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In Maigret's Footsteps in Montmartre

A Photo Tour of Maigret's Paris Today

to accompany the text
In the Footsteps of Chief Superintendent Jules Maigret in Montmartre

Joe Richards


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28. La Gare du Nord or the north station. This is where I always arrive in Paris. It was also
the place in Paris that Maigret hated the most.

29. Entry to the Lamarck-Caulaincourt Metro Station.

30. View of 67 rue Caulaincourt. This was home to Mme. Gabrielle Vivien, a dressmaker.

31. View of 67 rue Caulaincourt. A certain Mlle. Berthe also made dresses here. (See also

32. View of 67 rue Caulaincourt. Marie Picard, a fortuneteller, also lived here. Her father
was Octave Le Clouagen who lived at 13, blvd des Batignoles. She used the name Mlle. Jeanne
in her work.

33. View of 67 rue Caulaincourt. What do you think the sell in the shop on the left? Why
ladies' dresses, of course!

34. View of 67 rue Caulaincourt. This address was also used in
at least two of Simenon's non-Maigret stories. The rue
Caulaincourt was also reused many times.

35. View of 67 rue Caulaincourt.

36. View of 67 rue Caulaincourt. In a house where Simenon put two dressmakers, there's a shop
selling womens' clothes!

37. 63, rue Caulaincourt, the Laurent bakery. Excellent pastries and good sandwiches.

38. 65 rue Caulaincourt, café/bar/brasserie. This is also the
true original location of Chez Manière. It was never where
Simenon put it at the bottom of the steps on the place
Constantin-Pecquer. The current name of this establishment is
Le Cépage Montmartrois.

39. 65 rue Caulaincourt looking to 67.

40. The square Caulaincourt. The steps lead to 37, ave Junot.

41. The Hotel Caulaincourt on the square Caulaincourt.

42. The steps leading down from the square Caulaincourt.

43. Square Caulaincourt bus stop. This is in front of 58 rue Caulaincourt, which is to say in
front of the Hotel Concarneau or opposite number 67. Line 80 and the Montmartre bus both stop
here. The stop in the opposite direction is in front of number 59 in the next block. This is
off to the right for those of you who may be wondering why it didn't show up in any of the
photos of number 67..

44. One of the four fountains on the place des Vosges. The other three are identical.

45. 21, place des Vosges. Simenon and Maigret both used to live here. In this story it is the
home of Joseph Mascouvin.

46. 21, place des Vosges.

47. 21, place des Vosges.

48. Nestor, Maigret's Yellow Dog!

49. La Taverne de Maître Kanter.

50. 13 blvd des Batignoles. This is where the Le Clouagen family

51. The electronic concierge at the same house.

52. Le Moncey bar at 14 blvd des Batignoles. Maigret had number 13 watched from here and came
in to use the phone several times.

53. 101 rue Picpus. This is the site of the Picpus Moving Company.

54. A la place St. Georges, 25 rue Notre Dame de Lorette. The bar was the Old Pouilly Café.
This building was also the residence of Emil Blaize.

Part   1   2   3   4  

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