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Rabelais, Rue. Hubert Vernoux told M he'd probably meet him the next night at his home in the Rue Rabelais where Julien Chabot came every Saturday for a game of bridge.... The Courçons still had a mortgaged château in the forest of Mervent, and the house on Rue Rabelais, the handsomest residence in the town. [1953-PEU]

M had met Doctor Liorant, of Rue Rabelais, Fontenay-le-Comte, but he refused to talk about Martin Duché. [1959-CON]

Rachel, Avenue. [Paris. 18e, Butte-Montmartre. from Boulevard de Clichy to Cimetière du Nord]

February 2, Avenue Rachel, close to Place de Clichy, just off the brightly lit Boulevard de Clichy, Arlette Detour, 28, prostitute who lived in a cheap hotel on Rue d'Amsterdam, stabbed in the back. [1955-TEN]

Radèche. Mme. Radèche was Francine Lange's midwife in Mesnil-le-Mont. [1967-VIC]

Radek. M had made it a practice ever since the Radek case, during which he'd found himself without a pipe just when he needed one, to carry two or three pipes. [1932-LIB]

Radek, Elizabeth. Johann Radek's mother, Elizabeth Radek, domestic servant, had died two years earlier. [1930-31-TET]

Radek, Johann. No less striking was a man with long, red frizzy hair; dark suit, shiny and threadbare, open-necked blue shirt, eating a pot of yogurt. [Johann Radek].... Johann Radek, 25, born at Brünn, Czechoslovakia, father unknown. Had lived in Berlin, Mainz, Bonn, Turin, Hamburg. Medical student. His mother, Elizabeth Radek, domestic servant, had died two years earlier.... Johann Radek's execution was in January. [1930-31-TET]

Radel, André. The Lachaume's lawyer, Maître André Radel, arrived, probably around 35. [1958-TEM]

radio. see Maigret on the Radio - A chronological list of Maigret radio broadcasts from BBC and CBC... 1957 to the present... And various audio recordings

radio car. He could have kept in touch with some of his assistants if he had taken a radio car, but that would have been too conspicuous. [1955-TEN]

Railroads. Janvier said he'd almost had to go on his knees to Railroads to get a list of season ticket holders Paris-Bordeaux. [1968-ENF]

Railway Hotel. Berthe Swaan had been working at the Railway Hotel, opposite the station, when she met Pietr. [1929-30-LET]

Adèle Noirhomme said she and Gaston Buzier had run off and slept in the Railway Hotel (Chemin de Fer). [1931-REN]

Raimu. [French actor (Jules Muraire), born in Toulon [1883-1946], noted for comic roles on stage and screen] Maurice Marcia's villa was not far from that of the late Raimu. [1971-IND]

Raison, Joseph. The wounded gangster, Joseph Raison, 42, a metal-fitter, lived in Fontenay-aux-Roses. He worked in a factory on the Quai de Javel, and had a 2hp Citroën (2CV) which he used to take his family to the country on Sundays. He had a wife, and 2 little girls, 6 and 9. His youngest daughter's name was Monique Raison. [1961-PAR]

Raison, Jules. The accountant was M. Jules Raison. [1962-COL]

Raison, Monique. Joseph Raison's youngest daughter, Monique, 6, was the name he whispered when he came out of a coma. [1961-PAR]

Raison, Oscar. Oscar Raison, one of Louis Mahossier's workmen he said gave him his revolver years ago to get it out of a house where there were small children. [1971-SEU]

Rambaud. Maître Rambaud remembered that his firm had drawn up the bill of sale for Hélène Lange's house ten years earlier. She'd paid in cash. [1967-VIC]

Rambouillet. [town, N France, Yvelines dept. pop. 1968: 14,499. 28 mi. SW of Paris.]

M told Lucas to call ahead to Arpajon, Étampes, Chartres, Orléans, Le Mans, Rambouillet... [1931-NUI]

Rambuteau Hôtel. see: Hôtel Rambuteau

Rambuteau, Rue. [Paris. 1er, Louvre - 3e, Temple. from Rue des Archives to Rue Vauvilliers]

Émile Paulus had lived with the Jef Van Dammes for two months when he first came to Paris, and worked in the Boulevard Saint-Denis. Had had a room in a hotel in the Rue Rambuteau. [1951-MEU]

Some had seen Charlie Cinaglia on the Rue Rambuteau. [1951-LOG]

Ferdinand Fumal had offices in the Rue Rambuteau, near Les Halles, and others at La Villette, near the slaughter houses.... Ferdinand Fumal said "Economic Butchers" was also his, as well as Northern Butchers out of Lille, and Associated Butchers of the Rue Rambuteau in Paris.... Ferdinand Fumal had framed the old bookkeeper at the Rue Rambuteau to get rid of him without paying any compensation. [1956-ECH]

The bus was at the corner of Rue Rambuteau, not far from Les Halles, when François Ricain, who had just stolen M's wallet, jumped off, and was soon lost in the Rue des Blancs-Manteaux. [1966-VOL]

Where M's car was parked when he visited Joseph's hairdressing school. [1971-SEU]

Ramiré. Ramiré (Ramire in Eng. tr.) of Intelligence was talking with the concierge near the Ministry of Public Works when he went to check on Blanche Lamotte. [1954-MIN]

Ramuel. Chavanon suggested he might call Ramuel to find out about Jean-Charles Gaillard, the lawyer who'd defended the butcher in the Rue Caulaincourt. He lived in the Rue du Bac. Young and baby-faced, but bald. [1962-COL]

Ramuel, Jean. Jean Ramuel, the bookkeeper at the Majestic, had slept at the hotel, instead of going home to Montparnasse, for the past three or four nights.... Prosper Donge said Jean Ramuel had been a bank accountant at the Atoum Bank, on Rue Caumartin, before working at the Majestic.... Lucas reported on Jean Ramuel. Jean Oscar Adelbert Ramuel, 48, lived in furnished rooms at 14 Rue Delambre, 14th. Born in Nice, French father, deceased, had been a market gardener; Italian mother. At 18 worked as a bookkeeper in Les Halles. Worked as a junior bookkeeper in a sugar refinery in Egypt, and on the Stock Exchange in Paris. At 32 left for Guayaquil, Ecuador, to work at a Franco-English mining company. There met Marie Deligeard, and together they went to London. They lived in Toulon, Cassis, and Marseilles. Moved to Paris where he worked at Atoum Bank, Rue Caumartin, till it crashed, then went to the Majestic as bookkeeper. [1939-MAJ]

Rancé. Frans Steuvels' glass-fronted studio with the sign "Art Binding". In the shop next door, Mme. Veuve Rancé ran an umbrella business. [1949-MME]

Raoul Comitat. see: Comitat, Raoul

Raoul Lardois. see: Lardois, Raoul

Raoul Sauget. see: Sauget, Raoul

Rapée, Quai de la. [Paris. 12e, Reuilly. from Boulevard de Bercy to Boulevard de la Bastille]

Two years earlier, François Keller had lived higher up the Seine, on the Quai de la Rapée, under the Pont de Bercy.... Jef van Houtte said they had taken on some wine at Mâcon and were unloading it at Quai de la Rapée, when his wife's father, Louis Willems, fell in the Seine and drowned. [1962-CLO]

The pink buildings of the Medico-Legal Institute, on the Quai de la Rapée, looked more like a laboratory for pharmaceutical products than the old mortuary under the big clock of the Palais de Justice.... From the window they could see the barges on the other side of the Seine moored in front of the warehouse docks. [1962-COL]

Raphael Hotel. Walter Carus lived in a suite in the Raphael Hotel. [1966-VOL]

Raspail, Boulevard. [Paris. 7e, Palais-Bourbon - 6e, Luxembourg. from Boulevard Saint-Germaine to Place Denfert-Rochereau (14e]

First Joseph Heurtin walked down Boulevard Raspail, then he turned back by a side street and stumbled on the Gare Montparnasse.... M entered a shop on the Boulevard Raspail where the rubber boots had been bought.... M called a poste restante on the Boulevard Raspail and learned that a man meeting Johann Radek's description had a box as MV, had received a letter the day before at 9:00. [1930-31-TET]

They passed the Lion of Belfort, drove along the Boulevard Raspail, and over the Pont-Neuf. [1934-MAI]

Jean Bronsky's first address in Paris had been a hotel in the Boulevard Raspail. [1947-MOR]

Since he'd been elected Deputy, Charles Besson had a flat in a house in the Boulevard Raspail. [1949-DAM]

Mme. Calame still lived in the Boulevard Raspail apartment where she had lived with her husband, Julien Calame. [1954-MIN]

Canonge and M walked the length of the Boulevard, eventually, in Montparnasse, found a little cabaret for a nightcap. [1955-COR]

Several cars were parked outside a nightclub that was still open on the corner of the Boulevard Raspail. [1961-BRA]

Vicente Alvaredo said he worked as an apprentice for Maître Puget, in the Boulevard Raspail, a professor of International Law. [1966-NAH]

Raspail Hôtel. see: Hôtel Raspail

Rat de Cave, Le. see: Le Rat de Cave The Flea had worked as a messenger boy at the Cellar Rat [Le Rat de Cave], a cabaret on Place Pigalle which was then very elegant. [1971-IND]

Rateau. Examining Magistrate; Public Prosecutor, Dr. Paul, police medical expert, all gathered at Forensic Laboratory. Rateau called M later for news, but M was hurrying to Le Bourget for an 8:15 am plane to London. [1952-REV]

Rateau, the mayor, spent all his time with his mussel beds.... Léonie Birard seemed most interested in letters from the Rateaus and Cornus, who were numerous in the district. ... the mayor, was a tall, powerful man with a placid face and gray hair. [1953-ECO]

Rateau, Joseph. Marcel Sellier said he'd once torn his trousers, but lied and said he'd caught them on a nail in Joseph Rateau's yard. He was Marcellin Rateau's son. [1953-ECO]

Rateau, Marcellin. The butcher, Marcellin Rateau, said he still had to go to Bourrages. He'd once opened a butcher shop at La Rochelle. [1953-ECO]

Raymond. The voice at the other end of the line was Raymond, at the Exchange, an enormous room in the building where all emergency calls for the police were received. A map with little lights covered one wall. M knew Raymond. [1954-JEU]

Raymond, Albert. Albert Raymond, reporter on La Charente, came up to M. No more than 22, thin, long-haired, tightly-belted raincoat, outsized pipe. [1953-ECO]

Raymond Auger. see: Auger, Raymond

Raymond Couchet. see: Couchet, Raymond

Raymonde. At first Betty was with Jean, and Raymonde with Riri. But in the morning they had switched partners. [1942-men]

The maid at the Angel Inn. [1945-FAC]

Raymond, Father. Tenant in Léontine Antoine's building. Very old, scarcely left his apartment. [1970-FOL]

Raymond Grandmaison. see: Grandmaison, Raymond

Raymond Pomel. see: Pomel, Raymond

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Réaumur, Rue. [Paris. 3e, Temple - 2e, Bourse. from Rue de Temple to Rue Notre-Dame des Victoires]

Éléonore Boursang worked as a cashier with a frim in Rue Réaumur. [1930-GAL]

Joseph Heurtin had stopped at a soup kitchen on the Rue Réaumur. He went on to Charenton, then Alfortville, then the road to Villeneuve-Saint-Georges. 35 km. Lucas said he'd almost taken a taxi at Corbeil to follow him with. At 6 am they were crossing through the woods between Morsang and Nandy. [1930-31-TET]

Étienne Jolivet said Prosper Donge sent a notice that he had moved to 117b Rue Réaumur, three years earlier. M sent Lucas to the address. Said he'd received checks from America, a Detroit bank, every 3 months, for $500 each. [1939-MAJ]

Francine Tremblet had been working for a year in a Prisunic in the Rue Réuamur, next to the Rue du Sentier, the same subway line. She'd probably traveled with her father. [1946-pau]

Rue Réaumur, Rue de Turbigo, then down the Rue Chapon into the Rue Beaubourg. M thought the man [Victor Poliensky] was on familiar ground. [1947-MOR]

Alain Lagrange had been working at an advertising office on Rue Réaumur. [1952-REV]

Mlle. Antoinette Vague had worked in a business on Rue Réaumur, but the work wasn't interesting. [1968-HES]

Gilbert Pigou said he kept going to the Rue Réaumur to see what jobs were available. [1969-VIN]

Reboux, Caroline. see: Caroline Reboux

receptionist. M walked heavily up the stairs of the Police Judiciaire. François, the receptionist, pounced on him before he could reach his office. "They're waiting for you, Superintendent." [1941-SIG]

Récollets Laundry. Moers found a laundry receipt in a drawer at Chez Calas. [1955-COR]

Récollets, Rue des. [Paris. 10e, Entrepôt. from Quai de Valmy to Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin]

[Caen] Cécile Ledru said Joséphine Crozier had told her that if she died in the house at the Rue des Récollets, she must demand an inquiry. [1937-38-bay]

The little bar on the corner, Chez Popaul, run by Popaul, opened at dawn... Judel told M that there had been a bit of trouble on the Rue de Récollets on Sunday night, but not at Chez Popaul. Farther up towards the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin. And a concierge had reported the disappearance of her husband, but it was a month earlier and the description didn't match. [1955-COR]

Records. see Where we discover Emergency Services and those in Criminal Records... (Où l'on découvre Police-Secours et les Sommiers... ) by Murielle Wenger

In the morning the magistrates [le Parquet] from Épernay had made their statutory visit, and the Records Office men [Identité Judiciaire] and police doctors had done their work.... M called the Police Records Office in Paris, spoke to Benoît. He was up in the attics at the Palais de Justice, and had found the files for Jean Liberge's fingerprints. [1930-PRO]

Carl Anderson, a man of the world, spent his hour with a hundred criminals in the Records Department... [1931-NUI]

Janvier informed the District Police Superintendent, the people from the DPP, and the Records Department, while M paced the room scowling. [1936-fen]

One of the police experts from Records Department had noticed drips of candle wax near the wine casks. [1936-lar]

Presently the specialists from Records Department would be there with their cameras and instruments. [1937-38-eto]

M had a man from Records Department come with a camera. [1939-hom]

The Records Department was checking all the Bleusteins [Stéphane Bleustein] who might have had trouble with the law. [1945-pip]

On M's desk were the photographs of Ernest Combarieu taken by the Records Department. [1946-obs]

The offices and laboratories of the Records Department were immediately above M's head, in the upper floors of the PJ. [1946-mal]

M went up to the Records Office, where they had no fingerprints on file for the man [Albert Rochain]. [1947-MOR]

They told M at the Quai des Orfèvres he could check the Records Office, but that there was probably nothing on Bob d'Anseval. [1948-PRE]

Castaing had been upstairs with Cornu, from the Criminal Records Department, taking photographs and fingerprints. [1949-DAM]

At the Quai des Orfèvres M listened to the report without participating, and as soon as it was over went upstairs to the Records Office, whose several miles of shelves had the files on all those who'd ever been in trouble with the law. [1954-JEU]

M had wondered if he wouldn't end up like his colleague Bodard, from the Records Office, who one morning had sunk dead in his tracks climbing the main staircase at the Quai des Orfèvres. [1956-AMU]

M sent Lucas to Records to see if they had anyone related to Joséphine Millard. [1959-ASS]

They went to look at the body before Records [l'identité judiciaire] arrived. [1965-PAT]

M told Lapointe to call Moers to come around with his men from the Records office. [1966-NAH]

M saw the truck from Records Department, Lapointe and big Torrence arrive at the Rue Saint-Charles. He told Torrence to bring François Ricain back to his office.... At the Brasserie Dauphine M noticed a colleague from Records Department, someone from the Ministry of the Interior, a Gaming Act Inspector... [1966-VOL]

M sent Janvier to Records in the morning. [1969-TUE]

Red Cow. Jean Servières introduced himself to M. He said he'd been manager of the Red Cow [la Vache Rousse] in Montmartre. [1931-JAU]

references to Maigret. see Speaking of Maigret - References to Maiget and Simenon in literature.

Reformed Church. Jean Duclos said he was a Protestant, belonged to the Reformed Church. [1931-HOL]

Régence. At the Régence, at the top of the Rue Caulaincourt, Lognon found that Honoré Cuendet had been coming there for years, with a woman who lived in the neighborhood. [1961-PAR]

Régence, Rue de la. (Liège.)

Adèle Bosquet lived on the Rue de la Régence. [1931-GAI]

Regency. Dr. Liévin assured M he'd been taken to the room on the right, furnished in Regency style, with buttercup yellow wallpaper. Definitely not pale blue in Louis XIV style. [1937-38-bay]

Regent Street. M managed to see Charing Cross, Trafalgar Square, Picadilly Circus; mentioned Regent Street. [1952-REV]

registrar. M shook hands with Dr. Boisrond of the registrar's department. [1961-PAR]

Registry Office. Jean at À l'Escargot said the woman, Isabelle Auger, was about 30, very respectable. He'd had her change tables because she'd taken the one the men from the Registry Office always sat at. [1946-obs]

Reichberg, Edna. The Swedish girl, Edna Reichberg. William Kirby introduced her to M. Her father was a paper manufacturer in Stockholm. She'd won the skating championship the year before at Chamonix. [1930-31-TET]

Reine et de Poitiers, Hôtel de la. see: Hôtel de la Reine et de Poitiers

Reine Morte. In was in a hotel like the Hôtel Beauséjour, the Reine Morte, in Montparnasse, that M had stayed when he had first come to Paris. He had wondered which dead queen the hotel had been named for. The proprietor and his wife came from the Auvergne. [1968-ENF]

Reiss. [R.A. Reiss (1889-1941), professor at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and a pupil of Bertillon, set up in 1902 one of the first academic curricula in forensic science. His forensic photography department grew into Lausanne Institute of Police Science.]
M, like everyone else, used the wonderful techniques devised by Bertillon, Reiss, Locard and others. [1929-30-LET]

religieuses. Mr. Monday always brought the children cakes called religieuses. [1936-lun]

Remblai. [Les Sables-d'Olonne] M walked along the Remblai, stopping from time to time. Once level with the town he turned right down a narrow street and reached the covered market. Once again on the Remblai, he'd stop at his café for his glass of white wine, which had become his habit. [1947-VAC]

Remblai, Hôtel du. see: Hôtel du Remblai

Rembrandt. Jef Lombard said they'd all expected to be at least a Rembrandt. They'd read a lot, especially writers of the Romantic period. [1930-31-PHO]

The two men were wearing thigh-length rubber boots, turned down to the knee, which evoked in M a mental picture of the Three Musketeers. In that light they look like figures in a Rembrandt painting. [1940-JUG]

Rembrandt Hôtel. Vicente Alvaredo, 26, born in Bogota, staying at the Rembrandt Hôtel in Amsterdam. [1966-NAH]

Rémond affair. Several months earlier, early autumn, to collect evidence against a man named Rémond, who used several aliases, and was suspected of having pulled off swindles throughout Europe. He lived in the Rue de Ponthieu, and they had made fictitious cards to get in and search his place. [1962-CLI]

Remouchamps, Anselme. M received a letter from Anselme Remouchamps, the shoemaker, a widower, informing him that the Widow Gibon had been the midwife who delivered Alain Vernoux. [1953-PEU]

Renaissance. M would have bet that Joseph Daumale's study was done in Renaissance style, with old, heavy, well-polished furniture, and photos of the various orchestras he'd conducted in casinos throughout France. [1946-NEW]

M sat down on an uncomfortable Renaissance chair. [1956-ECH]

The office furniture was a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance style. [1958-TEM]

Renault. Everyone seemd to know Ernest Grandmaison's Renault. [1932-POR]

Bernadette Amorelle had had François bring her over in the old Renault, a 20-year-old limousine which had belonged to her late husband. [1945-FAC]

M told the Examing Magistrate he'd wait for Janvier, as he didn't drive, indicating the little police Renault. [1958-TEM]

Fur rugs were seldom seen in 4hp Renaults (4CV). [1961-PAR]

Antonio Farano had been working at Renault's in the body assembly shop, lived in the Javel district. [1962-COL]

Joséphine Papet's car was a Renault, two years old, only 15,000 miles. In the glove compartment a Michelin Guide, sunglasses... [1968-ENF]

René. The concierge, M. Albert, told M. Gilles he'd sent his assistant, René up to Colonel David Ward's, and that he was dead in his bath, in suite 347 [1957-VOY]

René Delfosse. see: Delfosse, René

Renée. One day Robert Bureau had seen the girl he loved, Renée, about 13, and a boy Raymond Pomel, the pork butcher's son, making love in the bushes. [1969-TUE]

Renée Planchon. see: Planchon, Renée

René Falk. see: Falk, René

René Josselin. see: Josselin, René

René Lecoeur. see: Lecoeur, René

René Lecoeur. see: Lecoeur, René

René Lussac. see: Lussac, René

René Rousselet. see: Rousselet, René

René Tortu. see: Tortu, René

Rennes. [industrial and commercial city, NW France, capital, Ille-et-Vilaine dept. pop. 1968: 180,943. at junction of Ille and Vilaine rivers, 193 mi. WSW of Paris.]

For the past month M had been assigned to Rennes to reorganize its mobile unit [Brigade Mobile]. [1931-JAU]

M. Georget said that Émile Duffieux was the second one who'd slipped away from him. The first was now a reporter in Rennes, on the Ouest-Éclair. [1947-VAC]

The old lady told of Alain Lemaire, a dentist practicing opposite the post office. When Éveline Jave was 16 he'd been married 5 years and had 2 children. He had an affair with Éveline and his wife left with the children, returning to her parents' home in Rennes, from which she wrote for a divorce.... A young solicitor from Rennes used to visit her house, but he stopped coming. [1956-AMU]

Rennes, Rue de. [Paris. 6e, Luxembourg. from Rue de l'Abbaye to Place du Dix-Huit-Juin-1940]

Saft, one of the boarders at Mlle. Clément's, worked as a pharmacist's assistant in the Rue de Rennes. [1951-MEU]

Baron had left Harry Pills at a hotel near the Rue de Rennes. [1951-LOG]

Mrs. Florence Wilton, née Florence Lenoir. Her mother did ironing at a laundry in the Rue de Rennes, her father was in the police. She was in a troupe of dancing girls at the Casino de Paris. [1961-PAR]

The first time, in broad daylight in the Rue de Rennes, two motorcycles had drawn to the curb in front of a jewelers, tied red scarves over their faces and robbed the shop at gunpoint. [1963-FAN]

Fouad Ouéni said he'd been at the shooting range of Boutelleau et Fils, Rue de Rennes. [1966-NAH]

Renoir. M found he had been drawing an outline of a fleshy mouth, a pair of sensual pouting lips, such as are to be seen in the paintings of Renoir. [1940-JUG]

Mrs. Ellen Wilcox owned a Renoir, Degas, and recently Van Gogh. [1949-AMI]

Maria Van Aerts wrote that Guillaume Serre's mother looked like a Clouet in the Louvre. She spoke of Monet or Renoir when describing the weather. [1951-GRA]

Chinquier recognized some of the paintings at Norris Jonker's -- Gauguin, Cézanne, Renoir.... Manessi said Norris Jonker grew up surrounded by Van Goghs, Pissaros, Manets and Renoirs. [1963-FAN]

On the walls of Gérard Batille's drawing room were Picassos of the blue period, Renoirs, and Marie Laurencins. [1969-TUE]

Renoir, Pierre. [1885-1952. The son of impressionist artist Auguste Renoir, actor Pierre Renoir was also the older brother of director Jean Renoir and the father of cinematographer Claude Renoir... see Pierre Renoir as Maigret]
M felt the first screen Maigret, Pierre Renoir, was relatively true to life. But in Abel Tarride he'd become flabby and obese. Harry Baur may have been a great actor, but he was 20 years older! And with Préjean he suddenly got younger. Finally, lately, with Charles Laughton, he'd become stout again, and spoke English! At least Pierre Renoir hadn't worn a bowler. [1950-MEM]

Renseignements Généraux. M said the Crime Squad was less important, in the eyes of the Minister of the Interior, than General Information [Renseignements Généraux] or the Financial Section. [1961-PAR]

reporter. see "to see the hallway still filled with journalists..." ("voir le couloir encore plein de journalistes...") by Murielle Wenger

A red-headed reporter from the local paper of Montargis, who was also a correspondent of a big Paris daily, was phoning in a story. [1937-38-noy]

Just as M was leaving the Avenue Junot, a reporter arrived, a tall redhead, his hair standing on end. [1971-IND]

Republic. In M's office, all his papers, torn and crumpled, were scattered over the floor, the window panes cracked, the bust of the Republic, which used to stand on the mantlepiece, lying shattered on the floor. [1937-38-eto]

Félicien Jamet brought M to the town hall to be used for interrogations: single room with benches, table, flags for July 14, bust of the Republic. [1949-AMI]

Republican Guard. Jeanne Debul's concierge's husband had been in the RG. [1952-REV]

Republican Guard. The death threat said that even if Émile Grosbois surrounded himself with a regiment of Republican guards he wouldn't get away. [1942-men]

The old open bus reminded M of when he'd been a shy young clerk in the Saint-Lazare police station. He'd just gotten married, and there was a brightly colored procession of some foreign sovereign and his plumed court in landaus, helmets of the Republican Guard gleaming in the sun. [1965-PAT]

République. In Paris, where he lived, between the République and the Bastille, it would be easy to find someone who'd lived in the same house for the past thirty or forty years. [1946-NEW]

When a certain specialist has left his hotel on the Boulevard Haussmann for a more modest one in the République district, we can expect a jewel robbery shortly. The Public Roads squad has been warned to keep an eye on the jewelers. [1950-MEM]

République, Avenue de la. [Paris. 11e, Popincourt. from Place de la République to Boulevard Ménilmontant]

M did not forget the cake shop in the Avenue de la République. the only place in Paris, according to Mme M, where you could get good mille-feuilles. [1947-MOR]

The third man at Joseph Mascoulin's table in the Filet de Sole was Sauvegrain, Arthur Nicoud's brother-in-law and associate. Had an office in the Avenue de la République, not far from Nicoud's. [1954-MIN]

Jean-Claude Ternel's father's company made copper tubing and the like. It was one of those big box buildings like you see in the Avenue de la République or the Boulevard Voltaire.... [1963-FAN]

République, Avenue de la [Toulon]. Le Grand Marcel had booked himself into the Hôtel des Cinq Continents in Toulon, on the Avenue de la République. [1970-FOL]

République, Boulevard de la. [Toulon] Gaston Meurant stopped for something to eat on the Boulevard de la République. [1959-ASS]

République, Brasserie de la. see: Brasserie de la République

République, Place de la. [Paris. 10e, Entrepôt. from Boulevard Temple to Boulevard Saint-Martin]

Grandjean said he recognized one of the men in the Chope Saint-Martin as an iron-merchant somewhere in the République district. [1931-NUI]

Jean Lenoir told how the man had dumped a body in the Saint-Martin Canal. Afterwards he and Victor [Victor Gaillard] had stayed on the man's car till he went to the Place de la République, to a café.... M had lunch in a brasserie in the Place de la République. [1931-GUI]

Mme M had seen the man head off towards the République district. [1937-38-amo]

Joseph Mascouvin went to the Café des Sports at the corner of Place de la République and Boulevard Voltaire.... M, instead of going directly from Boulevard Richard-Lenoir to the Quai des Orfèvres, made a detour through the Place de la République, where he entered the Café des Sports, where, sitting in Mascouvin's usual seat, he discovered the calendar that had provided the name Picpus. [1941-SIG]

Mme. Leroy said her Joseph Leroy couldn't have left the place he worked, near the République.... Lucas spent most of the afternoon in the République district [1945-pip]

M asked Mme M if all the Prisunics were the same. She'd been to the République one, and told him they all opened at 9:00. [1946-pau]

Endless detours were made till they reached the Boulevard Voltaire, and then the Place de la République, and then the man [Victor Poliensky] knew where he was again. [1947-MOR]

As he was not far from the Place de la République, M decided to go home for lunch. [1948-PRE]

If Mme M had walked as far as the Place de la République, she could have taken a bus going right to the Boulevard Barbès, and reached the Place d'Anvers in plenty of time for her dentist's appointment..... Leaving the narrow Rue des Francs-Bourgeois at the corner of the square, and following the Rue de Turenne toward the République, you come first on the left to a yellow-painted bistro, then to a little restaurant, the Crémerie Salmon. [1949-MME]

The tarts in the brasserie on the Place de la République, the street Arab working his way through the crowd, they know that M understands their language. [1950-MEM]

M had a short drink and walked as far as the Place de la République to get some air. [1950-PIC]

M had to walk to the Place de la République to find a taxi. He'd gulped down some brandy before leaving the house. [1951-LOG]

M had always had a special affection for the section of the Grands Boulevards between Place de la République and Rue Montmartre. He felt he was on home ground. It was there, on the Boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle, where Louis Thouret had been murdered, that M and his wife went to a movie almost every week.... According to the old woman on the bench, whenever Thouret left, he headed in the direction of the Place de la République.... When Monsieur Louis had gone to the jeweler in the alley with a woman, and bought her a ring the week before, they had gone off in the direction of Place de la République. [1952-BAN]

M stopped by a bar on the Place de la République for a white wine to settle his stomach.... Lucas had finally caught track of Marcelle Luquet in a bar on Place de la République, where the bar owner thought she lived in the vicinity, towards Rue Blondel. [1954-MIN]

Office workers on their way to the Place de la Republique hurried past the fouled barge at the Quai de Valmy. [1955-COR]

M walked to the Place de la République to catch his bus. [1956-ECH]

On Monday morning M went as far as the Place de la République, and read his papers on a deserted café terrace. They'd lunched later at the Villette. [1956-AMU]

M walked from Pardon's as far as the Place de la République, where he caught his bus for the Quai des Orfèvres.... While the taxi home was going round the Place de la République, M realized that the reason he was so much at sea in the case was that so far there hadn't been a crime.... An hour later, M and Mme M were walking in the direction of Place de la République and Boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle, to a cinema. They were showing a thriller, with shots, fights... [1957-SCR]

Adrien Josset went to a bar in the Place de la République after the meeting with Annette Duché's father. [1959-CON]

At the Place de la République Gaston Meurant had again gone into a bar for a brandy. [1959-ASS]

A bar was open on the Place de la République, and M was tempted to stop for a drink, but he changed his mind. [1961-PAR]

Jean Guillot and Lucien Hardoin went to the Place de la République for a last drink. [1962-CLO]

M went out for a walk with Mme M, spending nearly an hour over a beer at a table outside a café in the Place de la République. [1962-COL]

M had almost had the taxi stop at the Place de la République to pick up some beer. [1963-FAN]

In the Boulevard Voltaire the throttled engine of a truck was running near the Place de la République, and M could see dark silhouettes throwing shovelfuls of salt on the pavement. [1966-NAH]

François Ricain said he'd been in the Place de la République by chance when he'd gotten on the bus where he stole M's wallet. [1966-VOL]

The little black car crossed the Place de la République, and M found himself in his own district, a network of narrow streets, heavily populated, bounded by the Boulevard Voltaire on one side, the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir on the other. [1969-TUE]

République, Rue de la. [Fontenay]. Justin Cavre had gone to Fontenay-le-Comte, exactly 13 miles from Saint-Aubin-les-Marais. He stopped at the Café du Commerce, on Rue de la République, and met a man. [1943-CAD]

[Saint-Aubin-le-Marais]. M didn't know what the main street of Saint-Aubin-les-Marais was called, probably Rue de la République. [1943-CAD]

[Les Sables-d'Olonne] Francis Decoin lived with Mme. Popineau, who they called La Popine. She had a pretty shop on the corner of the Rue de la République. [1947-VAC]

In front of the station M looked down the Rue de la République, where he took a taxi to the Hôtel de France.... M left the Hôtel de France, reached Rue de la République, crossed the bridge, climbed the hill to Julien Chabot's old house. It was the same, gray stone, four steps, tall windows, small panes. Blue flagstone hallway. [1953-PEU]

République, Rue de la [Fontenay]. The reporter Pecqueur walked with Martin Duché down the Rue de la République from the station. [1959-CON]

Resistance. Xavier Thorel had been representing the Government that night at the world première of a film about the Resistance. Rita Thorel had been there, and his 18-year-old son. [1969-VIN]

Restaurant Dauphine. M told the warder to have Anna Gorskin's meals brought in from the Restaurant Dauphine. She was in the common lock-up, the detention cells. [1929-30-LET]

Restaurant des Quatres Sergents. Jacques Rivaud had received a 9-minute call from Paris that Tuesday, from Archives 14-67, the Restaurant des Quatres Sergents, Place de la Bastille. [1932-FOU]

Restaurant du Rhône. Louis was at the Restaurant du Rhône, on the Boulevard de Clichy. [1971-IND]

Restaurant du Triage. The taxi left M and Janvier opposite Juvisy station, and they went into the Restaurant du Triage, an ordinary sort of restaurant with a terrace surrounded by bay trees in green tubs. [1946-obs]

Restaurant Larue. Dr. Bouchardon grabbed the bottle and said "Hospice de Beaune 1896? I thought the last bottles had been bought up by the Restaurant Larue..." [1932-FIA]

Restaurant Victor. [Toulon.] Marella told M that Le Grand Marcel had spent the night whooping it up with his buddies at the Restaurant Victor, opposite the Port-Marchand. [1970-FOL]

Restaurant Voisin. At one time Bob d'Anseval had taken a job as a porter in the Restaurant Voisin, just to embarrass friends of his family. [1948-PRE]

Retailleau. Mme Retailleau had been seen to have a large amount of money in bills after her son's death. [1943-CAD]

Retailleau, Albert. Rumor had it that Albert Retailleau, the young man found dead on the tracks, had been Geneviève Naud's lover. His father, Joseph Retailleau, had worked in the Saint-Aubin-les-Marais dairy, and had died in a boiler explosion. His mother lived on the income from the damages. [1943-CAD]

Retailleau, Joseph. The doctor said everyone had been surprised when she married Joseph Retailleau, a workman at the dairy. [1943-CAD]

Retz, Cardinal de. [Retz, Jean-François-Paul de Gondi, cardinal de, born 1613, Montmirail, Fr., died 1679, Paris. One of the leaders of the aristocratic rebellion known as the Fronde (1648-53), whose memoirs remain a classic of 17th-century French literature.]
Julien de V-- said Armand de Saint-Hilaire wrote like the Cardinal de Retz, in a lively style. [1960-VIE]

Revaler Bote. [The Library of Congress shows holdings of the Estonian newspaper, Revaler Bote, Nov 1919-Aug 28, 1922.]
Pietr glanced through several papers in the Majestic Hotel lobby, paying special attention to the Revaler Bote, an Estonian periodical. [1929-30-LET]

Revin. Émile Ducrau asked what had happened in the accident in the Revin tunnel. [1933-ECL]

revolver. Anna Gorskin's revolver was not known to the Paris gunsmiths.... Dufour called M to tell him Anna Gorskin had a revolver in her purse.... Pietr's double had been shot with a 6-mm automatic. [1929-30-LET]

The gunsmith's shop reported that the bullets the hit Émile Gallet and Moers came from a precision-made automatic revolver, current model, probably manufactured in the Herstal state factory. [1930-GAL]

The revolver bore the mark of the Herstal (Belgium) arms factory. [1930-31-PHO]

The revolver Marcel Basso had held, which killed Feinstein, was a lady's revolver, pretty as a piece of jewelry, tiny nickel-plated bullets. [1931-GUI]

The bullet that killed Raymond Couchet was from the commonest caliber, 6-mm, '35. [1931-OMB]

Dr Paul had extracted the bullet from Martino's body, a Browning 6 mm 35. [1936-pig]

The gun used was a compressed air rifle of a special type, extremely uncommon. [1937-38-amo]

Stephan Strevzki said his wife had a small pearl-handled revolver. [1939-hom]

Juliette Boynet kept a revolver under her pillow for fear of burglars. She pointed it at Cécile Pardon when Cécile confronted her about the money. Cécile strangled her in anger. [1940-CEC]

M was sure that the ballistics report would show that it was the Smith & Wesson that had killed Jules Lapie. A professional killer's gun. A quarter of an hour later old M. Gastinne-Renette confirmed his theory. [1942-FEL]

The police report on M's desk said Stéphane Bleustein, 37, was killed on February 15, 1919, in his apartment in the Hôtel Negresco at Nice, with a 6mm/35 revolver. [1945-pip]

Ernest Combarieu had a big revolver, from which no shots had been fired. [1946-obs]

Michel Goldfinger's gun was a Browning, 6mm 38 calibre. [1946-mal]

Richard Gendreau-Balthazar had two revolvers, and big one and a small one, but they were kept in his office. Lise Gendreau-Balthazar had a mother-of-pearl one she kept in the drawer of her dressing table. [1948-PRE]

Ernesto Esperanza had tried to shoot Harry Cole with a .42, a big automatic. The Mexican had brought in over a quarter of a million dollars worth of marijuana in a single haul, and had had many previous successes. [1949-CHE]

Contrary to general belief, a policeman in plain clothes does not have the right to carry a revelver in his pocket. [1950-MEM]

Jef Van Damme owned a gun, small automatic made at the Herstal state armaments factory. ... The small-arms expert submitted his report. The bullet that wounded Janvier had been from a large-bore revolver, probably a Colt. [1951-MEU]

Guillaume Serre saw the little mother-of-pearl-handled automatic Maria had bought in Egypt in her drawer. [1951-GRA]

6.35, Belgian, was the gun that François Lagrange used to kill André Delteil, small-caliber, his own gun, intialled AD. [1952-REV]

When M had spent several weeks in the US at the invitation of the FBI, they had presented him with a revolver, a Smith & Wesson .45 special, with short barrel and highly sensitive trigger mechanism, and his name engraved on it: 'To J.-J. Maigret, from his FBI friends.' [1952-REV]

Mme M saw M slip his revolver into his pocket. He didn't often do that. [1955-TEN]

Xavier Marton told M that he had a loaded revolver at home, at that he would kill his wife before he died if she poisoned him. [1957-SCR]

The doctor said the bullet was a small caliber, probably a 6.35. They'd send it to the expert. [1958-TEM]

The men from Forensics said two cartridge shells had been found, 6.35. Véronique Fabre looked for her father's gun, automatic, flat, bluish, Belgian trademark. Herstal was engraved on it. Possibly a Browning 6.35. [1961-BRA]

Chinquier had found the spent cartridges, .763s. Said the weapon was probably a Mauser automatic, a heavy gun... everything pointed to a pro. [1963-FAN]

Manuel Palmari's gun was a Smith & Wesson .38, the weapon of a professional. [1965-PAT]

François Ricain had a 6.35 Browning automatic made in Hertal in his room, the gun used to kill his wife, Sophie Ricain. [1966-VOL]

Émile Parendon kept an old Browning in his drawer.... Mme. Parendon kept a small, pearl-handled revolver in a drawer by her bed. M asked if she knew her husband had an automatic. [1968-HES]

The four cartridges from the gun that killed Oscar Chabut were 6.35 caliber. Only an amateur or a woman would use so small a gun, which could not kill except at very close range. [1969-VIN]

M found paper in the drawer next to Léontine Antoine's bed which had grease from a revolver on it. Le Grand Marcel was killed by a .38 bullet between the eyes, obviously a professional job. [1970-FOL]

Maurice Marcia had a Smith & Wesson in his pocket that hadn't been used recently. [1971-IND]

revolver. M asked Dr. Tudelle if he'd sent the bullets to Gastinne-Renette. A .301 bullet in a nickel-plated copper envelope, probably from a Browning automatic. [1960-VIE]

Collinet said the gun used had been medium or large caliber, 7.32 or 7.45.... Fouad Ouéni said the Browning 6.35, pearl-handled, was missing.... The bullet the woman had been shot with was a 6.35, only dangerous at point blank range. [1966-NAH]

RA  RE  RH  RI  RO  RU  



Rheims. [industrial and commercial city, NE France, Marne dept. pop. 1968: 152,967. on Vesle river 83 mi. ENE of Paris.]

The lock-keeper at Pogny, Désiré, said his nephew from Rheims mended the chain on his wife's bike and cleaned and oiled it the day before.... The police of Épernay, Rheims and Paris had all been sent the description of the dead woman. [1930-PRO]

A call came in from Rheims, where Émile, the proprieter of the Café de Paris, Rue Carnot, said he'd seen Louis Jeunet six days before. [1930-31-PHO]

Joseph Peeters' mother had plans for him to become a lawyer in Rheims. [1932-FLA]

M said he didn't drink champagne, but Émile Ducrau said he'd drink this: extra dry still, 1897, sent to him by the biggest vintner in Rheims. [1933-ECL]

On the occasion of a crime in the region of Reims, a servant asleep in an attic had heard the murderers speaking a language she thought was Polish. [1937-38-sta]

The stationmaster remembered that on June 11 Hélène Lange had bought a ticket to Rheims, Trigaud's wife's birthday. [1967-VIC]

Rhine. [River, W Europe, 820 mi. long; formed by confluence of Hinterrhein and Vorderrhein in SE Switzerland.]

Hortense Canelle told M most of the barges take the Marne canal to the Rhine. It's quieter towards Saône. [1930-PRO]

There were several Rhine lighters on the river at Givet, 1,000 tons, great black things of steel. [1932-FLA]

Rhône. [river, Switzerland and France, 505 mi. long, rises in the Alps and flows SW to Martigny, where it turns NW and flows into E end of Lake Geneva, issues from SW end, crosses French border in the Jura Mts., continues S through Lyons, Avignon, and Tarascon to Arles; empties into the Gulf of Lions, navigable for about 300 mi.]

M thought there wouldn't be much difference if they were on the Loire, the Cher or the Rhône. [1938-ceu]

When he woke he saw olive trees on the edge of the Rhône and knew they had passed Avignon. [1949-AMI]

M promised himself to look at the scenery, as he was especially fond of the scenery south of Lyons. But he was asleep before they flew over the Rhône. [1971-IND]

Rhône, Avenue du. Pierre Nahour had opened a Swiss branch of his father's bank, the Comptoir Libonais, in the Avenue du Rhône in Geneva. [1966-NAH]

RA  RE  RH  RI  RO  RU  



Rialand. Jean-Claude. The wife of one of the dentists who came to the Pretty Pigeon used to go out boating regularly with Mlle. Jeanne. She had two children, Monique and Jean-Claude. [1941-SIG]

Mme. wife of one of the dentists who came to the Pretty Pigeon, used to go out boating regularly with Mlle. Jeanne. Had two children, Monique and Jean-Claude. [1941-SIG]

Monique. The wife of one of the dentists who came to the Pretty Pigeon used to go out boating regularly with Mlle. Jeanne. She had two children, Monique and Jean-Claude. [1941-SIG]

Rian. Pardon recommended Dr. Rian in Vichy to supervise M's regime there. He lived in an elegant red brick house in Boulevard des Etats-Unis. Maybe a little too Edwardian, but with a certain grandeur. [1967-VIC]

Ribaudière, La. see: La Ribaudière Leduc had printed notepaper with his address: La Ribaudière, par Villefranche-en-Dordogne. [1932-FOU]

Ricain. François Ricain's father came to see M. Said he'd been on duty as an engineer on the Ventimiglia-Paris train. [1966-VOL]

Ricain, Francis. François Ricain was usually called 'Francis' by his friends. [1966-VOL]

Ricain, François. The bus was at the corner of Rue Rambuteau, not far from Les Halles, when François Ricain, who had just stolen M's wallet, jumped off, and was soon lost in the Rue des Blancs-Manteaux. He had time to lose himself in the narrow streets of the Le Marais.... 25. Born in Paris, Rue Caulaincourt, a bourgeois, almost provincial street, behind the Sacré-Coeur. Father a railway engineer. Had married Sophie Le Gal 3 1/2 years before, June 17. Mother died when he was 14, left home at 17. Left school two years before the baccalauréat exam.... Had been in Paris 5 years. Usually called 'Francis' by his friends. [1966-VOL]

Ricain, Sophie. François Ricain's wife, murdered with a gunshot to the head.... 22. Sophie Ricain's maiden name was Le Gal, born in Concarneau, where her father was a watchmaker. Married three years. [1966-VOL]

Richard Fox. see: Fox, Richard

Richard Gendreau-Balthazar. see: Gendreau-Balthazar, Richard

Richard, Jean. [1921-2001. Beginning with Cécile est morte in 1967, for over 20 years and 92 episodes, more than any other actor, Richard portrayed the most celebrated French commissioner, ending with Maigret à New York in June, 1990.]
see Jean Richard as Maigret

see Simenon has taught Jean Richard how Maigret should be played (Simenon a appris à Jean Richard comment on doit jouer Maigret) by Janine Brillet

see Jean Richard will make his 92nd television Maigret in New York (Jean Richard va tourner à New York le 92e Maigret télévisé ) by Bernard Meeus

Richard-Lenoir, Boulevard. see A visit to the Maigrets' (Une visite chez Maigret) by Murielle Wenger

Richard-Lenoir, Boulevard. [Paris. 11e, Popincourt. from Place de la Bastille to Avenue de la République]

M returned from Sancerre and spent the night at his home on Boulevard Richard Lenoir. [1930-GAL]

By 9:00 in the evening M was at home in the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, and Mme M was sewing, when Lucas came in, drenched. [1930-31-PHO]

M took a bus to the Bastille, and rang the bell of the third floor apartment on Rue du Chemin-Vert. The door was opened by Mme. Dufour, young and pretty. M's own home was only 500 yards away, on the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, but he didn't go there. [1930-31-TET]

M returned to the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, where Mme M had a stew on the stove. [1931-NUI]

It was June, and the windows were all open in the flat on the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir. Mme M was packing so big basket-trunks. [1931-REN]

M told Nine Moinard he lived close by, in the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir.... The market was in full swing in the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir when M left his house at 8:00. [1931-OMB]

M took a taxi and a few minutes later was at the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir. Two of the rooms were empty and the others were filled with parcels. It gave M a strange feeling to come back to the house they were leaving forever. [1933-ECL]

Mme M greeted M, in the doorway of the apartment on Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, "There you are at last Monsieur Maigret". She often called him "Monsieur Maigret" when she was joking. [1939-MAJ]

M arrived at the Gare d'Orsay, then his apartment on the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir. He changed buses at the stop nearest to Police Headquarters, and from there he could see the window that had once been his. [1940-JUG]

M had promised to be home by 8, since his sister-in-law and her husband were expected for dinner. He'd promised to bring back some peaches. [1945-pip]

No sooner did M hear his wife's breathing become regular, then he started thinking. Though both windows werre wide open in the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, he was bathed in sweat. [1946-pau]

During the 30 years he had spent with the Police Judiciaire, M had been in the habit of waking up at 7:00 and walking from his house on the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir to his office on the Quai des Orfèvres. [1946-NEW]

When he came back from the métro, the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir was deserted.... Why did the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir have such a bad reputation! True, it led to the Place de la Bastille, and was surrounded by crowded narrow streets, full of workshops and warehouses, but it was broad, even had a strip of grass down the middle...... On the left, beyond Lhoste et Pépin, there was a combined wine and coal merchants, an Auvergnat's shop, painted yellow, with a green plant beside the door.... M had put an ad in the paper to contact Maigret at home, 132 Bd. Richard-Lenoir. [1947-MOR]

M had never suspected that 30 years later they would still be living under the same roof in the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, having taken over the next-door flat as well. [1948-PRE]

M's brother-in-law Mouthon and his wife, Mme M's sister, visited M and his wife at the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir once a year. [1949-AMI]

If Mme M had walked as far as the Place de la République, she could have taken a bus going right to the Boulevard Barbès, and reached the Place d'Anvers in plenty of time for her dentist's appointment. But she went down the stairs at the Richard-Lenoir station of the métro, just a step or two from her own door, because of the "Nice lady". [1949-MME]

The Boulevard Richard-Lenoir was deserted, and across the street, above the main gate of the warehouse, the words Entrepôt Légal, Fils et Cie stood out in pitch black letters. [1950-noe]

One day after M had invited Georges Sim to lunch one Sunday on the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir and introduced him to Mme M, he stopped coming to the Quai des Orfèvres.... M had already made it a habit, whenever he could, to go on foot from the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir to the Quai des Orfèvres. [1950-MEM]

Julien Foucrier lived in the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, on the corner of Rue du Chemin-Vert, a few houses along from M. [1951-MEU]

When M returned to the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir he found Mme M dressed to go out. He remembered that it was Friday, their day for the movies. [1951-LOG]

In the courtyard at Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, there was still a washroom without a seat, and a door that was always half open, as in a country yard. [1952-REV]

It wasn't very far from the Avenue Daumesnil to the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, so M had the driver drop him off. [1952-BAN]

It was nice to be reminded of Mme M, their flat on the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir... [1953-ECO]

M took the bus home to the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir. A newspaper about the case was spread out on the table. [1954-JEU]

M got home at 7:00 for dinner on the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, which, with the window open was quieter than at any other time of the year. [1955-TEN]

On the vast, pedimented depot was written Catoire & Potut, Metals, familiar words to M, since he had looked down on it every day for more than 30 years. He was at his window in the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir.... In the bistro opposite, the bar-keeper, in his shirt-sleeves, was reading a newspaper on his zinc counter. [1956-AMU]

M was sound asleep beside Mme M in their apartment on the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, when the events were taking place at the Hôtel George-V.... M called the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, where Mme M asked him if he were still in Lausanne. [1957-VOY]

M went home for lunch and noticed that for the third day in a row they were having grilled meat, probably a result of Dr Pardon's suggesting to Mme M that she diet.... M had a tray, electroplate, a wedding present. His cup and Mme M's were the same, except his had a scarcely visible crack.... M had wondered, in the bus bringing him from the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, whether he was coming down with the flu. [1957-SCR]

M thought that the muffler business, which had started on the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, had foretold a gloomy day. [1958-TEM]

M was 53. He would retire in two years time. Back on the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir he would have found his feelings hard to define. [1959-ASS]

All along the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir there was not a soul to be seen. [1961-PAR]

M went down to wait for a bus at the corner of the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir. He stayed on the platform to smoke his pipe. [1961-BRA]

During the months that M had spent in Place des Vosges, while the house on Boulevard Richard-Lenoir was undergoing alterations, he and Mme M had often walked in the evenings round the Île Saint-Louis. [1962-CLO]

For the past two weeks M had not missed a single meal at the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, and had not been disturbed once during the evening or night. [1962-COL]

A few minutes later M was groping in his pocket for the key to his apartment on the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, and heard Mme M saying "Is that you?". [1963-FAN]

It was in the Rue Popincourt, several hundred yards from the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, at the Pardon's (Dr Pardon) house, where M had for years been dining once a month. [1964-DEF]

M made a slight detour along the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, avoiding the Rue du Chemin-Vert, where he had fallen, to the Boulevard Voltaire, where the Pardons (Dr Pardon) lived. [1966-NAH]

M had bought new shoes the day before, and they pinched: it was torture to walk the length of the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir. [1966-VOL]

The little black car crossed the Place de la République, and M found himself in his own district, a network of narrow streets, heavily populated, bounded by the Boulevard Voltaire on one side, the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir on the other. [1969-TUE]

M's apartment in the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir was always being mentioned in the papers, and every taxi driver in Paris knew his address. [1969-VIN]

It was quiet on the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, people looking down on the street from their windows as M and Mme took a stroll. They went as far as the Bastille and came back by the Boulevard Beaumarchais. [1970-FOL]

Torrence drove M home to the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir after their visit to Joseph's hairdressing school. [1971-SEU]

Sometimes people would find out his address and show up at the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir. [1972-CHA]

Richard-Wallace, Boulevard. (Neuilly. from Boulevard General-Koenig to Porte-de-Madrid.)

M had had a paragraph inserted into the newspapers, saying that a park-keeper in the Bois de Boulogne had found the body of Ernest Borms, well-know Viennese doctor, on the walks not far from the Porte de Bagatelle. He'd been living in Neuilly for some years, in the Boulevard Richard-Wallace. [1939-hom]

Boissier found the name on the list where a safe had been installed: Guillaume Serre, dentist, 43b, Rue de la Ferme, Neuilly. Just past the Zoo, a street parallel with Richard-Wallace.... M looked up the street and spotted Ernestine Jussiaume, who'd just come from the Boulevard Richard-Wallace.... Mme. Serre said her daughter-in-law had gone to the corner of Boulevard Richard-Wallace to find a taxi. [1951-GRA]

Neuilly. Jeanne Debul lived at 7B. A young policeman from Neuilly police station, Emile Lebraz, in uniform only a few months, was on duty on Boulevard Richard-Wallace, on the edge of Bois de Boulogne, almost opposite the Bagatelle. Alain Lagrange came out of the building. Lebraz asked the concierge, and she said he'd not stopped with her, but left after she demanded why he was there. Lebraz went to the corner of Rue de Longchamp, but no one was there.... In London Alain said Debul had seen him there two weeks earlier, when he followed his father there. [1952-REV]

Richelieu, Rue de. [Paris. 1er, Louvre - 2e, Bourse. from Place du Théâtre-Français to Boulevard Montmartre]

Janvier reported that Alfonsi had had dinner with Philippe Liotard in a restaurant on the Rue Richelieu, with two women, one the big blonde lawyer's secretary. Then they'd gone to a movie in the Opéra [Place de l'Opéra], then to a nightclub on the Rue Blanche. Afterwards Alfonsi had returned with his girlfriend to his rooms at the hotel in the Rue de Douai. [1949-MME]

Some 15 years or more earlier, Jef Schrameck, somewhere between Rue de Richelieu and Rue Drouot, had been spotted in a building, and led the police on an aerial chase, climbing buildings and rooftops, finally arrested in the Rue de la Grange-Batelière. [1952-BAN]

Richier, Rue. A special delivery letter with a woman's writing and "Very Urgent" had arrived. It asked him to come to the Hôtel de Bretagne, Rue Richier, almost opposite the Folies-Bergère, room 47. Probably signed Mado. [1951-LOG]

Ricou, Victor. Victor Ricou, the manservant in the striped waistcoat, let M out.... M thought that if Victor Ricou had killed Ferdinand Fumal it was a peasant's hatred.... Five years later, a passenger-carrying cargo boat arrived at Cherbourg from Panama. A third-class passenger, who said he was Henri Sauer, born at Strasbourg, had a passport which was a clumsy fake. They asked if he'd gone to school on the Quai Saint-Nicolas, and other questions. The police told him the man in Panama who'd sold the passport was Schwartz, who really was born at Strasbourg. He gave up. His name was Victor Ricou, Victor of the Boulevard de Courcelles. [1956-ECH]

Riga. Latvia. see: Wikipedia. The ships that came in usually came from Riga or Finland, carrying lumber. [1931-HOL]

Right Bank. Daunard, one of Christine Josset's "protégés", was beginning to make a name for himself in the nightclubs on the Right Bank, and had an engagement in a music hall, the Bobino. [1959-CON]

Ringling Bros. Circus. Alfred Moss had been with Ringling Bros. Circus in the US for four years. [1949-MME]

Ringuet. There was also a cleaning lady, Mme. Ringuet, but M had only met her briefly. He suspected she belonged to the husband's camp as well. [1972-CHA]

Rinquet. The postmistress, Mlle. Rinquet, had just listened in on Alban Groult-Cotelle's call to Étienne Naud. [1943-CAD]

Mme M hadn't been able to get a single room. M greeted Mme. Rinquet, who glared at him with hard, sharp little eyes. [1947-VAC]

Rio. Jos MacGill said the day before yesterday John Maura was in Panama, perhaps today in Rio or Venezuela. [1946-NEW]

Justine Cuendet had received a Christmas card from Rio from her daughter Laurence Cuendet, who had 5 children. [1961-PAR]

Riolle, Jacques. Jacques Riolle was the bookkeeper, who'd only been there a few months. Really only dealt with petty cash. About 40, bachelor, lived in a family boardinghouse in the Latin Quarter. Had worked for a leather goods shop on the Grands Boulevards before that. [1969-VIN]

riots. What surprised M most, after the riots of February 6, was the astonishment expressed in the newspapers. [1950-MEM]

Rioux. Dr. Rioux, who lived on the Place des Vosges near Oscar Chabut, was also at the première. Jeanne Chabut was Dr. Rioux's patient. A fat man, a few sparse brown hairs over his bald patch. Wife a big, horsy redhead. [1969-VIN]

Riquet, Rue. [Paris. 18e, Butte-Montmartre - 19e, La Villette. from Quai de la Seine to Rue de la Chapelle]

The phone number at Louise Filon's was Carnot 22-35. The call came from a bistro on the corner of the Boulevard Rochechouart and Rue Riquet, Chez Léon... Janvier glanced up the Rue Riquet, a very short street in which he saw the signs of two hotels which probably let rooms by the hour. [Trevor Sheldrake has pointed out that this is likely to be an error for the Rue Briquet, a short street which has a corner with the Boulevard Rochechouart, unlike the Rue Riquet, which is a continuation of the Rue Ordener, into the 19th, and not a short street.] [1953-TRO]

Riquewihr. Jef Schrameck, also known as Fred the Clown, and "the acrobat", was born at Riquewihr, Upper Rhine. [1952-BAN]

Riri. At first Betty was with Jean, and Raymonde with Riri. But in the morning they had switched partners. [1942-men]

Rita. Mme Lecuyer, the concierge at 17b thought the blonde girl was probably Rita, who worked for the Boris Kroftas.... Rita was not really a maid. She was shocked at getting change from a franc, wasn't familiar with sous... [1937-38-amo]

Mme. Aubain-Vasconcelos said her niece Rita was also trying to kill her. [1947-MOR]

Rita Thorel. see: Thorel, Rita

Ritz. The conversation between Mrs. Kirby and Edna Reichberg seemed to be about a certain José, whom Edna had met at the Ritz, and who'd flirted with her and offered her cocaine. [1930-31-TET]

Presumably Aldo de Rocca too stayed at the Hôtel George-V or the Ritz in Paris, the Savoy in London, the Carlton in Cannes, the Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo. [1957-VOY]

The owner of the yellow Jaguar was Ed Gollan, an American, staying at the Ritz. M called Pierre there, the head porter. M had more than once conducted an investigation there in the Place Vendôme, possibly the most select hotel in Paris. [1963-FAN]

Pierre Nahour had met his brother and his wife at the Ritz in Paris, where they were living. [1966-NAH]

Jacques Huguet said he had a date at the Ritz with an American movie star. [1966-VOL]

Riva-Bella. The houses along Riva-Bella Road [la route de Riva-Bella] had large gardens. [1932-POR]

Rival. M had the interpreter [Franz Lehel] tell Maria of Mme. Rival, the widow who'd been found killed on her farm like the others, on Jan 19, along with her daughter.... The crime of Jan 19 was at a farm belonging to the widow Mme. Rival, called Les Nonettes, probably as it was built on the ruins of a former convent, about 5 km from the village of Goderville, which has a railway station at which slow trains stop, on the Paris-Brussels line. [1947-MOR]

Rivaud, Germaine. M called Germaine Rivaud, the doctor's wife, and asked her to come to his hotel. [1932-FOU]

Rivaud, Jacques. Leduc told M that Dr. Jacques Rivaud lived with his wife and sister-in-law.... M had Mme M check all the medical schools in France to see if Jacques Rivaud had gone there. His name wasn't found.... His real name was Meyer, Samuel Meyer's son. [1932-FOU]

River Police. M told Torrence to call the River Police and have them send frogmen to search the Seine near the Pont de Bir-Hakeim for François Ricain's gun. [1966-VOL]

River Squad. Michael Ozep said he'd jumped off the Pont d'Austerlitz into the Seine to kill himself, but the police from the River Squad pulled him out. [1937-38-sta]

Riviera. [region bordering on Mediterranean Sea in SE France and NE Italy, esp. the coast extending from Cannes to La Spezia; one of the major tourist centers of W. Europe]

Lia Lauwenstein was born in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg in 1903. Lived mostly on the Riviera.... Willy Marco said the American woman's husband from Chicago had shown up suddenly and so she claimed her jewels had been stolen, while she'd been playing on the Riviera. [1930-PRO]

Mme. Martini complained that it was because of William Brown's wife in Australia that they didn't live in one of the finest villas on the Riviera. [1932-LIB]

Boris Krofta said they spent a good deal of time every year on the Riviera. [1937-38-amo]

Charlotte had been a night-club hostess, then a dancer, on the Riviera. Worked in a cloakroom in a club on Rue Fontaine.... Zebio had apparently never been on the Riviera for more than a few days. [1939-MAJ]

Horace Van Usschen's appearance would not have drawn attention in the Riviera, but it created a sensation in L'Aiguillon. He had a look of old John D Rockefeller. [1940-JUG]

Crêmieux had noticed that when she talked about Nice, the Riviera, Louise Laboine seemed to know it. [1954-JEU]

Roger Gaillardin's wife had left for the Riviera two days earlier. [1956-ECH]

John Arnold said once while driving together on the Italian Riviera, some trouble with his Rolls [Rolls Royce] forced David Ward to stop at a little inn. That night in Rome he arranged to buy 5,000 acres in the area. [1957-VOY]

Alfred Meurant was located in Toulon, where he spent most of his time, with frequent trips along the Riviera, to Marseilles, Nice and Menton. He gave the names of three witnesses in Bandol, with whom he'd been playing cards. [1959-ASS]

Stuart Wilton's second wife was a young actress. He lent her a villa on the Riviera. [1961-PAR]

The Delilles lived next to René Josselin's, an elderly couple with married children. They were on the Riviera. [1961-BRA]

Norris Jonker said that many foreigners in Paris and on the Riviera chose France because of its permissive attitude towards personal taste. [1963-FAN]

M told the Chief that half the jewel robberies had been on the Riviera and in Deauville, outside their jurisdiction. [1964-DEF]

Évelina Nahour's two small children lived on the Riviera [Côte d'Azur] with their nurse. [1966-NAH]

The manager of the Ace of Spades said he could retire to the Riviera in a year if he just had three clubs like Nora owned. [1966-VOL]

Apparently Léontine Antoine and Joseph Antoine had been great travelers. They'd visited Quimper, La Baule, Arcachon, and Biarritz. They'd toured the Massif Central, and spent summers on the Riviera.... For years the Giovannis had been responsible for most of the crime on the Riviera.... M thought of spending his next vacation on the Riviera... but it would be the height of the season and swarming with tourists.... Pepito Giovanni said he owned a dozen move theaters up and down the Riviera. [1970-FOL]

The funeral procession had big cars with Riviera plates, big American cars as well as sports cars. [1971-IND]

Jean Lecureur said he could have imagined Gérard Sabin-Levesque running off to the Riviera before being found in the Seine. [1972-CHA]

Riviera Express. M had just caught the Riviera Express for Cannes, at 4:17, seated opposite a woman with a horrible Pekingese on her lap. [1939-MAJ]

Rivière. Dr. Rivière, who had died 5 years earlier, had had no money, so Raymond Couchet had financed his research.... Couchet's company in the Place des Vosges was Dr Rivière's Serums. [1931-OMB]

Maître Rivière called to say he'd be Marcel Moncin's lawyer. [1955-TEN]

Rivoli, Rue de. [Paris. 4e, Hotel-de-Ville - 1er, Louvre. from Rue de Sévigné to Rue St.-Florentin]

Less than a hundred yards from the shadowy quarter of the Au Roi-de-Sicile were the Rue de Rivoli and the Rue Saint-Antoine, wide and well-lit. [1929-30-LET]

Oscar had dinner once a week in Paris, at the Escargot on the Rue de la Bastille. Then he'd go to the Ambigu Theatre and stay at the Hôtel Rambuteau in the Rue de Rivoli. [1931-NUI]

Émile Ducrau said he'd spent the night in a hotel on the Rue de Rivoli. [1933-ECL]

It was no great distance from Longchamp to the Rue de Rivoli. [1936-pei]

The taxi went along the Rue de Rivoli, and the girl got out of the taxi. [1937-38-eto]

When he reached the Rue de Rivoli, he did not cross it. By way of the Rue des Archives he plunged once more into the ghetto, shortly making his way down the Rue des Rosiers.... Two police cars had drawn up at the Rue de Rivoli, at the corner of Rue Vieille-du-Temple. Behind the cars came the Black Marias. At the corner of Rue du Roi-de-Sicile, a policeman checked his watch. People passing on the Rue Saint-Antoine walked faster. The lamp over the brothel on the Rue des Rosiers was lit... [1947-MOR]

Loraine Martin had lived in the Rue Pernelle, off the Boulevard Sébastopol before her marriage. The first street on the right coming from the Rue de Rivoli toward the boulevards. [1950-noe]

They found a car with an address of a businessman on the Rue de Rivoli, with drops of blood on the driver's seat. [1951-LOG]

Lourtie and M walked together part of the way, crossed the Pont-Neuf, then Rue de Rivoli, where M found a taxi to go back to the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir. [1952-REV]

Monique Thouret had an office job in the Rue de Rivoli, at Geber et Bachelier, Solicitors. [1952-BAN]

M found a pair of glacé kid men's slippers, made to measure by a boot-maker in the Rue Saint-Honoré, one of the most exclusive in Paris. The heavy silk dressing-gown was from a shirt-maker in the Rue de Rivoli. [1953-TRO]

The Chief asked M if he'd seen the manager of the bank on the Rue de Rivoli, near Les Halles, where a clerk was suspected of dishonesty. [1953-ECO]

Xavier Marton worked in the Grands Magasins du Louvre, in the Rue de Rivoli. [1957-SCR]

M was delayed two blocks in the Rue de Rivoli, and it took 10 minutes to cross the Place de la Concorde.... Paulette Lachaume's notary, who'd wound up her father's estate, was Léon Wurmster, Rue de Rivoli, not to be confused with Georges Wurmster, a notary at Passy. [1958-TEM]

Évelina Nahour said she'd stay at the Hôtel du Louvre, on the corner of the Rue de Rivoli, near the Place Vendôme. [1966-NAH]

They found a small bag of violet-scented candies from a shop on the Rue de Rivoli in Léontine Antoine's purse. [1970-FOL]

Mme. Nathalie Sabin-Levesque said she'd worked as a secretary for a law firm, Maître Bernard d'Argens, Rue de Rivoli, before she was married. [1972-CHA]

RA  RE  RH  RI  RO  RU  



roach. M had caught a dozen roach [fish], and lost a chub [fish] weighing over a pound. [1962-COL]

Robermont. [Liège] The former tailor, Roger Morcel was in Robermont... the cemetery. He'd died at the beginning of the year. [1930-31-PHO]

Robert. There were inscriptions cut in the stone and on shells: Bob [Robert] and Jeanne. [1932-POR]

Robert Bureau. see: Bureau, Robert

Robert Calas. see: Calas, Robert

Robert Courmont. see: Courmont, Robert

Robert de Courçon. see: Courçon, Robert de

Robert Genlis. see: Genlis, Robert

Robert Naud. see: Naud, Robert

Robin. M called the Alien Resident's Bureau and spoke to Robin. [1951-LOG]

Roblin. Mme Roblin, M's neighbor on the fourth floor, with the dog, had recommended Dr. Floresco, when Mme M needed a dentist. [1949-MME]

Robson. Ronald Dexter had found another handbill: Robson the Comic, Lucille the Medium, and finally, J & J. Robson had died 10 or 15 years earlier in a railroad accident. [1946-NEW]

Rocca, Aldo de. Dorothy Payne had married Aldo de Rocca, an Italian artificial silk magnate with a passion for motor cars who raced at Le Mans every year. [1957-VOY]

Rochain, Albert. By checking with the Tax Office, Lucas had found the man's name, Albert Rochain. He'd taken out his license four years earlier. [1947-MOR]

Rochain, Nine. The man on the phone [Albert Rochain] said M had met his wife Nine.... Fred said he knew a Nine in Marseilles, second in command at a brothel in the Rue Saint-Ferréol. M said he knew her, and that she was at least 50.... M tried to think of the Nines he'd known. He knew one a few years earlier, who'd kept a small bar at Cannes, but she'd been elderly in those days and was no doubt dead by now. There was also the niece of his wife's, whose name was Aline, and whom everyone called Nine.... The old woman said that Albert Rochain was small, and that Nine, his wife, was a big, dark girl, rather a slut. She always smelt of garlic. [1947-MOR]

Rochechouart. Nearly 30 years earlier, when M, newly married, was still the secretary of the Rochechouart Police Station, his wife used to call for him sometimes at noon, and one day they'd walked to Parc Monceau. [1956-ECH]

Rochechouart, Boulevard. [Paris. 9e, Opéra - 18e, Butte-Montmartre. from Boulevard Magenta to Rue des Mazrtyrs]

M. Jacob, the oldest newspaper dealer in the neighborhood, had his stall on the corner of Rue Clignancourt and Boulevard Rochechouart. Received a parcel once a month, probably banknotes. Daughter a housemaid in a furnished flat in the Rue Lepic, pregnant. M. Émile Gallet had once come looking for him. [1930-GAL]

The Rue Fontaine was a blaze of lights, . It was not until they had turned off to the right, past the Rue Blanche into the Boulevard Rochechouart, that the situation began to take shape. [1934-MAI]

Lucas said he'd stopped the van from the Voyages Duchemin Agency in the Boulevard Rochechouart. They'd collected a trunk from a 3rd-floor tenant, M. Bécheval, to be sent by goods train to Quimper. Martino's body was in it. [1936-pig]

Berthe said she'd met her neighbor shopping several times in the Rue Lepic. Her husband went out at the same time hunting in the second-hand bookshops in the Boulevard Rochechouart. [1937-38-ber]

Janvier had followed a likely subject. Called in from the Nain Jaune bar in the Boulevard Rochechouart. [1939-hom]

As soon as the shot rang out M was conscious of a taxi driving off towards Boulevard Rochechouart.... On the Boulevard Rochechouart, Rue de Douai, Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, dim figures loomed out of the shadows. All the exits were sealed. [1942-FEL]

Olga Poissonneau had met Maurice Tremblet by chance outside a cinema in the Boulevard Rochechouart when she was a waitress at a prix fixe restaurant in the Place de Clichy. [1946-pau]

M's car reached the Boulevard Rochechouart, with its brightly lit cinemas and dance halls. Then, from the corner of the steeply sloping Rue Caulaincourt, all was quiet. [1946-mal]

Sitting on a bench in the square opposite Dr. Floresco's office, on the Place d'Anvers, Mme M could watch the movements of the Boulevard Rochechouart.... The taxi with the woman (Gloria Lotti) and the child drove off toward Boulevard Rochechouart, and turned left towards Place Pigalle. [1949-MME]

Old Lagrume, the man who walked so much was the most senior, though he'd never risen to Inspector. Tall and melancholy. A woman had been murdered in the Rue Caulaincourt with a kitchen knife. For nine weeks Lagrume had walked Paris, searching for who had sold the knife. He finally found it sold by a stationer on Boulevard Rochechouart, and the murderer had been found and convicted. [1950-MEM]

Philippe Mortemart lived in a maid's room in a building on the Boulevard Rochechouart. [1950-PIC]

Françoise had been living in a room in the Boulevard Rochechouart when Julien Foucrier killed Mabille. [1951-MEU]

The phone number at Louise Filon's was Carnot 22-35. The call came from a bistro on the corner of the Boulevard Rochechouart and Rue Riquet, Chez Léon... Janvier set off for an Italian restaurant on the Boulevard Rochechouart, a quiet, comfortable place, which smelled of highly seasoned cooking. Pierrot wasn't there. [1953-TRO]

June 15, Rue Durantin, Marie Bernard, widow, 52, Post Office clerk, living with her daughter and son-in-law on Boulevard Rochechouart, stabbed twice. [1955-TEN]

M said they'd start by going down the Saint-Pierre steps. Then they'd stroll along the Boulevard Rochechouart. [1956-AMU]

Janvier called in to say he'd done Boulevard Rochechouart as far as Place d'Anvers looking for links to Léonard Planchon.... Torrence reported another jewel robbery, at the Plaza Athénée, a fight at 3:15 am in Place Pigalle, a stabbing after a dance in Boulevard Rochechouart.... Roger Prou had worked for Desjardins and Brosse, Boulevard Rochechouart, in the painting-decorating business. [1962-CLI]

M. Jules Raison lived in the Boulevard Rochechouart. He played billiards in a café on the corner of the Square d'Anvers. [1962-COL]

Léon Florentin said he rented a small workshop in the Boulevard Rochechouart.... M told the driver 45B Boulevard Rochechouart, Florentin's workshop, nearby. It was between a picture-framer and a tobacconist/bar, a narrow cobbled alley leading to two glass-fronted workshops, outside one of which was a handcart. In the other, a painter was at work on a view of the Sacré-Coeur. [1968-ENF]

Nina Lassave, Marcel Vivien's girlfriend, had had her own apartment there, not very far from Place Pigalle. Where the picture framer had had a little shop. Brasserie Cyrano, Place Blanche, was also in the Rochechouart [Boulevard Rochechouart] neighborhood. [1971-SEU]

Rochechouart, Rue. [Paris. 9e, Opéra. from Rue Lamartine to Boulevard Rochechouart]

Louis the Kid said he'd been at a Marlene Dietrich picture at the cinema on the Rue Rochechouart. [1937-38-ber]

"Police Station in the Rue Rochechouart" for 'commissariat Rochechouart'. [1956-ECH]

Roche, de la. Mme. de la Roche was one of Angèle Louette's clients, who she'd been giving massages to for almost 20 years. 61 Boulevard Saint-Germain. Angèle had been there at the time her aunt was killed. [1970-FOL]

Roche, Duranty de la. Tiburce de Saint-Hilaire told M his mother died soon after he was born. Father died when he was 12. Went to college in Bourges till he was 19. Received a legacy from a second cousin in Indo-China when he was 28, a Duranty de la Roche. [1930-GAL]

Rochefort. [town, Namur prov., SE Belgium, 15 mi. SE of Dinant. pop. 1969: 4,406.]

Gérard Piedboeuf said on a Sunday when the Peeters were taking Germaine Piedboeuf to the Rochefort Caves he'd gone along, and paired off with Anna Peeters. [1932-FLA]

Rochefoucauld, Rue de la. see: La Rochefoucauld, Rue de

Rochefoucauld, Rue de, La. see: La Rochefoucauld, Rue de M and Police-Constable Lecoeur were alone in the Saint-Georges Police Station in the quiet Rue de la Rochefoucauld. [1948-PRE]

Rochelle, La. see: La Rochelle Yves Lannec said he knew Yves Joris as well as anyone from La Rochelle to Rotterdam. [1932-POR]

Roches Blanches. Théo Besson, 48, a bachelor, had been holidaying in Étretat for two weeks. Had a room in the Roches Blanches hotel. (later: Hôtel de la Plage). [1949-DAM]

Roches-Grises, Villa des. Mme. [In December 1931, the Simenons sold the Ostrogoth and rented Les Roches-Grises, a villa on the boulevard James Wyyllie in Antibes owned by the writer Henri Duvernois. PA105] Valentine Forlacroix, née Valentine Constantinesco, Villa des Roches-Grises, Rue Commandant-Marchand, Nice, was the last address for Judge Forlacroix's wife. [1940-JUG]

Roche-sur-Yon, La. see: La Roche-sur-Yon Auguste Point, Minister of Public Works. All M knew was that he was a lawyer from the Vendée, from La Roche-sur-Yon. [1954-MIN]

Rochin. The woman opposite Léontine Antoine's apartment said no doubt old Mother Rochin from the 4th floor had found the body, as she was the nosiest of the tenants. [1970-FOL]

Rockefeller, John D. Horace Van Usschen's appearance would not have drawn attention in the Riviera, but it created a sensation in L'Aiguillon. He had a look of old John D. Rockefeller. [1940-JUG]

Roger Campois. see: Campois, Roger

Roger Couchet. see: Couchet, Roger

Roger Gaillardin. see: Gaillardin, Roger

Roger Morcel. see: Morcel, Roger

Roger Prou. see: Prou, Roger

Roger Stieb. see: Stieb, Roger

Roi-de-Sicile, Rue du. [Paris. 4e, Hotel-de-Ville. from Rue Malher to Rue Bourg-Tibourg]

At last Pietr came to the Rue du Roi-de-Sicile, a crooked street fringed with blind alleys, still half-Jewish, but already half a Polish colony. [1929-30-LET]

The man [Victor Poliensky] kept on drinking, moving around a kind of center, Rue du Roi-de-Sicile, Rue des Écouffes, and the Rue de la Verrerie.... At the corner of Rue du Roi-de-Sicile, a policeman checked his watch. [1947-MOR]

M's first arrest in the Special Squad was on the Rue du Roi-de-Sicile, in a rooming house, a Czech. M assisted Inspector Dufour. It was the first time M disguised himself, old clothes, 48 hours without shaving. They waited for dawn. M's first forcible arrest. [1950-MEM]

Théo Stiernet's grandmother, Joséphine Ménard, had lived on the third floor of an old house in the Rue du Roi-de-Sicile. [1969-VIN]

Roland-Garros races. André Delteil was more often to be met atthe Roland-Garros races or in the bars of the Champs-Élysées than at the law courts. [1952-REV]

Roland-Garros Stadium. [in the Bois de Bologne on Boulevard d'Auteuil (French Open Tennis Championship site)]

Everyone knew that the Chief Commissioner, on his way to the office, kept fit with a few sets of tennis at the Roland-Garros Stadium. [1964-DEF]

Rolland, Jean. M got a call from Jean Rolland, the chief reporter on one of the evening papers. [1969-TUE]

Rollin, Arthur. There was another plaque on the door: Prof. Arthur Rollin, Pediatrician. [1972-CHA]

Rolls-Royce. John Arnold said once while driving together on the Italian Riviera, some trouble with his Rolls [Rolls-Royce] forced David Ward to stop at a little inn.... Outside the door Joseph Van Meulen's Rolls was waiting to take M to the airport. M had never ridden in a Rolls. [1957-VOY]

Olga said sometimes a dignified man in a Rolls came to Mrs. Florence Wilton's house. [1961-PAR]

A chauffeur could be seen polishing a Rolls-Royce in the courtyard of Walter Carus' office. [1966-VOL]

A chauffeur in denims was hosing down the Rolls-Royce at the Émile Parendon's, which belonged to the Peruvian tenants on the second floor. [1968-HES]

Roman. The girl's hair was cut as short as a Roman emperor's. [1956-AMU]

Roman. Former owner of the Papeterie Roman. When he died it was taken over by Mme. Laubier. [1968-HES]

Romanel, Lucien. Francine Lange's companion, Lucien Romanel, waited for her in the car. They had left their car at Orly, and had taken the first plane to Paris, then driven up to Vichy. He worked for her as a hairdresser in La Rochelle.... Lecoeur called Francine Lange in La Rochelle, and the call was answered by Lucien Romanel. [1967-VIC]

Romantic. Jef Lombard said they'd all expected to be at least a Rembrandt. They'd read a lot, especially writers of the Romantic period. [1930-31-PHO]

Rome. Oswald Clark was supposed to have left for Rome the morning before.... Ellen Darroman rushed to Gare de Lyon to meet Oswald J. Clark about to take the Rome Express from Platform 4, leaving in 10 minutes. [1939-MAJ]

Not only in Paris and in France, but in Brussels, Amsterdam and Rome they were trying to pick up Alfred Moss' track. [1949-MME]

Colombani said the Rome plane, stopping in Nice was a Riviera flight.... John Arnold said most people thought David Ward did nothing but enjoy himself at Deauville, Cannes, Lausanne or Rome. [1957-VOY]

Sooner or later, Police Headquarters would be rung up by some famous person just returned from Hollywood, London, Rome or Cannes, to find their flat had been broken into, the refrigerator empty. [1958-TEM]

The newspaper account said Armand de Saint-Hilaire had served as French Ambassador in Rome, London, and Washington, among other capitals. [1960-VIE]

Stuart Wilton's son married Lida Wilton, a Hungarian model. They divorced when he discovered she was his father's mistress. Living in Rome with an Italian prince. [1961-PAR]

The Pardons (Dr Pardon) had taken a vacation to Italy by car, planning to visit Florence, Rome, Naples, Venice and Milan. [1961-BRA]

M had frequently had to deal with people like that, as much at home in London as in New York or Rome, who take a plane the way most people take a subway. [1966-NAH]

Each of those people in Vichy lived quite a different life somewhere else, in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rome or Philadelphia... [1967-VIC]

Roméo. On Monday night, Léon Zirkt had been outside the Roméo, a new night-club in the Rue Caumartin.... At the Roméo that night had been the wedding of Marco Santoni, representative in France of a well-known Italian vermouth, and Jeanine Armenieu of Paris. [1954-JEU]

Romeo and Juliet. Léon Florentin said he didn't claim they were Romeo and Juliet. [1968-ENF]

Rome, Rue de. [Paris. 8e, Élycée - 17e, Batignolles-Monceau. from Boulevard Haussmann to Rue Cardinet]

The taxi with M and Octave Le Cloaguen struggled through the crowds around the Gare Saint-Lazare and started up Rue de Rome. [1941-SIG]

Ronald Dexter. see: Dexter, Ronald

Rondeaux, Rue des. [Paris. 20e, Ménilmontant. from Rue Charles-Renouvier to Avenue Gambetta]

Émile Boulay's body had been found in the Rue des Rondeaux, in the 20th, just outside the cemetery of Père Lachaise. [1962-COL]

Rondonnet. In M's own office, Rondonnet, a recent addition to his staff, was sitting in M's personal chair, and smoking a pipe just like his. He'd even ordered beers sent up from the Brasserie Dauphine. [1942-FEL]

Rond-Point. [Paris. 8e, Élycée. from Avenue Champs-Élysées to Avenue Montaigne. (Rond-Point des Champs-Élysées)]

Pietr walked twice up and down from the Étoile to Rond-Point des Champs-Élysées. [1929-30-LET]

M was about to start towards Rond-Point from Claridge's when he spotted Janvier. [1949-MME]

M took the bus to Rond-Point, and walked along Avenue Marigny, alongside the gardens of the Élysée Palace, the gardens of the President of the Republic. [1968-HES]

roneo. M found a library of over 300 volumes, nearly all scientific, on mathematics, and a whole row of books in French and English were on the theory of probability. He found papers, some roneo-toned, containing columns of figures. [1966-NAH]

Roquette, Rue de la. [Paris. 11e, Popincourt. from Place de la Bastille to Boulevard Ménilmont]

Henri Gallet lived at Hôtel Bellevue, 19 Rue de la Roquette. [1930-GAL]

M had seen the man, Louis Jeunet, send himself a package of 30,000 Belgian francs, to 18, Rue de la Roquette, from Brussels, as "printed matter".... No. 18 Rue de la Roquette turned out to be a low-class hotel. Less than 50 yards from the Place de la Bastille, the Rue de Lappe, with its little dance-halls, leads into it.... Someone told Jeanne Jeunet they'd seen Louis Jeunet in a workshop in the Rue de la Roquette which made beer pumps. [1930-31-PHO]

M recognized a woman he'd taken to Saint-Lazare after a raid on Rue de la Roquette. [1930-31-TET]

In the Place de la Bastille, at the corner of the Rue de la Roquette, M studied the lights. [1945-FAC]

The man [Victor Poliensky] made off towards the Bastille, walked nearly the whole way round the Place, started down the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, but turned right down the Rue de la Roquette. [1947-MOR]

The chief-inspector was bending over the detective-sergeant, discussing the raid they were planning in the Rue de la Roquette. [1948-PRE]

Gaston Meurant said on the day of the murder he'd been working in his workshop in the Rue de la Roquette. [1959-ASS]

Honoré Cuendet had worked at a locksmith's in the Rue de la Roquette. [1961-PAR]

Roger Prou was born in Paris on Rue de la Roquette. [1962-CLI]

Demarie said the men should be near the Bastille, unless they'd got to the Rue de la Roquette. [1966-NAH]

Rorive. M called Rorive at Motor Vehicle Registration, to check on the yellow Jaguar, but he'd gone home already. [1963-FAN]

Rosalie. Rosalie was one of the chambermaids at the hotel. Had been attacked by the madman. [1932-FOU]

Rosalie Bourdon. see: Bourdon, Rosalie

Rosalie Dumont. see: Dumont, Rosalie

Rosalie Méchin. see: Méchin, Rosalie

Rosalie Moncoeur. see: Moncoeur, Rosalie

Rosay. Mlle. Roasy, the operator on duty, showed no surprise at calling the nurse. [1957-VOY]

Rose. Émile Ducrau said that on the second floor he'd set up a person called Rose, who'd been a hostess at Maxim's. [1933-ECL]

Lucas had found a love letter to Joseph Leroy from Mathilde, who worked with someone called Mme. Rose. [1945-pip]

Rose was the Julien Chabot's maid, in her sixties, who'd been with them for 30 years. [1953-PEU]

The caller, Rose, said the girl had lived at 113b Rue de Clichy. He should ask the old woman on the 2nd floor, Mme. Crêmieux for more information.... . The second floor tenants were the Larchers. Rose was their maid, from Normandy.... Rose was not yet 16. She'd seen Louise Laboine once on a bench at the Trinité Church garden. [1954-JEU]

Rose, probably 60 by now, hadn't changed much since she'd kept a discreet brothel on the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, and M had rescued her from an awkward situation. He hadn't expected to find her running this hotel in the Rue de l'Étoile. [1956-ECH]

Rose was the chambermaid at the Hôtel Lambert. [1961-PAR]

Rose Alfonsi. see: Alfonsi, Rose

Rose Delval. see: Delval, Rose

Rose, La. see: La Rose

Rose Trochu. see: Trochu, Rose

Rosetti. 1st floor tenant in Jeanne Debul's building, on the right. Italians. three maids, a nurse for the baby who's over a year old. Rosetti's in automobiles. [1952-REV]

Rose Valois. Mme M said she'd have felt silly trying on hats at Caroline Reboux or Rose Valois, pretending to be a customer. [1949-MME]

Rose Vatan. see: Vatan, Rose

Rosiers, Rue des. [Paris. 4e, Hotel-de-Ville. from Rue Malher to Rue Vieille du Temple]

Reaching the Jewish quarter, centered on the Rue des Rosiers, Pietr walked past the shops with Yiddish inscriptions, kosher butchers and bakeries that displayed unleavened bread. [1929-30-LET]

When he reached the Rue de Rivoli, he did not cross it. By way of the Rue des Archives he plunged once more into the ghetto, shortly making his way down the Rue des Rosiers.... The lamp over the brothel on the Rue des Rosiers was lit... [1947-MOR]

At the Quai des Orfèvres there are maps on which little islands are marked, the Jews of the Rue des Rosiers, the Italians of the Hôtel de Ville district, the Russians of Les Ternes and Denfert-Rochereau... [1950-MEM]

Rosine Jouffroy. see: Jouffroy, Rosine

Rosporden. Léon Le Glérec said he'd been arrested in Rosporden, in a railroad station. [1931-JAU]

Rossine. Mme M finally found the hat in the Rue Caumartin, at Hélène et Rossine's. [1949-MME]

Rothschild. Baron had spoken to Loris in the Manhattan Bar, who'd been a trainer for one of the Rothschilds. [1951-LOG]

Rothschild Bank. There was a checkbook from the Rothschild Bank in Armand de Saint-Hilaire's desk. [1960-VIE]

Rotisserie Périgourdine. Désiré Boursicault took . Françoise Boursicault to the Rotisserie Périgourdine on their first date, and asked her to marry him. [1951-MEU]

Rotterdam. [industrial and commerical city and seaport, South Holland province, W Netherlands on both sides of the Nieuwe Mass, about 15 mi. from the North Sea. pop. 1970: 686,586.]

In a few years Cornélius Barens career would begin, Rotterdam to Java and back... [1931-HOL]

Yves Lannec said the Hollands M was drinking he'd brought back from Rotterdam. [1932-POR]

In Moss's trunk was a set of tails and a dinner jacket with the label of a big London tailor, another dress suit made in Milan. Shoes from Paris, Nice, Brussels, Rotterdam or Berlin. [1949-MME]

Roubaix. [manufacturing and commercial city, N France, Nord dept. pop. 1968: 114,547. 7 mi. NE of Lille. major center of French textile industry.]

Fernande said she came from Roubaix. [1934-MAI]

Edgar Fagonet had tried to find employment at Lille and Roubaix. [1939-MAJ]

The mechanic said Albert Rochain was from the North, maybe Tourcoing. His friend, Jules, said it was Roubaix. [1947-MOR]

Mlle. Clément had had the boarding house ten years. A native of Lille, more accurately, Roubaix. Her father had been a waiter at the Brasserie Flamande at Roubaix for nearly forty years. She'd started as a cashier there at twenty. [1951-MEU]

Émile Branchu lived a long times in Marseilles, but came from Roubaix. [1969-TUE]

Rouen. [commerical and industrial city, N France, Seine-Maritime dept. pop. 1968: 120,471. on the right bank of the Seine, 71 mi. NW of Paris.]

Aurore Gallet had received a postcard from her husband postmarked Rouen, dated the 26th, the day before. The postcard showed the Old Market Place at Rouen. [1930-GAL]

The chief engineer said they'd just got word of the Pacific, of the same class as the Océan. It had struck a rock and sunk. The second officer's wife had come in from Rouen. [1931-REN]

Le Havre and Rouen are reached by the Lower Seine. [1933-ECL]

Berthe raised the lid of a soup tureen of imitation Rouen pottery, and took out a letter. [1937-38-ber]

The waiter from the buffet at the Gare Saint-Lazare called on behalf of Janvier, who'd name he thought was Février, to say he was on his way to Rouen.... One of the local inspectors at Rouen called to say Jacques Pétillon had gone straight to the Barracks when he'd arrived, into a brasserie nearby, the Tivoli, frequented by prostitutes, stayed half an hour, and was waiting for the return train to Paris. [1942-FEL]

Amorelle and Campois took shares at building sites in Rouen where they had their tugs built. [1945-FAC]

Valentine Besson's first husband had been Henri Poujolle, from Rouen, who worked in the Post Office. [1949-DAM]

Arlette's father, Gaston Trochain, died when she was two, in the famous train crash at Rouen. [1950-PIC]

Ernestine Jussiaume called M to say she'd received a card from Alfred Jussiaume from Rouen. [1951-GRA]

When Auguste Point called the President of the State Council he was told he was at a political meeting in Rouen. [1954-MIN]

Gisèle Marton's father had been a history master at the Rouen lycée; [1957-SCR]

Jef van Houtte said he'd come from Jeumont with a load of slate for Rouen; had intended to pass through Paris and stop at the Suresnes lock, but noticed he had engine trouble. [1962-CLO]

Émile Boulay had had an accident while driving to Rouen with his wife, Marie Pirouet, who was pregnant. She was killed in the crash. [1962-COL]

Louis Pélardeau told Lecoeur he had inherited a wire drawing business near Le Havre from his father. Eventually built a plant in Rouen, then Strasbourg. Head office on Boulevard Voltaire in Paris. [1967-VIC]

Fernand Courcel lived in Rouen, but had a business on the Boulevard Voltaire. [1968-ENF]

Henri Legendre was an industrialist, commuted between Paris and Rouen. [1969-VIN]

Rougeau. The papers spoke of a manhunt in the forest of Rougeau, as they searched for Émile Gradut, the stoker of the Aiglon VII, who had disappeared. [1936-pen]

Rouget, Gaston. Gaston Rouget, the doorkeeper at the Roméo, recognized Louise Laboine's photo. [1954-JEU]

Rougier, Eugène. An innkeeper's sign was just visible in the failing light: Eugène Rougier, Débitant. [1931-GUI]

Rougier, Gaston. An inspector from the Rue des Saussaies, CDI. When Janvier went to the Boulevard Saint-Germain Ministry to check on Blanche Lamotte, he met Rougier, who was on the same job. A decent man who lived in the suburbs and had 6 or 7 (Eng. tr: 7 or 8) children. [1954-MIN]

Rougin, Jean. Someone said the Baron had just arrived, and young Jean Rougin, and one photographer. [1955-TEN]

Rouillon. Didine [Adine Hulot] said someone could probably have gotten some fish from Polyte, a good sole or a plump Saint-Pierre. And old Père Rouillon goes out with his gun, so you might get some plovers from him. [1940-JUG]

Roule. In Paris, Françoise Boursicault had lived in the Roule district. [1951-MEU]

Roulers and Langlois. The depot of the heavy, long-distance, red and green trucks M had seen lined up in a side street of the Quai de Valmy was at Rue Terrage. Zenith Transport, Roulers and Langlois. [1955-COR]

Rousselet, Aline. M checked the phone book for Rousselet. There were scores of them... Aline Rousselet, Amédée Rousselet, Arthur Rousselet... Finally he found Laboratories René Rousselet. [1962-CLO]

Rousselet, Amédée. M checked the phone book for Rousselet. There were scores of them... Aline Rousselet, Amédée Rousselet, Arthur Rousselet... Finally he found Laboratories René Rousselet. [1962-CLO]

Rousselet, Arthur. M checked the phone book for Rousselet. There were scores of them... Aline Rousselet, Amédée Rousselet, Arthur Rousselet... Finally he found Laboratories René Rousselet. [1962-CLO]

Rousselet, Jacqueline. François Keller's daughter. Jacqueline Rousselet seemed about 35, dark hair. Four children, 11, 9, 7, 3. Hadn't seen her father since she was 13. Said her mother was 55, a devout Catholic, never got a divorce. [1962-CLO]

Rousselet, Jeannot. M heard Jacqueline Rousselet talk to her child, Jeannot. [1962-CLO]

Rousselet, René. François Keller' s daughter (Jacqueline Rousselet) married René Rousselet of the pharmaceutical products firm, lived in Paris.... M checked the phone book for Rousselet. There were scores of them... Aline Rousselet, Amédée Rousselet, Arthur Rousselet... Finally he found Laboratories René Rousselet. The labs were in the 14th, near the Porte d'Orléans. The private address was given below, Boulevard Suchet, 16th. [1962-CLO]

Roussillon. [Historical region of S France, bounded anciently on the N by Languedoc, on S by the Pyrenees, on W by Andorra, on NW by Countship of Foix.]

Dr. Émile Janin, born in Roussillon. [1940-JUG]

Route 13. A fish dealer from Honfleur driving along Route 13 in the Forêt de Saint-Germain between Poissy and Le Pecq picked up Lognon, unconscious on the side of the road. Took him to Dr. Grenier's at Saint-Germain. [1951-LOG]

Route Nationale. Cécile Pardon lived at Bourg-la-Reine, about a mile beyond the Porte d'Orléans, on the Route Nationale, just opposite the fifth stop. Big, five-story brick building with shops on the ground floor, a bicycle shop and a grocer's. Lived on the fifth floor.... Cars were rumbling past Cécile's funeral procession on Route Nationale 20. [1940-CEC]

Roy. Mme. Had the Pretty Pigeon, an inn at Morsang [Morsang-sur-Seine], on the Seine by the barrage a little above Corbeil. Had known Mlle. Jeanne for 5 years -- she had once stayed a month at the Pretty Pigeon. [1941-SIG]

That woman, Roy or Leroy... Émile had come in to announce a woman with her son. [1945-pip]

Royale, Rue. [Paris. 8e, Élycée. from Place de la Concorde to Palce de la Madeleine]

Feinstein said that James worked at an English bank in the Place Vendôme. Usually could be found in one of the bars in the Rue Royale. [1931-GUI]

The cool sound of lapping water came from the nearby Seine, and cars were gliding noiselessly from the Rue Royale towards the Champs-Élysées. The luminous sign of Maxim's glowed red in the night. Place de la Concorde. [1947-MOR]

As they were crossing the Rue Royale, returning to headquarters, M changed his mind, and told the driver to go to the Rue des Capucines, Manhattan Bar. [1951-LOG]

Jacques Sainval said he'd met Paulette Lachaume in a tearoom on the Rue Royale. She'd left her car in the Place Vendôme and gone shopping in the Rue Saint-Honoré. [1958-TEM]

When she first married, Léontine Faverges lived in Asnières. For several years she'd been seen frequenting the cafés on Rue Royale, and the Vice Squad had a record of her. [1959-ASS]

Francine Josselin said she'd gone into a brasserie on the Rue Royale after the theater with her daughter. [1961-BRA]

In the corner was a Louis XV desk, writing paper with the name Philippe Lherbier, the leather merchant on the Rue Royale. Not only the most elegant leather shop in Paris, but there were branches in Cannes, Deauville, London, New York and Miami. [1969-TUE]

Royal Theater. Ephraim Graphopoulos (and M, watching him) had dinner at the Bécasse, a fine Liège restaurant behind the Royal Theater. [1931-GAI]

Royal Yacht Club. Walter Lampson said he belonged to both the Yachting Club of France and the Royal Yacht Club. [1930-PRO]

Royan. [commune, W France, Charente-Maritime dept. pop. 1968: 17,292. on Atlantic Ocean at mouth of the Gironde. seaside resort, largely destroyed by bombing in WWII.]

Hubert Vernoux had a daughter, Adeline Paillet, who married a man named Paillet, whom she met while on holiday at Royan. [1953-PEU]

In Antwerp, when the diamond cutters retreated before the German advance, they were all directed to Royan and then to the US. Some of them came back to Paris, the Marais and Saint-Antoine. They're almost all Jews. [1965-PAT]

Rozier, Justin. Justin Rozier, the inn-keeper of the Auberge des Pêcheurs said it was the car of the young couple. [1937-38-noy]

RA  RE  RH  RI  RO  RU  



Rubens. Charlotte was as plump and pink as a Rubens. [1939-MAJ]

Ruchon, Joseph. Marco Santoni lived in the Rue de Berri, Lognon had learned from his manservant, Joseph Ruchon. [1954-JEU]

Rudolf Valentino. see: Valentino, Rudolf

Ruel. Ruel was keeping an eye on Émile Blaise, who would be on his way to the Bourse at that hour. [1941-SIG]

Ruinard. The priest said he'd borrowed the money from Mme. Ruinard, the widow of the former solicitor. She lived in the house with a gate with gilded spikes, on the road to Matignon. [1932-FIA]

Rumania. M imagined a letter from Samuel Meyer. "To Mr. N.A. Levy, Bucharest . I am dispatching 200 rare stamps of Jugoslavia, Rumania and other countries... I hope to shortly find the Greek ones you were asking about." Of course, they wouldn't be postage stamps... All the year round, by tens, hundreds, thousands, Poles , Jews, Rumanians, Italians were streaming outwards to the four corners of the globe. [1932-FOU]

Maria was a queen still reigning at the time, the Queen of Rumania. The letter was from Bucharest. [1960-VIE]

Rumanian. Mme. Aubain-Vasconcelos had the same Rumanian accent as a famous actress from the Boulevard theaters, the same sudden outbursts. [1947-MOR]

Mme Roblin, M's neighbor on the fourth floor, had recommended Dr. Floresco, a Rumanian, when Mme M needed a dentist. [1949-MME]

Rum Avenue. Berthe Swaan said her husband was second officer on the Seeteufel of Bremen, owned by a German company, but fitted out by an American company for the "Rum Avenue run," smuggling whisky to the US. Several big companies were floated with American money, some registered in France, some in Holland or Germany. [1929-30-LET]

Rumor. Hector Tabard's gossip-filled weekly with the reputation of a cheap blackmailing sheet. [1954-MIN]

Rungis. M said Gilbert Pigou might be at Les Halles. He wondered where all the down-and-outs would go in a few months time when the market was moved to Rungis. [1969-VIN]

August, 1965, the fruit and vegetable market had not yet been transferred from Les Halles in Paris to Rungis. [1971-SEU]

Rue du Caire was on the edge of Les Halles, where the buildings had not yet begun to be demolished, but where all activity had ceased and been moved to Rungis. [1971-IND]

Russia. Pskov was in Russia. M had looked it up in an atlas. Near the Baltic. Several little countries there, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, encircled by Poland and Russia.... and there Jews as well, scattered everywhere.... A Russian from Archangel had come into the seedy bar at Fécamp the week before, off a Swedish three master, the bartender told Pietr. who M had followed from Berthe Swaan's. [1929-30-LET]

Jaquette Larrieu said Armand de Saint-Hilaire never missed mass, even in Russia. [1960-VIE]

Norris Jonker said he had a Chirico which had been smuggled across the Italian border, and a Manet which came from Russia. [1963-FAN]

Russian. Vladimir had been a cadet in the Russian navy. Served in Wrangel's fleet. [1930-PRO]

Joseph Van Dame was talking about the German and Russian efforts at using energy from rivers, and the dam they were building in the Ukraine, when he suddenly tried to push M into the river. [1930-31-PHO]

There was a girl of about 20, with a sketchbook, drink milk and eating a croissant, read a Russian paper that was one of those provided for customers [at the American bar at the Coupole]. [1930-31-TET]

Grandjean's taxi driver was a Russian. [1931-NUI]

The newspaper article in the Comtesse de Saint-Fiacre's missal reported the suicide of Maurice de Saint-Fiacre, in an apartment in the Rue de Miromesnil, where he had lived with his Russian mistress, Marie V. [Marie Vassilief]. [1932-FIA]

The one they called The Beard was Boris Saft, and that One-Eye was Sasha Vorontsow, actually a Russian, not a Pole. [1937-38-sta]

Germaine Devon started speaking in a language which was no longer English, but Polish or Russian. [1938-owe]

M said Gabrielli was stronger at Russian billiards than at investigations. [1938-ceu]

They'd passed [Stephan Strevzki's] photo around in Polish and Russian circles with no result.... An old man in the queue at the soup kitchen spoke to Stephan Strevzki in Russian. [1939-hom]

The photograph in the newpaper, supposedly showing M looking at Mimi's body, was actually taken a year before, in the Bois de Boulogne, when he was looking at the body of a Russian who'd been shot with a revolver. [see: HOM (Viennese - Borms)] [1939-MAJ]

The Chief mentioned the case of a Russian who had made his suicide look like a crime so his daughter could collect the insurance. M said he'd done the investigation. [1942-men]

Richard Gendreau-Balthazar was wearing Russian leather slippers over his bare feet. ... Dédé told M to drink up in one gulp, like the Russians. [1948-PRE]

Georges Peskine, a taxi driver, naturalized Russian, picked up three men near Gare Saint-Lazare and took them to the corner of Rue de Turenne and Rue des Francs-Bourgeois Saturday night.... Judge Gabriel Dossin, Examining Magistrate in the Frans Steuvels case. He always seemed to be apologizing for having the aristocratic figure of a Russian wolfhound..... [1949-MME]

At the Quai des Orfèvres there are maps on which little islands are marked, the Jews of the Rue des Rosiers, the Italians of the Hôtel de Ville district, the Russians of Les Ternes and Denfert-Rochereau... [1950-MEM]

Tania said she did Russian dancing at Picratt's.... The photo Lapointe had found of the Countess von Farnheim showed her with two Russian wolfhounds. [1950-PIC]

Philippe de Lancieux had told of living with a German farm woman whose husband had been killed on the Russian front. [1961-BRA]

The doorman at the Saint-Trop' was a colossus with a white beard, a Russian refugee who played the balalaika. He swore by Saint George that Émile Boulay hadn't come back later. [1962-COL]

One of the letters was from Wanda, who Jeanne Chabut thought must be a Ruissian or a Pole. [1969-VIN]

Léontine Antoine told her niece that a Russian woman had started talking to her on the bench in the Tuileries Gardens, and that she'd had to move to a different side of the park to be alone. Said she'd lived in Nice for years, had been a ballerina. [1970-FOL]

Nathalie Sabin-Levesque said maybe she'd been named Nathalie because of her Russian blood. [1972-CHA]

Rütsep. The photo M found in Anna Gorskin's room, a house in a photo, 6 Rütsep, Max Johansson, Tailor. A family picture, with two boys, 6 or 8 years old. [1929-30-LET]

Ruyssen. M had seen some of them (Sengés, Levy-Valensi, Maxwell) quoted in the journals of the International Society of Criminology. And he had in fact read the works of others, Lagache, Ruyssen, Genil-Perrin. [1968-HES]

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