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In Maigret's Footsteps in Montmartre

A Photo Tour of Maigret's Paris Today

to accompany the text
In the Footsteps of Chief Superintendent Jules Maigret in Montmartre

Joe Richards


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79. 93, rue Caulaincourt, Lognon's home. This is the only
building that faces the place Constintin-Pecquer that has
yellow bricks by the windows or anywhere else on the facade.

80. 26, ave Junot, Norris Jonker's home.

81. 37, ave Junot, Marinette Augier's home.

82. Another view showing the balcony around the top floor. The
side street leads to the steps that go down to rue Caulaincourt
and square Caulaincourt.

83. 12, ave Junot, the tallest on the street, where M. Langeron,
a witness, lived.

84. Place Constantin-Pecquer and statue of Eugene Carriere.

85. Place Constantin-Pecquer and statue of Eugene Carriere.

86. Place Constantin-Pecquer and statue of Steinlen.

87. Place Constantin-Pecquer park area. This is also where Simenon's first wife sometimes sold
her paintings.

88. Statue of Steinlen and tourists.

89. Statue of Steinlen close up.

90. Looking out to 93 rue Caulaincourt.

91. Traffic from the ave Junot has to come up this street and continue around the place
Constantin-Pecquer in order to get to the rue Caulaincourt.

92. The back of place Constantin-Pecquer and Steinlen's statue.

93. Place Constantin-Pecquer towards rue Caulaincourt.

94. The steps to place Dalida. Site of Chez Maniere's terrace is on the left. (See also

95. Looking down from the place Dalida over the place Constantin-Pecquer. This time Chez
Maniere is on the right.

96. The little house on place Dalida. This is from Maigret in Montmarte.

97. Hotel Roma, rue Caulaincourt and rue Lamarck. This was the
Hotel Alsinia in Maigret and the Surly Inspector. It's
kitty-corner to the place Constantin-Pecquer.

98. The letterbox on place Constantin-Pecquer.

99. The arrow points to the Lamarck-Caulaincourt Metro station.

100. The steps at the Lamarck-Caulaincourt station. Number 95
rue Caulaincourt is on the right at the top. Although it's not
visible, there's a small sign at the top of the stairs pointing
to the station. It's also not visible from number 67.

101. 66 bis rue Lamarck. Michel Goldfinger, the victim, lived
here with his wife and sister-in-law.

102. Corner of rue Caulaincourt and rue Joseph de Maistre. No
butcher there today. In Maigret Sets a Trap, the murderer's
mother lived here. The sixth and last murder in this story took
place just to the right in the rue Joseph de Maistre.

103. The corner of blvd Voltaire (behind) and blvd Richard Lenoir.

104. Blvd Voltaire, near where Dr. Pardon lived.

105. Rue Popincourt. At the traffic light is the rue du Chemin Vert. The sign for Franprix
supermarket can be seen on the right. Just past this sign is Mme. Maigret's grocer on the
corner of the rue du Chemin Vert. Dr. Pardon also lived on this street in some stories. It
was featured in Maigret and the Killer.

106. Rue du Chemin Vert looking towards blvd Richard Lenoir.

107. 55 rue Rochechouart, the Hotel-Restaurant Carlton's. This
street also got a lot of mentions, but not as many as rue
Caulaincourt. Also, no address was used more than once.

108. Corner of rue Briquet and blvd Rochechouart, one of the
three places given for Chez Léon.

109. Léon de Bruxelles (Leon of Brussels) at number 3, blvd Beaumarchais, very near the

110. The Bastille monument looking north towards blvd Richard

111. The REAL Chez Léon, a few doors down at number 11 on the same street.

112. The Bar Regence was said to be at the very top of the rue Caulaincourt in Maigret and
the Lazy Burglar
. There's a bar on both sides here, so you can choose. This is the corner of
the rue Caulaincourt and rue Mont-Cenis. The steps are part of rue Mont-Cenis. At this
intersection the rue Caulaincourt comes to an end but the street continues as the rue
Custine. Rue Mont-Cenis does not change its name at this point.

113. 39, ave F. D. Roosevelt, the place of Gastinne-Renette. He
was a gun dealer and often served as the ballistics expert for
the PJ. This doesn't fit anything in this story but I included
it as his name was mentioned many times.

114. The Hippopotamus restaurant on the place de la Bastille. It's a part of a chain to be
found all over Paris. The one now on the place des Ternes was once known as the Café Moka was
one of Simenon's favorite hangouts when he first arrived in Paris.

Part   1   2   3   4  

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