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References to Latin America in the Maigrets

Mortimer-Levingston was tall, slim, with a small head, black hair, parted in the middle. Looked like a Latin American. [1929- 30-LET]
M. Philippe had left a report on Raymond Couchet's desk, that included publicity plans for Latin-American countries. [1931-OMB]
Because of his Latin-American appearance, Edgar Fagonet called himself Zebio. [1939-MAJ]
Jean Maura had been seen talking to a Chilean woman on the ship, who was leaving the next day for Latin America on one of the Grace Line ships. [1946-NEW]
It was easy to imagine Conrad Popinga looking at Oosting's boat and envisioning the crew on leave in every South American port, or at the Dutch liner home from China. [1931-HOL]
In the maisons speciales of South America it was French girls who formed the quality. Their purveyors worked in Paris in the Grands Boulevards . But the rank and file came from the East of Europe. [1932-FOU]
Germain La Pommeraye said his wife had died in South America, to which she'd run off with a coffee planter. She'd taken 100,000 francs from his safe before she left. [1937-38-NOY]
Frédéric Michaux and Thérèse were planning to go away to Panama, South America, next spring. [1939-VEN]
"Have you heard that the house on Rue d'Antin is up for sale? Dédé has had some trouble and he's leaving next week for South America." Comment addressed to M. Charles Dandurand. He'd told Juliette Boynet about it and she'd bought it. [1940-CEC]
Étienne Naud said he bred cattle, even sending them as far as South America. [1943-CAD]
John Maura said his second wife was living somewhere in South America. [1946-NEW]
At one point Loraine Martin convinced Lorilleux to go to South America. [1950-NOE]
Monique Thouret and Albert Jorisse were planning to run away to South America. She'd already applied for a passport. [1952-BAN]
Pierrot [Pierre Eyraud] said if Lulu [Louise Filon] would come with him they could have gone to Canada or South America. [1953-TRO]
Then Germaine Laboine went to the Folies-Bergère, then a tour of South America. [1954-JEU]
Julien Calame had been a consultant for large projects in countries as different as Japan and South America. [1954-MIN]
Joseph Van Meulen said he'd given Marco Paverini a large check to disappear to South America. [1957-VOY]
Adrien Josset's idea had been to catch a plane, any plane, at Orly. It might take him to the other end of Europe or to South America... A sailor who spent a lot of time commuting to South America and Central America on cargo boats offered some information to M about Popaul, who'd used to hang out in the Bastille district. Said he'd met him in Venezuela and he'd claimed he'd killed Christine Josset. [1959-CON]
M said that Aristide Fumel's wife was in South America, remarried with a batch of kids.... Honoré Cuendet's sister, Laurence Cuendet, had been sent to Geneva as a barmaid, had married someone, perhaps a translator, from UNESCO, and gone to South America with him. [1961-PAR]
On the first floor, on the right, was the Aresco apartment. There were six of them, all dark and overweight. They had business interests in South America and owned a house in Switzerland.... Someone came in and gave the name Aresco, that of the South American tenants on the first floor.... Torrence said a Spanish or South American looking girl, naked, had opened the door when he and the locksmith were checking the locks on the sixth floor, the Aresco's maid. Her name was Dolores.... Philippe de Lancieux told his sister he needed money to get a ship to South America. [1961-BRA]
Lemke and his wife fled to Spain and sailed for South America, Argentina. [1962-CLO]
Norris Jonker said that if a museum in the US or South America were looking for a Renoir, or a blue-period Picasso, a collector might make contacts... [1963-FAN]
Harteau said Antoine Batille's dream was to be a teacher in Asia, Africa and South America, one after another, so he could study the different races. [1969-TUE]
South American. In Alfred Moss' suitcase were seals of various sovreign states, notably the United States and all of the South American republics, for forging passports. [1949-MME]
Rosalie Moncoeur worked for some South Americans who had a villa at Nice and an apartment in Paris, 132 Avenue d'Iena. [1950-PIC]
Oscar Coutant told M that Nicole Prieur was in what they called the Étoile set, drove to school in Jaguars and Ferraris. Most of the group lived near the Arc de Triomphe, Avenue Foch, and so on. Martinez, the son of a South American ambassador drove an open blue Ferrari. [1964-DEF]
Pardon said the man was probably Spanish or South American.... For a long time a South American group sent an operator to Deauville every year. [1966-NAH]
The uniforms of the Municipal Band had enough gold braid and embroidery to satisfy a South American general. [1967-VIC]
Two years later M learned by chance that Alban Groult-Cotelle had married Geneviève Naud in Argentina, where her father had built up a huge cattle ranch. [1943-CAD]
Lemke and his wife fled to Spain and sailed for South America, Argentina. [1962-CLO]
An Argentine orchestra was playing a tango on the machine at Carl Anderson's. [1931-NUI]
The Argentine embassy had sent for a document for which Frans Steuvels had created a fancy binding. [1949-MME]
Montmartre was teeming with black musicians; rich middle-aged ladies let themselves be robbed by Argentine gigolos; the Vice Squad was overwhelmed by orgiastic parties in the Bois de Boulogne. [1950-MEM]
Alain Courmont, Anne-Marie Point's fiancé, had appointed to Buenos Aires. [1954-MIN]
Adrien Josset couldn't picture Annette Duché with him in Brussels, London, or Buenos Aires. [1959-CON]
Armand de Saint-Hilaire was French Minister in Cuba, then Ambassador in Buenos Aires. Isabelle de V-- worried about Spanish women... [1960-VIE]
Gaston, the concierge at the Raphael Hotel. M had to wait for an old lady to check a flight arrival time from Buenos Aires before he could talk to him. [1966-VOL]
Once Jules Lapie had gone aboard a three-masted schooner, the Sainte-Thérèse, bound for Chile, and somehow it had sailed with him aboard. [1942-FEL]
Jean Maura had been seen talking to a Chilean woman on the ship, who was leaving the next day for Latin America on one of the Grace Line ships. She was staying at a hotel on 66th St. [1946-NEW]
Willy Marco said the other woman was Gloria Negretti, widow of a Chilean politician. [1930-PRO]
Picture post-cards, all equally banal whether from Saigon or Santiago - All the best from Henry - Cheerio, Eugène. [1932-POR]
A man with a Colombian passport and a woman with a Dutch one, answering the description, had taken the Amsterdam plane. [1966-NAH]
Vicente Alvaredo, 26, born in Bogota, was a student, resident in Paris, Rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs. [1966-NAH]
One of Jeanne Grosbois' old friends spotted her in the Place de Clichy. She said she'd soon be leaving for Brazil. [1942-FEL]
Lemke and his wife fled to Spain and sailed for South America, Argentina. One day they took a plane to Brazil and it crashed, killing them both. [1962-CLO]
Mrs. Mortimer-Levingston had been drinking in the Majestic Hotel bar with a Brazilian couple. [1929-30-LET]
At the bar they squeezed in between a Brazilian family and some pilots speaking French with a Swiss or Belgian accent. [1957-VOY]
At At 32 Jean Ramuel left for Guayaquil, Ecuador, worked at a Franco-English mining company. There met Marie Deligeard, and together they went to London.... Marie Deligeard showed M a document in Spanish, with Ecuadorian seals, she said was their marriage certificate. [1939-MAJ]
Frédéric Michaux and Thérèse were planning to go away to Panama, South America, next spring. [1939-VEN]
Méjat found a lable on the man's jacket. M said his clothes being made in the Republic of Panama was about as useful as it they'd been made in China. [1940-JUG]
Jos MacGill said the day before yesterday John Maura was in Panama, perhaps today in Rio or Venezuela. [1946-NEW]
Fred Alfonsi had gone to Panama on an Italian ship with 5 or 6 girls. [1950-PIC]
Julien Foucrier had lived in Spain, Portugal, and then Panama for fifteen, on the run for killing Mabille. [1951-MEU]
Five years later, a passenger-carrying cargo boat arrived at Cherbourg from Panama. A third-class passenger, who said he was Henri Sauer, was Victor Ricou. [1956-ECH]
Joseph Antoine, Léontine Antoine's second husband, had one son who lived in Venezuela. [1970-FOL]
Ed Gollan had told Norris Jonker that his Van Gogh, which he had sold to a Venezuelan in South America, was a fake. He knew the forger, who could just as easily do Manet, Renoir or Vlaminck. [1963-FAN]
Céline Mornet had cried out in the Assize court that she would follow her husband, Jean Darchambaux to Guiana. [1930-PRO]
M had received an anonymous phone call at the Quai des Orfèvres, which suggested he might do well to check at Marina's for news about Martino, the kid from Antibes, whose brother had just been shipped off to Guiana. [1936-PIG]
M told Céline Germain that three years earlier a man had spent 37 hours in the chair she was sitting in, and was now a convict in Guiana. [1937-38-ETO]
M said when they'd used to send criminals abroad to prison islands, some men wrote to him from Guiana. [1969-TUE]
A Mexican of markedly Indian origin was accused of drunkenness and disrupting the peace. [1949-CHE]
Ed Gollan said his yellow Jaguar had been stolen. Had been with the Mexican consul at his home on the Boulevard des Italiens the night before. [1963-FAN]
During the last few months John Maura had travelled constantly, from Mexico to California, California to Canada... [1946-NEW]
Harry Cole told him the next day they'd go look at the Mexican-American frontier. [1949-CHE]
Hans Ziegler's last known exploit had taken place six years earlier, in Mexico. [1954-JEU]
Chinquier had visited the only ground floor apartment Lognon had stayed in, an elderly couple, the Guèbres, who were away for a month visiting their married daughter in Mexico. [1963-FAN]
Félix Nahour had lived in Italy, a year in Cuba before the revolution, and had a villa in Deauville. [1966-NAH]


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