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In Maigret's Footsteps in Montmartre

A Photo Tour of Maigret's Paris Today

to accompany the text
In the Footsteps of Chief Superintendent Jules Maigret in Montmartre

Joe Richards


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55. Xavier St. Georges, 19 (17 bis) rue Notre Dame de Lorette. This was the Grand Saint
Georges (Simenon?) from Maigret's Boyhood Friend.

56. 3, rue de la Grande Truanderie, the possible entrance to the
Vieux Four passage. The Vieux Four Passage never existed in
Paris. Perhaps this doorway inspired Simenon to put it on this

57. La Charcuterie, 38 rue Coquilliere. Marcel Vivien used to regularly buy his sausages here.

58. 12, rue Marcadet. This is the Home of Odette Delaveau. She
was Marcel Vivien's married daughter.

59. 63-65-67 rue Lepic. 65 is the stairs behind the gate. 65bis was the site of Marcel
Vivien's workshop. The bis never existed. 63 is 'Le Dragon' on the left while 67 is the
building on the right.

60. 65 rue Lepic, looking up.

61. 65 rue Lepic, looking down.

62. This large rock marks the middle of the passage.

63. The back of one of houses along the passageway.

64. The other end of the passage, which is 23 ave Junot.

65. This is where Simenon placed Chez Manière, at the foot of the stairs on the place
Constintin-Pecquer. It's actually a plumbing and heating supply shop.

66. Chez Pharamond restaurant, rue de la Grand Truanderie.

67. Hotel Regyn's, place des Abbesses. This is the only hotel
today on the place des Abbesses. As the Hotel Jonard, it had
both Marcel Viviene and Louis Mahossier for guests at the same
time during 1945-46.

68. 5, blvd Rochechouart. This is where Nina Lassave had her

69. 25, blvd des Batignoles, site of Lesage and Gelot, interior decorators.

70. 15, ave Trudaine. Mme M's dentist practiced either here or
at number 17.

71. 17, ave Trudaine.

72. Square d'Anvers at the ave Trudaine end. Lycée Rollin is in the background.

73. Square d'Anvers looking to the Sacré Coeur.

74. 38, blvd Beaumarchais, office of Mâitre Loiseau.

75. The top of rue Tholozé and the steps. There are no houses surrounded by a yard anywhere on
this street. To the right is where Léonard Planchon lived and worked. The café umbrellas mark
the intersection of rue Lepic. Marcel Vivien's workshop was just to the left.

76. Hotel Beauséjour at 1, rue Lepic. This is the actual
location and was correctly used in several stories. It was also
refered to as "a shady hotel on rue Lepic" in two stories.
There were also two other hotels with this name at different
addresses but they didn't correspond to the the two other Hotel
Beauséjours that exist in today's Paris.

77. Hotel Beauséjour. The third Hotel Beauséjour was at 3, rue
des Batignoles. The Brasserie Cyrano was just to the left of
the hotel at the Coca Cola sign. It was mentioned in M and
the Loner
and in at least one other story.

78. The corner of rue de la Birague and rue St. Antoine. There is no hotel here. The
Beauséjour, des Arcades, and des Acacias were all here in different stories.

Part   1   2   3   4  

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