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Nadar. [Gaspard-Felix Tournachon Nadar, 1820-1910, French photographer, ranked not only among the greatest photographers of the 19th c., but as one of the great personalities of his age. Caricaturist, journalist, novelist, balloonist, propagandist for heavier-than-air flight, friend of almost every notable French writer, artist, journalist, and socialist of the Second Empire... (self-portrait ca. 1855)]
The photographs on the wall at Guillaume Serre's looked like they were from the time of Nadar. One was a woman of about 40 , hair parted in the middle, who looked like Empress Eugénie. [1951-GRA]

Nadine. Mlle. Nadine had not accompanied Joseph Van Meulen to the airport. [1957-VOY]

Liliane Pigou said the only friends they'd had were an old school friend of hers, Nadine, and the musician she lived with. [1969-VIN]

Nahour, Évelina. The picture was of Félix Nahour's wife, Évelina Nahour, née Wiemers, born in Amsterdam.... Pierre Nahour called Évelina Nahour "Lina". [1966-NAH]

Nahour, Félix. Lucas called that Superintendent Manicle of the 14th had a murder in a small private house in the Avenue du Parc-Montsouris, a Lebanese named Félix Nahour. The charwoman had found the body.... Félix Nahour was 42, a Lebanese citizen, no known profession. He rented the house from a painter who'd left for the US. He was fairly small, plump, with a short brown mustache. [1966-NAH]

Nahour, Maurice. Félix Nahour's father, Maurice Nahour, lived in Lebanon. [1966-NAH]

Nahour, Pierre. Félix Nahour's brother, Pierre Nahour, lived in Geneva.... Pierre Nahour had studied at the Law School in Paris, then at the Institute of Comparative Law. [1966-NAH]

Nain Jaune. Janvier had followed a likely subject. Called in from the Nain Jaune bar in the Boulevard Rochechouart. [1939-hom]

Namur. [fortified manufacturing commune, capital of Namur prov., S Belgium, at confluence of Sambre and Meuse rivers. pop. 1970: 32,507. glass, leather, soap, leather goods, cement, tourism. captured by Germans WWI, scene of fighting, WWII.]

Maria Peeters was a régente in a big convent in Namur, which was more than an ordinary teacher, more like a mistress in a lycée. [1932-FLA]

There'd been further conversation between Otto Braun and Lena Leinbach at Namur and Charleroi. [1936-arr]

Nana. Les Halles vagrant. Monstrous-looking creature, so bloated she was hardly able to sit down. Had seen someone going into Marcel Vivien's house the night of the murder around 3 am. Had seen him earlier in the evening outside the Chez Pharamond restaurant, where he had seen Vivien unloading vegetables. Testified she saw Louis Mahossier twice, once at Chez Pharamond, and once when she was huddled in a doorway on the corner of Rue de la Grande-Truanderie and Vieux-Four Passage. [1971-SEU]

Nancy. [manufacturing city, NE France, capital, Meurthe-et-Moselle dept. pop. 1968: 123,428. on Meurthe river 178 mi. E of Paris.]

Jean Duclos, a professor at the University of Nancy had been a guest of Conrad Popinga at Delfzijl, and Popinga had been murdered. [1931-HOL]

Marcel Basso's wife said she'd call her father to come in from Nancy. [1931-GUI]

Anna Peeters had brought a letter to the Police Judiciaire, which M had recognized from the writing as being from Mme M's cousin in Nancy. [1932-FLA]

Philippe Mortemart's father was a professor at the University of Nancy. [1950-PIC]

Joseph Van Meulen said that Louise Paverini, 39, had been born in Morocco, where her father was posted, but had spent her youth in Nancy. [1957-VOY]

The station staff remembered Hélène Lange had gone to Strasbourg, Brest, Carcassonne, Dieppe, Lyon, Nancy, Montélimar, always a fairly large town. [1967-VIC]

Nandy. Joseph Heurtin's parents had moved to Nandy in Seine-et-Marne, where they had an inn. When Joseph was 6, his sister Odette Heurtin was born. [1930-31-TET]

Nanette. John Arnold looked at the photographs. "That's Nanette of Faubourg Saint-Germain." [1957-VOY]

Nanterre. [commune, N France, capital, Hauts-de-Seine dept. pop. 1968: 90,332. W suburb of Paris]

Juliette Martin had lived with Raymond Couchet in Nanterre when they were married. [1931-OMB]

Nantes. [manufacturing and commercial city, N France, capital, Loire-Atlantique dept. pop. 1968: 259,208. W suburb of Paris.]

Émile Gallet was born in Nantes in 1879. [1930-GAL]

Jean Servières real name was Jean Goyard, born in Morbihan, occasionally went to Brest or Nantes on a fling [1931-JAU]

Thirty miles out, the train was nearing Nantes, the lights had been turned on.... Delcourt said he'd worked for Worms & Co., of Bordeaux, Always Bordeaux to Nantes and back again. [1932-POR]

M was then at the head of the crime squad in Nantes, recognized Frédéric Michaux. Fred said he'd arrested him and Julia ten years earlier. [1939-ven]

A telegram came from the Flying Squad at Nantes. The corpse had been identified at Dr. Émile Janin, 35, Rue des Églises, Nantes. [1940-JUG]

Alban Groult-Cotelle said the Cholet Deharmes weren't related to the General's family, but were from Nantes. [1943-CAD]

Once a week Lili Godreau had gone to Nantes for her piano lesson.... M. Georget said he'd been expecting Émile Duffieux to go off to Nantes or Bordeaux, but he'd gone straight to Paris. [1947-VAC]

Marcellin had been arrested in Nantes for assault and battery. [1949-AMI]

In the 40-odd volumes Georges Simenon has devoted to M's investigations, there are perhaps a score of references to his origins, his family, a few words about his father, one mention of the Collège de Nantes, where he was partly educated, and brief allusions to his two years as a medical student.... A typhus epidemic had decimated his father's family, while he was still young, and out of 7 or 8 children, only his father and a sister, who married a baker and settled in Nantes, survived. [1950-MEM]

Thérèse said Françoise Binet had hung around with Dédé, but it hadn't lasted because he'd wanted to put her out in the streets. He was running a bar in Nantes. M rung the flying squad at Nantes on the off chance, to check. Spoke to Grollin, who knew Dédé's bar, by the harbor. [1951-MEU]

M and Julien Chabot had been friends when he had taken two years of medicine at the University of Nantes..... Louise Sabati's. father was an Italian builder, supposed to be working in Nantes. [1953-PEU]

Julien Julien Chabot had become magistrate at Fontenay-le-Comte, where he lived with his mother in the large house where he was born. Had been a school friend of M's at Nantes. [1954-MIN]

In Nantes M found a small, rather cramped police station, staffed by three men, where he asked for a round-the-clock watch on Louis Mahossier. [1971-SEU]

Naples. Old Benoît was from Italy, but by accent probably not Genoa or Naples. [1949-AMI]

Naples. Lourdes. Glass globes enclosing models of the Grotto at Lourdes and the Bay of Naples at Juliette Boynet's. [1940-CEC]

Naples. Pepito Palestrino was born in Naples, 29. Deported twice for passing drugs. [1934-MAI]

The children had the black hair, knowing faces and long bronzed legs of the street urchins of Naples and Florence. [1946-NEW]

The Pardons (Dr Pardon) had taken a vacation to Italy by car, planning to visit Florence, Rome, Naples, Venice and Milan. [1961-BRA]

Three or four times a year the Maupoises took a trip to Venice, Barcelona, Florence, Naples, Greece, or elsewhere.... On the walls of Jef Claes room were colored prints of Nice, Naples, Instanbul... [1965-PAT]

Vittorio Petrini said he was born in Patino, a small village south of Naples. [1972-CHA]

Napoleon. Caracci had a Corsican head (they still bear a faint resemblance to Napoleon). [1949-AMI]

Napoleon. Napoleon, at historic moments, couldn't have taken a more important air than this young man. [1937-38-not]

A Kurt from Scharrachbergheim first, under Napoleon, founded the tradition of Bridges and Highways. [1950-MEM]

Gilbert Négrel was from the South of France, from Nîmes. One member of his family had been a naval surgeon under Napoleon. [1956-AMU]

Bonfils had gone to see Alain Mazeron in his antique shop. Mazeron had gone to the Rue Drouot to an auction, include some weapons of the Napoleonic period, then a restaurant on the Rue de Seine. [1960-VIE]

Napoléon, Place. Alban Groult-Cotelle said he'd been with the Prefect's private secretary, Pierre Musellier, who had an apartment on Place #Napoléon, above the Murs garages, about 50 years from the Hôtel de l'Europe in La Roche-sur-Yon. [1943-CAD]

Narcotics. M told Lapointe to check with the Gambling Squad (la brigade des jeux) and Narcotics (les gens des stupéfiants) about the Countess von Farnheim. [1950-PIC]

Natali, Philippe. Mariette Gibon had once lived with Philippe Natali, aka Philippi, who was sentenced to 10 years for murder in a gang killing. Two or three men killed a man from a rival gang in a tobacco shop in Rue Fontaine. He died in Fontevrault. [1952-BAN]

Nathalie Frassier. see: Frassier, Nathalie

Nathalie Sabin-Levesque. see: Sabin-Levesque, Nathalie

National. Eugène Lotard was an insurance agent with the National. [1951-MEU]

National Guard. The National Guard, in full dress uniform, had paraded down the Avenue du Bois and along the Champs-Élysées. [1948-PRE]

National Lottery. M took a taxi to the Pavillon de Flore to get a list of the winners of the National Lottery. Seven years earlier Maurice Tremblet had won 3 million francs. [1946-pau]

Like people who make up numbers for the National Lottery, René Josselin had apparently bet at the pari-mutuel two or three times a week for 5000 francs, without knowing anything about horses. [1961-BRA]

National Police Barracks. M went into the National Police Barracks, a building dating from Colbert's time. [1931-JAU]

National, Pont. [Paris. 12e, Reuilly. from Quai de Bercy to Quai de la Gare]

Mme Gaudois, who kept a little grocery just opposite the Pont National, had seen a little red sportscar parked a few yards from her shop. Driver about 40, yellow raincoat, brown hat, mustache. Paulette Lachaume had gotten into the car, a Panhard. The Pont National was some 200 yards from her house. [1958-TEM]

National School of Civil Engineering. Julien Calame had been a professor at the National School of Civil Engineering. Under the Ministry of Public Works. [1954-MIN]

National-Socialist. Otto Braun had given up his financial activities after the National-Socialist (Nazi) revolution. [1936-arr]

Naud, Étienne. Examining Magistrate Victor Bréjon, a delightful, shy man of old-fashioned courtesy had asked M to see his brother-in-law, Étienne Naud, the son of Sébastien Naud, a cattle dealer in the heart of the Vendée marshes... broad-shouldered, with a ruddy complexion and protuberant eyes. [1943-CAD]

Naud, Geneviève. Victor Bréjon's niece, Geneviève Naud, he'd assured M, was a perfect lady. [1943-CAD]

Naud, Jules. The elder of the two Naud brothers, who found part of Omer Calas' dismembered body near the Quai de Valmy. His brother was Robert. Gangly, tow-colored hair. [1955-COR]

Naud, Laurence. Jules' wife. There were the two women and five children on the barge, all with hair so fair as to be almost white. One of the women was pregnant, the other had a baby in her arms. [1955-COR]

Naud, Louise. Victor Bréjon said his wife's maiden name was Lecat. His sister, Louise Bréjon, married Étienne Naud. [1943-CAD]

Naud, Robert. The younger of the two Naud brothers. His brother was Jules. Almost as tall and lanky as Jules. [1955-COR]

Naud, Sébastien. Examining Magistrate Victor Bréjon, a delightful, shy man of old-fashioned courtesy had asked M to see his brother-in-law, Étienne Naud, the son of Sébastien Naud, a cattle dealer in the heart of the Vendée marshes... [1943-CAD]

Nazi. Otto Braun had given up his financial activities after the National-Socialist (Nazi) revolution. [1936-arr]

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Neapolitan. Luigi said that he was of Neapolitan origin, not Italian origin. He said Pozzo was Sicilian. It would be like confusing a Corsican with someone from Marseilles. [1951-LOG]

Germain Lombras, a piano teacher who lived in the Rue Picpus, came to Gaston Meurant's shop looking for a frame for an Italian gouache, a Neapolitan landscape he'd bought that day from an antique shop. [1959-ASS]

Gino Pagliati was a Neapolitan. [1969-TUE]

Near East. Germaine Laboine had toured for years in the Near East and Asia Minor as an artiste under the name Lili France. [1954-JEU]

The couple last night had been a Colombian and a Dutch woman; now Félix Nahour and the Near East. [1966-NAH]

Négrel, Gilbert. M called Dr Pardon to ask if he knew who Dr J-- of Boulevard Haussmann was. Pardon said he'd check the Medical Register, and found it was Dr Philippe Jave, probably 45, sound practitioner, good-looking. The other doctor was Gilbert Négrel, about 30, one of Professor Lebier's assistants.... Gilbert Négrel was from the South of France, from Nîmes. One member of his family had been a naval surgeon under Napoleon, another a public attorney under Louis-Philippe. His father is a photoghrapher. He had been a student at Montpellier University. [1956-AMU]

Negresco. The police report on M's desk said Stéphane Bleustein, 37, was killed on February 15, 1919, in his apartment in the Hôtel Negresco at Nice, with a 6mm/35 revolver. [1945-pip]

Germain Parendon was in Nice, staying at the Négresco, where M spoke to him. [1968-HES]

Négret. The maid at the young deputy's mis-heard M's name as "Négret". [1939-MAJ]

Negretti, Gloria. Willy Marco said the other woman was Madame Gloria Negretti, widow of a Chilean politician.... Gloria Negretti checked into a fairly luxurious hotel in Épernay, and had some cigarettes and Kümmel sent up. [1930-PRO]

Negro. On the boat three men were eating, P'tit Louis, the Breton, and a Negro with bare feet. [1931-REN]

Leduc said he'd heard Samuel Meyer did a lot of business with the Arabs and even with the Negroes inland. [1932-FOU]

Fernande said the men were playing belote - Belote! Rebelote! You, Pierre. Passe! repasse. You, Marcel. The proprieter was playing and there was a Negro [nègre, translated as "nigger"] as well.... The Negro [nègre] played in some jazz band nearby. [1934-MAI]

For a moment, the corpse in black face from the coal dust of the sacks made the men theink they were in the presence of a Negro. [1940-JUG]

M said he thought the Donkey Bar was something straight out of Hollywood. Negro barman, Chinese barman... Lucille said that one night, in the South, they had killed a Negro during her number. [1946-NEW]

The jurors included one Negro, an Indian with a strong jaw, a Mexican... M, still seated near the Negress with the baby, still accompanied by her entire tribe, smelled her spicy fragrance. [1949-CHE]

Mistaking the door to Ernestine Micou's room, he'd wound up face to face with a Negro, sitting on his bed playing the accordion, one of the band in a bal musette, probably. [1951-GRA]

Mme. Keller thought François Keller had wanted to become a kind of Dr. Schweitzer, taking care of Negroes in the wilds. [1962-CLO]

Nelly Velthuis. see: Velthuis, Nelly

Nemours. [town, N France, Seine-et-Marne dept. pop. 1962: 6,695. S of Melun.]

M had come to Nemours the previous evening on a matter of minor importance that had to be settled with Captain Pillement of the gendarmerie. [1937-38-noy]

Nest. M. Jean told M the former proprieter of the Cadran lived in Joinville, in a villa opposite the Île d'Amour, beyond the bridge, with a boathouse in front. It was called "The Nest", and the man's name was Désiré Loiseau, the Bird. [1947-MOR]

Nestor. Jean Guillot's Great Dane. [1962-CLO]

Nestor. Joseph Mascouvin went to the Café des Sports at the corner of Place de la République and Boulevard Voltaire, where he asked Nestor the waiter for some writing paper. [1941-SIG]

Netherlands. M read a third telegram from the Nederlandsche Centrale in Zake Internationale Misdadigers - the Netherlands Police Headquarters: Pietr le Lett left for Paris 11 a.m. by North Star express coach 5 compartment G.263. [1929-30-LET]

M arrived one May afternoon in Delfzijl, a small town on the low coast in the extreme northeast of the Netherlands. [1931-HOL]

Netherlands Embassy. M called the Netherlands Embassy, to speak with the first secretary, M. Goudekamp. He was in conference, so he was connected with Hubert de Vries, the second secretary. [1963-FAN]

Netherlands Police. The Commodore had been in Holland, so M contacted Amsterdam, and was waiting for information from the Netherlands Police. [1946-mal]

Nettle Lane. (Sancerre.)

When Émile Gallet had arrived at the hotel he was given the blue room overlooking Nettle Lane. Gallet asked to have his room changed to one overlooking the backyard., but there was none. [1930-GAL]

Neuilly. [manufacturing commune, N France, Hauts-de-Seine dept. pop. 1968: 70,995. Neuilly-sur-Seine. a NW suburb of Paris near Bois de Bologne.]

There was a photo of Joseph Heurtin taken at the fair at Neuilly. [1930-31-TET]

Juliette Martin said her sisters didn't dare visit the fair at Neuilly for fear of seeing Raymond Couchet selling watch chain there. [1931-OMB]

A small modern private house, a typical Neuilly house, with all the elegance and comfort of the Bois de Boulogne district. [1936-lun]

M had had a paragraph inserted into the newspapers, saying that a park-keeper in the Bois de Boulogne had found the body of Ernest Borms, well-know Viennese doctor, on the walks not far from the Porte de Bagatelle. He'd been living in Neuilly for some years. [1939-hom]

The wife of the night concierge at the Majestic, Justin Colleboeuf, was the concierge of a new apartment in Neuilly. [1939-MAJ]

M had covered the crowds, at the fairs at Trône and Neuilly, Longchamps races and demonstrations... [1950-MEM]

Alfred Jussiaume had told Ernestine Jussiaume the house in Neuilly had a gate and a garden.... Ernestine told M that Alfred had done a job somewhere in Neuilly. He'd been stopped by the police in the Bois de Boulogne, behind the Zoo, by the place where women went to clean up.... Boissier found the name on the list where a safe had been installed: Guillaume Serre, dentist, 43b, Rue de la Ferme, Neuilly. Just past the Zoo, a street parallel with Boulevard Richard-Wallace.... Serre said his car had last been cleaned two weeks earlier, at a garage in Neuilly. [1951-GRA]

They drove through Neuilly, then Courbevoie. They kept passing big trucks going to Les Halles. [1951-LOG]

A young policeman from the Neuilly police station, Emile Lebraz, in uniform only a few months, was on duty on Boulevard Richard-Wallace, on the edge of Bois de Boulogne, almost opposite the Bagatelle. Alain Lagrange came out of building 7B. Lebraz asked the concierge, and she said he'd not stopped with her, but left after she demanded why he was there. Lebraz went to corner of Rue de Longchamp to look for him, but he wasn't there. [1952-REV]

Étienne Gouin had had a traffic accident in the Place de la Concorde, and had given up driving. He sometimes had to go to Neuilly or other city hospitals... Janvier called and said Étienne Gouin had come to Lulu [Louise Filon]'s apartment. He said he had an important operation at the American Hospital at Neuilly that afternoon. [1953-TRO]

Roger Gaillardin's wife lived in Neuilly. [1956-ECH]

Dr. Frère told Jules to call the American Hospital at Neuilly to send an ambulance. [1957-VOY]

Aline had worked for about six months for a very rich family in Neuilly, even after she'd starting frequenting the dance halls in the Gravilliers district, and on Rue de Lappe.... Three years earlier, when Manuel Palmari'd received half a dozen machine gun bullets in his thigh and stomach, he'd gotten himself transferred to one of the best private clinics in Neuilly. [1964-DEF]

Neuilly, Avenue de. [Neuilly] M noticed two cake shops in the Avenue de Neuilly. [1936-lun]

Neuilly, Porte de. [Paris. 17e, Batignolles-Monceau. at Porte Maillot]

The taxi driver that Lamballe had sent took Gloria Lotti and the boy to Porte de Neuilly, then Gare Saint-Lazare. They got out at Place Saint-Augustin, and hailed one of the Urbaine Taxi Company's cabs. [1949-MME]

Neuschanz. Neuschanz railway station is located in the extreme north of Holland, on the German frontier. Not an important station, barely a village. No main lines pass through it. [1930-31-PHO]

Neuve, Rue. [Brussels] Louis Jeunet bought himself a cheap suitcase in the Rue Neuve. [1930-31-PHO]

[Brussels] M walked behind the couple past the same shop fronts in the Rue Neuve. [1936-pei]

Neuve-Saint-Pierre, Rue. [Paris. 4e, Hotel-de-Ville. from Rue Beautreillis to Rue Saint-Paul]

Aristide Fumel had picked up Honoré Cuendet's trail. He'd been living in a little hotel in the Rue Neuve-Saint-Pierre, the Hôtel Lambert, room 33, behind the Église Saint-Paul. An ancient, narrow street between the Rue Saint-Antoine and the river. [1961-PAR]

Nevers. [commune, C France, capital, Nièvre dept. pop. 1968: 42,422. and confluence of Nièvre and Loire rivers, 38 mi ESE of Bourges.]

M received a telegram from Nevers that Émile Gallet, commercial traveler from Saint-Fargeau, Seine-et-Marne, had been murdered the night of the 25th-26th in the Hôtel de la Loire, Sancerre.... The doctor who did Émile Gallet's autopsy announced that he'd seven people coming to dinner from Nevers.... Grenier, the Nevers Police Inspector was happy to see M had arrived so that he could get back to his wife in Grenoble.... M got a letter from M. Padailhan, the Inspector of Taxes at Nevers. [1930-GAL]

Jean Servières had been editor-in-chief of a provincial newspaper in Nevers. [1931-JAU]

The stone hand told M the type was Cheltenham 9 point, that most linotypes used it. There were other linotypes at Nevers, Bourges, Châteauroux, Autun... [1932-FIA]

Germaine Baboeuf said Lise Gendreau-Balthazar had been at a convent in Nevers while she was in school at Anseval. [1948-PRE]

Ernestine Jussiaume had been born in Nevers, in a village called Saint Martin des Près. [1951-GRA]

Among Ferdinand Fumal's mail was a letter from a solicitor in Nevers. [1956-ECH]

Jacques Riolle was engaged to a girl in his hometown of Nevers. [1969-VIN]

Neveu. Santoni told M it was Inspector Neveu of the 3rd Arrondissement on the phone.... M went with Neveu to Louis Thouret's funeral. A horse-drawn hearse.... M spotted Neveu at a little bar. Had found the restaurant where Thouret usually at lunch.... Neveu arrived at the QDO with Jef Schrameck while M was talking to the Chief Commissioner.... Neveu called M to say he'd found the money at Françoise Bidou's house. M didn't care for overzealousness on the part of Neveu, especially since he was in a different branch of the service. [1952-BAN]

M sent Neveu to the Rue François-Premier. [1956-ECH]

The newspaper article said Lapointe and Neveu had just left the Quai des Orfèvres. [1956-AMU]

M chose Lapointe, since he'd be pleased, and Neveu, who so far had had nothing to do with the case. For ten years he'd worked the streets of Paris and specialized in pickpockets.... Neveu called to say he'd jostled Gaston Meurant, and he was carrying a big revolver, probably a Smith & Wesson. [1959-ASS]

Neveu said he knew the Seine in the neighborhood of Poissy because that's where he docked his boat. A detective of undistinguished petty bourgeois appearance whom M had not suspected of such sporting activities. [1962-CLO]

Neveu answered when M called. He asked for Lucas, who was on another line. [1963-FAN]

Lucas told M it would be best if when Lourtie and Neveu came to relieve them they brought a car.... Neveu acted drunk when he went with Lourtie to the Pink Rabbit. He liked putting on disguises, which he carried out in great detail. [1969-TUE]

M called Lucas when he returned from Toulon and asked who was available. Neveu, Janin, Lourtie. M said he wanted a 24-hour watch on Angèle Louette. [1970-FOL]

Baron was watching the house at Rue de Turbigo, Neveu the office in Montmartre, at Avenue Trudaine. [1971-SEU]

New England. Harry Cole said he was from New England. [1949-CHE]

Newfoundland. At first they thought the dog belonged to the coaster that arrived yesterday, the Sainte-Marie. They had a dog on board, but it was a Newfoundland. [1931-JAU]

Lucas brought up the rear, as calm as a Newfoundland dog. [1945-pip]

Newfoundland. Many of the fishermen at Fécamp joined the Newfoundland or North Sea fishing fleets. [1929-30-LET]

At that time, most freighters, especially those that carried salt to Newfoundland, were involved in smuggling liquor. [1931-JAU]

Pierre Le Clinche had been a pupil of Jorissen's, 20, sailed 3 months earlier on the Océan, a Fécamp trawler which fished cod in Newfoundland. [1931-REN]

There were inscriptions cut in the stone and on shells: May they have a good catch in Newfoundland. [1932-POR]

Newhaven. At the Gare Saint-Lazare there had been a notice: Storm in the Channel, Dieppe-Newhaven crossing may be delayed.... Mlle. Otard told the policeman his chief would be back soon - he was telephoning to Newhaven. [1937-38-man]

New Hebrides. Dr. Armand Barion said the method used to kill Olga Boulanger was well-known in Malaya and New Hebrides. [1936-lun]

New Jersey. Just as it happens in cowboy films, M had actually been made a Deputy Sheriff of Tucson. It was the 9th or 10th time. He'd also been made one in 8 or 9 counties of New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina or South Carolina, Texas, and the city of New Orleans. [1949-CHE]

Jenny had lived in the US, at Green Village in New Jersey, in a pretty country house with her husband, Edgar. [1957-SCR]

New Orleans. The manager had left them stranded 50 miles from New Orleans. [1946-NEW]

Just as it happens in cowboy films, M had actually been made a Deputy Sheriff of Tucson. It was the 9th or 10th time. He'd also been made one in 8 or 9 counties of New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina or South Carolina, Texas, and the city of New Orleans. [1949-CHE]

newsreel. Lapointe said there was even a newsreel truck parked at the curb waiting for Ginette Meurant. [1959-ASS]

New York. He had passed himself off as Major Howard of the American Legion, but was a former New York bootlegger, known as Fat Fred.... Mortimer-Levingston had sent off cables in cipher to his New York bank and his secretary in London.... Mortimer-Levingston was sometimes a judge at boxing matches in New York and California.... Pietr had doubtless met the Mortimer-Levingstons in Berlin, Warsaw, London, or New York. [1929-30-LET]

One of Walter Lampson's wives was buried in Delhi, another married to a New Yorker. [1930-PRO]

The mayor said the Pretty Emma had belonged to a man named Le Glen or Le Glérec Léon Le Glérec, that the Pretty Emma had been seized when it arrived at a small port near New York, carrying cocaine. [1931-JAU]

M knew that this case would provide the subject for long studies in the criminal archives, not only of Paris, but also of London, Berlin, Vienna, even New York. [1936-lar]

Few passengers had the courage to go up on deck to watch the lights of New York. [1946-NEW]

The difference was the Americans were more friendly. Whether in New York or one of the ten or eleven other states he'd been in since, people would tap him on the shoulder and ask "What's your first name?" [1949-CHE]

Georges Sim said that the packing case techinque for jewel robbery had been used in New York eight years ago, in a shop on 8th Avenue. [1950-MEM]

Pozzo's had a transplanted New York atmosphere a stone's throw from the Arc de Triomphe.... Baron said if Harry Pills was successful, he'd be almost as famous as Dewey after he cleaned the gangsters out of New York. [1951-LOG]

Julius Van Cram wrote from London, Copenhagen, Hamburg, New York, and sent money to Germaine Laboine.... Albert Falconi said Jimmy O'Malley had done time in Sing Sing, if that was the one in New York state on the Hudson River. [1954-JEU]

Later, in the Place de la Bastille, outside a café, Mme M said she wondered how they managed in New York and London without outdoor cafés. [1956-AMU]

Colombani checked the flights. 315 for London; Stuttgart; Cairo, Beirut... P Potteret; New York by Pan American, Pittsburg... Piroulet... no Louise Paverini. [1957-VOY]

The American criminologist told M that his friend, Fred Ward, had met M in New York and accompanied him to Washington when M was in the US. [1957-SCR]

Émile Boulay had been in New York on the Normandie when the fighting broke out in France. [1962-COL]

Manessi said Norris Jonker attended art sales at Hôtel Drouot, Gallièra, Sotheby's and New York. [1963-FAN]

M had frequently had to deal with people like that, as much at home in London as in New York or Rome, who take a plane the way most people take a subway. [1966-NAH]

Walter Carus told his receptionist to hold all calls, except any from New York. [1966-VOL]

Not only the most elegant leather shop in Paris, but there were branches in Cannes, Deauville, London, New York and Miami. [1969-TUE]

NA  NE  NI  NO  NY  



Nice. [seaport, SE France, capital, Alpes-Maritime dept. pop. 1968: 322,442. 98 mi. ENE of Marseilles. The leading resort city of the French Riviera.]

Willy Marco told M the stories about him in Monaco and Nice weren't quite what they seemed.... Willy Marco said he'd met Lia at Nice. [1930-PRO]

With his sportcar, William Kirby would dash off to Nice, Biarritz, Deauville or Berlin whenever it took his fancy. [1930-31-TET]

Génaro, proprieter of the Gai-Moulin who had worked in bars and hotels at Cannes, Nice, Biarritz and Paris. [1931-GAI]

Jacques Rivaud's assistant said the doctor could be called to Nice or Paris, even abroad, if he'd wanted to. [1932-FOU]

Boutigues said he was from Nice, a Niçois, or actually, a Nicéen.... Jaja asked M if he'd come from Nice or Antibes.... M scanned the horizon to Nice, where the Promenade des Anglais was just visible as a white line. He recited his lesson: Nice on the left, 15 miles; Cannes on the right, less than 7.... Sylvie returned with a big bouquet of Nice violets. [1932-LIB]

M said that Germain Cageot owned the Pélican and the Boule Verte, and probably one in Nice as well. [1934-MAI]

Eugène Labri was planning to retire to Nice, where he'd bought a villa. [1936-err]

The young couple had filled out a form, Jean Vertbois, 20, advertising agent, and Mme, 18 Rue des Acacias, Paris, on their way to Nice. [1937-38-noy]

Germaine Devon said Ernst Owen had told her to bring a letter to a certain address in Nice, 317 Avenue President-Wilson, which didn't exist. [1938-owe]

Jean Ramuel had been born in Nice, French father, Italian mother. [1939-MAJ]

Mme. Valentine Forlacroix, née Valentine Constantinesco, Villa des Roches-Grises, Rue Commandant-Marchand, Nice, was the last address for Judge Forlacroix's wife. M called the Sûreté Nationale in Nice, Alpes-Maritimes. [1940-JUG]

M called the Criminal Police in Nice, putting out a search for Justin of Toulons. In the morning a message came in that Justin de Toulon had been arrested at 7:00 am as he was leaving the Casino de la Jetée. [1941-SIG]

M was surprised to hear that Alban Groult-Cotelle was married, and had two children, who lived on the Côte d'Azur. His wife had been a Deharme, like the General, actually, his niece. One winter she moved to Nice and never came back. [1943-CAD]

The police report on M's desk said Stéphane Bleustein, 37, was killed on February 15, 1919, in his apartment in the Hôtel Negresco at Nice, with a 6mm/35 revolver. [1945-pip]

Jim Parson said he'd lived in Paris, Lille, Marseilles, Nice, Côte d'Azur... [1946-NEW]

A young girl, dressed in red, was selling mimosa which had just arrived from Nice, and M bought a sprig for his wife, who did not know the Côte d'Azur except from a colored postcard of the Baie des Anges. [1948-PRE]

Justine owned the Sirènes, house of prostituion at Nice, run by Ginette. [1949-AMI]

Valentine Besson and her husband traveled to Cannes and Nice, then London, Scotland, Turkey and Egypt. [1949-DAM]

M told Fernande Steuvals that the Countess Panetti might be spending the carnival season in Cannes or Nice as easily as she might have been killed.... In Alfred Moss's trunk was a set of tails and a dinner jacket with the label of a big London tailor, another dress suit made in Milan. Shoes from Paris, Nice, Brussels, Rotterdam or Berlin. [1949-MME]

Lapointe told M he was waiting for a call back from the Nice Brigade Mobile. He'd found a postcard of the Baie des Anges of the house the Countess von Farnheim had lived in, the "Oasis" in Nice.... Rosalie Moncoeur said the last she'd seen Maria Pinaco she was walking the streets on the Cours Albert-Premièr in Nice. [1950-PIC]

Maria Van Aerts had wanted to spend a few days in Nice for the Carnival, and Guillaume Serre told her it was a ridiculous idea. [1951-GRA]

Lourtie, once one of M's inspectors, who had been assigned to the flying squad in Nice, came to visit his office. [1952-REV]

Mme. Crêmieux had noticed that when she talked about Nice, the Riviera, Louise Laboine seemed to know it. [1954-JEU]

Philippe Jave had said he was going for a drive to Monte Carlo, but the staff at the Nice Airport had noticed his car.... Philippe Jave took the Paris plane from Nice, and spent the night at the Quai des Orfèvres, as did Gilbert Négrel. [1956-AMU]

Colombani said the Rome plane, stopping in Nice was a Riviera flight, but passengers who weren't going to Rome weren't on his list. It was a British plane, BEA, flight 312.. An English girl checked the list... Pearson... Louise Paverini - the Countess had been on the plane. [1957-VOY]

Professional gangsters in Nice had used carnival masks when they robbed a mail truck a few months ago.... Alfred Meurant was located in Toulon, where he spent most of his time, with frequent trips along the Riviera, to Marseilles, Nice and Menton. He gave the names of three witnesses in Bandol, with whom he'd been playing cards.... Kubik, who M had arrested 12 years before after a jewel robbery on Boulevard Saint-Martin. It was likely he'd been involved in the theft last month on Cours Albert-Premièr in Nice. [1959-ASS]

René Lussac's wife said he wanted a little shop in Cannes or Nice. [1961-PAR]

Norris Jonker's wife, Mirella Jonker, 34, born in Nice. [1963-FAN]

Solange, Dr Pardon's daughter, pregnant for the second time, was staying with her parents while her husband, an engineer in the eastern district, was at a congress in Nice....During these 30 years plenty of vagrants had disappeared from the Pigalle district. Some... kept slightly shady restaurants somewhere between Marseilles and Nice.... [1964-DEF]

There were always new faces for the jewel robberies, come up from Marseilles, Toulon, Nice.... On the walls of Jef Claes room were colored prints of Nice, Naples, Instanbul... [1965-PAT]

Hélène Lange had lived nine years in Vichy, before that in Nice, in a fairly shabby lodginghouse in Boulevard Albert Premiè. [1967-VIC]

Germain Parendon was in Nice, staying at the Negresco, where M spoke to him. [1968-HES]

Marella was born in Nice. Knew every delinquent and prostitute from Menton to Marseilles.... Pepito Giovanni said he owned a dozen move theaters up and down the Riviera: Two in Marseilles, one in Nice, one in Antibes, three in Cannes, one in Aix-en-Provence.... Léontine Antoine told her niece that a Russian woman had started talking to her on the bench in the Tuileries Gardens, and that she'd had to move to a different side of the park to be alone. Said she'd lived in Nice for years, had been a ballerina. [1970-FOL]

Where the man M remembered who disappeared [disappearance] like Marcel Vivien was spotted one day. [1971-SEU]

Boutang said the cream of the gangsters of Toulon, Marseilles, Cannes, Nice were there. [1971-IND]

Blanche Bonnard said Nathalie Frassier had come from a sleazy nightclub in Nice. [1972-CHA]

Niçois. Almost opposite Marina's was a small bar kept by an Auvergnat, and he saw two men, the Niçois and Pepito, who are usually not seen about so early. [1936-pig]

Nicolas. The man M found in the inn at Chelles was Nicolas. M said he'd thought he was locked up in Fresnes. [1945-pip]

Victor Ricou told M his father had been Nicolas, in Saint-Fiacre, an old drunkard who did parttime work here and there. Victor had killed a gamekeeper, by accident he said. [1956-ECH]

Nicolas. M called the third precinct, from the Bar du Soleil, spoke to Detective Bonfils. Bonfils said that Big Nicolas and Danvers were at the station.... Big Nicolas had been shot in the stomach. [1951-LOG]

Inspector Nicolas was an inconspicuous kind of man, and thus had been sent to prowl around Fontenay-aux-Roses. He'd learned that Joseph Raison was friends with René Lussac and his wife. [1961-PAR]

Nicolas Cajou. see: Cajou, Nicolas

Nicolas, Père. On the other side of the bridge from the inn Le Pont du Grau was a shack,.the home of old Nicolas, who fished eels. [1939-ven]

Nicolas Slaatkovitch. see: Slaatkovitch, Nicolas

Nicole Carvet. see: Carvet, Nicole

Nicole Lamure. see: Lamure, Nicole

Nicole Prieur. see: Prieur, Nicole

Nicolier, Jean. boy of about 12, found Marcel Vivien's body. Kept a scrapbook of clippings about M. Father kept a butcher shop on Rue Saint-Denis. [1971-SEU]

Nicoud and Sauvegrain. Nicoud and Sauvegrain was the firm that built the Clairfond sanatarium.... [1954-MIN]

Nicoud, Arthur. The Rumor challenged, "Is Arthur Nicoud powerful enough to prevent the Calame report from seeing the light of day?" Head of Nicoud and Sauvegrain. Lived in Samois. [1954-MIN]

Niel and Company. Émile Gallet was a commercial traveler, the Normandy agent for Niel and Company, according to his wife.... Émile Gallet had ceased working for the firm in 1912, 18 years earlier. [1930-GAL]

Niel, Avenue. [Paris. 17e, Batignolles-Monceau. from Avenue des Ternes to Place Pereire]

M followed the couple to a tall building in the Avenue Niel. [1931-GUI]

Lognon had checked at the Post Office on the Avenue Niel, were Bill Larner got his general delivery mail. [1951-LOG]

Niel, Jean. Head of Niel and Company. Émile Gallet had recent letters from him on his desk, though he hadn't worked there for 18 years. [1930-GAL]

Niert. typo for Niort in Budberg translation: "Jacques Fleury came from Niert..." [1954-MIN]

Nietzsche. They'd talked about everything, a mixture of Nietzsche, Karl Marx, Moses, Confucius and Jesus Christ. [1930-31-PHO]

Nièvre. [dept, C France pop. 1968: 247,702.]

Jean Servières said he was a close friend of one of M's chiefs, Bertrand, who retired to the country near Nièvre last year. [1931-JAU]

The stone hand said it was common German paper. He had to go lock the form for the Nièvre edition. [1932-FIA]

Richard Gendreau-Balthazar said his sister, Lise Gendreau-Balthazar, was at Anseval, the Château d'Anseval, near Pouilly-sur-Loire, in the Nièvre. [1948-PRE]

Julien Foucrier, the man who had shot Janvier, was born in the Nièvre. [1951-MEU]

The daughter of the concierge at the Rue de Bondy lived in the Nièvre region. [1952-BAN]

David Ward's second wife, Alice Perrin, was the daughter of a school teacher in Nièvre, and had been working as a fashion model when Ward met her.... Marco Paverini said he'd been with friends in Nièvre at a shooting party that night. [1957-VOY]

Ginette Meurant's maiden name was Ginette Chenault. She was 27, born at Saint-Sauveur in the Nièvre. [1959-ASS]

On the fifth floor lived a young couple, newly married, who were in Nièvre with the woman's parents. [1961-BRA]

There'd been the time Léon Florentin had pretended to drown in the Nièvre. They'd spent a quarter of an hour searching for him while he hid in a clump of reeds to which he'd swum underwater. [1968-ENF]

Night Life Squad. All night long the men of the Night Life Squad had been on the job too. [1949-MME]

Nîmes. [manufacturing and commercial city, S France, capital, Gard dept. pop. 1968: 123,942. 64 mi. NW of Marseilles.]

The big dark man [Eugène Berniard] was probably the owner of the Cupidon at Béziers, and a house at Nîmes. [1934-MAI]

Gilbert Négrel was from the South of France, from Nîmes. [1956-AMU]

Nina. One of Martine Gilloux's friends, Nina, had gone with another butcher, and that had left Ferdinand Fumal alone, so he'd called her over. [1956-ECH]

Nina Lassave. see: Lassave, Nina

Nine. The man on the phone [Albert Rochain] said M had met his wife Nine Rochain.... Fred said he knew a Nine in Marseilles, second in command at a brothel in the Rue Saint-Ferréol. M said he knew her, and that she was at least 50.... M tried to think of the Nines he'd known. He knew one a few years earlier, who'd kept a small bar at Cannes, but she'd been elderly in those days and was no doubt dead by now. There was also the niece of his wife's, whose name was Aline, and whom everyone called Nine.... [1947-MOR]

Jojo's cousin Nine, slept with Marcellin, and anyone else, according to Jojo. [1949-AMI]

Nine Moinard. see: Moinard, Nine

Nine Rochain. see: Rochain, Nine

Ninette. Raymond Couchet called Nine Moinard "Ninette". [1931-OMB]

Ninie. Gérard Piedboeuf made a joke to his girlfriend Ninie. [1932-FLA]

Ninouche. Adrien Josset had visited the Le Parc aux Cerfs nightclub at 1:30. Ninouche had been doing her strip act. He bought a whiskey for Marina, the hostess, and for himself. [1959-CON]

Niort. [commune, W France, capital, Deux-Sèvres dept. pop. 1968: 48,469. 83 mi. SE of Nantes.]

Père Nicolas had a daughter at Niort, in service; all that she warned went to pay for the fostering of her child. [1939-ven]

Marcel Airaud's mother said she thought he'd gone to Niort on business. [1940-JUG]

The train pulled into the station at Niort. M asked how to get to Saint-Aubin-les-Marais. It was the 6:17 train on Platform 3.... Albert Retailleau had had his suits made in Niort. [1943-CAD]

Joseph Leroy said that just because one of his uncles had a hair-dressing salon in Niort, his mother thought he should become one. [1945-pip]

M had taken a wrong train on his way to see Julien Chabot at Fontenay-le-Comte, and had waited a long time at Niort..... Alain Vernoux had been two years resident at Sainte-Anne, was now interested in psychiatry, and went to or three times a week to the Niort lunatic asylum.... Desprez, the psychiatrist from Niort, said there was hardly any doubt as to Hubert Vernoux's madness. [1953-PEU]

Dr. Xavier Bresselles introuced himself, a small, thin, lively man, who must have been over 40. His sister, Armande Bresselles kept house for him since his wife died. He had two sons, one in Niort, at the Lycée, the other doing his military service. [1953-ECO]

Jacques Fleury came from Niort, not far from La Roche-sur-Yon... Everyone was surprised when, a few weeks before the German retreat they arrested Auguste Point, and took him to Niort, then somewhere in Alsace. They caught three of four others at the same time, one a surgeon from Bressuire. [1954-MIN]

Lousteau, a grain merchant from near Niort, was in the same car as Martin Duché on his way home. Had recognized him after the car emptied out at Poitiers, and only the two of them were left. [1959-CON]

Nique. Véronique Lachaume's boyfriend was called Jacques Sainval, 44, 23 Rue de Ponthieu. His real name was Arthur Baquet. She called him Jacquot. He called her Nique. [1958-TEM]

NA  NE  NI  NO  NY  



Nobel. M called Dr. Nobel, who'd been the mayor of Douai when the Germans arrived in 1940. Still practiced in his old house on the Grand Place. [1965-PAT]

Noël Chapuis. see: Chapuis, Noël

Noémi. Jeanne Fumal's maid, Noémi had gone up to her. [1956-ECH]

Nogales. Harry Cole said he'd take him to Nogales, half in one country half in the other. That was where most of the marijuana came over the border. [1949-CHE]

Nogent. [commune, N France, Val-de-Marne dept. pop. 1968: 26,238. Nogent-sur-Marne. ESE suburb of Paris on Marne river.]

Émile Ducrau told M there was a little celebration coming up at Nogent for a man who'd done 30 years' service in the same boat. [1933-ECL]

Nogent-sur-Marne. [commune, N France, Val-de-Marne dept. pop. 1968: 26,238. ESE suburb of Paris on the Marne River.]

Dieudonné Pape's sister lived in Nogent-sur-Marne, Nogent Phone 3-1-7, married to a builder. [1955-COR]

Noiret. The Public Prosecutor arrived. The Deputy, Noiret, was an elderly man, with an old-fashioned gray goatee., who had served in most of the provincial law courts, and had finally been appointed in Paris, where he was waiting to retire. [1966-NAH]

Noirhomme, Adèle. M heard a quarrel on the terrace at the hotel in Yport. The woman, Adèle Noirhomme, stomped off along the beach.... The woman's name was Adèle Noirhomme, born at Belleville. She said she'd been registered at Strasbourg five years earlier because someone had had it in for her. [1931-REN]

Nolan. Torrence said Mlle. Nolan, an old maid, lived on the left, on the ground floor. Watched television till 11:00, heard nothing. [1961-BRA]

Nollet, Rue. [Paris. 17e, Batignolles-Monceau. from Rue des Dames to Rue Cardinet]

M had himself driven to the Rue Nollet, behind the Place Clichy [Place de Clichy], where Désirée Brault lived. She lived on the 4th floor, steep stairs. [1953-TRO]

Nonettes, Les. see: Les Nonettes The crime of Jan 19 was at a farm belonging to the widow Mme. Rival, called Les Nonettes, probably as it was built on the ruins of a former convent, about 5 km from the village of Goderville, which has a railway station at which slow trains stop, on the Paris-Brussels line. [1947-MOR]

Nora. Walter Carus lived with Nora, who had been a model. At least 30. [1966-VOL]

Nord. [dept, N France pop. 1968: 2,417,899.]

Four years later Alfred Moss, a down-and-out clown, hanged himself, in Nord dept. [1949-MME]

Norddeutscher Lloyd. Joseph Van Damme pointed out the Norddeutscher Lloyd building, asked M if he'd heard about the new liner they'd launched, said they were customers of his. [1930-31-PHO]

Nordic. Pietr was of uncertain nationality, but Nordic origin, probably Latvian or Estonian. [1929-30-LET]

M came to something more Nordic than anything he'd imagined in the Netherlands. The small town of Delfzijl. [1931-HOL]

Canut, Jean-Marie Canut's father, was short and broad-shouldered, a real Nordic sea-faring type. [1931-REN]

The girl, Nicole Lamure, was still wearing her fur coat and round hat of the same fur, which gave her a Nordic look. [1936-bea]

Dr Pardon said he felt the woman was a foreigner, Nordic. Judging from her breasts, she'd had one or more children and nursed them. [1966-NAH]

Nord Railway Company. Inquiries were made with the Nord Railway Company, and so the man with the Paris-Goderville ticket had gotten off the train without turning it in. [1947-MOR]

Norman. Léon Moutel was a puny, washed-out creature, though his wife was a handsome, Norman type, who looked M straight in the eye. [1929-30-LET]

One of the men playing cards said in Norman patois "Well, well, still snooping around" which M roughly understood. [1931-REN]

Ernest Grandmaison's house was an enlarged version of a Norman cottage. [1932-POR]

Théo Besson said Rose Trochu talked about egoism and pride in a strong Norman accent. [1949-DAM]

Jules Piquemal lunched in a Norman restaurant on the Rue des Saints-Pères, close to the school. [1954-MIN]

M reached the Quai des Grands-Augustins, right opposite the Palais de Justice, and hesitated a second before entering a little Norman bar, slightly below street level. The bar-owner with carbuncled cheeks had known him for years. [1956-AMU]

Émile Boulay was the son of a Norman fisherman, had signed on as a steward at 16 with the Compagnie Transatlantique. That was before the war. He'd been in New York on the Normandie when the fighting broke out in France. [1962-COL]

Normandie. Émile Boulay had been in New York on the Normandie when the fighting broke out in France. [1962-COL]

Normandy. [Historical region of NW France, bounded anciently on W and N by English Channel, NE by Picardy, E by Île de France, S by Maine, SW by Brittany; capital Rouen.]

M, Pietr and a cattle dealer from Yvetot, who told M funny stories in a Normandy patois, were in the same train compartment from Fécamp.... Berthe Swaan said she'd hardly every left Normandy, just two or three times for visits to Paris. Had never been to Norway. [1929-30-LET]

The Deputy Head of the Criminal Police had been called away to his villa on the Normandy coast, as one of his children was ill.... Émile Gallet was a commercial traveler, the Normandy agent for Niel and Company, according to his wife. [1930-GAL]

In Mon Loisir the furniture was Old Normandy, with rustic pottery. [1931-GUI]

Eveyone believed Jules Lapie had gone ashore at the little port in Normandy.... In Normandy when one man says of another "he was careful" it means every penny counted. [1942-FEL]

M asked for M. Bellechasse of Couvreur et Bellechasse. He was in Normandy. [1946-pau]

There were some shells with the name of a seaside resort in Normandy among the things found at Albert Rochain's. [1947-MOR]

The Chief asked M if he read the Normandy papers. He said no, Valentine Besson was in his office. [1949-DAM]

Mme M kept a scrapbook of all M's articles. One has a photo of them taken three years earlier by a journalist in Normandy, where they were spending a few days at Dieppe, on the steps of their pension. [1949-MME]

Moers said he'd found some sea-sand, as from the Normandy coast, in Louise Laboine's clothes. That was different from river sand, Mediterranean sand and Atlantic sand.... The second floor tenants were the Larchers. Rose was their maid, from Normandy. [1954-JEU]

Marcel Moncin said he'd been working on a house one of his friends was building on the Normandy coast.... M thought to himself, ironically, that the man he was hunting on the streets of Montmartre might be on vacation at the seaside in Normandy. [1955-TEN]

The inspectors had lunched in a little Normandy restaurant they'd found off the Boulevard de Courcelles. [1956-ECH]

Torrence, who'd recently bought a second-hand car, was touring Normandy and Brittany.... One of the servants at Philippe Jave's was taking her holidays with her parents in Normandy. [1956-AMU]

All day long they had been expecting snow, which had been forecast and was already covering the North and Nomandy. [1957-SCR]

Jaquette Larrieu had lived with her father in Normandy before working for Armand de Saint-Hilaire. [1960-VIE]

In the old days they were known as truck-driver's restaurants. They were all owned by people straight from the provinces - Auvergne, Brittany, Normandy, Burgundy. [1961-PAR]

François Paré had been left two farms in Normandy by a brother of his mother's. [1968-ENF]

A count with a château in Normandy and a racing stable, whose widow lived in Cannes, had been one of the customers for the Morvan Vellum paper. [1968-HES]

Normans. Some of them answered like Normans -- by evading the question. [1950-PIC]

Norris Jonker. see: Jonker, Norris

North Africa. [A term often used to include the countries of Northern Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya.]

A newspaper article said "It will not be because of the events in North Africa... that the government will fall..." [1954-MIN]

North African. Usually a stabbing was the result of a drunken brawl, or a quarrel between rival gangs of Spaniards or North Africans. [1952-BAN]

Mme. Kruger's husband died while M was still at Dr Pardon's. The next time Pardon went there, a North African man was living with her... for the children [1959-CON]

North Carolina. Just as it happens in cowboy films, M had actually been made a Deputy Sheriff of Tucson. It was the 9th or 10th time. He'd also been made one in 8 or 9 counties of New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina or South Carolina, Texas, and the city of New Orleans. [1949-CHE]

Northern Butchers. Ferdinand Fumal said "Economic Butchers" was also his, as well as Northern Butchers out of Lille, and Associated Butchers of the Rue Rambuteau in Paris. [1956-ECH]

North Sea. Many of the fishermen at Fécamp joined the Newfoundland or North Sea fishing fleets. [1929-30-LET]

Léon Le Glérec wound up fishing for herring in the North Sea, aboard the Francette, his wife, Emma, expecting a baby. [1931-JAU]

Beyong the estuary was the Ems River, then the North Sea. [1931-HOL]

Henri Trochu was due to go to his boat at the harbor at Fécamp for his fortnight's fishing in the North Sea. [1949-DAM]

In the Channel and the North Sea fishing boats had gone down in the storm. [1969-TUE]

North Star. M read a third telegram from the Nederlandsche Centrale in Zake Internationale Misdadigers - the Netherlands Police Headquarters: Pietr le Lett left for Paris 11 a.m. by North Star express coach 5 compartment G.263.... The North Star, doing a steady 66 miles an hour, would now be somewhere between Saint-Quentin and Compiègne. ...M stood at the center of Platform 11 to await the North Star. All the big hotels and Cook's were represented... . Pietr, followed by three porters and proceeded by a representative of a luxury hotel in the Champs-Élysées left the North Star. [1929-30-LET]

North Star. Black yacht owned by Mrs. Ellen Wilcox, owner of Wilcox Whiskey. Flag of England. Lived on board with her secretary, Philippe de Moricourt, and crew of two. Came to Porquerolles almost every year. [1949-AMI]

Norvins, Rue. [Paris. 18e, Butte-Montmartre. from Rue du Mont-Cenis to Rue Girardon]

Cars and running figures were converging on a point which seemed to be somewhere on the Rue Norvins. [1955-TEN]

Angèle Sauget said when she'd heard the car start up she'd first thought it had been the Hardsins, who lived next door. She said after the three shots, the car drove away at full speed, in the direction of Rue Norvins. [1963-FAN]

Norway. Berthe Swaan said she'd hardly every left Normandy, just two or three times for visits to Paris. Had never been to Norway. [1929-30-LET]

Some traces had been found of a fishy substance used as sardine bait on the northern coast of Norway. Was he a Scandinavian?... Cod-roe was shipped from Norway in small freighters of Norwegian steamers. [1932-POR]

The maid at Désiré Campois' told M he was sailing to Norway for six weeks on the Stella Polaris. [1945-FAC]

The furrier said that in cold countries, Canada, Sweden, Norway, the north of the US, wild-cat coats were still sometimes worn. [1961-PAR]

Norway, King of. Raymonde said the cook at Ernest Malik's had been the cook for the King of Norway or the King of Sweden. [1945-FAC]

Norwegian. Norwegian tar was used on wooden barges above the water line. Traces were found in Mary Lampson's hair. [1930-PRO]

A German was speaking English with an American, while a Norwegian was using at least three languages to make himself understood to a Spaniard [in the American bar at the Coupole]. [1930-31-TET]

Duhourceau said he'd never been to Algiers, never crossed the Mediterranean. His longest journey had been to the Norwegian fjords in 1923. [1932-FOU]

notes, notebook. see Maigret's notes (Les notes de Maigret) by Murielle Wenger

Notre-Dame. The night of the murder a Belgian barge, the Notre-Dame, making for the flour mills at Corbeil, had been tied up near the house. There'd been a birthday party for the skipper. [1958-TEM]

Notre-Dame. They walked on about 400 yards to the Pont d'Austerlitz, Notre-Dame veiled in blue and rose behind the steel structure. [1933-ECL]

The crowd was beginning to come out from the 10:30 mass at Notre Dame. [1953-PEU]

M walked towards Ile Saint-Louis, skirted Notre-Dame, crossed a little iron footbridge, and soon found himself in the narrow, crowded Rue Saint-Louis-en-l'Ile. [1955-COR]

As they crossed the square in front of Notre-Dame, a flight of pigeons took off. A yellow tourist bus from Cologne had already arrived. [1962-CLO]

They crossed the little bridge behind Notre-Dame and stopped at a bar on the corner of the Boulevard du Palais. Lapointe and M drank Vouvray, as was chalked on the window. [1969-TUE]

Notre-Dame. [Les Sables-d'Olonne] At 3:00 M heard the shrill bell of the chapel, then the deeper bell of Notre-Dame.... Odette Bellamy was not in the habit of visiting the Notre-Dame quarter. [1947-VAC]

Notre-Dame, Curé of. Georges Sim invited M to the christening of his boat, the Ostrogoth, by the Curé of Notre-Dame at the Square du Vert-Galant. [1950-MEM]

Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, Church of. Lognon was on a stake-out near the church of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, at the corner of the Rue Fléchier. [1951-LOG]

Antonio Farano said the Requiem Mass would be at the church of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette. [1962-COL]

Maurice Marcia's funeral would be at the Church of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette. [1971-IND]

Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, Rue. [Paris. 9e, Opéra. from Rue Saint-Lazare to Rue Pigalle]

When M got outside, the American's limousine was turning the corner of Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette. [1929-30-LET]

The girl Fernande asked M to come back to her house with him. She gone to a hotel in the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette the night before with three young men who wanted to try taking ether. [1934-MAI]

Before five minutes were up, M had learned from the exchange that the phone call had come from the tobacconists in the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette. [1936-pig]

Émile Blaise reported he saw a uniformed policeman arrive in the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, opposite his house. [1941-SIG]

Customer's standing at the horseshoe-shaped counter of the tobacconist's shop on the corner of the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette exchanged inquiring glances when M walked by. [1942-FEL]

At 8:15 a chauffeur appeared from the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette and rang the bell at the gate. [1948-PRE]

M walked down the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette after the Hôtel Beauséjour, and took a taxi at the Rue du Faubourg-Montmartre after stopping by a bar for a beer.... Alfonsi opened a private detective agency in the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette. [1949-MME]

The other woman, who should have walked towards the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, walked toward the tabac on the corner of Rue de Douai.... Arlette's address was 42 ter, Rue Notre Dame de Lorette. [1950-PIC]

The dead girl's shoe came from as shop in the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette. [1954-JEU]

Rose, probably 60 by now, hadn't changed much since she'd kept a discreet brothel on the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, and M had rescued her from an awkward situation. He hadn't expected to find her running this hotel in the Rue de l'Étoile. [1956-ECH]

Rosalie Bourdon, "La belle Rosalie" moved to the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette and opened a night-club call La Cravache. [1961-PAR]

The Saint-Trop' was a little lower down, in the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette. [1962-COL]

Francine Lange said the first address in Paris she'd written to her sister at had been a hotel in the Avenue de Clichy. Later an apartment in Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette. [1967-VIC]

Léon Florentin said he'd been living with a woman on the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, near the Place Saint-Georges. [1968-ENF]

Julien Mila, the bartender at the Pink Rabbit. Last address a furnished room in the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette. [1969-TUE]

Mme. Blanche looked about 50, but was over 60. Small and plump. When M had first known her, 30 years earlier, she was still on the streets, around the Boulevard de la Madeleine, very pretty with gentle manners. Later she had taken over the management of an apartment on the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, where a large number of pretty girls were always to be found. [1969-VIN]

M. and Torrence stopped there for a beer after interviewing the current concierge of Nina Lassave's building on Boulevard Rochechouart. [1971-SEU]

On Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette Janvier asked how far to go. "To the Rue Ballu." [1971-IND]

Notre-Dame de Lourdes. The last item in Emma's box was a penholder, with a base that showed the crypt at Notre-Dame de Lourdes. [1931-JAU]

Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth, Rue. [Paris. 3e, Temple. from Rue du Temple to Boulevard Sébastopol]

The local police station was only a few yards away, in the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth. Neveu had taken the call himself. [1952-BAN]

Notre-Dame-des-Blancs-Manteaux. Angèle Louette told M there'd be a memorial prayer for her aunt at Notre-Dame-des-Blancs-Manteaux. [1970-FOL]

Notre-Dame-des-Champs, Rue. [Paris. 6e, Luxembourg. from Rue Rennes to Avenue de l'Observatoire]

Saint-Hubert said he was in the apartment of René Josselin, 37B Rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs, just next door to the convent of the Little Sisters of the Poor. [1961-BRA]

Vicente Alvaredo, 26, born in Bogota, was a student, resident in Paris, Rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs. [1966-NAH]

Notre-Dame-des-Dunes. see: Lady of the Dunes

There were inscriptions cut in the stone and on shells: Please make Denise pass her exam, Let Joey [Jojo] learn to read soon, Bob [Robert] and Jeanne, may they have a good catch in Newfoundland, and finally, Lady of the Dunes [Notre-Dame-des-Dunes], may Louis [Louis Legrand] succeed. [1932-POR]

Notre-Dame pond. They crossed the sloping square, the church on one side, Notre-Dame pond on the other. [1932-FIA]

Nouchi Siveschi. see: Siveschi, Nouchi

Noue, La. see: La Noue The Bréjons [Victor Bréjon] were connected with the La Noues through their mother. [1943-CAD]

Nouveau, Gaston. Finally, after 20 hours, Jean Bauche had cracked, admitted it was Gaston Nouveau who'd set up the job at the Lotus, a small bar on the Rue Saint-Antoine. An ex-con out of Fresnes Prison only 2 months, he'd been at a bar on the Avenue des Ternes at the time of the holdup. [1963-FAN]

Nouvel Adam. Fernand Courcel had met Joséphine Papet in a nightclub in Montmartre, the Nouvel Adam, where she'd been a hostess. She'd told him her father was a fisherman in La Rochelle, drowned at sea. She had four younger brothers and sisters... [1968-ENF]

NA  NE  NI  NO  NY  



Nymph. In that corner of the room there was nothing to be seen except a yellowing marble Nymph on a pedestal. [1956-ECH]

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