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Oasis. The Count Hans von Farnheim estate in Nice was called the Oasis. [1950-PIC]

Oats, Spencer. American criminologist from the Institute of Criminology of Philadelphia, who wanted to observe M's methods. Tall, scholarly-looking man with red hair and a thin face. Asked M what he thought about the pathology of murderers. M answered, "Before, or after?" [1940-CEC]

OA  OB  OC  OD  OF  OH  OI  OL  OM  ON  OO  OP  OR  OS  OT  OU  OW  OX  OZ  



Obelisk. [The obelisk, from the ruins of the Temple at Luxor, was given to Charles X in 1829 by Mohammed Ali, Viceroy of Egypt. It reached Paris in 1833, in the reign of Louis-Philippe. Pink granite, 3,300 years old, covered with hieroglyphics. 23m (75 feet) tall, more than 220 tons. The pyrimidal top was regilded in the 1990s as it was originally.]
M felt something was wrong. The Place de la Concorde was too vast, too cool, too airy, with its white Obelisk at the center. [1947-MOR]

Bob Mandille had been a movie stunt man, parachuting over the Place de la Concorde and landing near the Obelisk. [1966-VOL]

O'Brien, Michael. Michael O'Brien smiled as the proprietess offered them coq au vin with a genuine Beaujolais. Big, wooly-haired (or perhaps, "gentle": "à tête de mouton", red-headed man, 46. [1946-NEW]

OA  OB  OC  OD  OF  OH  OI  OL  OM  ON  OO  OP  OR  OS  OT  OU  OW  OX  OZ  



occupation. Auguste Point was one of those deputies elected after the war for their personal qualities and their conduct during the occupation.... Everyone was surprised when, a few weeks before the German retreat they arrested Auguste Point, and took him to Niort, then somewhere in Alsace. They caught three of four others at the same time, one a surgeon from Bressuire. Throughout the war Point had hidden British agents and pilots escaped from German camps in the farm he owned near La Roche-sur-Yon. [1954-MIN]

Océan. Pierre Le Clinche had been a pupil of Jorissen's, 20, sailed 3 months earlier on the Océan, a Fécamp trawler which fished cod in Newfoundland. [1931-REN]

Octave Fallut. see: Fallut, Octave

Octave Le Cloaguen. see: Le Cloaguen, Octave

OA  OB  OC  OD  OF  OH  OI  OL  OM  ON  OO  OP  OR  OS  OT  OU  OW  OX  OZ  



Odéon, Place de l'. [Paris. 6e, Luxembourg. from Rue de l'Odéon to Rue Racine]

Maître André Radel lived in the Place de l'Odéon, not far away. [1958-TEM]

Mace, from Figaro, had managed to follow the taxi. Lamblin and Ginette Meurant had gone to a seafood restaurant on Place de l'Odéon specializing in bouillabaisse. [1959-ASS]

Odessa. [City, capital of Odessa Oblast, S Ukranian SSR, USSR, 25 mi NE of the mouth of the Dneister on Odessa Bay. pop. 1970: 892,000.]

Anna Gorskin was born in Odessa, brought up at Vilna. [1929-30-LET]

Between Budapest and Odessa, between Tallinn and Constinatinople, there were large tracts of country where the population was too dense. In particular there were hundred of thousands of hungry Jews whose only ambition was to seek a better existence in some other land. [1932-FOU]

Odette. M kissed his sister-in-law, who always smelt of lavender. They had dinner. He drank a glass of Calvados. Before seeing Odette to the métro he called up Police Headquarters. [1947-MOR]

Odette Bellamy. see: Bellamy, Odette

Odette Delaveau. see: Delaveau, Odette

Odette Heurtin. see: Heurtin, Odette

Odile. The maid at Marcel Moncin's, Odile, white-aproned, less than 20. [1955-TEN]

OA  OB  OC  OD  OF  OH  OI  OL  OM  ON  OO  OP  OR  OS  OT  OU  OW  OX  OZ  



office. see A Visit to Maigret's Office (Visite au bureau de Maigret) by Murielle Wenger

office boy. M greeted the office boy at Police Headquarters by his Christian name. [1930-31-PHO]

Shortly before 9, at the Police Judiciaire, the office boy told M there'd been a call. On M's desk was a note that the assistant lock-keeper at Charenton had been found hanging from the upper lock-gate. [1933-ECL]

The office boy told M the Director was busy but would see him in the afternoon. [1934-MAI]

M rang for the office boy, and asked if Joseph Gastin were still there. [1953-ECO]

Official Handbook to Inland Navigation. The lock-keeper had lent M a copy of the Official Handbook to Inland Navigation [Guide officiel de la Navigation intérieure] where obscure places like Dizy took on importance. [1930-PRO]

OA  OB  OC  OD  OF  OH  OI  OL  OM  ON  OO  OP  OR  OS  OT  OU  OW  OX  OZ  



Ohio. Mortimer-Levingston was born on a farm in Ohio, began his career selling bootlaces in San Francisco. [1929-30-LET]

OA  OB  OC  OD  OF  OH  OI  OL  OM  ON  OO  OP  OR  OS  OT  OU  OW  OX  OZ  



Oise. [river, N France, 188 mi. long; flows SW into Seine river, navigable for about 80 mi.]

Justin Minard said he'd learned that Germaine Baboeuf, the elder maid, was in the Oise, where her sister was expecting a baby. [1948-PRE]

It was unlikely Marinette Augier could have gone to the sea, but there were plenty of places on the Seine, the Marne or the Oise she could have gone. [1963-FAN]

Maurice Marcia often made calls to Les Eglandes, a little village in the Oise. [1971-IND]

OA  OB  OC  OD  OF  OH  OI  OL  OM  ON  OO  OP  OR  OS  OT  OU  OW  OX  OZ  



Olaf Swaan. see: Swaan, Olaf

Old Benoît. Porquerolles destitute, hair down to his shoulders, shaggy beard. Claimed to be 100; landed on the island when Morin-Barbu, who kept the corner café was a young man. From Italy, but by accent probably not Genoa or Naples. An accent all his own. In summer shaved his head and beard and fished mordu, worms with very hard heads, found in the sand, for bait; used to be a builder, built many of the houses on the island. [1949-AMI]

Old Bernard. M found the old Chief Cashier, Bernardin, whom everyone called Old Bernard. He'd been there 42 years, since M. Charles Grandmaison's time. [1932-POR]

Old Cadaver. M recognized a pale face, Old Cadaver, Justin Cavre, who'd been called that at Police Judiciaire for 20 years. [1943-CAD]

Old England. [Stephan Strevzki's] coat had the label "Old England" shop, on the Boulevard des Italiens. [1939-hom]

Old Grouch. M had completely forgotten that the Second District was Lognon's sector - Lognon, who his colleagues called "Old Grouch". But maybe Lognon wasn't on night duty in the Rue de La Rochefoucauld.... M recognized at once the short, spare figure of Lognon. [1954-JEU]

Old Jules. Known as Pépère or Old Jules, a well-built man with white hair and a fresh complexion, one of Léonard Planchon's employees. Said he was sometimes called St. Peter. [1962-CLI]

Old Market Place. Gallet had received a postcard from her husband postmarked Rouen, dated the 26th, the day before. The postcard showed the Old Market Place at Rouen. [1930-GAL]

Old Pouilly. café on Place Saint-Georges. Émile Blaise wrote to the Director that he saw someone from his window there, keeping his place under surveillance. [1941-SIG]

Old Testament. A lean old man with a huge white mustache who seemed a living evocation of the Old Testament was pointing at M. He looked like Ezekiel, but also reminded M of Clemenceau. [1949-CHE]

Old Town. It takes but a single sunbeam to transform Concarneau -- then the Old Town's walls turn a dazzling white. [1931-JAU]

Boutigues told M he had to see the Old Town at Antibes. [1932-LIB]

Old Ulrich. Hans Goldberg said the man who'd owned the shop before him had been Old Ulrich, a money-lender, who'd disappeared one day. The alias of Jacob Levy. [1931-GUI]

Old Wine Press. François Ricain told M he had gone to the Old Wine Press the night of his wife's murder.... The Old Wine Press was on the other side of the boulevard, near the Air Terminal subway entrance.... owned by Bob Mandille. [1966-VOL]

Oléron. [island, W France, Charente-Maritime dept. Île d'Oléron. Island in E Bay of Biscay, 66 sq. mi.]

As a boy, Edgar Fagonet had been sent to a sanatorium on the island of Oléron. [1939-MAJ]

Olga. Germaine said Odette Bellamy regularly went to Olga's, the dressmaker across the street. [1947-VAC]

Germaine Baboeuf's sister was Olga. [1948-PRE]

Someone called Olga at Mariette Gibon's, about a dress fitting. Call was from a dressmaker in the Place Saint-Georges. [1952-BAN]

One of the girls, Olga, lived on the Rue Washington. Red hair, large bustline. [1957-VOY]

In the room next to Honoré Cuendet's in the Hôtel Lambert was a girl named Olga. [1961-PAR]

The previous maid of René Josselin's. Almost 8 years earlier Véronique Fabre had once gone up to her room on the sixth floor. [1961-BRA]

The girl with Jean-Luc Bodard in his hotel room was Olga, a salesgirl in the Bon Marché. He'd met her in a self-service store. [1968-ENF]

Olga Boulanger. see: Boulanger, Olga

Olga Grossot. see: Grossot, Olga

Olga Poissonneau. see: Poissonneau, Olga

Olga Swaan. see: Swaan, Olga

Olga Tserewska. see: Tserewska, Olga

Ollivier, Antoinette. Germaine Gouin's sister, Antoinette Ollivier, unmarried, lived in the Boulevard Saint-Michel, opposite the School of Mining. 5 years older, she worked in a municipal library. She was a great Catholic and thought Étienne Gouin was the Devil.... Antoinette Ollivier looked more than her 50 years. [1953-TRO]

Olympia. Françoise Beausoleil and Germaine Rivaud's mother Joséphine Beausoleil came to Bergerac. She'd sung at the Olympia. [1932-FOU]

Olympic. The driver, 23, was a policeman of the new school, who looked more like an Olympic champion than an old-time cop. [1951-LOG]

Olympic Games. Big-time pickpockets wouldn't hesitate to cross the Atlantic for a world exhibition, or the Olympic Games. [1966-VOL]

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Omaha. Bill Larner was 40, born in Omaha. [1951-LOG]

O'Malley, Jimmy. The letter that had been left for Louise Laboine said she should ask for Jimmy [Jimmy O'Malley], at Pickwick's Bar, Rue de l'Étoile.... Albert Falconi said Jimmy was an American. His daughter was getting married next week in Baltimore. [1954-JEU]

Omer Calas. see: Calas, Omer

Omey. The Providence had gone on to Omey, where there was a good port, a mile from Pogny. [1930-PRO]

OA  OB  OC  OD  OF  OH  OI  OL  OM  ON  OO  OP  OR  OS  OT  OU  OW  OX  OZ  



One-Eye. One-Eye, the nickname of one of Stan the Killer's gang, Sasha Vorontsow, a Russian. [1937-38-sta]

One-eyed Eugène. see: Eugène, One-eyed

O'Neil, Ted. Sergeant Ted O'Neil was shorter, stockier than the others, with light hair with a reddish tinge, wavy. He looked like a peasant from the north of France.... Sergeant Ward said he took Bessie Mitchell to the Penguin Bar where his friends, four other Air Force men, were waiting: Sergeant Dan Mullins, Corporal Jimmy Van Fleet, Sergeant Ted O'Neil, and Corporal Wo Lee. Wo Lee was a Chinese who looked barely 16. [1949-CHE]

Onze-Novembre, Avenue du. The procession went down Rue des Écoles in Bandol, then Avenue du 11 Novembre, and suddenly the gates of the cemetery. [1971-IND]

OA  OB  OC  OD  OF  OH  OI  OL  OM  ON  OO  OP  OR  OS  OT  OU  OW  OX  OZ  



Oosting. M already knew that they were the members of the so-called Quay Rats Club, and their leader, Oosting, called the Baes. [1931-HOL]

Oosting, Gertrude. Janvier had visited Maria Van Aerts' boarding house, and found she wrote regularly to a friend in Amsterdam, Gertrude Oosting. [1951-GRA]

OA  OB  OC  OD  OF  OH  OI  OL  OM  ON  OO  OP  OR  OS  OT  OU  OW  OX  OZ  



Opera. Isabelle de V-- told Armand de Saint-Hilaire what time she'd walk in the Tuileries Gardens, had seen him from a distance at the Opera. [1960-VIE]

The man said he'd been to the bank, behind the Opera, to get the money for the staff salaries, and was walking back towards the Rue Taitbout. [1961-PAR]

Opéra. M would rather be in the PJ at night, working on a case, than in the best seat at the Opéra. [1946-mal]

It was near 9:00 when M reached the Boulevard Voltaire, where a car was waiting for him. It looked like one tourists hired by the day from a garage near the Madeleine or the Opéra. [1955-TEN]

Opéra. The Grands Boulevards were almost deserted. A huge moon floated above the greenish dome of the Opéra. [1947-MOR]

The king's movements at no point touched the Saint-Georges District, and all the men who could be spared had been sent to the Opéra Police Station.... There had been a gala performance at the Opéra. [1948-PRE]

Lognon had gone to all the hotels around Avenue de Wagram and around the Opéra, and checked the Aliens Bureau. [1951-LOG]

Ferdinand Fumal showed M 7 anonymous threat letters he'd received, postmarked at a post office near the Opéra. One had been from Boulevard Beaumarchais, another the Central Post Office in the Rue du Louvre, the last, Avenue des Ternes. [1956-ECH]

Opéra, Avenue de l'. [Paris. 2e, Bourse. from Place du Théâtre-Français to Boulevard des Capucines]

Whenever M walked along the Avenue de l'Opéra, at a certain point, next door to a gunsmith's, he never failed to sniff at the good smell of coffee being roasted in the Balthazar Coffee shop.... M checked the phone listings for Balthazar Coffee: Avenue de l'Opéra. warehouse: Quai de Valmy. managing offices: Rue Auber. [1948-PRE]

M told Lucas to call the managing director of Zenith Watches, Avenue de l'Opéra. [1950-noe]

M had always had a special affection for the section of the Grands Boulevards between Place de la République and Rue Montmartre..... Further on, approaching the Opéra and the Madeleine, the boulevards were more spacious and elegant. [1952-BAN]

John Arnold and Donald Philps had gone to an American bank on the Avenue de l'Opéra, and then a British bank on Place Vendôme.... Louise Paverini had written a check on a Swiss bank with a branch on the Avenue de l'Opéra. [1957-VOY]

François Paré had followed the red-haired insurance man to a bar on the Rue Fontaine. His card said Jean-Luc Bodard, of Continentale, offices on the Avenue de l'Opéra. [1968-ENF]

Gèron and Sons had had the Morvan Paper Mills at Autun for three or four generations. Made the Morvan Vellum paper the anonymous note had come on. Handmade. Worked with two stationers, one on Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré and one Avenue de l'Opéra. [1968-HES]

Anne-Marie Boutin said the offices at the Avenue de l'Opéra were luxurious. [1969-VIN]

Opera-Comique. While they were courting, M had taken Mme M to the Opera-Comique, where they were doing Carmen. [1957-SCR]

Opéra, Place de l'. [Paris. 9e, Opéra. from Avenue de l'Opéra to Boulevard Capucines]

Pietr walked to the Place de l'Opéra, where he had an aperitif. [1929-30-LET]

Mrs. Isaac Goldberg had hired her car in the Place de l'Opéra, in Paris. [1931-NUI]

Janvier said he'd almost lost his man [Stephan Strevzki] at Porte Daupine. Took a taxi to the Place de l'Opéra. [1939-hom]

Alfonsi had had dinner with Philippe Liotard in a restaurant on the Rue Richelieu, with two women. Then they'd gone to a movie in the Opéra, then to a nightclub on the Rue Blanche.... It would probably not be long before Liotard was frequenting bars near the Opéra and the Champs-Élysées, but for now he was more comfortable in this neighborhood, at Chope de Nègre. [1949-MME]

In the room were a dozen or more American newspapers, only to be found on the Place de l'Opéra or the Place de la Madeleine. [1951-LOG]

At first Jeanine Armenieu had worked at a leather-goods shop in the Place de l'Opéra. [1954-JEU]

Lucas had started searching for Marcelle Luquet in a bar by the Place de l'Opéra.... M knew that Joseph Mascoulin lived on the Rue d'Antin, two steps away from the Opéra. [1954-MIN]

By the time they reached the Place de l'Opéra, bottle-necks had formed. [1961-PAR]

One of Antoine Batille's tapes was "Noon on the Place de l'Opéra". [1969-TUE]

opium. Hans [Hans Johansson] said he'd even taken opium while staying with Anna Gorskin. [1929-30-LET]

Harry Cole said he'd take him to Nogales, half in one country half in the other. That was where most of the marijuana came over the border. M had learned that the Mexican-grown plant had more or less replaced the appeal of the higher priced drugs, opium and cocaine. [1949-CHE]

Oppenheim, Oswald. Pietr had registered under the name Oswald Oppenheim, ship-owner, Bremen, at the Majestic Hotel. [1929-30-LET]

OA  OB  OC  OD  OF  OH  OI  OL  OM  ON  OO  OP  OR  OS  OT  OU  OW  OX  OZ  



Oraisons Funèbres. [Bossuet, Jacques-Bénigne, born 1627, Dijon, Fr., died 1704, Paris. Bishop and most eloquent and influential spokesman for the rights of the French church against papal authority. He is chiefly remembered for his literary works including funeral panegyrics for great personages. His first Oraisons funèbres (Funeral Orations) were on Henrietta Maria of France, queen of England (1669), and on her daughter Henrietta Anne of England, Louis XIV's sister-in-law (1670), masterpieces of French classical prose.]
The books under the bridge included Verlaine's "Sagesse", Bossuet's "Oraisons Funèbres," the second half of Las Cases' "Memorial de Sainte-Hélène," and an old issue of "La Presse Médicale." [1962-CLO]

Orange. Motte said he'd done his military service at Orange, with spahis. Incredible to think he'd worn the gorgeous uniform of the Algerian calvary and pranced about the streets of Orange on an Arab charger! [1937-38-not]

Orban. Orban, plump and good-natured, had no doubt become a doctor. [1968-ENF]

Orcel, d'. Vittorio Petrini said he'd worked for the Marquis d'Orcel for four years. [1972-CHA]

Ordener, Rue. [Paris. 18e, Butte-Montmartre. from Rue de la Chapelle to Rue Championnet]

Berthe Pardon lived at 22, Rue Ordener. Boyfriend was a married man. [1940-CEC]

Orfèvres, Quai des. [Paris. 1er, Louvre. from Pont Saint-Michel to Pont-Neuf]

Dufour said he hoped to by able to come to the Quai des Orfèvres the next day. [1930-31-TET]

Graphopoulos, Ephraim, the Greek who had been murdered the evening he'd been seen in the Gai-Moulin, had come to M's office at the Quai des Orfèvres on Monday. [1931-GAI]

Maurice de Saint-Fiacre said he'd phoned M. Wolf, a money-lender, probably known at the Quai des Orfèvres. [1932-FIA]

Anna Peeters watched M as if it were she who belonged to the Quai des Orfèvres and he to the Flemish shop. [1932-FLA]

Philippe Lauer was Mme M's sister's son, born down in Alsace, and M had got him into the Quai des Orfèvres. [1934-MAI]

At 3:00 M was in his office at the QDO, when a call came in about some Algerians knifing one another in the neighborhood of the Porte d'Italie. [1936-fen]

By 3:45 a.m. M was at the Quai des Orfèvres, and by 4:00 he had Berlin on the line. [1936-arr]

When M left the Quai des Orfèvres he was already familiar with every detail, down to the casks of wine. [1936-lar]

M had received an anonymous phone call at the Quai des Orfèvres, which suggested he might do well to check at Marina's for news about Martino, the kid from Antibes, whose brother had just been shipped off to Guiana. [1936-pig]

It was at Caen, where M had been sent to reorganize the Flying Squad. He was not yet used to the harsh and secretive atmosphere of provincial life, and felt less at ease than in his office at the Quai des Orfèvres. [1937-38-bay]

M had almost ceased to belong to the Police Judiciaire. In 2 more days he would have officially retired. He had spent 30 years in the office in the Quai des Orfèvres. [1937-38-eto]

M took his favorite attitude, in which Headquarters [Police Headquarters at the Quai des Orfèvres had so often seen him, pipe between his teeth, back to the fire, hands clasped behind his back, with that indefinable air of stubbornness... [1937-38-man]

At the Quai des Orfèvres the phrase "someone has stolen" was anodyne enough, but here it had a different meaning. [1937-38-not]

M paced back and forth, missing the Quai des Orfèvres, where at least, he could have had someone take over for him when he got tired. [1938-owe]

Quai des Orfèvres M wondered if he'd left the Quai des Orfèvres just to play cared with "these good imbeciles". [1938-ceu]

M was prowling his office in the Quai des Orfèvres when the call from Lucas came in. [1939-hom]

M was wearing the implacable face of Maigret of the Quai des Orfèvres. [1940-JUG]

For years and years afterwards, one or another of his colleagues at the Quai des Orfèvres would pick a brisk spring morning to tease, "Félicie is here." [1942-FEL]

Back in his office the smell of tobacco lingered in spite of the open window overlooking the Quai des Orfèvres. [1945-pip]

Jos MacGill asked M if never, on the Quai des Orfèvres, did he use a white lie to get rid of a visitor. [1946-NEW]

Although M was already moving ponderously, he hadn't as yet gone inot his trance, as they said on the Quai des Orfèvres. [1947-VAC]

He would later have a similar stove at the Quai des Orfèvres, and when the central heating was installed at Police Headquarters, Chief-Divisional-Inspector Maigret, chief of the special squad, would manage to have it kept in his office.... M said that if he succeeded he was almost certain to get straight into the Quai des Orfèvres. What further ambition could he have, to join the Sûreté, or perhaps the famous Chief's Squad, as the homicide squad was then called.... The sergeant on duty at the Quai des Orfèvres asked Vanel if he'd run into Bob d'Anseval lately. He said he'd seen him at the races with Dédé. Said Dédé was into cocaine and other things, and the Count, Bob, was in on it too. [1948-PRE]

Langlois, the "antiquated clerk in long grey overalls" in records division, upstairs at the Qaui des Orfèvres in the attics, where files were kept on everyone who had dealings with the police. [1949-AMI]

The old porter had come into his office at the Quai des Orfèvres with the black edged visiting card: Mme. Veuve Ferdinand Besson [Valentine Besson], La Bicoque, Étretat. [1949-DAM]

Nowadays everyone knows what's involved in conferences in the Police Judiciaire, but in those days most Parisians would have been hard put to even say which government service was located in the Quai des Orfèvres. [1950-MEM]

Before leaving the house M called Moers at Identité Judiciaire at the Quai des Orfèvres. [1953-TRO]

They strolled along the Quai des Orfèvres, went up the big staircase. [1953-ECO]

It was a few minutes past three by the marble clock in the office, and most of the offices at the Quai des Orfèvres were deep in darkness. [1954-JEU]

When M came into the great central lobby of the Quai des Orfèvres... surely the grayest and dingiest place on earth. [1955-COR]

At the QDO that morning, everyone was exhausted. [1955-TEN]

No sooner did Muriel Britt's photo appear in the papers than the grocer who'd sold her all her whiskey appeared at the Quai des Orfèvres. [1956-ECH]

One Saturday evening M had been called to the Gare de Lyon. From the Quai des Orfèvres to the station had taken half an hour in one of the squad cars, it was so jammed. [1956-AMU]

M had once said to Janvier, one night when they were crossing Pont-Neuf returning to the Quai des Orfèvres, that the most frustrating cases are often the ones that start out seeming run-of-the-mill. [1957-VOY]

In his office on the Quai des Orfèvres, the conflict was one man against another.... At Châtelet Gaston Meurant had a third cognac, again in one gulp, and finally the Quai des Orfèvres. [1959-ASS]

As M drove with Jaquette Larrieu to the Quai des Orfèvres he thought that for the first time in his life he was to interrogate an old woman. [1960-VIE]

M seldom mentioned the Quai des Orfèvres and its affairs in his own home. [1961-PAR]

For a moment, somewhere between the Quai des Orfèvres and the Pont Marie, M halted, so briefly that Lapointe did not notice. [1962-CLO]

The patron of the Brasserie Dauphine had been there thirty years before, when the chief-inspector had started at the Quai des Orfèvres, but at that time he had been the son of the house.... Ada Farano had gone with Émile Boulay as far as the door of the Quai des Orfèvres. [1962-COL]

Most of the district inspectors kept a wary eye on the Big House, as they called the Quai des Orfèvres, as they hated having anything important taken away from them. [1963-FAN]

M waited for the light to cross the street to 38 Quai des Orfèvres. [1964-DEF]

The taxi reached the Quai des Orfèvres hardly passing three other cars. The sentry at the gate looked stiff and cold. [1966-NAH]

M's original intention had been to bring Léon Florentin back to the Quai des Orfèvres, but he told the driver 45B Boulevard Rochechouart, Florentin's workshop, nearby. [1968-ENF]

M told Mme. Parendon's driver to take her to 36, Quai des Orfèvres, go through the archway, and turn left throught the courtyard. [1968-HES]

The next morning M. decided to walk from his home to the Quai des Orfèvres.... M. would have taken Janvier with him, but it was essential to have someone in charge at the Quai des Orfèvres who could be thoroughly relied on and who was capable of acting on his own initiative. [1971-SEU]

Orfèvres, Rue des. [Paris. 1er, Louvre. from Rue Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois to Rue Jean Lantier]

M said he have one of his inspectors take François Ricain to his office in the Rue des Orfèvres before the Forensic Department arrived. [1966-VOL]

Orgeval. Every cottage had its name on a board: Dream House, World's End, Open House... down below was Poissy, the silver ribbon of the Seine dotted with coal barges. On the plateau beyond could be seen the farms and bell tower of Orgeval.... As there was no cemetery, they set out for Orgeval, of which Jeanneville was a suburb. [1942-FEL]

Oriental. It must have been the precious piece Motte had spoken of, where the Oriental artist had carved a scene with six figures. It was perhaps 10 or 12 centuries old, worth tens of thousands of francs. [1937-38-not]

Philippe Jave's house was between a shop selling Oriental carpets and the window of a modiste's with but a single hat displayed. [1956-AMU]

The office at Maître Ramuel's had genuine Oriental carpets. [1962-COL]

The restaurant had a strong smell of Oriental cooking. Boustros said Félix Nahour was "his best customer". [1966-NAH]

Orin. M went by taxi to the Rue Gay-Lussac, to see Maître Orin; the tall trees in the Luxembourg Gardens swayed in the breeze. Probably the oldest lawyer in Paris. Said everyone probably thought he'd been laid to rest in Père-Lachaise long ago. [1951-GRA]

Orléans. [commune, NC France, capital, Loiret dept. pop. 1968: 95,828. On Loire R. 70 mi. SSW of Paris.]

M. When Émile Gallet stayed at the Hôtel de la Loire, about every six months for the past ten years, it was under the name of M. Clément, gentleman, Orléans. [1930-GAL]

The garage was on the main road, within easy reach of big provincial towns like Chartres, Orléans, Le Mans, and Châteaudun. [1931-NUI]

They had started milking in the cowsheds, and the carts were setting off for the Orléans market.... They passed through Orléans as the first trams were rumbling through the streets. Less than an hour later they'd reached the market at Arpajon.... M said if his nephew were out of the case he'd be on the first train to Orléans. [1934-MAI]

Louise Voivin had lived with her husband, Ferdinand Voivin, a dealer in precious stones, and her sister Nicole Lamure, 18, born in Orléans. [1936-bea]

M had not expected to find tragedy in the forest of Orléans.... The Orléans Police had held an inquiry; M had been provided with detailed plans and photographs. [1936-lar]

M found the girl he'd bumped into on the stairs, Céline Germain, 19, Rue des Saules, Orléans. [1937-38-eto]

Motte said he'd take M to Orléans, where they could get a chauffeur. [1937-38-not]

Once a week Angèle made a trip to Orléans. [1938-ceu]

Mme M was disappointed, because her sister had come for a visit from Orléans, and she had prepared a special dinner, but M rushed out again. [1939-hom]

At Cécile Pardon's building, when M got off the streetcar, cars sped towards Arpajon and Orléans. [1940-CEC]

Mme. Leroy's daughter lived in Orléans with her husband and two children. [1945-pip]

There was a 5:00 train from Orléans - Bernadette Amorelle would drop M at the station.... Mimile and Georges-Henry wound up on the road to Orléans, all the way from the Fontainebleau road. [1945-FAC]

Maurice Tremblet told Olga Poissonneau he lived near Orléans. [1946-pau]

Gloria Lotti was found three days later in a brothel in Orléans.... Sarkistan. aka Schwartz, aka Levine, wanted by authorities in three countries, was arrested in a village near Orléans. [1949-MME]

Orléans, Avenue d'. [Paris. 14e, Observatoire. from Place Denfert-Rochereau to Boulevard Brune]

Now they were in Paris, in the Avenue d'Orléans, at the Seine. On the Quai des Célestins the office windows were being washed. [1933-ECL]

After lunch at Désiré's with Spencer Oats, they walked to the corner of the Avenue d'Orléans, where M hailed a taxi to the Quai des Orfèvres. Halfway there he changed his mind, and had the taxi take them to the Gare du Nord, Inter-City arrivals, to meet Gérard Pardon. [1940-CEC]

The Xavier Martons lived at No. 17, Avenue de Châtillon, a new block of flats, 7 stories, yellow brick; tenants were mostly office workers and commercial travelers. Though close to the Avenue d'Orléans, it felt like the provinces. [1957-SCR]

Orléans, Porte d'. [Paris. 14e, Observatoire. at ]

Carl Anderson said a man stopped his car at the Porte d'Orléans, said he was from the police, and that Anderson should go with him on the road to Compiègne. Going around a bend in the forest the man had shot him and pushed him out of the car. [1931-NUI]

Cécile Pardon lived at Bourg-la-Reine, about a mile beyond the Porte d'Orléans, on the Route Nationale, just opposite the fifth stop. Big, five-story brick building with shops on the ground floor, a bicycle shop and a grocer's. Lived on the fifth floor.... M and Spencer Oats took a streetcar to the Porte d'Orléans, going past Cécile's wedge-shaped house, bricks darkened by the rain. [1940-CEC]

Lucas was telling how Xavier Marton and Jenny headed off towards Porte d'Orléans. [1957-SCR]

Finally M found Laboratories René Rousselet. The labs were in the 14th, near the Porte d'Orléans. The private address was given below, Boulevard Suchet, 16th. [1962-CLO]

The only suicide that day had been an old woman who'd asphyxiated herself, out by the Porte d'Orléans. And a man had thrown himself into the Seine, but been saved. [1969-TUE]

Orléans, Quai d'. [Paris. 4e, Hotel-de-Ville. from Pont Tournelle to Pont Saint-Louis]

Mme. Keller lived at 29b Quai d'Orléans, in the Île Saint-Louis, overlooking the Quai des Tournelles. [1962-CLO]

There were cars all along the embankments from the Pont Louis-Philippe to the Pont de Sully, and others were parked on the other side of the island on the Quai de Béthune and the Quai d'Orléans. [1969-TUE]

Orléans, Square d'. [Paris. 9e, Opéra. at Rue Taitbout]

Mme. Blanc went down the Rue Saint-Georges, stopping to go into an Italian grocer's. She went out the back, opening onto the Square d'Orléans and the Rue Taitbout. [1968-ENF]

Orly. [commune, N France, Val-de-Marne dept. pop. 1968: 30,202. SSE suburb of Paris. Orly Field, principal International airport of Paris region.]

The car was going through Juvisy as M talked to Marcel Basso. At Orly the searchlights of the airport swept the air. [1931-GUI]

Marco Santoni and Jeanine Armenieu had gone to Florence for their honeymoon. They'd left from Orly.... Albert Falconi said he'd followed Jimmy O'Malley to Orly, to make sure he was going back to the US. [1954-JEU]

Someone saw a women matching Éveline Jave's description at the Nice Airport, taking the 9:15 plane to Paris, which arrives at Orly at 11:15. [1956-AMU]

M said suddenly that he was going to Orly. [1957-VOY]

Adrien Josset's idea had been to catch a plane, any plane, at Orly. It might take him to the other end of Europe or to South America... [1959-CON]

M had Lucas call Breuker at Orly. An Alsatian, Superintendent of the airport. [1966-NAH]

Walter Carus' chauffeur had driven him to Orly for his flight to Frankfurt. M had sent an inspector to Orly to check on Walter Carus' flight. [1966-VOL]

Francine Lange's companion, Lucien Romanel, waited for her in the car. They had left their car at Orly, and had taken the first plane to Paris, then driven up to Vichy. [1967-VIC]

M took a taxi back from Orly after his return from La Baule. [1971-SEU]

M said he'd have a sandwich in a bar in Orly. M looked up the manager at Orly, a man he knew. [1971-IND]

Orne. An apology for a road went through the fenlands bordering the Orne. [1932-POR]

Some people called Valentine Besson the châtelaine, as she'd once owned a château in the Orne or Sologne. [1949-DAM]

Oron. Oron, the Deputy Prosecutor [deputy officer in Hamilton], couldn't have been more than 30. [1972-CHA]

O'Rourke, Mike. M saw Mike O'Rourke, the chief Deputy Sheriff, in charge of the inquest, a thickset red-haired man who stayed close to the attorney.... Mike O'Rourke told M the waitress in the Penguin Bar was Irish, like himself. [1949-CHE]

Orphan. The village children used to call Joseph Mascouvin "The Orphan". [1941-SIG]

Orsay, Hôtel d'. see: Hôtel d'Orsay

Orsay, Quai d'. [Paris. 7e, Palais-Bourbon. from Pont de la Concorde to Pont de l'Alma]

M called Mme M and told her to take Joseph's car, or rather that Joseph would pick her up and take her to Les Aubrais, and she'd arrive at 6 o'clock at Quai d'Orsay. By taxi she'd be at the Place des Vosges in ten minutes. [1945-FAC]

The Director said he'd just gotten a call from the Quai d'Orsay, not from the Foreign Minister in person, but from his principal private secretary. Neither of them had much regard for ministries of any sort, least of all one as starchy as the Foreign Office. [1960-VIE]

Orsenne. Bernadette Amorelle said she'd come from Orsenne, in the same way a queen of France might have said Versailles. A small village on the bank of the Seine between Corbeil and the forest of Fontainebleau.... Orsenne was not a station, merely a halt where a few trains deigned to stop. Through parkland trees you could see the roofs of a few villas, and beyond them the Seine, broad and majestic. [1945-FAC]

OA  OB  OC  OD  OF  OH  OI  OL  OM  ON  OO  OP  OR  OS  OT  OU  OW  OX  OZ  



Oscar. Oscar, proprieter of the garage at the Three Widows crossroads, had been there about 8 years. [1931-NUI]

Eugène Berniard and another, rather shy, younger man came in, asked where Oscar was. [1934-MAI]

Rose Alfonsi said her butcher's name was Oscar, but he was tall and dark with a mustache. [1950-PIC]

Oscar was the Minister of the Interior - Ferdinand Fumal dropped his name. [1956-ECH]

Oscar Aubain. see: Aubain, Oscar

Oscar Bonvoisin. see: Bonvoisin, Oscar

Oscar Chabut. see: Chabut, Oscar

Oscar Coutant. see: Coutant, Oscar

Oscar Drouhet. see: Drouhet, Oscar

Oscar Grosbois. see: Grosbois, Oscar

Oscar Laget. see: Laget, Oscar

Oscar Malterre. see: Malterre, Oscar

Oscar Raison. see: Raison, Oscar

Ostend. [pop. 1969: 56,954. Oostende, FR: Ostende. Commune, seaport, and seaside resort, West Flanders prov., NW Belgium.]

In Emma's room, M found a box of seashells in a box marked Souvenir of Ostend. [1931-JAU]

Adèle Bosquet, dancer at the Gai-Moulin in Liège, often spoke of Paris, Berlin and Ostend, and would mention the names of the most celebrated boîtes du nuit. [1931-GAI]

Anna Bebelmans was born in Ostend. [1949-AMI]

Ostrogoth. Georges Sim invited M to the christening of his boat, the Ostrogoth, by the Curé of Notre-Dame at the Square du Vert-Galant. [1950-MEM]

Oswald J. Clark. see: Clark, Oswald J. [1939-MAJ]

Oswald Oppenheim. see: Oppenheim, Oswald

OA  OB  OC  OD  OF  OH  OI  OL  OM  ON  OO  OP  OR  OS  OT  OU  OW  OX  OZ  



Otard. Mlle. Otard, the landlady of the rooming house Pension Otard, was a spinster of 50, It was a two-story villa, converted to a boarding house. [1937-38-man]

Otto. Slowly the skein will unravel. First a name, Otto. He was sometimes in the Rue de Bondy, a little bar frequented by homosexuals of the lowest level. Another on the Rue de Lappe which has become a tourist attraction. [1950-MEM]

Otto Braun. See: Braun, Otto [1936-arr]

Ottrebon. The Ottrebons, Belgians in high finance, were wintering in Egypt. On the second floor, the Comte de Tavera and his family had gone shooting for the season at their château somewhere south of the Loire. [1953-TRO]

OA  OB  OC  OD  OF  OH  OI  OL  OM  ON  OO  OP  OR  OS  OT  OU  OW  OX  OZ  



Ouchy. [village, Vaud canton, on the Lake of Geneva in SW Switzerland; the port of Lausanne.]

Muriel Ward [Muriel Halligan] lived in a new apartment in Ouchy. Her daughter boarded at a school with American, English, Dutch and German girls from wealthy families. There were many such schools in Switzerland. [1957-VOY]

Ouéni, Fouad. Félix Nahour's secretary was M. Fouad Ouéni. He said the age in his passport was 51. [1966-NAH]

Ouest-Éclair. M. Georget said that Émile Duffieux was the second one who'd slipped away from him. The first was now a reporter in Rennes, on the Ouest-Éclair. [1947-VAC]

Lomel, a reporter from the Ouest-Éclair came up to M in the Hôtel de France dining room, assumed M was there about the Robert de Courçon case. Red-haired, about 40, large ruddy cheeks. (cf. Pecqueur) [1953-PEU]

Ouistreham. [commune, NW France, Calvados dept. pop. 1959: 4,350. Caen arroundissement; seaside resort and port of Caen.]

A wire came in from Ouistreham: Unknown man identified. And Julie Legrand, the housekeeper of Yves Joris, retired sea-captain, harbor-master at Ouistreham, arrived in Paris. ... M knew by now that there were really four distinct Ouistrehams: Port Ouistreham, the village of Ouistreham, residential Ouistreham (with a few private houses, like the mayor's along the main road), and Ouistreham-on-Sea, at present out of action. [1932-POR]

Oulmont, Adalbert d'. Jehan d'Oulmont's uncle, Count Adalbert d'Oulmont, stayed at the Hôtel du Louvre in Paris a few days every month. [1936-pei]

Oulmont, Jehan d'. The young man's name was Jehan d'Oulmont, an excellent Belgian family, which had figured repeatedly in his country's history. [1936-pei]

Ourcq Canal. [Ourcq River, 80 km, rising in Aisne dept., flowing into the Marne, connects with the Seine via the Ourcq Canal.]

The Two Brothers had taken on a load at Beauval from Wharf No. 48 on the Ourcq Canal. [1955-COR]

Ourgaud. Armand de Saint-Hilaire's doctor was Dr. Ourgaud. His son had just set up next to him, at the Boulevard Saint-Germain. [1960-VIE]

Our Lady of Sorrows. Félicie looked the embodiment of Our Lady of Sorrows. [1942-FEL]

Outchevka. Mme. Nathalie Sabin-Levesque's father was Louis Frassier. Her mother was Countess Outchevka. [1972-CHA]

OA  OB  OC  OD  OF  OH  OI  OL  OM  ON  OO  OP  OR  OS  OT  OU  OW  OX  OZ  



Owen, Ernst. The Swedish consul, which is near the Excelsior, said that there had been an Ernst Owen, but he died ten years ago. [1938-owe]

Owen, Jean. Germaine Devon said they could call the man Jean Owen. [1938-owe]

OA  OB  OC  OD  OF  OH  OI  OL  OM  ON  OO  OP  OR  OS  OT  OU  OW  OX  OZ  



Oxford. M thought of Harry Brown, that he must have gone to Oxford or Cambridge, while he himself had gone to the Lycée Stanislas. [1932-LIB]

Manessi said Norris Jonker had an Oxford degree, stayed in England many years, had attained the rank of colonel in the British Army. [1963-FAN]

OA  OB  OC  OD  OF  OH  OI  OL  OM  ON  OO  OP  OR  OS  OT  OU  OW  OX  OZ  



Ozep, Michael. Michael Ozep had turned up at Police Headquarters, introduced himself as a former officer in the Polish army, now a teacher of gymnastics in Paris. He said he'd jumped off the Pont d'Austerlitz into the Seine to kill himself, but the police from the River Squad pulled him out. He lived in lodgings in the Rue des Tournelles, not far from the Rue de Birague. [1937-38-sta]

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