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Paris Match   (N° 1105)
July 11, 1970, p 54-55


surrounded by his 13 Maigrets

reporter: Colette Porlier
photo: Patrice Habans

original French

Préjean,  Cervi,  Simon,  Tarride,  Gabin,  "Davis",  Simenon,  Laughton,  Tenine,  Renoir,  Baur,  Richard,  Rühmann,  "Teuling"

Georges Simenon, photographed before his residence in Epalinges, Switzerland, near Lausanne, in the midst of the thirteen actors who have portrayed Maigret in films or on television.

From left to right,

Albert Préjean: Signé Picpus (1942), Cécile est morte (1943), Les Caves du Majestic (1944).

Gino Cervi: Maigret à Pigalle (1966) and nineteen adaptations on Italian TV, from 1965 to 1968.

Michel Simon: Brelan d'as (1952).

Abel Tarride: Le Chien jaune (1932).

Jean Gabin: Maigret tend un piège (1958), Maigret et l'affaire Saint-Fiacre (1959), Maigret voit rouge (1963).

Rupert Davis [sic]: 52 television episodes from 1959 to 1963.
[Note: This is not a photo of Rupert Davies, but Jan Teuling. See a similar scene, with the same figure mislabeled, in the 1989 Paris Match commemorative article on the occasion of Simenon's death.*]

Charles Laughton: L'Homme à la tour Eiffel (1949).

Boris Tenine: adaptations on Soviet TV in 1969.

Pierre Renoir: La Nuit du carrefour (1932).

Harry Baur: La Tête d'un homme (1933).

Jean Richard: 15 television adaptations since 1967.

Hans Rühmann: Maigret fait mouche (Germany, 1966).

Jan Teuling [sic]: 12 adaptations on Dutch TV from 1965 to 1968. [This photo is mislabled as Jan Teuling, and is actually a second one of Gino Cervi!]

Careful! Only Simenon is flesh and blood — his Maigrets are just photographs of the actors.

* Note:

The cut-out figures of Rühmann, "Teuling" (Cervi), and and "Davis" (Teuling) are apparently based on a photograph from the same series as this one, taken by Maria Austria at the unveiling of the Maigret statue at Delfzijl in 1966. Rupert Davies is in the picture on the left.

Davies,   Simenon,   Rühman,   Cervi,   Teuling

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