Redwing and Windyway — brother and sister — lived almost seven thousand years ago in what we now call the Southeastern United States. Although they were like us, the way they lived sometimes seems strange, or hard, or even frightening: yet they faced their problems in ways we can all understand.

Windy and her brother must meet fierce and dangerous wild animals and a raging flood — and must also deal with the problems caused by a new and older step-brother who tries to bully them and by an enemy stranger who is a threat in a very different way.

All people who lived during that time had to be alert and pay close attention to their world to stay alive. This is the story of how Redwing and his sister — and the rest of their people — lived their lives and dealt with the problems and dangers they encountered.

The Author

Margaret Zehmer Searcy is the author of several award-winning books for younger readers that reveal the lifeways of the prehistoric Indians of the Southeast. Her books have combined the best storytelling with scholarship, for she is a member of the anthropology faculty at The University of Alabama, and experts in that field have praised her knowledge of the Indians. Her previous book Ikwa of the Temple Mounds was awarded the Charlton W. Tebeau prize by the Florida Historical Society, and the Alabama Library Association has also honored her for her books for young readers. Indian organizations have also praised Margaret Searcy's skill and knowledge in handling stories about Indians.