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L. Guilmin [1912-13]
Plan Metro-Omnibus de Paris

L. Guilmin, Editeur
90 Boulevard Voltaire

10.5×15.8 cm., 4 1/4"×6 1/4", 64 pages

Although the cover may look black, it's actually very dark green.

No title page, but the cover itself actually looks more like a title page than a cover, if the border is removed and the lettering is made black.


en vingt arrondissements

Indiquant les Nos. des Maisons
à l'angle des rues
Les Métropolitains,
Rues, Omnibus, Musées, etc.

Guilmin, Paris

Metro Timeline
Shown (Oct 31, 1912) N-S to Place Joffrin (Jules Joffrin) completed (12-XVIII)
Not shown (Jul 13, 1913) Line 8 completed (8-XV)


The Cartes & Plans page is Guilmin's advertising page for other maps and guides, offering for Paris:
  • Plan de Paris par Arrondissement
  • Plan de Paris au 1/20,000e
  • Plan Metro-Omnibus de Paris au 1/16,000
  • Guide et Plan de Paris Monumental
  • Le Guide Parisien
  • Plan du Metropolitain de Paris
  • Plan du Bois de Boulogne

This page and the bottom of each map show the Guilmin address, 90 Boulevard Voltaire.

Attached inside the back cover is the Nouveau Plan de Paris
"showing all the new streets" 1/16,000

74.5cm×59cm     29½"×23¼"

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