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photo from back cover of HBJ edition of Robert Courtine's "Madame Maigret's Recipes"

Maigret and Food

in chronological order

  • M and Aurore Gallet waited 25 minutes at the station at Melun, where M bought a package of sandwiches, some fruit, and a bottle of Bordeaux. [1930-GAL]
  • M said he'd never had better kidneys à la liégeoise than at the Bécasse, behind the Royal Theater in Liège. [1931-GAI]
  • M dined off a plate of choucroute and called his office. [1931-GUI]
  • Mme M had made quiches – the whole house smelt of it. [1932-FLA]
  • Mme M said she'd make a crème au citron for M. She said they served truffles by the dishful, like fried potatoes at the hotel.... For his last meal at the hotel M ordered the truffes en serviette and foie gras for lunch.... Leduc said he'd lunch at the hotel, that it was always good on Thursdays, Confit d'oie.... M was having lamb cutlets, as he had to avoid heavy food. [1932-FOU]
  • M went into a restaurant famous for its soles normandes and its tripe à la mode de Caen. [1937-38-bay]
  • At Mère Catherine's they had the fricandeau of veal with sorrel... "One of my favorites" said M. [1937-38-NOY]
  • Not far off was a small restaurant favored by taxi-drivers, and M found fricandeau à l'oseille, veal with sorrel, one of his favorite dishes. He had a bottle of Beaujolais with it, and some Brie.... M went to dinner with his nephew, Jérôme Lacroix, choucroute garnie, sausage, beer, 2nd helping, couple of frankfurters, 3rd beer... [1937-38-BER]
  • Thérèse asked M if he'd like the mouclade, mussels in cream..... M was sure there was a touch of curry in it.... Dinner at the hotel was calves' liver à la bourgeoise. M couldn't abide liver in any form. [1940-JUG]
  • M had a craving for choucroute garnie, in a brasserie in Montmartre or Montparnasse, with Spencer Oats. [1940-CEC]
  • choucroute garnie. The waiter brought plates of choucroute garnie and beer to M and Picard at the brasserie. [1941-SIG]
  • The plat du jour was Navarin printanier, chalked up on the wall. [1942-FEL]
  • Julie at the Restaurant du Triage told M they had Fricandeau of veal, roast pork with lentils, a nice pâté de compagneto start with. [1946-OBS]
  • [Albert Rochain]'s last meal had been brandade de morue - creamed salt cod - an apple, white wine, and some spirits. Dr Paul said there were no truffles in the brandade, a dish usually made at restaurants.... Marchand was talking to Georges, the maître d'hôtel at the Chope Montmartre, when M and Colombani arrived. partridge aux choux, small trout, au bleu, some hors d'oeuvre, a soufflé. He said the Châteauneuf was one of only 50 bottles left, he'd reserved for himself. [1947-MOR]
  • Dinner was bouilabaisse, which M liked. pastis, a banned drink.... tripes à la mode de Caen. Before they left Paris for the investigation of Marcellin's murder, M took Inspector Pyke to Les Halles, "the Market" for tripes à la mode de Caen and crêpes Suzettes, brought in attractive copper chafing-dishes.... crêpes Suzettes. [1949-AMI]
  • There were no mussels on the menu so they ate sardines in oil and celery salad. [1949-DAM]
  • Mme M had left cooking on the stove: a chicken, a fine red carrot, a big onion, a bunch of parsley with the stems sticking out.... Mme M told M she'd love to go out to dinner and eat potée lorraine.... Since Mme M had been out searching for the hat, she brought back cold food from the Italian place: Parma ham, pickled mushrooms, ready-to-eat hors-d'oeuvres. The dinner reminded M of their first meals together, when she was discovering Paris, and was delighted by all the little ready-to-eat items sold in the Italian shops. [1949-MME]
  • M felt his throat was still fatty from the mutton stew he'd eaten at the Auvignat's and found so savory.... At the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, he would have gotten up and taken a bicarbonate of soda. [1951-MEU]
  • Pozzo ordered for M and Lognon, scaloppine alla fiorentina. The cook was Giovanni. [1951-LOG]
  • brandade de morue. fish brandade, with truffles, the dinner planned at Pardon's. [1952-REV]
  • cassoulet. The first dinner at Pardons. Others: coq au vin, couscous, sole dieppoise... [1952-REV]
  • lobster à l'Américaine. M ordered for himself and Alain Lagrange at the grill in the Savoy Hotel in London, along with Rhine wine. Alain didn't drink. M talked about the wheeled carts with roast beef and turkey. [1952-REV]
  • M ordered the veau Marengo at the Brasserie Dauphine, with a half bottle of claret.... Opposite was the brasserie where he enjoyed going for a dish of choucroute. [1952-BAN]
  • M took the profiteroles, which he didn't want, and which Mme. Chabot had had set out especially for him, since she'd remembered he'd once said he liked them. [1953-PEU]
  • M had mutton and beans at Xavier Bresselles', a home-made apple tart and some old wine, followed by calvados. [1953-ECO]
  • M sat down with Martine Gilloux at Gino's, ordered the hors d'oeuvre and spaghetti milanese. [1956-ECH]
  • M called out to Mme M to bring him a crawfish scallop, which had been his favorite dish when they were poor and he was too late at the butcher's.... M had ordered friture de goujons, and then andouillette grillée with pommes frites.... There was Normandy sole and roast veal on the chalk menu, so M decided to have dinner there.... When M returned home he was greeted by a poulet bonnefemme. [1956-AMU]
  • M and Janvier were lunching in a restaurant in the Rue de Bourgogne. They started with asparagus and went on to ray with browned butter sauce. [1960-VIE]
  • M went over to the other side of the café where they were serving meals and ordered sauerkraut. [1961-BRA]
  • When the Pardons came to dinner they first had a soufflé , then coq au vin. Mme M offered prunelle or framboise after dinner which Pardon refused for both of them, himself and M. (later M asked for "a drop of prunelle" - though Pardon was trying to get him to cut down on drinking.) [1964-DEF]
  • At the Clou Doré, Jean-Loup Pernelle recommended the paella, starting with ramequins à la niçoise, with a dry Tavel, or a Pouilly Fumé . M chose the Tavel. [1965-PAT]
  • M ordered two assiettes anglaise. The maître d'hotel corrected, "two cold meats".... Mme M had made Alsatian sauerkraut as could only be found in two restaurants in Paris. The pickled pork was particularly good, and M opened two bottles of Strasbourg beer. [1966-NAH]
  • Rose Vatan recommended the leg of lamb after the chaudrée, real pré-salé meat . And M and Lapointe had a carafe of red Bordeaux . [1966-VOL]
  • On the menu at the hotel were cutlet Milanaise and calves' liver à la bourgeoise. M chose the cutlet. It would be grilled, of course. Noodles as a first course . [1967-VIC]
  • M asked Mme M to prepare skate in black butter if she could get any.... M went to a little dark restaurant on the Rue de Miromesnil, had andouillettes with French fries that didn't taste of grease. The jovial proprieter refilled his Beaujolais, a little young, but exactly the right fruity taste. He was automatically served a baba au rhum, liberally covered with whipped cream, one of the wife's specialties.... M took his wife to a seafood restaurant in the Latin Quarter. M even had some sea urchins, flown in that day from the Midi. They had a bottle of Pouilly Fumé with their grilled red mullet. [1968-HES]
  • At the Brasserie Dauphine M ordered the blanquette de veau.... Mme M had cooked chicken with taragon, garnished with asparagus tips.... Mme M had made an omelette aux fines herbes, a salad flavored with garlic croutons, and finally, ripe juicy peaches. [1968-ENF]
  • M phoned Mme M who had snails for lunch. She always had something he especially liked on days he didn't go home to ear. [1969-TUE]
  • For dinner Mme M had made raie au beurre noire. She said she hoped it wasn't too rich for him.... M had Mme M warm up the choucroute for him, but because of his cold he could barely manage more than a mouthful or two. Mme M brought him two aspirins.... M went home for lunch, where Mme M had calves' liver à la bourgeoise. It was one of his favorite dishes.... If anything M preferred calves' liver cold, after it had stood for a day. For dessert he cracked a few walnuts and almonds .... He had had only two glasses of claret with his meal.... Sunday lunch was roast beef, braised celery and mashed potatoes. The Sunday roast. It reminded him of his childhood, except that in those days he had liked his meat well done. [1969-VIN]
  • M went with Lapointe to the Brasserie Dauphine. Ordered a bottle of Beaujolais, herring filet, and delicious andouillettes, fresh from Auvergne that morning, served with chips.... Since M hadn't been home for lunch, Mme M warmed up the lamb stew. M was delighted.... Lunch was blanquette of veal. [1970-FOL]
  • M went home for lunch. Mme M had made him coq au vin, one of his favorite dishes, but he ate without seeming to notice what was on his plate, nor did he say a word about it.... Returning from Umbrella Pines, M had a sudden craving for pizza when he spied a little Italian restaurant. Had a plate of seafood and a bottle of Muscadet while waiting for it. At Nantes police station he was offered another glass of Muscadet which he refused: "My doctor's prescribed moderation." [1971-SEU]
  • When Mme M asked what he'd like for lunch he answered, ham, boiled potatoes lightly fried in oil, a green salad.... M and Janvier ordered the coquilles Saint-Jacques, followed by braised rib of beef, with a Beaujolais.... M had bouillabaisse in a tidy restaurant. [1971-IND]
  • M usually loved the pot-au-feu with pauvre-homme sauce, but today he hardly noticed what he was eating. He asked for a large cup of coffee, which meant his morning cup, which held a third of a liter. [1972-CHA]


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