1945 #564
Maigret Travels South:
Liberty Bar
The Madman of Bergerac

from the back cover:
counts among his admirers not only fellow writers and literary critics, but people in all walks of life. His rooters include such well known people as Deems Taylor, William Saroyan, Jo Davidson, Roland Young, Claude Rains, T. S. Elliot and countless others
Simenon was born in Liège, Belgium, in 1903. His father was of Breton extraction and his mother Dutch. He wrote his first novel at the age of sixteen-and-a-half. Three years later he went to Paris, to take up his writing career in earnest.
Within the incredibly short time of two years, Simenon. whose real name is Georges Sim, wrote 19 stories, creating his "Inspector Maigret" series. His books have been translated in no less than seventeen countries.
Simenon's stories are distinguished by his talent for creating suspense and colorful atmosphere. They are a treat not only for habitual mystery readers but for others as well. For example, Esther Forbes writes: "I find the average detective story rather hard going but this is certainly far from average. There is an excitement to his work, or perhaps freshness is a better word. A lot of non-detective story readers are going to like Simenon."